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A Noise Downstairs

Place your hold on the print or eBook version of A Noise Downstairs by Linwood Barclay!

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Toucan Keep a Secret: A Meg Langslow Mystery

Donna Andrews

Meg Langslow is at Caerphilly, Virginia's Trinity Episcopal Church locking up after an event when she hears the sound of hammering in the crypt. Creeping down the stairs, Meg finds the murdered body of an elderly parishioner, along with several spilled urns and a gold ring with a ruby. The curmudgeonly victim had become disgruntled with the church and ranted all over town about taking back his wife's ashes. Did someone who had it in for him follow him to the crypt? Or did he see someone breaking in and investigate? Why was the ruby left behind? Another hilarious mystery from the popular Andrews (Gone Gull, 2017).

Toucan Keep a Secret