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Five-Star Library Scavenger Hunt

Head to your Library to win prizes including a coupon for a free cheese coney, a $25 gift card to Gold Star Chili, and a beautiful Five-Star holiday ornament!

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Sweet Damage

Rebecca James

Tim Ellison is thrilled to find a cheap place to rent close to his favorite surf spot at Sydney's popular Manly Beach. But the house's mysterious owner--twenty-year-old Anna London--is cause for concern. Crippled with anxiety, Anna never leaves her home. As Tim settles in, strange things begin to happen--unexplained noises, sinister figures in the shadows, messages appearing on the walls. Even as his unease about the house grows, Tim finds himself increasingly attracted to Anna. But is Anna someone to pity, someone to love, or someone to fear? A captivating novel of psychological suspense from the author of Beautiful Malice (2010).

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