May 2007

Reading Recommendations · Fiction about Native Americans in Early American History for 4th-10th Grades

Cover of The Arrow Over the Door (Grades 4-6)

The Arrow Over the Door (Grades 4-6)

Joseph Bruchac
In 1777, a young Abenaki Indian meets a peaceful young Quaker boy and both come to realize that all people can walk the way of peace.

Children of the Longhouse (Grades 4-6)

Joseph Bruchac
11-year-old Ohkwa’ri and his twin sister must make peace with a hostile gang of older boys in their Mohawk village during the late 1400s.

The Winter People (Grades 5-9)

Joseph Bruchac
A 14-year-old Abenaki Indian sets off to rescue his mother and sisters after British soldiers destroy his village in an attack in 1759.

Enemy in the Fort (American Girl) (Grades 4-7)

Sarah Bucky
12-year-old Rebecca must confront her fear and hatred of the Abenaki when a boy raised by members of that tribe is brought to the fort at Charleston, New Hampshire.
Cover of Sweetgrass Basket (Grades 5-8)

Sweetgrass Basket (Grades 5-8)

Marlene Carvelle
Two Mohawk sisters describe their lives at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School as they try to assimilate into white culture and one of them is falsely accused of stealing.

The Ransom of Mercy Carter (Grades 6-8)

Caroline Cooney
After being captured in an Indian attack in 1704, Mercy Carter becomes accustomed to the Kahnawake Indian way of life and wonders if she will want to return to her old life.

Beaded Moccasins: The Story of Mary Campbell (Grades 5-8)

Lynda Durrant
A 12-year-old white girl has to give up her life and her family and adapt to a new one after she is kidnapped by Delaware Indians in 1759.

Echohawk (Grades 5-9)

Lynda Durrant
A white boy is taken from his family and raised by the Mohican tribe as one of their own, and as he grows older he realizes that he must make a choice between the Mohicans and the world he came from long ago.
Cover of Saturnalia (Grades 7-9)

Saturnalia (Grades 7-9)

Paul Fleischman
In 1681 Boston, a 14-year-old Narraganset Indian who was captured in a raid six years earlier leads a contented life as a printer’s apprentice but is anxious to make some connection with his Indian past.

Our Strange New Land: Elizabeth’s Diary (Grades 3-5)

A 9-year-old in the New World encounters Indians, suffers hunger and the death of friends, and helps her father build their first home. (My America—Elizabeth’s story continues in two additional books, The Starving Time and Season of Promise)

James Printer (Grades 5-8)

Paul Jacobs
A Nipmuck Indian who has lived and worked as a printer’s apprentice in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for many years finds himself caught up in the events that lead to a horrible war.
Cover of I Am Regina (Grades 5-8)

I Am Regina (Grades 5-8)

Selly Keehn
In 1755, 10-year-old Regina is kidnapped by Indians in Pennsylvania and struggles to hold onto memories of her earlier life as she grows up under the name of Tskinnak.

Moon of Two Dark Horses (Grades 7-9)

Selly Keehn
At the beginning of the Revolutionary War, a 12-year-old Delaware Indian boy and his white friend search the bones of a legendary beast in the hope of keeping war away from their valley.

Where the Great Hawk Flies (Grades 6-8)

Lisa Ketchum
Years after a violent raid by the British and their Indian allies, two families with very different perspectives become neighbors and must deal the past.
Cover of Trouble’s Daughter: The Story of Susanna Hutchinson, Indian Captive (Grades 7-up)

Trouble’s Daughter: The Story of Susanna Hutchinson, Indian Captive (Grades 7-up)

Katherine Kirkpatrick
9-year-old Susanna is captured by the Lenape Indians after witnessing the massacre of her family and spends the next four years as a member of the tribe.

Primrose Way (Grades 8-up)

Jackie Koller
In 1633, 16-year-old Rebekah, a missionary’s daughter, befriends a Native American woman and begins to question whether these “savages” need saving after all.

Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jemison (Grades 4-6)

Lois Lenski
12-year-old Mary, after being captured by a Shawnee war party during the French and Indian War, is rescued and subsequently adopted by two Seneca sisters.
Cover of Standing in the Light: The Captive Diary of Catherine Carey Logan (Grades 4-7)

Standing in the Light: The Captive Diary of Catherine Carey Logan (Grades 4-7)

Mary Pope Osborne
The riveting and spiritually uplifting story of a strong-willed Quaker girl whose sudden abduction by Delaware Indians forces her into an alarming and unknown world. (Dear America)

A Light in the Forest (Grades 4-8)

Conrad Richter
After being raised as an Indian after his capture at the age of four, John Butler is forcibly returned to his white parents but continues to long for the freedom of Indian life.

Initiation (Grades 5-8)

Virgina Schwartz
Twin children of the chief of a Kwakiutl Indian tribe living on the west coast of North America during the 1440s look ahead to adulthood when one will become a warrior and the other will make an arranged marriage.
Cover of Weetamoo, Heart of the Pocassets (Grades 4-7)

Weetamoo, Heart of the Pocassets (Grades 4-7)

Patricia Smith
A 14-year-old Pocasset Indian girl describes how her life changes with the seasons and with her tribe’s interactions with the English of nearby Plymouth Colony. (Royal Diaries)

Sign of the Beaver (Grades 4-7)

Elizabeth Speare
When Matt is left alone in the Maine wilderness, the Chief of the Beaver Tribe cares for him in exchange for teaching the Chief’s grandson to read.

Sister to the Wolf, (Grades 5-8)

Maxine Trottier
Cecile buys the slave Lesharo and treats him as an equal, but they hate life in the new fort at Detroit and long to be free in the wild.
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