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January 2006

What’s New · Interlibrary Loan Changes

The Library now charges customers who borrow material through our Interlibrary Loan Service a fee of $5.00 per title. This fee must be paid when you pick up your Interlibrary Loan material. If you do not pick up the material, the fee will be charged to your library card.

Please note, this fee does not apply to material owned by or borrowed from the Main Library or any of our branches. It only applies to Interlibrary Loans (material borrowed from different library systems.)

More details about our Interlibrary Loan Service are available here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you charging for this service now?
Recent budget reductions made by the state forced us to examine all of our services—including those that had been free—to determine the most cost-effective way to continue providing them.
Do other libraries charge for Interlibrary Loans?
Yes, many libraries around the country charge for this service.
I ordered a title before February 1. Will I be charged $5.00 if it arrives after February 1?
No. The fee only applies to titles ordered on or after February 1.
Why don’t you add the titles I want to your collection? Then I wouldn’t have to pay to borrow them from a different library.
It’s impossible to own copies of every title available. If you’d like to suggest that we purchase a particular title, please use our Suggest a Purchase form. Recommendations are reviewed and carefully considered by our Collection Development staff.
What happens if I decide to cancel my order?
If the order hasn't been shipped from the borrowing library, we will cancel the order at no cost. If the order has been shipped, the fee will be charged to you.
What happens if I get the wrong title or format?
If we’ve made a mistake, return the material to us immediately and we will make every effort to locate the correct item at no cost.