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November 2008

What’s New · Making a Difference in Your Life Writing Competition Winners · Ages 6 and under

Calvin Bigham, age 6 1/2, 1st place

Dear library, I love it because you have all the Magic Tree House books. Because you have all the Amelia Bedelia books. Because I won 7 prizes plus a book in the summer reading program. Because you have my favorite Pokemon and Scooby-Doo videos. Because I’m a really smart reader. Because all of the books I read from the library. Because you have cool games on the computer. Because you have cool magazines. Because you’re close to my house.

Grayson Duane Taylor, age 3, 2nd place

Why I Like the Library
I like to get new DVD’s there - not “Pokemon” because Auntie doesn’t like it, but “Reptiles.” I like snakes and monsters of the waterways. I like storytime because I like when Miss Linda reads the books to me. I like when I walk in - I feel great. Someday I want to own a candy store and a library because I could eat all the candy and I could read all the day and all the night. I also like to eat snow in the wintertime. The end.

Molly Guenther, age 6, honorable mention

My Library
I started going to the library when I was very young. I loved when my mom would take me to storytime and we would read books, sing songs, make crafts, and meet new friends.When I was four and a half I was able to get my very first library card. I was the most excited person in the whole world to have my very own card. With my library card, I can get out books about puppies, or graphs, or turtles, and I can even read my very favorite Amelia Bedelia books.The librarians are super nice and always help me when I can’t find what I’m looking for. I could spend hours and hours at the library. I love books because each one takes me on a new adventure. I love imagining all the places and people I read about in books.This summer I went to Brain Camp at the big downtown library and got to learn about insects, work on the computers, and make new friends—just like I did when I was young. The library is a great place for my family because we can all get books that we like. I love to explore and find books that I have never read before. My life is so much better because of my library. It is always an excellent day when I go to the library!