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November 2008

What’s New · Making a Difference in Your Life Writing Competition Winners · Ages 7-12

Tabatha Wesseler, age 12, 1st place

Why the Library Makes Difference In My Life
The library means a lot to me. It’s very close and convenient. I can borrow a wide variety of media whenever I need it. They have all sorts of non-fiction and fiction books, audio books that we listen to in the car, CDs with all kinds of music, and a good selection of movies on VHS and DVD.
As a teen volunteer I am learning about the library resources by helping people use them. I decorate and make up what the teen message board should say so teens can tell us what books other teens will enjoy.I can use all kinds of resources that open up the world to me. I can look into the Atlas and go to Antartica and then to Arizona in my mind. Since I am homeschooled, my parents don’t have to go out and buy textbooks that cost too much. Instead I can check out educational books for as long as I like and use my mom’s educators card.
The librarians are always very nice and ready to help me find whatever I need. When I ask for a book on whales or any other subject, they tell me where it is and where to find it and sometimes even walk me over to the shelf and help me find the book. They often recommend appropriate books for my age group.
The Cincinnati library has a website link for homework help. When I use it, there are very good teachers who are really patient and help me with my schoolwork. They use an interactive white board, so everything they write shows up on my computer screen!
These are a few of the ways the library makes a difference in my life.

Anthony Schnabel, age 10, 2nd place

The Hamilton County library has helped me in a lot of ways. One way is when I have a school report that is the only place I can get books. When there are contest like this one I can enter them for fun. The library is also a quiet place to read, study or get on the Internet.>
The Hamilton County library has helped my family in some ways too. When my mom is low on money we can check out movies from the library for free.
My grandma loves the library the most because reading is a hobby with her and I guess she can’t stop reading.
My little brother and sister love the library because when their mom takes them there they can check out books like Dora, Diego, and Bob the Builder. My older sister likes the library because she can hang out with her friends there.

Micah A Hughes, age 11, honorable mention

The library is a helpful, useful, and cheerful place. I believe this because of the activities, games and computers and there are so many locations. When kids like my self get out of school we can go to the library and do our homework. You can also look up a lot of good appropriate fun things to do and there are a lot of resources. You can look up information about your homework. We can read books that are funny. We can learn lots of good stuff that’s good for you such as do it your self books, exercise, and recipes books. There are even sometimes we can do some arts and crafts in the back of the room with the staff. What I love the most is the library card because you can go to the library any time you want and check out some good books and movies. The library is the best place to go and stay out of trouble. That is why the library means so much to me.

Richard Lowenburg, age 12, honorable mention

One of the Greatest Inventions of All Time
I love libraries. I have loved them ever since I was a little kid. You know those receipts you get when you check out at the library? When my family checks out, our receipt is usually around three feet long.
When I was a little kid, my family lived in Northside. I would go to pre-school story time, and I loved it. It was so great to sit on the floor of the library and have the children’s librarian read the picture books to us.
Then, when I was six, my parents decided to move to Mt. Healthy. I was so happy when I found out that there was library branch there; but, I cried when I found out that it might close. Along with my family, I took petitions door-to-door on my new street. At the library meeting, the petitions were delivered and I told the library board that like the scarecrow, tin man and lion in the Wizard of Oz, “You need to use their brains to think of other solutions, need to use your hearts to love libraries and use your courage to keep them open.” It worked, the library was saved.

Now that I’m older, I don’t go to pre-school story time any more; but I still enjoy the programs that the libraries have to offer. Some of the programs that I have gone to are magic shows, chess clubs and cartooning classes, among others. I like the programs, but the greatest thing of all about the libraries, for me, are the books.
I’ve found that one of the most enjoyable things a person can do is sit down with a good work of fiction. The library is one place to get that novel. You might have to wait a while to get a book, if it has just come out. I guess that’s the price you pay to get a great, free resource like the library.
Libraries are great. I don’t know what I would do without them. My dad always jokes that the library is out of books, but I know that it’s far from it. What is so great about the libraries is that all you need to access so many books is a red card. As my mom always says, “Libraries are one of the greatest inventions of all time”. It’s true.

Emma “Charley” Wilson, age 11, honorable mention

The library means so much to me it might take pages and pages and oodles of words to tell EVERYTHING that the libraries mean to me. Instead, I’ll focus on the main categories that I use amazing libraries for.
The first and probably most useful use for the library, at least to me, is to get out of boredom. I cannot even tell anyone how many times I have gotten so bored I thought that my boredom would last interminably, and then I would say, “Hey, what about the library?!”. So I would walk or catch a bus up to heaven on Earth and begin my search for excelling books with superior topics. For me, as a writer, books are sort of like the key to the lock on my pen. Books can inspire, inform, and sometimes even tell some pretty pointless stories…but almost all books are enjoyable to a writer. Which is precisely why I love how much boredom the library saves.
Another great thing that I and a man-heap of other people use the library is for the one and only thing—research. Researching is part of everyone’s daily life. Research can be as trivial as searching for when your favorite band is coming to your city, or as important and formal as searching preparing for a corporate speech. Everyone gets research somehow or another, and EVERYONE, at some point in their lives, is going to research something. I have so many recollections of being stuck on some research project and then I can be reassured it will be done, for I have the mighty library on my side. The library is my number one archive, a guarantee to success. Reading, after all, is success.
But as I have indirectly managed to mention above, the main thing I love about all of my libraries, is that reading is encouraged everywhere in Cincinnati, and not just Cincinnati. Reading is always encouraged, and it’s always the proper environment to do so.
The library has made a huge impact in my life, and reading in it even inspired me to be the great reader and happy writer I am today. Thanks to the library, my mind is no longer barren; now my brain is a germinated garden, full of enjoyable and useful thoughts.