The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
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January 2009

What’s New · Lincoln’s Legacy: Celebrating the Lincoln Bicentennial

Jane Hammond working on the flag Jane Hammond working on the flag

About the Exhibit

In honor of the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth, an exhibit of rarely-seen Abraham Lincoln artifacts and memorabilia from the Library’s collection and objects loaned by private collectors is on display at the Main Library’s Cincinnati Room. One of the centerpieces of the exhibit is a recently restored flag that decorated Lincoln’s carriage when he visited Cincinnati on his birthday, February 12, 1861. Also on view is a collection of original Lincoln letters and signatures, three Lincoln campaign advertisements, and original newspapers from the day Lincoln was assassinated. In addition, there are several Cincinnati-produced Lincoln lithographs and engravings. Visitors to the exhibit will also learn about Lincoln’s life and career and about his ties to the Cincinnati area. This exhibit will be on view in the Cincinnati Room at the Main Library until April 12.

To learn more about the exhibit, watch the interview with the Library’s Development Director, John Reusing, on CETconnect.

About the Flag

Textile conservationist Jane Hammond spent hours preserving and preparing this treasured piece of Americana for the exhibit honoring Lincoln’s 200th birthday. She cleaned the flag’s surface, applied a silk crepeline gauze underlay, and reattached its delicate fringe with silk thread. Her work, sponsored by the Library Foundation, also included mounting the flag in an archival frame.