April 2013

What’s New · Ohioana 2013 · Participating Authors

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The following authors will be at the Ohioana "meet-and-greet" tables:

  • Joel Altman: Mr. Redlegs and His Great Adventure
  • Lisa Ampleman: I've Been Collecting This to Tell You
  • Christopher L. Bennett: Forgotten History
  • Michael Capek: The Steamboat Shuffle
  • Andrea Cheng: Etched in Clay
  • Barbara and David Day: Vanishing Cincinnati
  • Kay Fittes: 50 Tips to High Heeled Success
  • Patricia Gligor: Mixed Messages
  • John C. Guntzelman, The Civil War in Color
  • Richard Hague: During the Recent Extinctions
  • Denny Hamilton: Cincinnati Railroad Heritage: Color Pictorial, 1950s-1970s
  • Gary Lee Hicks: Interview with a Clown
  • Michaele Jordan: Mirror Maze
  • Jillian Kent: Chameleon
  • Elizabeth Murray: Forensic Identification: Putting a Name and a Face on Death
  • Buck Niehoff: Winning Cincinnati
  • Chuck Sambuchino: Red Dog/Blue Dog: When Pooches Get Political
  • Alice Skirtz: Econocide
  • Paul Smith: Lead With a Story
  • Linda Smith-Walker: Batavia and Williamsburg
  • Brandon T. Snider: The Dark Knight Manual
  • Leah Stewart: The History of Us
  • John H. Wilson: Cincinnati's Good Samaritan Hospital
  • Dann Woellert: Cincinnati Turner Societies: The Cradle of an American Movement
  • J.Miles Wolf: Mount Adams
  • Jay Yocis: Messages of Glory: The Narrative Art of Roman Catholicism