August 2013

What’s New · Library Staff Member Wins State Award For Outstanding Community Outreach

Elizabeth Hatton Zuelke Elizabeth Hatton Zuelke

A staff member of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County receives a distinguished honor from the Ohio Library Council for her outreach work to the community on behalf of the library. Elizabeth Hatton Zuelke is the recipient of the 2012-2013 John Philip Outreach Award, presented by the Ohio Library Council.

The John Philip Outreach Award recognizes exceptional achievement in library outreach. It is named after John Philip, who was a consultant with the State Library of Ohio and who oversaw the State’s bookmobile program in Southern Ohio and the Southeast Ohio Library Center. His visionary work brought the benefits of libraries to isolated populations.

Zuelke serves as Manager of Outreach Services for the Public Library, which is one of the busiest and most dynamic departments at the Library. Her leadership brings library benefits to thousands of people who cannot physically make it to one of the Public Library’s 41 locations.

Zuelke’s department at the Main Library mails more than 6,000 items to home-bound library customers, provides more than 900 programs in the community, including programs for children with special needs at area hospitals and schools, and delivers materials and programs to residents of more than 140 senior facilities and community centers. During the school year, the department delivers more than 500 collections each month to teachers in public and private schools throughout Hamilton County. In addition, Zuelke’s team provides library materials for local correctional facilities.

“A tremendous number of lives in the community have been touched through Elizabeth’s hard work in extending Library resources and materials to people who otherwise could not access traditional library services,” points out Paula Brehm-Heeger, Service Operations Manager for The Public Library.

Zuelke received her Bachelor of Arts in History and her Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education from Miami University. She completed her Master of Arts in History and her Master of Library Science degrees at Indiana University. She began her career at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County as a Librarian in the Government and Business Department in 1992. She was promoted to Assistant Manager in the Public Documents and Patents Department in 1997 and in 2000, she was promoted to the position she currently holds.

Zuelke also serves as a member of the Ohio Library Council’s Outreach and Special Services Division Action Council and as the convener of the SWON consortium’s Outreach Interest Group.

“Elizabeth’s work is a daily fulfillment of one of the core values of our library—the commitment to provide free, open, unrestricted access to all our collections and services. Her leadership brings information, ideas, and joy to thousands of customers who might otherwise miss out on all the Public Library has to offer,” says Kim Fender, the Eva Jane Romaine Coombe Director of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.