May 30, 2001


New Magazine Subscriptions Add Depth

to the Public Library�s Collection


With over 6,500 active subscriptions, the Main Library has something for all interests. Recent acquisitions of note include: Reader�s Digest in Spanish; Family Digest: Smarter, Healthier, Happier Black Families; Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine; Las Vegas magazine; Middle East Quarterly; Harvard Design magazine; Gastronomica: the Journal of Food and Culture; Working USA; School-Age Notes; Library Futures Quarterly; Remix (recorded music and the technical aspects); Bungei Shunju (general interest magazine from Japan);and Tri-State Talk Magazine (a new magazine for the local African-American community). Even Rosie O�Donnell�s new magazine, Rosie, has its place in the Magazines and Newspapers Department.


Newspapers from the nation�s major cities, including the New York Times, Chicago Tribune and Washington Post, are available regularly and kept on microfilm permanently. Major national publications like USA Today, Christian Science Monitor, the Wall Street Journal along with hard-to-find papers, such as Stars and Stripes, World at Large, and News for You, are available as well.


To keep readers informed of international news, foreign newspapers, including Toronto�s Globe and Mail, London�s Weekly Telegraph and Times (with microfilm editions going back to 1785), and Paris� Le Monde, are also well represented. For news closer to home, Cincinnati newspapers are provided daily or on microfilm dating way back. More Ohio newspapers and those from other states are also conveniently on hand.


Enjoy the periodicals on the second floor bridge between the north and south building. There, in a setting overlooking Ninth Street, relax and catch-up on the day�s events in comfortable chairs or by working at one of several tables.