June 2014



Imagining Landscapes
Imagining Landscapes by Cecilia S. Chewning

Bookworks XV, the annual Cincinnati Book Arts Society (CBAS) exhibit showcasing one-of-a-kind, handmade books, will be on view in the Main Library’s Atrium from June 10 to September 7. A nonprofit organization, CBAS is comprised of professionals and amateurs in the book arts, including paper makers, book binders, printers, and artists. The artist’s contributions range from conceptually playful books that incorporate mixed media to books composed of found objects or crafted from handmade paper.

The Keith Kuhn Memorial Artists’ Book Exhibit

In conjunction with the Cincinnati Book Arts Society’s Bookworks exhibit, the Keith Kuhn Memorial Exhibit features a display of artists' books from the Library's permanent collection. The exhibit is in memory of former Library Services Director Keith Kuhn, a passionate advocate of artists' books whose leadership expanded the Library's collection. It will be on view in the Main Library 2nd and 3rd floor elevator display cases from June 10 to September 7. Many of the books are hand-made, unique objects from well-known international, national, and local artists.

Scenic River Views: Towns along the Ohio River

Scenic River Views

Cities and towns from Pittsburgh, Pa., to Cairo, Ill., have drawn their life from the Ohio River. See images that capture life along the major waterway during the Scenic River Views: Towns along the Ohio River exhibit, which features vintage photographs from the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

“Scenic River Views gives us a glimpse of life along the Ohio River in the past century,” said Reference Librarian Diane Mallstrom. “From big city traffic in Pittsburgh to sleepy small town Cairo, the river was and still is a major transportation route that brings people to its banks.”

Scenic River Views is on display Aug. 29 through Nov. 2 in the Joseph S. Stern, Jr. Cincinnati Room at the Main Library, downtown. Drawn from Library’s Inland Rivers Collection, this photographic exhibit features Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Louisville, as well as small towns such as Marietta, Madison and Paducah. Steamboats and a photographic history of river trade are well represented.

Double Vision exhibit
Children at the Old Main Library(Circa 1906)

Double Vision

As the world swiftly leaves behind the golden age of photo snapshots and albums—preferring digital cameras and now smartphones to capture photographs, take a step back in time and look at one of the most fascinating and innovative accomplishments in photographic history; the stereoscopic slide. Photos of conserved historic stereoscopic slides and digitally reproduced surrogates are on display at the Main Library in a new exhibit Double Vision: Seeing the World in Stereoscopic View on display in the Popular Library through Oct. 17.

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