August 2016


Bills of Lading: Viewing Cincinnati Through its River Trade Exhibit

Packet bill

This unique exhibit gives viewers the chance to step back into the age of steamboats to view life in Cincinnati through the boats, goods and people which passed through the city’s port as captured on boat receipts, known as bills of ladings. "Bills of Lading" will be on view in the Joseph S. Stern, Jr. Cincinnati Room on the third floor of the Main Library from Aug. 5–Nov. 15.

Cincinnati Transportation: Past, Present and Future

Cincinnati Transportation: Past, Present and Future is on display in the Main Library Atrium through Jan. 8, 2017 . The exhibit, done in partnership with Metro, features memorabilia connected to public transportation in the city of Cincinnati.

See the Polar Bear and Allosaurus from the Cincinnati Museum Center


The Cincinnati Museum Center’s polar bear now welcomes visitors to the Main Library. The polar bear, the Earth’s largest land predator, is on display in the Main Library Atrium near the elevators. The Main Library is also housing the Museum Center’s Allosaurus, a fearsome carnivore which sat atop the food chain over 150 million years ago and has been a favorite amongst visitors to the Museum Center’s Dino Hall. The Allosaurus is now housed on the second floor bridge spanning the north and south buildings of the Main Library, between the TechCenter and MakerSpace. Both pieces will remain at Main Library for about the next two years, as renovation work on the Museum Center is completed.

For additional information about any of the exhibits listed, please call our Programs & Exhibits Office at 513-369-3173.