May 2016


Star Trek 50th Anniversary Exhibit

Star Trek Exhibit

Star Trek first aired on September 8, 1966, on the NBC network, making 2016 the franchise’s 50th anniversary. Gene Roddenberry’s creation has made its mark on modern technology and pop culture. His original creation has since spawned thirteen movies, the newest one coming out this July, as well as numerous television series, novels, games, toys, and comic book series. This exhibit was culled from four local Trek fans personal collections and highlight their most memorable, favorite, and sometimes quirkiest pieces of Star Trek ephemera. The exhibit can be viewed in the Main Library Popular Library (1st floor) and Information and Reference Departments (3rd floor) until June 12.

As You Like Him William Shakespeare Exhibit

William Shakespeare

For four centuries William Shakespeare’s works have been read, studied, performed, adapted and reinterpreted. From Romeo & Juliet to West Side Story, Hamlet to the Lion King, Shakespeare has permeated our culture with his masterful storytelling. View selections from the Library’s extensive collection of the Bard’s classic plays in the Joseph S. Stern, Jr. Cincinnati Room on the third floor of the Main Library from April 29–July 29. Included in the exhibit are rare early editions of Shakespeare’s works dating back to the 1600s, tiny 19th century adaptations for children and elaborate illustrations to compliment his tales.

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