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cover image of A Gambler's Anatomy

A Gambler's Anatomy

Jonathan Lethem

Alexander Bruno is unstoppable at backgammon, that is until he loses his ESP or whatever has been helping him along the way. One night he ends up in the emergency room, and there discovers he has a potentially deadly tumor in his face. A long lost wealthy friend surprisingly steps in and offers to bankroll the risky surgery to remove the growth. They head back to their hometown, Berkley , CA for the operation. Afterwards his recovery is physical, mental, and psychological and filled with amusing locals, tales of the past, and present dramas.

cover image of The Boat Rocker

The Boat Rocker

Ha Jin

Ha Jin tells the story of a Chinese expatriate journalist, Feng Danlin, whose living in NYC and working for an independent influential Chinese news agency. His ex-wife served him with divorce papers the day after he came to America to be with her, and now she's penned a novel. The book is receiving lots of attention including a Hollywood movie deal and the backing of the Chinese elite. Her book exploits 9/11 and Feng is out to expose the book as an overrated failure putting his career, relationships, and safety as risk.

cover image of The Heart of Henry Quantum

The Heart of Henry Quantum

Pepper Harding

Henry, Margaret, and Daisy find themselves in an unexpected love triangle. On December 23rd, absent minded Henry runs out to hunt for a last minute Christmas gift for his wife, Margaret. His journey is as scattered as his mind, and he ends up off track and running into Daisy, the former love of his life. Daisy has decided to leave her husband, but she is not positive that Henry is the right next step. Margaret has also turned to an affair to help her cope with her dissatisfaction. These damaged characters take turns telling their side of the story as they try to make sense of their worlds.

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