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cover image of The Clockwork Dynasty

The Clockwork Dynasty

Daniel H. Wilson

The best selling author of Robopocalypse is back with a tale of the avtomat, an ancient race of mechanical being that have lived amongst humans for thousands of years. They want their existence to remain a secret so when June Stefanov, an anthropologist, discovers a mechanism exposing the avtomat her life is put in jeopardy. She finds herself in the middle of conflict as the avtomat struggle to understand their origins, find their power source, and remain hidden among the humans.

cover image of Gather the Daughters

Gather the Daughters

Jennie Melamed

This debut novel has critics raving, and is being compared to The Handmaid's Tale. Amanda, Caitlin, Janey, and Vanessa are daughters of the ten original male ancestors who founded a religious cult on an island to escape the mainland (nicknamed the Wasteland). Strict gender roles rule the community, and as soon as girls hit puberty they are married off and expected to breed. The girls do their best to slow down the process and grab onto any speck of freedom or taste of the outside world they can.

cover image of LoveMurder


Saul Black

Six years have passed since Valerie Hart helped put away Katherine, a twisted serial killer. Her partner was never caught and now copycat killings have begun. The killer is demanding the release of Katherine, or he vows to keep murdering. Valerie turns to Katherine in an effort to stop the horrific bloodshed.

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