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A Word for Love

Emily Robbins

Bea travels to Syria as an American exchange student in search of "The Astonishing Text, a famous Arabic love story that is said to move it's readers to tears. The country is on the cusp of unrest and Bea's love of the Arabic language quickly takes a backseat to her interest in her host family and their Romeo and Juliet like romance. As the country drifts closer to conflict, Bea must decide how many secrets she can keep, and how far she will go to protect someone else's love story.

cover image of Kill the Father

Kill the Father

Sandrone Dazieri

Dazier is a best selling Italian author making his US debut with this captivating thriller. A woman is found decapitated and her son is missing. Her husband is the prime suspect, but two troubled investigators are not so sure. Deputy Capt. Columba Caselli, has been on administrative leave for PTSD following the Paris terrorist bombings. Dante Torre relies on medication and isolation to cope with his past. He was kidnapped at age six and held in a concrete silo until he escaped 11 years later. This new case bears far too many similarities to Torre's past and driven by revenge and rage he and Caselli are determined to find answers.

cover image of No Man's Land

No Man's Land

Simon Tolkien

Simon Tolkien pays tribute to his grandfather, J.R.R. Tolkien, and the other men who fought in WWI with his latest book No Man's Land. Adam Raine's mother is killed during a strike in London. His father moves them to the small coal mining town of Scarsdale. Tragedy continues, and Adam's father is killed during a riot while saving the mine owner, Sir John Scarsdale. Sir John takes Adam into his home and under his wing, but Lady Scarsdale is threatened by this and worried it will encroach on the entitlements of their younger son, Brice. These new opportunities have lead Adam to head off to college in Oxford and get engaged to a preacher's daughter from back home. Then the war pulls him to battle leaving him a changed man unable to return to the life he was leading. This sobering novel is filled with class division, economic struggles, social hierarchies, and the gut wrenching realities of war.

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