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The Lost Key: A Brit in the FBI Novel

Catherine Coulter & J.T. Ellison

In this second “Brit in the FBI” novel (after The Final Cut, 2013), former Scotland Yard star turned FBI Agent Nicholas Drummond and his partner Michaela “Mike” Caine investigate a fatal stabbing on Wall Street. The victim, John Pearce, was a naval historian and rare books dealer with ties to a secret society known as the Highest Order. Could his undercover mission to find a missing World War I U-boat concealing a stash of gold bullion have something to do with his murder? And what about Pearce’s cryptic last words: “The key is in the lock.” ?

cover image of The Perfect Witness

The Perfect Witness

Iris Johansen

When 16-year-old Teresa Casali was young, she discovered she had the ability to read people’s memories, which was used by her New Jersey mob boss father to gain the upper hand in the Mafia. After he is gunned down, she runs for her life in the woods. A man named Andre Mandak saves her, convincing her to forge a new identity as Allie Gerard. Years later, Allie is living with a new family, but when her cover is blown, she must rely on Mandak once again. Now he needs her gift for his own purposes, but she will not be a pawn anymore ....

cover image of Rose Gold

Rose Gold: An Easy Rawlins Mystery

Walter Mosley

Set in L.A. during the height of the Vietnam War, Mosley’s 13th Easy Rawlins mystery (after Little Green, 2013) finds Roger Frisk, special assistant to the police chief, calling on Easy with a job. Former African American boxer Robert Mantle, self-named Uhuru Nolica and the leader of a radical political cell called Scorched Earth, has kidnapped college student Rosemary Goldsmith, the daughter of an international weapons manufacturer. If he does not receive the money and weapons he demands, “Rose Gold” will die—horribly and publicly. The FBI, the State Department, and the LAPD all turn to Easy, the one man who can help resolve the conflict.

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