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David Mamet

The Oscar nominated screenwriter of The Untouchables is back, picking up where he left off in 1920's Chicago. Reporter, Mike Hodges, finally catches a lead in his efforts to connect the IRA to tommy gun trafficking. When the woman he loves is gunned down in his apartment, his quest for answers becomes more urgent and consuming than ever.

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My Name Is Venus Black

Heather Lloyd

At 13, Venus Black kills her stepfather in an effort to protect herself and Leo, her autistic 7 year old brother who goes missing just days after Vensus's incarceration. Five years later when Venus is released, she tries to take on a new life and identity, but struggles to do so as her mother tries to reconnect and thoughts of her missing brother consume her. She catches the eye of Danny, who lovingly helps search for Leo.

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The Policeman's Daughter: A Detective Sarah Alt Novel

Trudy Nan Boyce

This prequel flashes back to when Sarah "Salt" Alt was a beat cop in a tough project known as the Homes. She was one of the first female and one of the only white cops stationed there, making her dangerous situation even moreso. She is shot in the head while on duty causing lasting vision problems which she conceals in order continue working on the streets. When a sex addict Salt's acquainted with is murdered, she can't let the case go and hunts for the perpetrator even though she is not yet a detective.

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