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Edge of Eternity: Book Three of the Century Trilogy

Ken Follett

The final volume in Follett’s Century Trilogy picks up where Fall of Giants (2010) and Winter of the World (2012) left off. His epic continues to follow the lives of five international families (American, German, Russian, English, and Welsh) during the events of the closing decades of the 20th century. The Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Berlin Wall, the assassination of JFK, the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War, and the crumbling of Communism are all seen through the eyes of this interrelated cast of characters. A sweeping saga that is well worth the wait.

cover image of The King's Curse

The King's Curse

Philippa Gregory

Gregory wraps up her Cousins' War series by bidding farewell to the bloody War of the Roses with the ascension of King Henry VIII, as witnessed by Lady Margaret Pole, a member of the defeated Plantagenet family. Her cousin Elizabeth of York (The White Princess, 2013) finds Margaret a position as lady-in-waiting to Katherine of Aragon, who marries her dead husband’s brother, Henry VIII. Margaret’s fortunes rise and fall at the hands of King Henry, and there is plenty of courtly intrigue, revenge, tyranny, and betrayal for Anglophiles everywhere.

cover image of Perfidia


James Ellroy

Ellroy (Blood’s a Rover, 2009) is back with the first book in his second “L.A. Quartet” that is cast with many of the characters from his previous, famous four novels. On the eve of the bombing of Pearl Harbor by Japan in December 1941, a Japanese-American family of four is found dead in Los Angeles. Were they murdered? Or was it a murder-suicide? The LAPD’s Japanese crime-scene specialist Hideo Ashida, LAPD Capt. William Parker, the enigmatic Kay Lake, and corrupt police officer Sgt. Dudley Smith of L.A. Confidential fame are on the case.

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