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All the Rivers

Dorit Rabinyan

Two lovers are tested and torn by the bitter cultural, political, and religious conflicts that divide their families. Liat is an Israeli scholar studying in New York City and Hilmi is a painter there on an artist's visa. Their chance encounter one afternoon leads to a passionate affair and life gets complicated as that passion evolves into love. Although this award winning novel has been banned by Israel's Ministry of Education, many critics are praising it as an important work of art that shows us love is a far greater power than hate.

cover image of Ararat


Christopher Golden

Golden, a two time Bram Stoker award winner, is back with a new tale of horror. This time an avalanche on Mount Ararat in Turkey unveils a hidden cave housing a relic believed to be Noah's Ark. Thrill seekers/ authors, Meryam and Adam, think this discovery will be their true claim to fame. With permission from the government and a team of archaeologists and filmmakers, they set out to excavate the the ark. First, they find disturbing mummified remains that appear to have belonged to something humanlike with horns. Then a blizzard traps them in the cave, people begin disappearing, conflicts escalate, and the crew fears they have unearthed a demon.

cover image of Burntown


Jennifer McMahon

As a child, Miles Sandusky witnessed a man in a chicken mask slit his mother's throat. His father hung himself after being accused of the murder. Now grown Miles builds a family of his own with his childhood sweetheart Lily, daughter Eva (later known as Necco), and honorary son Errol. His father was an inventor as is Miles, and he left Miles plans for a machine that supposedly allows for communication with the dead. Soon after building it a flood ensues killing Miles and Errol. Now destitute, Lily and Necco join a homeless camp. Tragedy continues and Necco realizes she is being targeting by an evil man who has been haunting her family for generations.

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