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cover image of The Awkward Age

The Awkward Age

Francesca Segal

Julia has finally learned how to enjoy life again after the devastating loss of her husband. She's fallen deeply in love with James, but becoming a happy blended family is not going to be easy. Julia's daughter and James's son are teenagers who are not happy about the union, and they will sink pretty low to keep their parents apart. As if that wasn't enough, the couple also faces obsticles from James's ex wife and Julia's old in-laws.

cover image of The Scribe of Siena

The Scribe of Siena

Melodie Winawer

Beatrice Trovato leaves her job as a neurosurgeon and travels from New York City to Italy to tie up the affairs of her recently deceased brother. She ends up pulled into his research on the Black Plague and also pulled back in time to 1347, one year before the plague's beginning. Fans of Diana Gabaldon's, Outlander, are sure to enjoy this immersive novel that is so well written, readers will be fully engaged in its romantic sweeping time traveling plot.

cover image of Standard Deviation

Standard Deviation

Katherine Heiny

This humorous tale looks at the long term marriage of Graham and Audra. This is Graham's second marriage, he left his quiet first wife, Elspeth, for Audra. Audra has unwavering positivity and tends to connect with all those she meets. She and Graham have a 10 year old son with Asperger's who is skilled at origami, and benefits from having a wide social net around him. Graham, like many others, is mesmerized by Audra, but tends to get caught up wondering about the roads in life not taken.

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