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cover image of A Country Road, A Tree

A Country Road, A Tree

Jo Baker

From the best-selling author of Longbourn, a stunning new novel that follows an unnamed writer--Samuel Beckett--whose life and extraordinary literary gift are permanently shaped in the forge of war. -From the Publisher

cover image of The After Party

The After Party

Anton Disclafani

In the regal 1950's Houston social scene, Joan Fortier, is the envy of women and the desire of men. The times are materially luxurious, but for Joan that's just not good enough and she longs for more. She rebels against the societal and gender norms around her leaving her lifelong dear friend, Cece Buchanan, to wonder if she's along for the ride as a partner or as a chaperone.

cover image of Smoke


Dan Vyleta

In an alternate historical London, people who lie reveal themselves by giving off smoke but the rules of how this works are complicated.There are some people who can lie and not trigger any smoke and this lends an interesting element to the story. The rules we are given are changeable. The setting lends itself well to the story.The writing is descriptive, and the tone is atmospheric. Similar authors that come to my mind were Neil Gaiman and China Mieville. This is a dark, delicious tale. -- Jennifer Ohzourk for LibraryReads

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