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cover image of Behold the Dreamers

Behold the Dreamers

Imbolo Mbue

Jende Jonga chases the American dream from the Republic of Cameroon to New York City, and eventually brings over his wife, Neni, and their 6 year old son. In 2007, despite not having papers, Jende lands a job with Lehman Brothers CEO, Clark Edwards, as a chauffeur. When Neni takes a temporary nanny job for Cindy, Clark's wife, the families' lives become increasingly tangled. The Jongas try to figure out what to do with the secrets they know about the Edwards all while having the fear of deportation looming over their heads and struggling with their own issues. 2008, the Great Recession, and the collapse of Lehman Brothers propels the families into greater turmoils and tough decisions.

cover image of The Couple Next Door

The Couple Next Door

Shari Lapena

Anne and Marco Conti are new parents struggling with postpartum depression and a floundering software business, although their projected image is much rosier. One night their neighbors invite them over for a much needed night out. Their babysitter cancels, but since the Conti's share a wall with the neighbors they decide to go anyway with a plan to take the baby monitor and check on baby Cora every half hour. The plan is working and all is well until the couple returns home to find the door open and Cora missing. The Couple Next Door is loaded with twists and unpredictable turns that will keep you guessing while trying to figure out what happened to Cora.

cover image of The Nix

The Nix

Nathan Hill

Growing up, Samuel's mother, Faye, told him of the Nix who in Norwegian folklore is a spirit on a white horse that steals children. The tale is to teach that "the things you love the most will one day hurt you the worst". Unfortunately, this moral comes true when Faye abandons 11 year old Samuel. Now he's an English professor who would rather spend time escaping through the online game, Elfquest. One day he sees his mother in the news after she is arrested for throwing stones at an ultraconservative presidential candidate. He begins digging into her past in an effort to save her and himself in the process. This multi-layered story weaves generations affected by war, social change, and secrets into a fast paced darkly humorous work of art.

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