February 23, 2014

Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue

cover image of Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue
An Origami Yoda Book
Tom Angelberger

At McQuarrie Middle School, the war against the FunTime Menace - aka test prep - wages on. Our heroes have one battle under their belts, and they've even found a surprising ally in Jabba the Puppett. But to defeat the Dark Standardized Testing Forces they're going to need an even bigger, even more surprising ally: Principal Rabbski. But with great forces - aka the school board - pressuring her from above, will the gang's former enemy don a finger puppet and join the Rebellion - or will she find herself drawn to the dark side? Tom Angleberger once again demonstrates his spot-on grasp of middle-school emotions, humor and behavior. Ages 8 to 12.