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The Lower Tangent

Even Tiles

The Lower Tangent is the debut EP from Cincinnati band Even Tiles. With any new band, listeners can catch themselves trying to trace the musical family tree. In The Lower Tangent, the intro to the first single “I Tried” seems to rain down from the Montserrat monastery. But wait, this sounds like maybe something from the early 60’s British pop invasion. But who? Wait; is that a little Sonic Youth? Maybe Echo & the Bunnymen? Once the acoustical sound starts in track 3, listeners realize there’s no musical family tree with Even Tiles, there’s a musical forest. And it works. They blend it flawlessly, like the band members themselves. Outside a symphony orchestra it’s rare to hear both a beautiful ensemble and at the same time be able to appreciate the sounds of each instrument. “Money Changers” begs to be, needs to be on the soundtrack of a major motion picture. And that’s the thing with Even Tiles – the words and music conjure imagery that eludes the work of most other bands. The band will perform at the Chameleon in Northside on February 22.