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On Target


Spearpoint is playful in its range – often heavy metal with an Evanescence edge. Lead vocals are shared between Elyssa Girtman and Spencer St. Pierre. In On Target, Girtman’s lilting vocals can have a brogue quality that is reminiscent of Christian rocker Sarah Kelly and yet at times Kelly Clarkson in nature. She hits her stride on “Born to Be Free.” Her YouTube covers showcase the evidence -- Girtman is a vocalist to watch. St. Pierre is an amalgam of voices. But while he reaches towards his influences like Five Finger Death Punch, his gift is his more crooner side. “Dream Come True” is the gem on this CD. The song starts with a 50’s feel and morphs into a pop/rock sound that is as original and distinctive to Cincinnati as Fun is to current pop and what Live was to the 90’s. The band members are young but their musicality is mature. These are talented instrumentalists. They take twists and turns and that bar of experimentation seems to be raised by drummer Ethan Adams. Spearpoint will perform at Fountain Square as part of the Self Diploma Summer Concert Series on July 19.