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Artist: Wussy

Over the years the aura of Wussy has been compared to great indie bands on or once on the fringe, which includes R.E.M. Even the Village Voice has written doting accolades and comparisons about the Cincinnati band. Listen to their 2011 CD Strawberry and maybe even Cheap Trick can be tossed into the comparison bowl (when Cheap Trick was rightfully relevant to the rock and roll landscape). But Wussy's latest CD Attica! is different. Their sound can only be compared to the evolution of Wussy. With the addition of guitarist John Erhardt and a cello and theramin thrown into the mix, the music is uniquely layered. The lyrics are so incredibly compelling Wussy faces the frustration of literary authors – having to answer the question of where does fact end and fiction begin. By “Halloween,” if not sooner, it’s obvious – if Wussy is not the next great band out of Ohio since the Black Keys then a travesty to American rock and roll has occurred.