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Looking for Group

Rory Harrison

Harrison’s debut tells of one boy’s quest to discover a world where he can thrive, one adventure at a time. In his early teens, Dylan Stefansky was diagnosed with brain cancer. Miraculously, he’s in remission, maybe even cured. But Dylan is still poor and estranged from his mother who enjoyed the perks of being the parent of a “cancer kid.” On a whim, he decides to seek out his one true friend, Arden. They met and spent countless hours chatting, laughing, and flirting while playing their favorite video game, World of Warcraft. Dylan has the crazy idea that they can go on a real-life quest in search of a legendary sunken treasure in the Salton Sea. As they head west, both are ready for adventure. Arden, who is trans, and Dylan who is gay, must deal with her father, his addiction and their increasingly complicated relationship.