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cover image of A New Way to Bake

A New Way to Bake: Classic Recipes Updated With Better-for-You Ingredients from the Modern Pantry

Martha Stewart Living

The staff at Martha Stewart Living lend their ideas to the popular quest for baking with healthier ingredients in this latest cookbook. Recipes provide substitutions for traditional ingredients, like whole wheat flour instead of white flour; yogurt instead of whole milk; cane sugar, honey, or maple syrup instead of white sugar; and olive or coconut oil instead of vegetable oils. Healthy-but-tasty, classic recipes for pancakes, muffins, rolls, biscuits, cookies, pies, cakes, and breads are all included here.

cover image of Ballerina Body

Ballerina Body: Dancing and Eating Your Way to a Leaner, Stronger, and More Graceful You

Misty Copeland

The first African American female principal dancer with the prestigious American Ballet Theatre shares her secrets to achieving glowing health and a lean, strong physique. Misty Copeland believes that women no longer desire the thin frame of a runway model, but a powerful body with excellent posture—in other words, the body of a ballerina. In her first health and fitness book, she shares the fitness regimen and eating plans that she uses to keep in top shape, as well as tips for motivation and words of encouragement. Ballet fans may also enjoy another new book, Misty Copeland by photographer Gregg Delman (2016).

cover image of The Hollywood Daughter

The Hollywood Daughter

Kate Alcott

Growing up in Hollywood, Jesse Malloy watches as her PR executive father helps make Ingrid Bergman a star at Selznick Studio. Over years of fleeting interactions with the actress, Jesse comes to idolize Ingrid. In a heated era of McCarthyism and extreme censorship, Ingrid's affair with director Roberto Rossellini sets off an international scandal. When the stress placed on Jesse's father begins to reveal hidden truths about the Malloy family, Jesse's eyes are opened to the complex realities of life--and love. An intimate novel of self-discovery from the bestselling author of A Touch of Stardust (2015).

cover image of Say Nothing

Say Nothing

Brad Parks

On an ordinary Wednesday afternoon, Virginia judge Scott Sampson is about to pick up his six-year-old twins to go swimming when his wife, Alison, texts him that she'll get the kids from school instead. It's not until she gets home later that Scott realizes she doesn't have the children, and that she never sent the text. Then the phone rings. A man has stolen Sam and Emma. A man who warns the judge to do exactly as he is told in a drug case he is about to rule on, or the consequences will be dire. A twisty, breathtaking thrill ride from Parks (The Fraud, 2015).

cover image of Two Good Dogs

Two Good Dogs

Susan Wilson

When Cody, a troubled 14-year-old, witnesses a murder, she tells no one. Her single mother, Skye, thinks a change of scenery is just what her introverted, withdrawn daughter needs. They relocate to the Berkshires where Skye has bought a dilapidated bed and breakfast, but Cody doesn't seem any better. Then their first guest, Adam, arrives with his rescued pit bull, Chance. Cody and Chance begin a wary bond and soon, Adam finds another rescue who needs the kind of attention he gave Chance years ago. Can these two good dogs help Cody to heal? A powerful novel of loyalty and love from the author of The Dog Who Saved Me (2015).

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