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cover image of Between You & Me

Between You & Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen

Mary Norris

Cleveland native Mary Norris has been working at The New Yorker for more than 35 years. The magazine, known for its literary excellence, has been a bastion of grammatical style and protector of the English language in its purest form. Working her way up to a copy editor position, Norris explains usage and punctuation problems while providing an insider's guide to the world of publishing. With a sharp eye for detail and an even sharper pencil for pointing out errata, Norris gives us what English class never taught us, mixed with history and humor. (Whoa! Is that a dangler there?)

cover image of The Heroes' Welcome

The Heroes' Welcome

Louisa Young

Two couples struggle in the aftermath of World War I in this superb sequel to My Dear I Wanted to Tell You (2011). Six months have passed since the end of the Great War, but the wounds are still healing. The injuries Riley Purefoy received during the conflict threaten to shatter his marriage with his beloved Nadine before it has truly begun. His friend Peter Locke has become a recluse, losing himself in drink. His wife Julia tries to help soothe his bitterness, but their future together is uncertain. Haunted by loss, guilt, and dark memories, the couples are left with the question: is love strong enough to help them move forward?

cover image of Life or Death

Life or Death

Michael Robotham

Audie Palmer has spent ten years in a Texas prison after pleading guilty to a robbery in which four people died and seven million dollars went missing. During that time he has suffered repeated beatings and threats by inmates and guards, all desperate to answer the same question: where's the money? On the day before Audie is due to be released, he suddenly vanishes. Now everybody is searching for him, but Audie isn't running to save his own life. Instead, he's trying to save someone else's. Robotham (Watching You, 2014) combines thrills and chills with a moving love story in this excellent stand-alone.

cover image of The Stolen Ones

The Stolen Ones

Owen Laukkanen

Cass County, Minnesota: A sheriff's deputy is shot dead. When Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Agent Kirk Stevens arrives on the scene, he discovers that authorities have taken into custody a single suspect. A hysterical young woman was found sitting by the body, holding the deputy's gun. She has no ID, and speaks no English. The mystery only deepens, as Stevens and his partner Carla Windermere find themselves on the trail of a massive international kidnapping and prostitution operation. A blistering thrill ride from the author of Kill Fee (2014).

cover image of Trisha's Table

Trisha's Table: My Feel-Good Favorites for a Balanced Life

Trisha Yearwood

Country music superstar Trisha Yearwood is also a superstar cook, hosting Trisha's Southern Kitchen on Food Network. This cookbook, the first since she began her television show, features signature Southern dishes combined with a newer, healthier cuisine. Her homey style on the small screen comes across in her book so that Southern comfort is served between the pages as well on the plate.

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