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cover image of Dreams of Falling

Dreams of Falling

Karen White

Nine years ago, a humiliated Larkin Lanier fled Georgetown, South Carolina, knowing she could never go back. But when she finds out that her mother has disappeared, she realizes she has no choice but to return. Ivy, Larkin's mother, is discovered badly injured and unconscious in the burned-out wreckage of her ancestral plantation home. No one knows why Ivy was there, but as Larkin digs for answers, she uncovers secrets kept for nearly fifty years--whispers of love, sacrifice, and betrayal...A great beach read from White (The Night the Lights Went Out, 2017).

cover image of Jar of Hearts

Jar of Hearts

Jennifer Hillier

When she was 16 years old, Angela Wong--one of the most popular girls in school--disappeared without a trace. Nobody ever suspected that her best friend, Geo Shaw, was involved. Certainly not Kaiser Brody, who was close with both girls in high school. 14 years later, Angela's remains are discovered in the woods near Geo's home. And Kaiser--now a detective with Seattle PD--finally learns the truth: Angela was a victim of serial killer Calvin James. The same Calvin James who was Geo's first love. While everyone thinks they finally know the truth, there are dark secrets buried deep. And new bodies turning up, killed in the same way as Angela...A standout chiller from Hillier (The Butcher, 2014).

cover image of Once Upon a Farm

Once Upon a Farm: Lessons on Growing Love, Life, and Hope on a New Frontier

Rory Feek

In his latest book, Grammy-winning Nashville songwriter and bestselling author Rory Feek (This Life I Live, 2017) describes his life as a single parent to his four-year-old daughter, Indiana, after his wife Joey's death, and imparts the life lessons that helped him cultivate faith and love on his Tennessee farm.

cover image of The Removes

The Removes

Tatjana Soli

Spanning the years of the first great settlement of the West, The Removes tells the intertwining stories of 15-year-old Anne Cummins, frontierswoman Libbie Custer, and Libbie's husband, the Civil War hero George Armstrong Custer. Anne lives among the Cheyenne as first a captive and then a member of the tribe. Libbie and her husband move to the territories with the U.S. Army, where Libbie's worldview is challenged by an incredible tragedy. A powerful, transporting novel from the author of The Last Good Paradise (2015).

cover image of What the Eyes Don't See

What the Eyes Don't See: A Story of Crisis, Resistance, and Hope in an American City

Mona Hanna-Attisha

In 2014, the state of Michigan shifted the source of its water supply for the city of Flint from Lake Huron to the Flint River. Soon after, citizens began complaining about the water that flowed from their taps. At first, pediatrician Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha believed state officials, who insisted the water was fine. But leaked documents from an environmental inspector and the activism of a concerned mother raised red flags about lead, a neurotoxin whose effects fall heavily on children. Dr. Mona knew that undeniable proof was the only thing that could stop the lead poisoning--and to get it, she’d have to enter the fight of her life.

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