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cover image of The Lightkeeper's Daughters

The Lightkeeper's Daughters

Jean E. Pendziwol

Though her mind is still sharp, Elizabeth's eyes have failed. She fills the void with memories of her family--a past that suddenly becomes all too present when her late father's journals are found amid the ruins of an old shipwreck. With the help of Morgan, a teenager performing community service, Elizabeth goes through the diaries. Entry by entry, these two unlikely friends are drawn deep into a world far removed from their own--to Porphyry Island on Lake Superior, where Elizabeth's father manned the lighthouse seventy years before. The faded pages of the journals hold more questions than answers for Elizabeth, and threaten the very core of who she is. Vivid and moving.

cover image of The Necklace

The Necklace

Claire McMillan

When Nell Merrihew is summoned home to Ohio after her great-aunt's death, she finds herself at the center of a family drama. Her aunt has left Nell a valuable heirloom: an ornate necklace. With predatory family members circling, Nell turns to her aunt's lawyer for help. Digging around, the two discover that the necklace was brought home from India in the 1920's as a gift from Ambrose Quincy to the woman he intended to marry, May. But May had married his brother, Ethan, in his absence. Ambrose gives May the necklace anyway--reigniting their passion and beginning a tense love triangle. An intoxicating tale from the author of Gilded Age (2011).

cover image of Persons Unknown

Persons Unknown

Susie Steiner

As dusk falls, a young man staggers through a Cambridgeshire park, bleeding from a stab wound. He dies where he falls. Detective Manon Bradshaw handles only cold cases, but the man died just yards from the police station where she works, so she can't help taking an interest. As she looks in on the briefing, she learns that the victim is more closely linked to her than she could have imagined. When the case begins to circle in on Manon's home and her family, will she be able to investigate the evidence just as she would with any other case? A brilliant sequel to Missing, Presumed (2016).

cover image of Sons and Soldiers

Sons and Soldiers: The Untold Story of the Jews Who Escaped the Nazis and Returned with The U.S. Army to Fight Hitler

Bruce Henderson

Military historian Henderson (Rescue at Los Baños, 2015) shares the story of the 1,985 young German and Austrian Jewish men who escaped the Nazis, emigrated to America, joined the U.S. Army, and returned to Europe to interrogate and gather intelligence from German POWs during the last year of WWII. Called the Ritchie Boys after Maryland's Camp Ritchie where they underwent intensive training, they proved highly effective in their work because of their accent-free German and knowledge of the nuances of German culture. Yet, their activities were also risky because they were Jewish. An inspiring story about a group of men who took up arms for their adopted country against their former countrymen. (Library Journal)

cover image of Strays

Strays: A Lost Cat, A Homeless Man, and Their Journey Across America

Britt Collins

British journalist Britt Collins shares the story of Michael King, an alcoholic living on the streets of Portland, Oregon, who rescues a stray, injured cat. Nursing the animal back to health, he names her Tabor and teaches her to walk on a leash. Tabor gives Michael someone to love and care for, and inspires him to get sober. The pair hitchhikes to the beaches of California, Yosemite National Park, and eventually Montana, where he takes Tabor to a vet who discovers that she has an ID chip. This presents King with the difficult choice of keeping Tabor or returning her to her rightful owner. Fans of James Bowen’s A Street Cat Named Bob (2013) will be moved by this healing love story. (Library Journal)

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