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cover image of The Changelings

The Changelings

Christina Soontornvat

Izzy's family has just moved to a town her parents call "quaint" but Izzy calls "boring"…until she overhears the stories about the witch who lives next door. Then Hen, Izzy's little sister, disappears, and the witch is the only one who can help. Hen has been whisked away to Faerie, a mysterious place ruled by an evil queen and overrun with horrible creatures that do her bidding. Joined there by a band of outlaw Changelings—magical children that can shift from one form to another—Izzy sets out on a search-and-rescue mission across a foreign land that is both alluringly magical and utterly terrifying. Ages 10 to 14.

cover image of The Great Shelby Holmes

The Great Shelby Holmes: Girl Detective

Elizabeth Eulberg

Shelby Holmes is not your average sixth grader. She's nine years old, barely four feet tall, and the best detective her Harlem neighborhood has ever seen-always using logic and a bit of pluck (which yes, some might call “bossiness”) to solve the toughest crimes. When eleven-year-old John Watson moves downstairs, Shelby finds something that's eluded her up till now: a friend. The easy-going John isn't sure of what to make of Shelby, but he soon finds himself her most-trusted (read: only) partner in a dog-napping case that'll take both their talents to crack. Ages 8 to 12.

cover image of Like a Bird

Like a Bird: The Art of the American Slave Song

Cynthia Grady

Enslaved African Americans longed for freedom, and that longing took many forms-including music. Drawing on biblical imagery, slave songs both expressed the sorrow of life in bondage and offered a rallying cry for the spirit. Like a Bird brings together text, music, and illustrations by Coretta Scott King Award-winning illustrator Michele Wood to convey the rich meaning behind thirteen of these powerful songs. Ages 8 to 12.

cover image of Max at Night

Max at Night

Ed Vere

Max is done being brave, and now it's time to sleep-all he has to do is say good night. But something's wrong! When Max goes to say good night to the moon, it's nowhere to be found. Unable to sleep without finishing his nighttime ritual, Max embarks on a journey to find the moon and wish it a good night. Ages 3 to 6.

cover image of Sleepy Solar System

Sleepy Solar System

Dr. John Hutton

It’s been a long, busy day in the starry Milky Way. Sleepy, setting Sun calls out, Bedtime, everyone...Join the planets (and a few friends) as they settle into bedtime routines, such as washing dusty faces, brushing rings, and asking for one more hug and kiss. Rhyming text and whimsical illustrations provide an enchanting read-aloud and a celebration of the wonders of outer space, including a map and facts at the end. Ages 3 to 5.

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