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cover image of Dewey Bob

Dewey Bob

Judy Schachner

Dewey Bob Crockett is an endearing raccoon who lives by himself in a house packed to the brim with the wonderful objects he collects. Buttons, wheels, furniture, and bric-a-brac adorn his cozy quarters and keep him busy as he finds and fixes, turning trash into treasures. But being a nocturnal creature can be awfully lonely, and there is one thing missing from Dewey’s collections—a friend. He tries gathering up some critters and bringing them home in his shopping cart, but it doesn’t work out so well. In the end, a friend comes Dewey’s way, and, with a little DIY help from this clever raccoon, returns again and again. Ages 3 to 5.

cover image of Jumping Off Library Shelves

Jumping Off Library Shelves

Lee Bennett Hopkins

Here is the library, not just as a place that houses books, but as an experience. Fifteen poems celebrate the thrill of getting your first library card, the excitement of story hour, the fun of using the computer, the pride of reading to the dog, and the joy of discovering that the librarian understands you and knows exactly which books you'll love. The poems, compiled by noted poet and anthologist Lee Bennett Hopkins, pay homage to the marvels of books and reading and the magic of libraries. Ages 5 and up.

cover image of The Keeper

The Keeper

David Baldacci

Vega Jane and her friend Delph have taken the map that Quentin Harris left them and set out from the town of Wormwood, determined to brave the Quag and find freedom on the other side - but the Quag was designed to keep the town people in, and it is filledwith bloodthirsty creatures and sinister magic, and it is not going to let them escape unscathed. The Quag will throw everything at Vega Jane. It will try to break her. It will try to kill her. And survival might come at a price not even Vega Jane is willing to pay. Ages 10 to 14.

cover image of Max the Brave

Max the Brave

Ed Vere

Max is a fearless kitten. Max is a brave kitten. Max is a kitten who chases mice. There's only one problem - Max doesn't know what a mouse looks like! With a little bit of bad advice, Max finds himself facing a much bigger challenge. Maybe Max doesn't have to be Max the Brave all the time. Join this adventurous black cat as he very politely asks a variety of animals for help in finding a mouse. Ages 3 to 6.

cover image of Nightmares!

Nightmares!: The Sleepwalker Tonic

Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller

Since they escaped from the Netherworld, Charlie and his best friends have been sleeping like babies. But, unable to shake a feeling that his troubles are far from over, Charlie is dismayed when his stepmother's herbal store, once one of the busiest stores in Cypress Creek, is abandoned by loyal customers in favor of a competitor in Orville Falls. Even weirder, though, Orville Falls is suddenly filled with zombies? At least, they sure look like the walking dead. Rumor has it that no one’s sleeping in Orville Falls. And Charlie knows what that means - things are getting freaky again. Ages 8 to 12.

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