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Librarians' Choice 2000 - Books for Children

No matter what your age, there are great books waiting for you in the library's children's collections. The librarians from the Children's Learning Center picked a few favorites from the titles added to their collection this year.

A. Lincoln And Me
by Louise Borden
A young boy is embarrassed by his awkwardness until a sympathetic teacher points out that he shares not only the same birthday but many other characteristics with Abraham Lincoln.

Seals On The Bus
by Lenny Hort
A lively variation of the popular children's song with a collection of unusual animals such as seals, rabbits, vipers, and skunks riding the bus to the city zoo.

No More Dead Dogs
by Gordon Korman
Wallace Wallace's penchant for honesty brings him into confrontation with his English teacher and the drama club over the adaptation of a sentimental story in which the dog dies.

Speed Of Light
by Sybil Rosen
When antisemitism and racism pervade her small Virginia town during the 1950s, eleven-year-old Audrey, a member of a small Jewish community, begins to understand the suffering of her aunt Pesel, a Holocaust survivor who lives with her family.

So You Want To Be President?
by Judith St. George
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An assortment of facts and interesting anecdotes about the men, from George Washington to Bill Clinton, who have held the highest office in the United States.