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Librarians' Choice 2000 - Nonfiction

This is just a tiny fraction of the terrific nonfiction titles added to the library's collections this year. Ask your librarians for more suggestions.

Moments: The Pulitzer Prize Photographs: A Visual Chronicle Of Our Time
Hal Buell
070.490797 qM732 1999
A profoundly moving visual record of life in the twentieth century, this book showcases every photograph that has been honored with the Pulitzer Prize from 1942 through 1999. Interviews with the photographers provide the basis for Hal Buell's detailed descriptions of the stories behind the pictures.

A General Theory of Love
Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini, Richard Lannon
152.41 L676 2000
The authors examine the connection between biology and love and theorize that emotion plays an important role in our ability to find happiness. Drawing on examples taken from literature, music, film and real life, they develop a persuasive argument about the importance of relationships.

Papal Sin: Structures of Deceit
Garry Wills
262.13 C363Zw 2000
This insightful book addresses such controversial subjects as papal sin, homosexuality, celibacy in the priesthood, and contraception. Wills argues that the Vatican must own up to its past mistakes in order to avoid repeating them in the future.

The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization
Thomas L. Friedman
337 F911 1999 (also in large print)
The world has entered the era of globalization. Using the Lexus as a symbol of all the forces of modernity and the olive tree as the symbol of the resistance to these changes, Friedman explores the effects of globalization on the world and the society adjustments it will necessitate.

The Burning of Bridget Cleary: A True Story
Angela Bourke
364.152309 C623Zb 2000
This chilling story tells the tale of Bridget Cleary, a young Irish woman burned to death by her husband in 1895. He claimed she was possessed by fairies and enlisted the help of family and friends to torture her to death.

Voyages of Discovery: Three Centuries of Natural History Exploration
A. L. Rice
508.9 fR495 1999
Images from the Natural History Museum in London illustrate three hundred years of exploration and discovery from around the world. The people, places, and natural wonders are documented by beautiful artwork and enlightening text.

Scientific American Book of the Cosmos
523.1 S416 2000
This comprehensive exploration of the origin and structure of the universe is a pleasure to read. Experts from every field contributed essays on topics from the microverse to the universe and conjecture on how it will all end.

Old-Fashioned Garden Wisdom: Tips, Lore, and Good Advice for Creating a Beautiful, Healthy Garden
Larry Maxcy
635 M463 2000
Generations' worth of gardening knowledge is now at your fingertips. Hundreds of helpful hints, tips, and how-to information based on solid basics and folk beliefs are combined in this handy gardening book designed for easy browsing.

How to Get Filthy, Stinking Rich and Still Have Time for Great Sex
Herb Kay
658.1141 K23 2000
The secret to getting rich? Start and run your own business! According to Kay, the keys are to surround youself with good people, conquer fears of failure and rejection, and never work so hard that you lose the ability to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Managing to Have Fun
Matt Weinstein
658.314 W424 1997
Imagine giving employees the ability to reward helpful coworkers with cash or sending a pizza to an employee working overtime. Weinstein believes that incorporating fun and play into the workplace has a very positive effect on team building, customer service, employee morale, company loyalty, and employee wellness.

The Shabby Chic Home
Rachel Ashwell
747.1 qA831 2000
A beautifully illustrated guide to decorating your home in the popular relaxed style.

Jazz: A History of America's Music
Geoffrey Ward
781.6509 qW258 2000 (also on audiocassette)
The companion book to the Ken Burns documentary film chronicles the history of the most American musical form.

Angel on My Shoulder: an Autobiography
Natalie Cole with Digby Diehl
782.42164 C689Zc 2000
A revealing look at the life of popular vocalist Natalie Cole, daughter of legend Nat King Cole, and her struggle with fame and substance abuse.

The Beatles Anthology
782.42166 fB369zbeat 2000
The final word on history's greatest rock group by the Beatles themselves.

Scanning The Century: The Penguin Book Of The Twentieth Century In Poetry
Peter Forbes, Editor
808.8104 S283 2000
The voice of the poet tells the story of the twentieth century. "The aim of this book is to capture the flavour of the century with something like the tang of newsreel and the zest of popular song." (Preface)

Beowulf: A New Verse Translation
Seamus Heaney
829.3 Ehe 2000 (also in large print)
Seamus Heaney, Nobel laureate and Irish poet, brings the great epic poem of the first millennium to life in a vital new translation. With Old English and contemporary English on facing pages, this version of the heroic narrative reaches across time in its evocation of emotion and in the beauty of its language.

Conversations with Mummies: New Light on the Lives of Ancient Egyptians
Rosalie David and Rick Archbold
932 qD249c 2000
This is a fascinating account of how technology allows paleontologists to find new answers to ancient mysteries. By using CAT scans and other modern tools, researchers can show how ancient Egyptian people lived and what diseases were most prevalent. Those findings help modern doctors deal with these same maladies. An absorbing and thought-provoking book filled with many photographs.

Flags of Our Fathers
James Bradley with Ron Powers
940.5426 B811 2000 (also on audiocassette)
John Bradley, a World War II soldier who fought in the battle of Iwo Jima, received a Navy Cross for his heroism. But when he returned home from the war, he never mentioned his feat to his family. His son, James, retraced his steps and tells the story in a moving homage to his father and the other men who fought so bravely.

Give Me My Father's Body: The Life of Minik, the New York Eskimo
Kenn Harper
998.20049712 W192Zh 2000
A heartbreaking tale of a young Inuit boy taken from his home in Greenland and brought to New York by Robert Peary at the beginning of this century. Minik's tragic life is told simply aided by personal letters, newspaper clippings and photographs. A powerfully emotional reading experience.