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These new additions to our film collection are worth a look.

cover image of A Light Beneath Their Feet

A Light Beneath Their Feet

Starring: Taryn Manning

As a young mother with bipolar disorder struggles with the looming departure of her daughter (the one force of stability in her life), a daughter struggles with deciding whether to stay local for college where she can remain the stable rock in her mother's life, or leaving to go to her dream college across the country.

cover image of Anesthesia


Starring: Sam Waterston

While on his way home one evening, Walter Zarrow, a popular Columbia University philosophy professor, is violently attacked on the street. Flashing back one week to the beginning of a domino effect of events that led up to this seemingly senseless assault, the film traces hidden connections between an apparently disparate group of people.

cover image of April and the Extraordinary World

April and the Extraordinary World

Director: Christian Desmares

A family of scientists is on the brink of a powerful discovery when a mysterious force suddenly abducts them, leaving their young daughter April behind. Years later, April carries on her family's research in secret with her cat, Darwin, but soon finds herself at the center of a shadowy conspiracy and on the run from government agents, bicycle-powered airships, and cyborg rat spies!

cover image of The Blacklist

The Blacklist: Season Three

Starring: James Spader

Season Three takes a heart-racing turn when Red and Agent Keen become fugitives on the run. With Assistant FBI Director Harold Cooper under investigation, Agent Donald Ressler leads the FBI Task Force on the manhunt. As Keen delves deeper into Red's underworld of covert operations, she continues to struggle with self-discovery and her indefinable relationship with Tom. Both Red and Keen are radically challenged personally and professionally.

cover image of The Knick

The Knick: Season Two

Starring: Clive Owen

Continues the story of the professional and personal lives of the staff at New York's Knickerbocker Hospital during the early part of the twentieth century.

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