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These new additions to our film collection are worth a look.

cover image of The Color of Time

The Color of Time

Starring: James Franco, Mila Kunis, Jessica Chastain, and Zach Braff

Based on Pulitzer Prize-winning poet CK Williams's TAR collection, a poetic expression of his life, written and directed by twelve filmmakers from New York University. The film takes a journey through several decades of American life, from CK's childhood and adolescence in Detroit in the 1940s and '50s to the early 1980s. As an adult Williams spends his nights struggling to write and is haunted by memories of the past.

cover image of Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever

Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever

Starring: Aubrey Plaza

Lonely Grumpy Cat lives in a mall pet shop where she never gets chosen by customers. One day during the holidays, a very special twelve-year-old girl named Chrystal enters the pet store and falls in love with Grumpy. The two form a special friendship when Chrystal discovers she is the only person who can hear this feline talk. Will Grumpy Cat finally learn the true meaning of Christmas? Also, check out the soundtrack from the library!

cover image of How Murray Saved Christmas

How Murray Saved Christmas

Starring: Dennis Haysbert, Tom Kenny, and John Ratzenberger

Everyone's happy in Stinky Cigars, the secret town where all the holiday characters live, except Murray Weiner, the grumpy owner of Murray's Holiday Diner. But when Santa is knocked out cold by an experimental toy, the Jack-in-the-Boxer, it's up to Murray to save Christmas. Enjoy this Christmas comedy for all ages, packed with songs, smart jokes, and silly slapstick humor.

cover image of Peter Pan Live!

Peter Pan Live!

Starring: Allison Williams and Christopher Walken

This musical masterpiece, which recently premiered on network television, tells the beloved story of Peter Pan, the mischievous little boy who ran away to Neverland. The live performance stars Allison Williams from HBO's Girls in the title role and Academy Award Winner Christopher Walken as Captain Hook.

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