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These new additions to our film collection are worth a look.

cover image of Brigsby Bear

Brigsby Bear

Starring: Kyle Mooney

Brigsby Bear Adventures is a children's TV show produced for an audience of one: James. When the show abruptly ends, James's life changes forever, and he sets out to finish the story himself.

cover image of The Crown: Season One

The Crown: Season One

Starring: Claire Foy, Matt Smith

Winner of the Golden Globe for Best TV Drama Series, The Crown follows the political rivalries and romance of Queen Elizabeth II's reign and the events that shaped the second half of the 20th century.

cover image of Kedi


Director: Ceyda Torun

For thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of cats roam the metropolis of Istanbul freely, becoming an essential part of the communities that make the city so rich. Claiming no owners, these animals live between two worlds, neither wild nor tame, and they bring joy and purpose to those people they choose to adopt.

cover image of Preacher: Season Two

Preacher: Season Two

Starring: Dominic Cooper

The second season is a genre-bending thrill ride that follows West Texas preacher Jesse Custer, his badass ex-girlfriend Tulip and Irish vampire Cassidy as they embark on a road trip to find God and are thrust into a twisted battle spanning Heaven, Hell and everywhere in between.

cover image of Unlocked


Starring: Noomi Rapace, Orlando Bloom

A CIA interrogator is ordered to prevent an upcoming biological terror attack on London, but as events unfold, she realizes her fellow agents may be in on the attack, and trying to silence her. She must rely on a tough cat burglar to help her survive and save the city before it is too late.

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