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cover image of The Endless River

The Endless River

Artist: Pink Floyd

Twenty years from Pink Floyd's last album the band is releasing its fifteenth studio album. The nearly all-instrumental album is the first album since the death of keyboardist and founding member Richard Wright. Much of the music incorporates sessions with Wright and surviving members Davis Gilmour and Nick Mason during the period the band was recording The Division Bell in 1994. The album contains lyrics by British writer and Gilmour's wife Polly Samson.

cover image of Magic Forest

Magic Forest

Artist: Amberian Dawn

With their sixth album, Amberian Dawn take the listener on a journey into the heart of the album, where enchanted and fantastic creatures dwell with the Finns providing the soundtrack to this unique journey. Amberian Dawn's melodic symphonic power metal offers the whole spectrum of fast doublebass hymns, symphonic epics, and magical dream-like parts. Capri crowns the sophisticated arrangements with her beautiful voice and enthralls the listener with her stunning vocal lines.

cover image of On Vacation

On Vacation

Artist: Pedro-X Band

On Vacation is like a jelly donut of jazz. And who wouldn’t want to throw caution to the wind and indulge in a jelly donut on vacation? Cincinnati’s Pedro-X Band allows listeners to nibble a wide range of music genres. The band gives listeners the big band sound (or think the beginnings of rock and roll with Chuck Berry) and then BAM! – there’s the jazz. The band plays a harder rock and roll edge with African beats and then BAM! – there’s the jazz. Listeners will feel their transportation to the lounge of psychedelic soundscapes and then BAM! – there’s the jazz. And there’s more. Pedro-X plays bare bones: guitar, drums, and bass. The narratives between the musicians create both intelligent and playful conversations that move the story forward. A great band to listen to if one is a jazz or experimental music novice. Let “Acid Punk” and “Pimpin’ Is Easy” be the gateway. For the connoisseurs of jazz or experimental music, go ahead, compare them, take a bite.

cover image of Take Me When You Go

Take Me When You Go

Artist: Betty Who

Named an "Act to Watch" by MTV and more, 23-year-old Jessica Anne Newham, known as Betty Who, hails from Sydney, Australia. This is her debut release that contains the hit single "Somebody Loves You."

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