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cover image of Get Me Mine

Get Me Mine

Artist: The Perfect Children

Haunting. Like watching a David Lynch movie for the first time. Like listening to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds for the first time. In their first album, Cincinnati’s The Perfect Children complicate the notions of soul, swing, boogie woogie, rock and rhythm and blues – progressively refining and redefining with each song on Get Me Mine. The song writing of vocalist and guitarist Kristen Kreft is simultaneously infused with something dark and something spiritual. Listening to this album is walking a tightrope of emotions where, at any moment, one could fall in the pit of sin or redemption, love or lust. Insert the CD and press play, pour a drink, dim the lights, sit in a corner and close your eyes. The Perfect Children will be hosting their CD release show with The Brian Olive Band and DJ Harvination at Northside Tavern on Friday, August 22.

cover image of Jungle


Artist: Jungle

Jungle creates mesmeric, modern soul with true global appeal. "Platoon," the first single from their debut album, has already racked up over six million views on YouTube. The CD also includes the singles "The Heat" and "Time."

cover image of Negative Space

Negative Space

Artist: No Lands

This album is the debut full-length from No Lands, the recording project of Brooklyn-based electronic musician and sound artist Michael Hammond. It consists of nine sonic environments that range from ambient soundscapes to sprawling song structures. The album drifts from one environment to the next as if navigating a dream state. Hammond filters guitars, synths, vocals, and electronic drums through layers upon layers of digital effects and filters to create pristine and enveloping worlds of sound.

cover image of We Are Alive

We Are Alive

Artist: Meklit

Through 12 original songs and a fine, syncopated, deeply soulful cover of Sting's "Bring on the Night," Meklit Hadero remains diverse, but the textures and rhythmic elasticity of jazz are more prevalent. We Are Alive is the sophomore release from the Ethiopian sensation.

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