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March 31, 2015
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Too soon!

March 30, 2015
Holiday, Vincent.
[Place of publication not identified] : On Tour Records, [2014]
1 audio disc : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
Written and performed by Vincent Holiday.
Title from disc.
Beak -- Cypher -- Quicksilver -- Multiple man -- Dazzler -- Rogue -- Psylocke -- Forge -- Angel -- Storm -- Beast -- Wolverine -- Shadowcat -- Magneto -- Colossus -- Maggot.

Liar, temptress, soldier, spy : four women undercover in the Civil War

March 24, 2015
Abbott, Karen, 1973- author.
13 audio discs (15 hr., 15 min.) : digital, CD audio ; 4 3/4 in.
Read by Karen White.
Title from disc label.
"Tracks every 3 minutes for easy bookmarking"--Container.
Karen Abbott illuminates one of the most fascinating yet little known aspects of the Civil War: the stories of four courageous women--a socialite, a farm girl, an abolitionist, and a widow--who were spies. After shooting a Union soldier in her front hall with a pocket pistol, Belle Boyd became a courier and spy for the Confederate army, using her charms to seduce men on both sides. Emma Edmonds cut off her hair and assumed the identity of a man to enlist as a Union private, witnessing the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. The beautiful widow, Rose O'Neale Greenhow, engaged in affairs with powerful Northern politicians to gather intelligence for the Confederacy, and used her young daughter to send information to Southern generals. Elizabeth Van Lew, a wealthy Richmond abolitionist, hid behind her proper Southern manners as she orchestrated a far-reaching espionage ring, right under the noses of suspicious rebel detectives. Using a wealth of primary source material and interviews with the spies' descendants, Abbott seamlessly weaves the adventures of these four heroines throughout the tumultuous years of the war.

The abolition of man [sound recording] ; & The great divorce

March 18, 2015
Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963.
[Ashland, Or.] : Blackstone Audiobooks, p2000.
4 sound discs (ca. 4 hr., 30 min.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
Read by Simon Vance.
Duration: 4:30:00.
"Tracks every 3 minutes for easy bookmarking"--Container.
Have we been taught to discount the veracity and deeper meaning of our emotional resonance with the world around us? In The Abolition of Man, C.S. Lewis looks at the curriculum of the English "prep school" and begins to wonder if this subliminal teaching has indeed produced a generation who discount such a nature. In The Great Divorce, C.S. Lewis's classic vision of the Afterworld, the narrator boards a bus on a drizzly English afternoon and embarks on an incredible voyage through Heaven and Hell. He meets a host of supernatural beings far removed from his expectations, and comes to some significant realizations about the nature of good and evil.

The telling room [sound recording] : [a tale of love, betrayal, revenge, and the world's greatest piece of cheese]

March 12, 2015
Paterniti, Michael.
Grand Haven, MI : Brilliance Audio, p2013.
11 sound discs (13 hr., 34 min.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
Read by L. J. Ganser.
Title from container.
Compact discs.
Equal parts mystery and memoir, travelogue and history. A moving exploration of happiness, friendship, and betrayal, The Telling Room introduces us to Ambrosio Molinos de las Heras, an unforgettable real-life literary hero, while also holding a mirror up to the world, fully alive to the power of stories that define and sustain us.

Savage harvest [sound recording] : a tale of cannibals, colonialism, and Michael Rockefeller's tragic quest for primitive art

March 12, 2015
Hoffman, Carl, 1960- author.
New York, NY : Harper Audio, [2014]
8 audio discs (9 1/4 hr.) : CD audio, digital ; 4 3/4 in.
Read by Joe Barrett.
Title from container.
Compact discs.
Carol Hoffman recounts his remarkable journey to explore the mystery surrounding the decades-old disappearance of Michael C. Rockefeller in New Guinea. An epic story of adventure, danger, native tribes, and taboo rituals including cannibalism and head hunting.

James Madison [sound recording] : [a life reconsidered]

March 12, 2015
Cheney, Lynne V.
New York, NY : Penguin Audio, p2014.
15 sound discs (ca. 18.5 hr.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
Read by Eliza Foss.
Compact disc.
"This majestic new biography of James Madison explores the astonishing story of a man of vaunted modesty who audaciously changed the world. Among the Founding Fathers, Madison was a true genius of the early republic. Outwardly reserved, Madison was the intellectual driving force behind the Constitution and crucial to its ratification. His visionary political philosophy and rationale for the union of states--so eloquently presented in The Federalist papers--helped shape the country Americans live in today. Along with Thomas Jefferson, Madison would found the first political party in the country's history--the Democratic Republicans. As Jefferson's secretary of state, he managed the Louisiana Purchase, doubling the size of the United States. As president, Madison led the country in its first war under the Constitution, the War of 1812. Without precedent to guide him, he would demonstrate that a republic could defend its honor and independence--and remain a republic still"-- Provided by publisher.

Dad is fat

March 11, 2015
Gaffigan, Jim, author.
Prince Frederick, MD : Random House Audio, [2013]
5 audio discs (5 hr., 30 min.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
Read by the author.
Duration: 6:00:00.
Compact discs.
Reminiscent of Bill Cosby's 'Fatherhood, ' 'Dad is Fat ' is sharply observed, explosively funny, and a cry for help from a man who has realized he and his wife are outnumbered in their own home.

Dead wake [sound recording] : [the last crossing of the Lusitania]

March 4, 2015
Larson, Erik, 1954-
[New York] : Random House Audo, 2015.
11 sound discs (13 hr.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
Read by Scott Brick.
Subtitle from container.
Compact disc.
From the #1 New York Times bestselling author and master of narrative nonfiction comes the enthralling story of the sinking of the Lusitania, published to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the disaster.

In the kingdom of ice [sound recording] : the grand and terrible polar voyage of the U.S.S. Jeannette

February 25, 2015
Sides, Hampton.
[New York] : Random House, p2014. ℗2014.
14 audio discs (17 hr., 30 min.) : digital, CD audio ; 4 3/4 in.
Reading by Arthur Morey.
Compact disc.
In the late nineteenth century, people were obsessed by one of the last unmapped areas of the globe: the North Pole. No one knew what existed beyond the fortress of ice rimming the northern oceans, although theories abounded. The foremost cartographer in the world, a German named August Petermann, believed that warm currents sustained a verdant island at the top of the world. National glory would fall to whoever could plant his flag upon its shores.

As you wish [sound recording] : inconceivable tales from the making of the Princess Bride

February 5, 2015
Elwes, Cary, 1962- author, narrator.
New York : Simon & Schuster Audio, [2014]
6 audio discs (ca. 7 hr.) : digital, CD audio ; 4 3/4 in.
Read by Cary Elwes ; additional narration by Danny Burnstein.
"Featuring Christopher Guest, Carol Kane, Norman Lear, Rob Reiner, Chris Sarandon, Andy Scheinman, Wallace Shawn, Robin Wright"--Container.
From actor Cary Elwes, who played the iconic role of Westley in The Princess Bride, comes a first-person account and behind-the-scenes look at the making of the cult classic film filled with never-before-told stories, exclusive photographs, and interviews with co-stars Robin Wright, Wallace Shawn, Billy Crystal, Christopher Guest, and Mandy Patinkin, as well as author and screenwriter William Goldman, producer Norman Lear, and director Rob Reiner.

1066 [sound recording]

February 2, 2015
Paxton, Jennifer.
[Chantilly, Va.] : Teaching Company ; Prince Frederick, MD : [Distributed by] Recorded Books, c2012.
3 sound discs (ca. 3 hr.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
Lecturer: Professor Jennifer Paxton.
Title from disc surface.
Compact disc.
Lecture 1. The Norman conquest through history -- Lecture 2. England and Normandy before the conquest -- Lecture 3. The succession crisis in England -- Lecture 4. The Battle of Hastings -- Lecture 5. Completing the conquest -- Lecture 6. The aftermath of the conquest.
Professor Jennifer Paxton, Georgetown University delivers six lectures on the year 1066 and the Battle of Hastings.

A history of Hitler's empire [sound recording]

February 2, 2015
Childers, Thomas, 1946-
[Chantilly, Va.] : Teaching Company ; Prince Frederick, MD : [Distributed by] Recorded Books, c2001.
6 sound discs (ca. 6 hr.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
Lecturer: Professor Thomas Childers.
Title from disc label.
Compact disc.
Lecture 1. The Third Reich, Hitler, and the 20th century -- lecture 2. The First World War and its legacy -- lecture 3. The Weimar Republic and the rise of the Nazi party -- lecture 4. The twenties and the Great Depression -- lecture 5. The Nazi breakthrough -- lecture 6. Hitler's assumption of power -- lecture 7. Racial policy and the totalitarian state -- lecture 8. Hitler's foreign policy -- lecture 9. Munich and the triumph of national socialism -- lecture 10. War in the west, war in the east -- lecture 11. Holocaust, Hitler's war against the Jews -- lecture 12. The Final Solution.
University of Pennsylvania history professor Thomas Childers delivers twelve lectures tracing the factors that led to the rise of national socialism in Germany, Hitler's ascent to power, the Second World War, and the Holocaust.

The art of war [sound recording]

February 2, 2015
Wilson, Andrew R., 1967-
Chantilly, VA : Teaching Co., p2012.
3 sound discs (ca. 3 hr.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
Lecturer, Andrew R. Wilson, U.S. Naval War College.
Six lectures, 30 mins. per lecture.
Compact discs.
Disc 1. The origins of a revolutionary classic ; Command and method -- Disc 2. Weather and terrain ; Energy and timing -- Disc 3. Espionage and deception ; An enduring guide for interesting times.
Professor Wilson presents his research and analysis on Sunzi's The art of war, using the classic work's origins, history and tenets to illustrate why this work continues to be relevant in today's arenas of war and business.

Scientific secrets for a powerful memory [sound recording]

February 2, 2015
Vishton, Peter M.
[Chantilly, Va.] : Teaching Company ; Prince Frederick, MD : [Distributed by] Recorded Books, c2012.
3 sound discs (ca. 3 hr.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
Lecturer: Professor Peter M. Vishton.
Title from disc surface.
Compact disc.
Your amazing prehistoric memory -- Encoding information with images -- Maximizing short-and long-term memory -- Why and when we forget -- Keeping your whole brain in peak condition -- Human memory is reconstruction, not replay.
These six half-hour lectures focuses on just how remarkable memory is--and how easily it can be strengthened, enhanced, and improved at any age.

How we got to now : six innovations that made the modern world

January 23, 2015
Johnson, Steven, 1968- author.
5 audio discs (6 hr.) : digital, CD audio ; 4 3/4 in.
Read by George Newbern.
Compact discs.
A new look at the power and legacy of great ideas. The history of innovation over centuries tracing facets of modern life from their creation by hobbyists, amateurs, and entrepreneurs to their unintended historical consequences. Filled with surprising stories of accidental genius and brilliant mistakes; from the French publisher who invented the phonograph before Edison but forgot to include playback, to the Hollywood movie star who helped invent the technology behind Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

How we learn : the surprising truth about when, where, and why it happens

January 2, 2015
Carey, Benedict, author.
[New York] : Random House, [2014]
6 audio discs (7 hr., 30 min.) : CD audio, digital ; 4 3/4 in.
Read by Steve Kramer.
Compact disc.
Benedict Carey sifts through decades of research and landmark studies to uncover the truth about how the brain absorbs and retains information. What he discovers is that, from the moment we are born, we are all learning quickly, efficiently, and automatically; but in our zeal to systematize the process we have ignored valuable, naturally enjoyable learning tools like forgetting, sleeping, and daydreaming. Carey's search for answers yields a wealth of strategies.

The marshmallow test : mastering self-control

January 2, 2015
Mischel, Walter, author.
Grand Haven, MI : Brilliance Audio, Inc., [2014]
7 audio discs (8 hr.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
Performed by Alan Alda.
Title from disc labels.
Compact discs.
Renowned psychologist Walter Mischel, designer of the famous Marshmallow Test, explains what self-control is and how to master it. A child is presented with a marshmallow and given a choice: Eat this one now, or wait and enjoy two later. What will she do? And what are the implications for her behavior later in life?

A street cat named Bob [sound recording] : and how he saved my life

December 22, 2014
Bowen, James, 1979-
Prince Frederick, MD : Recorded Books, [2013], p2012.
5 sound discs (6 hr.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
Narrated by Kristopher Milnes.
Title from disc labels.
"With tracks every 3 minutes for easy book marking"--Container.
When London street musician James Bowen found an injured cat curled up in the hallway of his apartment building, he had no idea how much his life was about to change.

A brief history of time [sound recording]

December 19, 2014
Hawking, Stephen, 1942-
Prince Frederick, MD : Recorded Books, [2014], p1988.
6 sound discs (7 hr.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
Narrated by Nelson Runger.
Title from container.
"With tracks every 3 minutes for easy book marking"--Container.
Stephen W. Hawking, widely regarded as the most brilliant physicist since Einstein, discusses in a friendly and self-deprecating manner age-old questions about the origin and fate of the universe. Difficult concepts are made simple by Hawking's familiar, accessible prose.

True love

December 18, 2014
Lopez, Jennifer, 1970- author, narrator.
New York, N.Y. : Penguin Audio, [2014]
3 audio discs (3 hr.) ; 4 3/4 in.
Read by the author.
Title from container.
One of the most influential Latina performers in history opens up about her life's most defining period, two years during which it took everything she had to rise above the greatest challenges she had ever faced.

The world according to Bob [sound recording] : [the further adventures of one man and his street-wise cat]

December 15, 2014
Bowen, James, 1979-
Prince Frederick, MD : Recorded Books, [2013], p2013.
5 sound discs (6 hr.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
Narrated by Kristopher Milnes.
Title from disc label.
"With tracks every 3 minutes for easy book marking"--Container.
James Bowen and his faithful feline companion return. James and Bob have been on a remarkable journey together, from both living rough on the streets through to their first steps back into the real world. James still looks unsteadily into the future, but with Bob's guidance, friendship and loyalty, together the pair are happy. This book shows how Bob continues to be James' protector and guardian angel through tough times.

Even the sun will die [sound recording] : an interview with Eckhart Tolle.

December 12, 2014
Tolle, Eckhart, 1948-
Boulder, CO : Sounds True, p2002.
2 sound discs (2 hr., 15 min.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
Eckhart Tolle.
Compact discs.
Interview with Eckhart Tolle which occurred on September 11, 2001. As the events of the day unfolded, he responded, helping to make sense out of the fear and chaos that will forever define this date. Even in the face of disaster, he says, a miracle happens when we say "yes" to living in this moment and no other.

Thirteen soldiers [sound recording] : a personal history of Americans at war

December 10, 2014
McCain, John, 1936-
[New York] : Simon & Schuster Audio, [2014]
11 sound discs (13 hr., 30 min.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
Read by John McCain.
Title from container.
Compact discs.
John McCain's evocative history of Americans at war, told through the personal accounts of thirteen remarkable soldiers who fought in major military conflicts, from the Revolutionary War of 1776 to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

You can't make this up : miracles, memories, and the perfect marriage of sports and television

December 10, 2014
Michaels, Al, author, narrator.
8 audio discs (10 hr.) : digital, CD audio ; 4 3/4 in.
Read by Al Michaels and Ray Porter.
Title from disc labels.
"Tracks every 3 minutes for easy bookmarking"--Container.
No sportscaster has covered more major sporting events than Al Michaels. Over the course of his forty-plus year career, he has logged more hours on live network television than any other broadcaster in history and is the only play-by-play commentator to have covered all four major sports championships: the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals, and the Stanley Cup Final. He has also witnessed firsthand some of the most memorable events in modern sports and, in this highly personal and revealing account, brings them vividly to life. Michaels shares never-before-told stories from his early years and his rise to the top, covering some of the greatest moments of the past half century--from the historic 1980 Olympic hockey finals known as the "Miracle on Ice" to the earthquake that rocked the 1989 World Series. Some of the greatest names on and off the field are here--Michael Jordan, Bill Walton, Pete Rose, Bill Walsh, Peyton and Eli Manning, Brett Favre, John Madden, Howard Cosell, Cris Collinsworth, and many, many more.

There was a little girl [sound recording] : the real story of my mother and me

November 26, 2014
Shields, Brooke, 1965-
[New York] : Penguin Audio, 2014.
10 sound discs (13 hr.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
Read by the author.
Title from disc labels.
Compact disc.
Brooke Shields never had what anyone would consider an ordinary life. She was raised by her Newark-tough single mom, Teri, a woman who loved the world of show business and was often a media sensation all by herself. Only Shields knows the truth of the remarkable, difficult, complicated woman who was her mother. And now, in an honest, open memoir about her life growing up, Shields will reveal stories and feelings that are relatable to anyone who has been a mother or daughter.

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