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October 7, 2015
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Choosing hope : moving forward from life's darkest hours

October 6, 2015
Roig-DeBellis, Kaitlin, author.
256 pages ; 22 cm
Choosing your purpose -- Choosing your perspective -- My darkest hour -- Choosing to overcome -- Choosing your path -- Choosing hope.
"A teacher who saved the lives of fifteen elementary school students during the Sandy Hook shooting shares her experience with others in the hopes that they too can overcome their own personal tragedies, regardless of their magnitude,"--Novelist.


October 5, 2015
Roger Bacon High School (Saint Bernard, Ohio)
[St. Bernard, Ohio] : Roger Bacon High School,
v. : ill. (some col.), ports (some col.) ; 28-29 cm.


October 5, 2015
Our Lady of the Angels High School (Saint Bernard, Ohio)
St. Bernard, [Ohio] : Our Lady of the Angels High School
v. : ill. (some col.), ports. (some col.) ; 28-31 cm.

Common core math : activities that captivate, motivate, & reinforce. Kindergarten

October 2, 2015
Norris, Jill, author.
144 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm
"Supports teaching to CCSS and state standards."--Cover.
"IP 380-1"--Spine.
"Full of engaging puzzles, stories, and adventures, Common Core Kindergarten Math provides supplemental activities to help deepen student understanding and reinforce specific math skills. Connections to core standards are listed for each activity, including counting and cardinality, operations and algebraic thinking, numbers and operations in base 10, measurements and data, and geometry. Assessments are also provided to measure a student's strengths and weaknesses in each major skill area. Ideal for differentiated instruction in a classroom with varying skill levels, this comprehensive collection helps the busy educator teach to the core state standards."--Publisher's description.

College disrupted : the great unbundling of higher education

September 30, 2015
Craig, Ryan, 1972-
New York : Palgrave Macmillan Trade, 2015.
xii, 238 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Bundle of joy? -- Crisis of affordability -- Crisis of governance -- Crisis of data -- Finding wonderland -- The great unbundling -- Preparing for the great unbundling -- America's next great export -- Managing change -- A tale of two cities? -- American hustle -- Humbling unbundling.
"For nearly two decades, pundits have been predicting the demise of higher education in the United States. Our colleges and universities will soon find themselves competing for students with universities from around the world. With the advent of massive open online courses ("MOOCS") over the past two years, predictions that higher education will be the next industry to undergo "disruption" have become more frequent and fervent. Currently a university's reputation relies heavily on the "four Rs" in which the most elite schools thrive--rankings, research, real estate, and rah! (i.e. sports). But for the majority of students who are not attending these elite institutions, the "four Rs" offer poor value for the expense of a college education. Craig sees the future of higher education in online degrees that unbundle course offerings to offer a true bottom line return for the majority of students in terms of graduation, employment, and wages. College Disrupted details the changes that American higher education will undergo, including the transformation from packaged courses and degrees to truly unbundled course offerings, along with those that it will not. Written by a professional at the only investment firm focused on the higher education market, College Disrupted takes a creative view of the forces roiling higher education and the likely outcome, including light-hearted, real-life anecdotes that illustrate the author's points. "-- Provided by publisher.

Planet middle school : helping your child through the peer pressure, awkward moments & emotional drama

September 24, 2015
Leman, Kevin.
Grand Rapids, MI : Revell, 2015.
309 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Creature from the black lagoon -- Their expanding universe -- All flared up! -- Survival of the fittest -- Walking on polar ice -- Confronting the black hole : technology at warp speed -- Growing up way too fast -- Becoming a (gulp) man/woman -- Blue chip or penny stocks? -- Understanding who your kid really is -- How to talk so they'll listen -- Expect the best, get the best -- Raising a "home" boy/girl -- Life-mapping -- Creating an attitude of gratitude -- Raising a giver in a gimme generation -- A word of encouragement -- Conclusion -- A middle-schooler's 10 commandments to parents -- Notes -- About Dr. Kevin Leman -- Resources by Dr. Kevin Leman.

When young children need help : understanding and addressing emotional, behavioral, and developmental challenges

September 17, 2015
Hirschland, Deborah.
St. Paul, MN : Redleaf Press, 2015.
xx, 306 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Machine generated contents note: pt. 1 Getting Specific Before Getting to Work -- ch. 1 From Reflection to Action: Looking Closely, Thinking Clearly, Intervening Effectively -- ch. 2 Generating "Maybes": Observing with Depth, Breadth, and an Eye for Surprises -- ch. 3 Spotlight on Development: Understanding the Building Blocks of Early Childhood Mastery -- ch. 4 Spotlight on Causation: Considering the "Whys" behind Worrisome Behavior -- ch. 5 Developing Child-Specific Portraits: Making Sense as the Foundation for Making Progress -- ch. 6 Pathways to Growth: Joining Big-Picture Thinking with Practical Strategies -- pt. 2 Connection Is Key -- ch. 7 Spotlight on the Three Cs: Connection, Communication, and Cue Responsiveness -- ch. 8 Getting to Work with Hannah: Helping a Child with Dark Moods and a Dark Past -- ch. 9 Getting to Work with Hannah, Continued: "Seeding the Day with Connection" and Other Strategies -- ch. 10 Getting to Work with Jenny: Helping an Intensely Shy Child -- ch. 11 When Home Has Been Hard: Helping Children Climb (or Re-climb) Developmental Ladders -- ch. 12 When Language Is Limited: Helping Two Boys Who Struggle to Communicate -- pt. 3 Addressing Problems in Self-Regulation -- ch. 13 Getting to Work with Gabrielle: Helping Out When Energy Is High and Focus Is Low -- ch. 14 Getting to Work with Brian: Helping an Easily Frustrated Child -- ch. 15 Getting to Work on "Big Feelings": Helping Children Who Get Swamped by Anger or Anxiety -- ch. 16 Spotlight on Parenting: Helping Families Set Effective Expectations at Home -- pt. 4 Putting It All Together -- ch. 17 A Letter about Sam: Helping a Child with Multiple Challenges -- ch. 18 When Young Children Need Help: Big Changes Start with Small Steps.
"Learn how to reach children who need special help. Almost anyone who works with 3- to 6-year-olds knows what it feels like to spend time with youngsters who are particularly puzzling or hard to help. When Young Children Need Help examines how early childhood educators can make sense of what is going on for such children and then use that understanding to help promote growth and mastery. Written for child care center staff, family child care providers, preschool teachers, and pre-service teachers, this book can be useful to any adult who wants to learn more about reaching the most troubling children in his or her care. When Young Children Need Help provides a framework for understanding a range of emotional, behavioral, and developmental challenges. It explores a process through which early childhood teachers and providers can translate their growing understanding of a child's difficulties into sensible goals for intervention. The author lays out practical strategies that help kids connect and communicate with ease, focus their attention, manage their bodies and their feelings, engage in constructive problem-solving, and experience themselves as successful friends and learners. The book suggests approaches for collaborating with parents and other caregivers and emphasizes that even when a child needs outside services and supports, what goes on in school or care remains central to making progress. Ranging from the classroom to the playground and back again, When Young Children Need Help offers its perspectives and strategies through highly engaging stories that bring challenging kids alive in all their quirky uniqueness. "-- Provided by publisher.

The everything parent's guide to common core math, grades K-5 : understand the new math standards to help your child learn and succeed

September 17, 2015
Brennan, Jim, 1962-
Avon, Massachusetts : Adams Media, [2015]
304 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
"Includes sample equations and practice exercises"--Cover.
The Common Core standards for mathematics -- The standards of mathematical practice -- Prekindergarten -- Kindergarten -- Grade 1 -- Grade 2 -- Grade 3 -- Grade 4 -- Grade 5 -- Helping your child to succeed.
The Common Core, a new set of national educational standards, focus on critical thinking and conceptual understanding. Brennan provides examples and exercises that correspond to each standard of the new Common Core national standards for math to grade 5, so you'll have the confidence you need to help your kids succeed and thrive.

Colleges that create futures : 50 schools that launch careers by going beyond the classroom

September 17, 2015
Franek, Robert, author.
Natick, MA : Penguin Random House, 2016.
x, 325 pages ; 21 cm
Includes indexes.
At head of title: The Princeton Review.

The prize : who's in charge of America's schools?

September 15, 2015
Russakoff, Dale, author.
Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2015.
246 pages ; 24 cm
The pact -- Seduction in Sun Valley -- The view from Avon Avenue -- Engaging the community -- The rise of the anti-Booker candidacy -- Searching for Newark's superman -- Hi, I'm Cami -- District school, charter school -- Transformational change meets the political sausage factory -- Alif rising -- The leading men move on -- One Newark, whose Newark? -- No excuses -- Appendix I. Where the $200 million went -- Appendix II. Newark schools by the numbers.
"Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Christie, and Cory Booker were ready to reform our failing schools. They got an education. When Mark Zuckerberg announced in front of a cheering Oprah audience his $100 million pledge to transform the Newark Schools -- and to solve the education crisis in every city in America -- it looked like a huge win for then-mayor Cory Booker and governor Chris Christie. But their plans soon ran into a constituency not so easily moved -- Newark's key education players, fiercely protective of their billion-dollar-per-annum system. It's a prize that, for generations, has enriched seemingly everyone, except Newark's students. Expert journalist Dale Russakoff delivers a story of high ideals and hubris, good intentions and greed, celebrity and street smarts -- as reformers face off against entrenched unions, skeptical parents, and bewildered students. The growth of charters forces the hand of Newark's superintendent Cami Anderson, who closes, consolidates, or redesigns more than a third of the city's schools -- a scenario on the horizon for many urban districts across America. Most moving are Russakoff's portraits from inside the district's schools, of home-grown principals and teachers, long stuck in a hopeless system -- and often the only real hope for the children of Newark. The Prize is a portrait of a titanic struggle over the future of education for the poorest kids, and a cautionary tale for those who care about the shape of America's schools. "-- Provided by publisher.

The definitive middle school guide : a handbook for success

September 11, 2015
Schurr, Sandra, author.
Nashville, TN : Incentive Publications, ©2009.
383 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm

The best ... summer programs for teens.

September 2, 2015
Waco, Texas : Prufrock Press Inc.
volumes ; 23 cm
"Includes more than 200 of America's top classes, camps, and courses for college-bound students"--Front cover.
"America's top classes, camps, and courses for college-bound students."

One teacher in ten in the new millennium : LGBT educators speak out about what's gotten better and what hasn't

September 1, 2015
Boston : Beacon Press, 2015.
xii, 176 pages ; 22 cm
"Perhaps no profession is as challenging for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) people than teaching. Working under constant suspicion arising from the long-held stereotype of LGBT people as pedophiles who are "after your kids," teachers who are LGBT face enormous challenges. The third edition of One Teacher in Ten allows LGBT educators to speak in their own voices about their experience of being LGBT in schools. Following on two volumes of completely original stories published in 1994 and 2004, the all-new third edition of One Teacher in Ten brings together stories from around America - and around the world - of teachers negotiating the challenge of being LGBT in the classroom. The result is a rich tapestry of varied experiences. From "Mr. G" who feels he must remain closeted in the comparative safety of New York City Public Schools to teachers who are out in places as far afield as South Africa and China, the educators in One Teacher in Ten span the full gamut of experiences, proving that LGBT teachers are as diverse and complex as humanity itself. Voices largely absent from the first two editions - including transgender people, people of color, and educators from outside the US - feature prominently in the new collection, giving readers a richer and deeper understanding of the diverse experiences of LGBT educators"-- Provided by publisher.

The morning meeting book

August 24, 2015
Kriete, Roxann.
Turner Falls, Massachusetts : Northeast Foundtion for Children, 2014.
vii, 225 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
"It mattered that I came" : an introduction -- Morning meeting : an overview -- Greeting : a friendly and respectful salute -- Sharing : the art and skill of conversation -- Group activity : building whole-class identity -- Morning message : a letter to the class -- The power of morning meeting : conclusion.
Promote a climate of trust, academic growth, and positive behavior by launching each school day with a whole class gathering. This comprehensive, user-friendly book shows you how to hold Responsive Classroom Morning Meetings, a powerful teaching tool used by hundreds of thousands of teachers in K-8 schools. In the new 3rd edition of this essential text, you'll find: step-by-step, practical guidelines for planning and holding Responsive Classroom Morning Meetings in K-8 classrooms; descriptions of Morning Meeting in action in real classrooms; 100 ideas for greetings, sharing, activities, and messages: some tried-and-true and some new updated information on sharing; guidance on adapting meeting components for different ages and abilities, including upper grades and English Language Learners; and explanations of how Morning Meeting supports mastery of Common Core State Standards, 21st century skills, and core competencies enumerated by the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL). -- Provided by publisher.

Peterson's 2 year colleges.

August 18, 2015
Princeton, N.J. : Peterson's,
v. : ill., maps ; 28 cm.

Faith ed : teaching about religion in an age of intolerance

August 14, 2015
Wertheimer, Linda.
Boston : Beacon Press, [2015]
xi, 211 pages ; 24 cm
Burkagate -- Did a field trip put students in lion's den? -- Whose truth should they hear? -- How young is too young? -- The church lady -- Carefully taught -- Raising religiously literate Americans.

Most likely to succeed : preparing our kids for the innovation era

August 14, 2015
Wagner, Tony, author.
New York, NY : Scribner, 2015.
vii, 296 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
"From two leading experts in education and entrepreneurship, an urgent call for the radical re-imagining of American education so that we better equip students for the realities of the twenty-first century economy. Today more than ever, we prize academic achievement, pressuring our children to get into the "right" colleges, have the highest GPAs, and pursue advanced degrees. But while students may graduate with credentials, by and large they lack the competencies needed to be thoughtful, engaged citizens and to get good jobs in our rapidly evolving economy. Our school system was engineered a century ago to produce a work force for a world that no longer exists. Alarmingly, our methods of schooling crush the creativity and initiative young people need to thrive in the twenty-first century. In Most Likely to Succeed, bestselling author and education expert Tony Wagner and venture capitalist Ted Dintersmith call for a complete overhaul of the function and focus of American schools, sharing insights and stories from the front lines, including profiles of successful students, teachers, parents, and business leaders. Most Likely to Succeed presents a new vision of American education, one that puts wonder, creativity, and initiative at the very heart of the learning process and prepares students for today's economy. This book offers parents and educators a crucial guide to getting the best for their children and a roadmap for policymakers and opinion leaders"-- Provided by publisher.

For the right to learn : Malala Yousafzai's story

August 14, 2015
Langston-George, Rebecca, author.
North Mankato, MN : Capstone Press Inc, 2016.

History of the schools in Tuscarawas County, Ohio

August 12, 2015
Mizer, Lloyd E., 1914-
[Ohio] : The Chapter, c1993.
vii, 778 pages : illustrations ; 29 cm
Includes index.

Peterson's how to get money for college.

August 10, 2015
Lawrenceville, NJ : Peterson's, c2009-
v. ; 28 cm.
"Financing your future beyond federal aid."

America's best colleges for B students.

August 7, 2015
Los Altos, CA : SuperCollege, c2005-
v. ; 25-27 cm.
Vol. for 2005-<2015> by Tamra B. Orr.
"A college guide for student's without straight A's."

Beyond bedtime stories : a parent's guide to promoting reading writing, and other literacy skills from birth to 5

August 7, 2015
Bennett-Armistead, V. Susan.
224 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm

CLEP : official study guide.

August 3, 2015
New York, NY : College Board,
v. : ill. ; 28 cm.
Vol. for 2002-2004 also includes the CLEP Sampler on computer disc.
"Prepared and produced by Educational Testing Service (ETS) which develops and administers the tests of the College-Level Examination Program for the College Board"--T.p. verso.

Acing the ACT : an elite tutor's guide to tricky questions and secret little strategies that make a big difference

August 3, 2015
King, Elizabeth (Sara Elizabeth)
Berkeley : Ten Speed Press, [2015]
vii, 136 pages : illustrations ; 18 cm

Red Leaf quick guide : disaster planning and preparedness in early childhood and school-age care settings

August 3, 2015
Hendricks, Charlotte Mitchell, 1957-
St, Paul, MN : Redleaf Press, [2015]
vi, 88 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm
"All adults who are responsible for the care of children should be prepared for disasters. This guide provides caregivers, educators, and program staff with preparation tips and step-by-step responses to disaster situations that are based on national standards and best practices to keep children safe"-- Provided by publisher.

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