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January 14, 2017
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Tomb of the Khan

January 13, 2017
Kirby, Matthew J., 1976-
343 pages : map ; 21 cm
In Last Descendants Book One, Owen and a group of other teens located the first piece of an ancient and powerful relic long considered a legend--the Trident of Eden. This piece was sought by the Brotherhood of Assassins and the Templar Order, but before either organization could take the piece, it was stolen by an unknown, third party. The tenuous relationship between Owen and the teens fractured, with some taking sides with the Templars, and others with the Assassins. Book Two picks up weeks after the events of book 1. There are still two pieces of the Trident of Eden to find, and both groups are determined to not repeat their mistakes. The next piece is said to have been buried with Mongol Warlord Genghis Khan, whose tomb has never been found. Now the teens on either side of the conflict will have to go deep into simulations in war-torn Mongolian China in a race against time to discover the next piece--and ensure their safety--before the others.

Feversong : a Fever novel

January 12, 2017
Moning, Karen Marie, author.
541 pages ; 24 cm
"The next hotly anticipated novel in the Fever series, following the cliffhanger ending of Feverborn and featuring fan favorite characters Mac and Barrons"-- Provided by publisher.

The cursed queen

January 12, 2017
Fine, Sarah, author.
New York : Margaret K. McElderry Books, 2017.
417 pages : map ; 22 cm
"Companion to The Impostor Queen"--Title page.
The fresh and fascinating magical world of The Imposter Queen expands in this companion novel that answers the question: who is the real queen of the Kupari?

The heart of what was lost : a novel of Osten Ard

January 12, 2017
Williams, Tad, author.
New York, NY : DAW Books, [2017]
viii, 210 pages : maps ; 24 cm.
"Takes place in the half-year after the end of To Green Angel Tower, and tells of the attempt by Isgrimnur and a force largely made up of Rimmersgard soldiers to destroy the remaining Norns as they flee back to their homeland and their mountain. It also answers some questions about what actually happened in the immediate aftermath of the fall of Green Angel Tower"

The returning

January 12, 2017
Dekker, Rachelle, author.
xiii, 415 pages ; 22 cm.
"Seer series."
As the Seers send warriors to rescue Elise and bring restoration to the Authority City, ultimate victory in this battle against the powerful forces of evil rests with the strangely powerful girl who has felt forgotten but was never abandoned.

Ever the hunted : ever the outcast, ever the brave

January 11, 2017
Summerill, Erin, 1978- author.
392 pages : map ; 22 cm.
Seventeen year-old Britta Flannery is the outcast daughter of a bounty hunter who must use her powers to track her father's killer in a world of warring kingdoms and dangerous magic.

The Alchemists of Loom

January 11, 2017
Kova, Elise, author.
Columbus, Ohio : Keymaster Press, 2016.
395 pages : map ; 23 cm.
"Ari lost everything she once loved when the Five Guilds' resistance fell to the Dragon King. Now, she uses her gift for clockwork machinery to earn a living on the black market. Cvareh would do anything to see his sister usurp the Dragon King's place on the throne, and the Alchemist Guild on Loom might hold the key. When Ari stumbles across a wounded Cvareh, she sees an opportunity to slaughter an enemy and make a profit. He sees an opportunity to navigate Loom with the best person to get him where he wants to go. He offers Ari the one thing she can't refuse: a wish of her greatest desire, if she brings him to the Alchemists of Loom." -- adapted from book jacket.

The gate of sorrows

January 11, 2017
Miyabe, Miyuki, 1960- author.
San Francisco, CA : Haikasoru, [2016]
453 pages ; 24 cm
"Originally published in Japan by Mainichi Shimbun Publishing Inc., Tokyo"--Title page verso.
"A series of murders shocks Tokyo's Shinjuku ward, but Shigenori, a retired police detective, is instead obsessed with a gargoyle that seems to move. College freshman Kotaro launches a web-based investigation of the killer, and comes to find that answers may lie within an abandoned building in the center of Japan's busiest neighborhood, and beyond the Gate of Sorrows. In this New Adult sequel to Miyabe's The Book of Heroes, you will meet monsters from other worlds and ordinary horrors that surpass even supernatural threats"-- Provided by publisher.

The tiger and the wolf

January 9, 2017
Tchaikovsky, Adrian, 1972- author.
589 pages : map ; 20 cm.
FANTASY. In the bleak northern crown of the world, war is coming Maniye's father is the Wolf clan's chieftain, but she's an outcast. Her mother was queen of the Tiger and these tribes have been enemies for generations. Maniye also hides a deadly secret. All can shift into their clan's animal form, but Maniye can take on tiger and wolf shapes. She refuses to disown half her soul so escapes, rescuing a prisoner of the Wolf clan in the process. The killer Broken Axe is set on their trail, to drag them back for retribution. The Wolf chieftan plots to rule the north and controlling his daughter is crucial to his schemes. However, other tribes also prepare for strife. Strangers from the far south appear too, seeking allies in their own conflict. It's a season for omens as priests foresee danger and a darkness falling across the land. Some say a great war is coming, overshadowing even Wolf ambitions.

The black guard

January 6, 2017
Smith, A. J. (Tony J.), author.
London : Head of Zeus, 2014.
581 pages : maps ; 20 cm.
Originally published: 2013.
The city of Ro Canarn burns. With their father's blood fresh upon the headsman's sword, Lord Bromvy and Lady Bronwyn, the last scions of the house of Canarn, face fugitive exile or death. In the court of Ro Tiris, men fear to speak their minds. The Army of the Red marches upon the North. Strange accidents befall those who dare question the King's new advisors. Those foolish enough to speak their names call them the Seven Sisters: witches of the fire god; each as beautiful and as dangerous as a flame. And, called from the long ages of deep time by war and sacrifice, the children of a dead god are waking with a pitiless cry. All that was dead will rise. All that now lives will fall...

The nature of a pirate

January 5, 2017
Dellamonica, A. M., author.
New York : Tom Doherty Associates, LLC, 2016.
364 pages ; 24 cm
"Marine videographer and biologist Sophie Hansa has spent the past few months putting her knowledge of science to use on the strange world of Stormwrack, solving seemingly impossible cases where no solution had been found before. When a series of ships within the Fleet of Nations, the main governing body that rules a loose alliance of island nation states, are sunk by magical sabotage, Sophie is called on to find out why. While surveying the damage of the most recent wreck, she discovers a strange-looking creature--a fright, a wooden oddity born from a banished spell--causing chaos within the ship. The question is who would put this creature aboard and why? The quest for answers finds Sophie magically bound to an abolitionist from Sylvanner, her father's homeland. Now Sophie and the crew of the Nightjar must discover what makes this man so unique while outrunning magical assassins and villainous pirates, and stopping the people responsible for the attacks on the Fleet before they strike again"--Provided by publisher.


January 5, 2017
Larson, R. J., author.
Atlanta, GA : Elk Lake Publishing, ©2015.
366 pages : maps ; 23 cm
"Fantasy inspired by the Book of Esther… Bel-Tygeon, the fallen god-king of Belaal, has bowed to the Infinite and accepted life as a mortal. Now he is desperate to return to his kingdom. Hunted by his enemies, he accepts refuge among the Eosyths, at the bidding of Serena of Clan Darom. But Serena and her family are also Bel-Tygeon’s enemies, and he must conceal his true name and royal rank from them--even when he realizes that Serena is the woman he has sought for years. The woman he loves. The woman he longs to proclaim as his queen. Yet she can never be his. Serena of Clan Darom wants nothing more than to protect her family and to save her people, the Eosyths, from their many enemies. She cannot afford to fall in love with a madman. A stranger. Yet honor dictates that she must shelter Ty and protect him with her life. Will one act of kindness destroy everything she’s worked for and believed? And how can the unknowable Infinite, worshiped by her lord-father, ever help her in their struggle to survive?"--Provided by publisher.

The battle of Hackham Heath

January 4, 2017
Flanagan, John (John Anthony), author.
New York, NY : Philomel Books, [2016]
346 pages : map ; 24 cm.
Sequel to: The tournament at Gorlan.
A prequel series to: Ranger's apprentice.
When the former Baron Morgarath escaped to avoid punishment for treason, an uneasy peace fell on Araluen. But Morgarath, now in hiding, is already planning his next move, recruiting an army of savage, overpowering beasts known as Wargals. Newly crowned King Duncan knows he must assemble his troops for battle.

The Sidhe

December 22, 2016
Ashe, Charlotte, author.
415 pages : map ; 23 cm.
"Since his childhood, Brieden Lethiscir has admired The Sidhe, the beautiful and magical beings native to the Faerie world outside his homeland of Villalu. Though he grew up in a culture accepting of Sidhe enslavement by Villalu's elite, Brieden turns against the practice when he becomes a steward to Prince Dronyen, who is viciously abusive of his sidhe slave Sehrys. Captivated by the handsome and mysterious sidhe slave, Brieden vows to free and return Sehrys to his homeland. As they escape the capital and navigate a treacherous path to the border, Breiden and Sehrys grow close. Breiden soon learns both the true power of The Sidhe, and that the world that he thought he knew is not what it once seemed. If they survive to reach the border, he will have to make a choice: the love of his life, or the fate of his world"--Back cover.

The fate of the Tearling : a novel

December 21, 2016
Johansen, Erika, author.
478 pages : illustrations, map ; 24 cm.
Sequel to: The invasion of the Tearling.
In less than a year, Kelsea Glynn has transformed from a gawky teenager into a powerful monarch. As she has come into her own as the Queen of the Tearling, the headstrong, visionary leader has also transformed her realm. In her quest to end corruption and restore justice, she has made many enemies - including the evil Red Queen, her fiercest rival, who has set her armies against the Tear. To protect her people from a devastating invasion, Kelsea did the unthinkable - she surrendered herself and her magical sapphires to her enemy, and named the Mace, the trusted head of her personal guards, Regent in her place. But the Mace will not rest until he and his men rescue their sovereign from her prison in Mortmesne. Now the endgame begins and the fate of Queen Kelsea - and the Tearling itself - will finally be revealed ...

Blood vow

December 21, 2016
Ward, J. R., 1969- author.
xiv, 459 pages ; 24 cm.
"The Black Dagger Brotherhood continues to train the best of the best to join them in the deadly battle against the Lessening Society. Among the new recruits, Axe proves to be a cunning and vicious fighter--and also a loner isolated because of personal tragedy. When an aristocratic female needs a bodyguard, Axe takes the job, though he's unprepared for the animal attraction that flares between him and the one he is sworn to protect."-- Provided by publisher.

Judgment at Verdant Court

December 21, 2016
Planck, M. C., author.
Amherst, NY : Pyr, an imprint of Prometheus Books, 2016.
343 pages ; 21 cm.
"The continuing adventures of Christopher Sinclair, mechanical engineer turned priest of war. Our hero faces evil on two fronts: a friend turned murderer by the power of magic, and an entire nation of murderous wolf-men. One he has to save from the vengeful clutches of the Druids, and the other from the mercenary greed of the king. But the true enemy is despair: the shame of a man who has done terrible things, and the madness of a man who is doing terrible violence. Can Christopher pick a path through broken and bloody bodies that still leaves room for goodness?"-- Provided by publisher.

New worlds, old ways : speculative tales from the Caribbean

December 21, 2016
159 pages ; 22 cm
Once in a blood moon / Tammi Browne-Bannister -- The passing over of Zephora / Summer Edward -- A new life in a new time / Portia Subran -- fallenangel.dll / Brandon O'Brien -- Maiden of the mud / Kevin Jared Hosein -- Water under the bridge / Richard B. Lynch -- The ceremony / Elizabeth J. Jones -- Daddy / Damion Wilson -- Quaka-Hadja / Brian Franklin -- Past imperfect / Ararimeh Aiyejina -- Cascadura / H.K. Williams.


December 21, 2016
Correia, Larry, author.
viii, 286 pages ; 245 cm.
"With New Orleans out of control, Chad Oliver Gardenier, one of Monster Hunter International's premier hunters, has been dispatched from Seattle to reinforce the beleaguered members of MHI's Hoodoo Squad in their fight against darkness. Chad had once taken a werewolf while wearing only jogging gear. With half a dozen loup garou appearing every full moon, houdon necromancers, fifty-foot bipedal crocodiles and more vampires than a Goth concert, New Orleans in the '80s gives a whole new perspective to the term "Hell on Earth." Chad may be able to collect enormous bounties but there's one catch: he has to stay alive to do it"-- Provided by publisher.

Tempest : all-new tales of Valdemar

December 21, 2016
vi, 394 pages ; 17 cm.
A small quarrel / Stephanie D. Shaver -- Girl without the gifts / Janny Wurts -- Unimagined consequences / Elizabeth Vaughan -- Feathers in flight / Jennifer Brozek -- Blind leaps / Ron Collins -- Haver hearthstone / Fiona Patton -- Unraveling the truth / Dayle A. Dermatis -- Sparrow's gift / Michele Lang -- Harmless as serpents / Rosemary Edghill -- The apprentice and the stable master / Brenda Cooper -- Unexpected meeting / Nancy Asire -- A trip of goats / Elisabeth waters -- The ones she couldn't save / Louisa Swann -- One last night manning the home station / Brigid Collins -- Only family matters / D. Shull -- Medley / Jessica Schlenker & Michael Z. Williamson -- A tangle of truths / Angela Penrose -- The unwanted gift / Anthea Sharp -- Dawn of a new age / Dylan Birtolo -- Bloodlines / Phaedra Weldon -- In name only / Kristin Schwengel -- Ripples and cracks / Larry Dixon and Mercedes Lackey.
Twenty-four authors ride with Mercedes Lackey to her magical land of Valdemar, adding their own unique voices to the Heralds, Bards, Healers, and other heroes of this beloved fantasy realm. The Heralds of Valdemar are the kingdom's ancient order of protectors. They are drawn from all across the land, from all walks of life, and at all ages--and all are Gifted with abilities beyond those of normal men and women. They are Mindspeakers, FarSeers, Empaths, ForeSeers, Firestarters, FarSpeakers, and more. These inborn talents--combined with training as emissaries, spies, judges, diplomats, scouts, counselors, warriors, and more--make them indispensable to their monarch and realm. Sought and Chosen by mysterious horse-like Companions, they are bonded for life to these telepathic, enigmatic creatures. The Heralds of Valdemar and their Companions ride circuit throughout the kingdom, protecting the peace and, when necessary, defending their land and monarch. Now, twenty-three authors ride with Mercedes Lackey to her magical land of Valdemar, adding their own unique voices to the Heralds, Bards, Healers, and other heroes of this beloved fantasy realm. Join Elizabeth Vaughan, Fiona Patton, Jennifer Brozek, Brenda Cooper, Rosemary Edghill, and others in twenty-two original stories, including a brand-new novella by Mercedes Lackey, to Valdemar, where: A Herald must crack an ancient code in a historic tapestry in order to arbitrate a dispute over land and lineage... A Healer's daughter flees the noble family that has trapped and enslaved her mother, and must seek help to free her mother... A young woman who hides her clairvoyant powers from her town's Karsite priests ForeSees a threat, and must risk revealing her Gift to save her community... A Herald finds his assistant has been abducted by a man upon whom he had levied a heavy fine, and must foil the kidnapper's plans to save his charge...

Winter Halo

December 21, 2016
Arthur, Keri, author.
New York : Signet Select, 2016.
360 pages ; 17 cm.
"The humanoid supersoldiers known as the déchet were almost eradicated by the war. Ever since, Tiger has tried to live her life in peace in hiding. But in the wake of her discovery that Central City's children are being kidnapped and experimented on, Tiger's conscience won't let her look the other way. The key to saving them lies within the walls of a pharmaceutical company called Winter Halo. But as she learns more about the facility, Tiger's mission is derailed by a complication: Winter Halo's female security guards are being systematically attacked by an unknown force"


December 20, 2016
Johnston, E. K., author.
355 pages maps ; 22 cm
Maps on lining papers.
"Yashaa sets out to break the curse over the kingdom with his three friends and the princess herself in this lush, transformative retelling of Sleeping Beauty"-- Provided by publisher.

The end of Olympus

December 20, 2016
O'Hearn, Kate, author.
New York : Aladdin, 2016.
426 pages ; 22 cm.
Emily is contending with great changes, including diminished powers, but goes to London to rescue Agent B and others from the CRU, where she makes horrible discoveries about the agency's history.

The immortal throne

December 20, 2016
Gemmell, Stella, author.
New York : Ace, 2016.
546 pages : maps ; 24 cm
"A novel of the City"--Jacket.
"No one is safe, and no one is to be trusted as the bloody war that began in Stella Gemmell's The City continues... The dreaded emperor is dead. The successor to the throne is his nemesis, Archange. Many hope her reign will usher in a new era of freedom and stability. Soon however, word arises of a massive army gathering in the shadows of the north. They are eager to lay waste to the City and annihilate anyone--man, woman, or child--within it. Yet just as the swords clang in fields wet with the blood of warriors, family feuds, ancient rivalries, and political battles rage on within the cold stone walls of the City. A hero must rise up and restore the peace before anything left to fight for is consumed by the madness"-- Provided by publisher.

A season of spells

December 20, 2016
Hunter, Sylvia Izzo, author.
New York : Ace, 2016.
451 pages : maps ; 21 cm.
"In the latest novel from the author of Lady of Magick, Sophie and Gray Marshall must save the Kingdom of Britain from a tide of dark magic... Three years after taking up residence at the University of Din Edin, Sophie and Gray return to London, escorting Lucia MacNeill, heiress of Alba, to meet the British prince to whom she is betrothed. Alas, sparks fail to fly between the pragmatic Lucia and the romantic Prince Roland, and the marriage alliance seems to be on shaky ground. Sophie tries to spark a connection between Roland and Lucia by enlisting them both in her latest scheme: reopening the mysterious and long-shuttered women's college at Oxford. Though a vocal contingent believes that educating women spells ruin, Sophie and her friends dream of rebuilding the college for a new generation of women scholars. But the future of the college--and of the kingdom--are imperiled when the men who tried to poison King Henry escape from prison and vanish without a trace. Sophie and Gray will need all their strength and ingenuity--and the help of friends both present and long past--to thwart the enemy at Britain's gates"-- Provided by publisher.

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