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July 24, 2014
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Rewire : change your brain to break bad habits, overcome addictions, conquer self-destructive behavior

July 23, 2014
O'Connor, Richard (Psychotherapist)
New York : Hudson Street Press, [2014]
x, 289 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.

Food allergies

July 23, 2014
Detroit : Greenhaven Press, a part of Gale, Cengage Learning, [2014]
116 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm.
"Perspectives on diseases and disorders"--Title page.
Understanding food allergies. An overview of food allergies / Liz Swain -- Food protein-induce enterocolitis syndrome / Allergies Sourcebook -- Managing food allergies / Cathy C. Ruff -- Immunotherapy: an experimental treatment that may help alleviate allergies / Elizabeth Landau -- Controversies about food allergies. Nut allergy is a life-threatening condition that needs to be taken seriously / Robert A. Wood -- IgG Allergy tests are not effective / Helen Branswell -- IgG allergy testing is an effective medical practice / Jason Bachewich -- Genetic engineering can produce less-allergenic food products / Food, Nutrition & Science from the Lempert Report -- Schools need to be safe and inclusive places for children with food allergies / Kelly Rudnicki -- Nothing to sneeze at: allergies may be good for you / Melinda Wenner Moyer -- Personal experiences with food allergies. An allergy doctor describes her experience as the mother of three food-allergic children / Sarah M. Boudreau-Romano -- Losing a child to food allergies / Paul and Catrina Vonder Meulen -- A mother puts her child's food-allergic condition in perspective / Kelley J.P. Lindberg.

Prepare to defend yourself : how to navigate the healthcare system and escape with your life

July 22, 2014
Minson, Matthew, 1961- author.
College Station : Texas A&M University Press, [2014].
221 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
The language of medicine: sit, stay, diagnose! -- Medical professionals: you can't tell the players without a program -- Ambulances: you wanna go where everybody knows your number -- Hospitals: what you really need to know before you gotta go -- The admission: you are going in! you are going in! -- About drugs: the dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy -- Medical mistakes: to err is human, but you still need a lawyer -- The business of medicine: the best things in life are free, but I still need your copay -- The future: how foggy is my crystal ball?

The vocal athlete

July 21, 2014
LeBorgne, Wendy DeLeo, author.
San Diego,CA : Plural Publishing Inc., [2014]
xvii, 309 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
The singer's body : alignment, movement, and intention -- Respiratory kinematics -- Laryngeal anatomy, physiology, and function during singing -- Neurologic control of voice production -- Resonance and vocal acoustics -- Impact of phonotraumatic behaviors on vocal health and singing -- Laryngopharangeal reflux : what the singer needs to know -- The singer's guide to anesthesiology and voice -- The life cycle of the voice -- Medicine, myths and truths -- Multidisciplinary care of the vocal athlete -- History of classical voice pedagogy -- Belting pedagogy : an overview of perspectives -- Belting : theory and research -- Exercise physiology principals for training the vocal athlete -- Application of motor learning principals to voice training -- The art of perfection : what every singer should know about audio technology.

Kids in the syndrome mix of ADHD, LD, autism spectrum, Tourette's, anxiety and more! : the one-stop guide for parents, teachers and other professionals

July 21, 2014
Kutscher, Martin L.
318 pages ; 23 cm
Read this chapter! general principles of diagnosis -- Read this chapter! general principles of treatment -- Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder -- Specific learning disorders (LDs) -- Autism spectrum disorder (ASD): an overview -- Autism spectrum disorder, level 1 (Asperger's syndrome) and its treatment -- Anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders -- Sensory integration dysfunction (SID or SPD) -- Tics and Tourette's -- Depression -- Bipolar disorder -- Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) and intermittent explosive disorder -- Central auditory processing disorders (CAPDs) -- Medications.
The completely updated and expanded new edition of this well-established text incorporates DSM-5 changes as well as other new developments. The all-in-one guide covers the whole range of often co-existing neuro-behavioral disorders in children - from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder, and anxiety, to autism spectrum disorders, nonverbal learning disabilities, Tourette's, sensory integration problems, and executive dysfunction. A completely revised chapter on the autism spectrum by Tony Attwood explains not only new understanding in the field, but the new diagnostic criteria, and the anticipated usage of the term 'Asperger's Syndrome'. Dr. Kutscher provides accessible information on causes, symptoms, interactions with other conditions, and treatments. He presents effective behavioral strategies for responding to children who display traits of these disorders - whether at home, at school, or in other settings - along with case vignettes and practical tips. Finally, a chapter on the role of medications summarizes current knowledge. The author's sympathetic yet upbeat approach and skillful explanations of the inner world of children in the syndrome mix make this an invaluable companion for parents, teachers, professionals, and anyone else who needs fast and to-the-point advice on children with special needs. Show more Show less.

Essential oils for beginners : the guide to get started with essential oils and aromatherapy.

July 18, 2014
Berkeley, CA : Althea Press, c2013.
238 p. ; 22 cm.
Part One: Fundamentals of essential oils: Essential oils and how they work; Acquiring, storing and using essential oils; Blending essential oils -- Part Two: Oils, recipes, and remedies: Nature's apothecary; Essential oils for ailments; Essential oils for enhanced well-being; Cosmetic uses of essential oils; Essential oils for home and garden --Conclusion -- Glossary -- Recommended reading -- Resources -- References -- Index.
"Essential oils are a natural and safe way to improve your health, cure ailments, and soothe your body and mind. These versatile oils come from natural sources, and have been used for centuries for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. [This] is the comprehensive guide to harnessing the power of these ancient remedies. [It] will show you how to create your own recipes to cure all of your ailments and improve your overall well-being. This book will show you how to expertly blend essential oils to create your own aromatherapy mixes to relieve stress, bolster energy, and more." --P. [4] of cover.

A gift of love : one woman's journey to save a life

July 15, 2014
Clipston, Amy.
Grand Rapids, Michigan : Zondervan, [2013].
219 pages ; 22 cm
Amy Clipston tells the story of how she almost lost her husband to Kidney disease.

Let the tornado come : a memoir

July 15, 2014
Chin, Rita Zoey, author.
New York : Simon & Schuster, 2014.
322 pages ; 24 cm
"From an award-winning poet comes this ... memoir about a young runaway, the trauma that haunted her as an adult, and the friendship with a horse that finally set her free"-- Provided by publisher.

Now I see you : a memoir

July 15, 2014
Kear, Nicole C., author.
New York, N.Y. : St. Martin's Press, 2014.
275 pages ; 22 cm
"When [the author] was 19 years old, she walked into an eye doctor's office for what she thought was a routine appointment and was given a life-changing diagnosis. She was going blind, courtesy of a disease called retinitis pigmentosa, and she had a decade or so before lights-out. To cope, she decides to hide her disease and live like there's no tomorrow ... She tears through boyfriends, joins a circus school, and travels all over. But when she falls in love and gets pregnant just a few years shy of her vision's expiration date, she abandons her reckless ways in order to become the best mother she can be"-- Provided by publisher.

Digestive intelligence : a holistic view of your second brain

July 14, 2014
Matveikova, Irina, author.
Forres, Scotland : Findhorn Press, 2014.
175 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm

Where two worlds touch : a spiritual journey through Alzheimer's disease

July 11, 2014
Angelica, Jade C. (Jade Christine), 1952-
Boston, MA : Skinner House Books, [2014]
xxiv, 336 pages : illustartions ; 22 cm

Madness and memory : the discovery of prions--a new biological principle of disease

July 9, 2014
Prusiner, Stanley B., 1942- author.
xix, 320 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Growing up -- The beginning of an odyssey -- A plethora of theories -- The scrapie race -- Dr. America and the trembling cannibals -- The battle for tenure -- What's in a name? -- Lost in the Pacific fog -- The amyloid story -- Finding the gene -- Jousting with the press -- Deciphering human prion diseases -- What's in a shape? -- Turf battles -- Mad cow and other prion strains -- Stockholm -- The third judgment of Paris.

Eat raw, not cooked

July 9, 2014
Stowers, Stacy.
New York : Gallery Books, 2014.
xxiv, 209 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm
Includes index.
"What are the potential benefits of eating raw? Weight loss and management, more energy, relief from chronic pain and allergies, better moods, and a younger appearance-to name just a few! From Stacy's comforting and crispy Cheatos and enticing Rainbow Fajitas, to her rich, delectable Chocolate Macaroon Fudge Bars, her more than 70 recipes will give you and your family an irresistible nutritional boost."--Back cover.

The very best healing foods to fight cancer, diabetes, arthritis, high cholesterol, heart disease and much more

July 9, 2014
Fontaine, Rachel, 1946-
Verdun, Quebec : Cardinal Publishers = Éditions Cardinal, 2014.
267 p. : col. ill. ; 26 cm.
Originally published in French?
"Health guide and cookbook!"--Cover p. [4].

Your body is your barbell : No gym. Just gravity. Build a leaner, stronger, more muscular you in 28 days!

July 9, 2014
Gaddour, B. J.
[Emmaus, Pennsylvania] : Rodale, [2014]
xv, 271 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
Torch body fat and build muscle anywhere. Using your body as your barbell, you'll save money, time, and the hassle of going to a gym. This book, from the king of metabolic training, B.J. Gaddour, shows you how to master 8 critical fitness moves--the Bodyweight 8--and use them to achieve the strength, power, endurance, and mobility of an elite athlete.

The truth about carpal tunnel syndrome : finding answers, getting well

July 8, 2014
Gambaro, Jill, 1959- author.
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2014]
xi, 151 pages ; 24 cm

Don't put that in there! : and 69 other sex myths debunked

July 1, 2014
Carroll, Aaron E.
New York : St. Martin's Griffin, [2014]
xi, 272 pages ; 19 cm
Men -- Women -- Sex -- Getting pregnant -- Sexually transmitted infections.
People have more access to medical information than ever before with an abundance of printed and online resources, and yet we still believe "facts" about our bodies and sexuality that are just plain wrong. Don't Put That in There! takes on these myths and misconceptions, and exposes the truth behind some of those weird and worrisome things we think about our bodies.

Why is autism on the rise?

June 30, 2014
Detroit : Greenhaven Press, [2014]
104 pages ; 24 cm.

High-performance training for sports

June 27, 2014
Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics, [2014]
xiv, 377 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm.

Steroids and doping in sports : a reference handbook

June 24, 2014
Newton, David E.
Santa Barbara, California : ABC-CLIO, [2014]
xvii, 320 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Machine generated contents note: The History of Performance-enhancing Drugs, -- Doping in the Modern Era, -- The Road to Testosterone, -- The Early Years, -- The Search for Testosterone, -- What Is Testosterone?, -- Derivatives of Testosterone, -- How Testosterone Works in the Human Body, -- Effects of Anabolic Steroids on the Human Body, -- Therapeutic Uses of Anabolic Steroids, -- Risks Associated with the Use of Anabolic Steroids, -- Appearance and Performance-enhancing Drug (APED) Use, -- Prevalence of Anabolic Steroid Use, -- References, -- Anabolic Steroids in Nazi Germany, -- Doping in Athletic Competition, 1950-1970, -- Banning the Use of Anabolic Steroids, -- Testing Methodology, -- Problems Associated with Testing, -- "Beating the Game," -- The 1970s: Doping Gone Wild, -- The Great Breakthrough: The 1980s, -- The 1990s: Steroid Use Ne Plus Ultra, -- The BALCO Scandal, -- Should Steroid Use Be Legal?, -- References, -- Using Steroids Ethically --
"Emphasizing the controversy over performance-enhancing drugs in sports today, this book examines all aspects of steroid use on the human body across history, from ancient China and India to modern-day professional athletics. The use of performance-enhancing drug use in sports is never out of the news, whether it's cycling, baseball, Olympic sports, or mixed martial arts. Interestingly, the use of steroids to boost human performance stretches back to ancient times. Written by a former professor of chemistry, Steroids and Doping in Sports: A Reference Handbook provides not only information about all aspects of performance-enhancing drugs in sport, but also supplies a thorough, scientific background about the drugs themselves--the chemistry and biology of steroids, what scientists have learned about these substances, and the specific ways in which they affect the human body. The author documents the cat-and-mouse actions of the athletes and those who supply them with performance-enhancing drugs to push the envelope, and of the sport and athletic groups--such as the NCAA and the International Cycling Union--that try to monitor and control such drug use. The work also includes a chapter containing snapshot profiles of many individuals involved in steroid use scandals and organizations with an interest in topics related to steroid abuse." -- Publisher's description.

Chia vitality : 30 days to better health, greater vibrancy, and a more meaningful and purposeful life

June 24, 2014
Hoffman, Janie, author.
New York : Harmony Books, [2014]
xxii, 233 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
"A guide to using chia, yoga, and meditation to increase your energy levels"-- Provided by publisher.

Power plants : simple home remedies you can grow

June 24, 2014
Flowers, Frankie.
Toronto : Collins, c2014.
407 p. : col. ill. ; 24 cm.
Alfalfa -- Aloe Vera -- Basicl -- Beet -- Bergamot -- Blackberry -- Blueberry -- Burdock -- Calendula -- Camellia -- Capsicum -- Chamomile -- Comfrey -- Dandelion -- Echinacea -- Elderberry -- Feverfew -- French Bean -- Garlic -- Ginkgo -- Haskap -- Hawthorn -- Hops -- Juniper -- Kale -- Lavendar -- Lemon balm -- Milk Thistle -- Nettle -- Oregano -- Parsley -- Passionflower -- Peppermint -- Plantain -- Raspberry -- Red clover -- Rhubarb -- Rosemary -- Sage -- Slippery elm -- Spinach -- Squash -- St. John's wort -- Strawberry -- Swiss chard -- Thyme -- Tomato -- Valerian -- Wheatgrass.
Natural remedies are nature's gift to us. From alternatives to side-effect ridden prescriptions to solutions that will amplify the effectiveness of a healthy lifestyle, evolving research suggests that plants may have more power than we could ever have imagined. Now two of Canada's top authorities in their fields, gardening expert Frankie Flowers and natural healthcare practitioner Bryce Wylde, show readers how they can harness the powerful healing of plants simply and inexpensively by stepping into their garden. Power Plants introduces you to a carefully curated list of 49 plants that can be grown in almost any garden. Frankie's easy instructions lead readers from planting to harvest, where Bryce picks up with clear guidelines on how to put the plants to work fighting everything from constipation to heartburn, high blood sugar to bad breakouts. It even includes simple substitutions for those whose ailments include a thumb that is more black than green. Let Power Plants supercharge your health with a simple trip into your garden.

Complete guide to natural home remedies : 1,025 easy ways to live longer, feel better, and enrich your life

June 20, 2014
383 pages : color illustrations ; 25 cm
Home remedies on hand -- Herbs for healing -- Foods for health -- Clean, safe, & beautiful -- Healing traditions -- A healthy lifestyle.
Discover over a thousand natural remedies for a variety of ailments, including hiccups, painful joints, chapped lips, and headaches. The book also provides helpful tips for healthier living, including how to fall asleep, practice basic meditation, clean vinyl floors, and add nutritional value to foods.

Rein in your brain : from impulsivity to thoughtful living in recovery

June 20, 2014
Tuohy, Cynthia Moreno.
Center City, Minnesota : Hazelden, [2014].
xix, 214 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
"10 proven techniques"-- Cover.
"Written for people in recovery from substance abuse, Rein In Your Brain includes guidance, recovery stories, and exercises that help readers calm the mind, reduce reactive behavior patterns, and get in touch with true feelings and goals"-- Provided by publisher.

The ministry of thin : how the pursuit of perfection got out of control

June 20, 2014
Woolf, Emma, author.
Berkeley, CA : Soft Skull Press, an imprint [of] Counterpoint, [2014]
230 pages ; 23 cm
We're obsessed with weight, we dislike our bodies, we worry about the food we eat, we feel guilty, we diet. Too many of us are locked into a war with our own bodies which we'll never win, and which will never make us happy. The Ministry of Thin takes a controversial, unflinching look at how the modern, international obsession with weight loss, youth, beauty, and perfection has spun out of control. Emma Woolf, author of An Apple a Day, explores how we might all be able to stop hating and start liking our own bodies again. She rallies against the industries of food, health, exercise, beauty, sex, and surgery that seek to create a world that verges on the Orwellian with the victims of this onslaught trapped and dominated by the societal pressures to conform. And she dares to ask: if losing weight is the answer, what is the question?

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