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May 30, 2015
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Legendary locals of Cleveland, Ohio

May 29, 2015
Becker, Thea Gallo.
Charleston, South Carolina : Legendary Locals, [2012]
127 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Includes index.


May 29, 2015
Winland, Randy.
Charleston, South Carolina : Arcadia Publishing, [2013]
127 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.

Hopewell ceremonial landscapes of Ohio : more than mounds and geometric earthworks

May 28, 2015
Lynott, Mark J., author.
x, 287 pages : illustrations (some color), maps (some color) ; 25 cm.
"American landscapes ; volume 1"--Title page.
More than mounds and ditches, an introduction to Ohio Hopewell ceremonial landscapes -- Current issues in the construction of Ohio Hopewell ceremonial landscapes -- The Hopeton Earthworks Project -- Studies of Ohio Hopewell ceremonial landscapes -- What do we know about Hopewell ceremonial landscapes? -- Some final thoughts : what we still need to learn.

North Korea confidential : private markets, fashion trends, prison camps, dissenters and defectors

May 27, 2015
Tudor, Daniel, 1982- author.
Tokyo ; Rutland, Vermont ; Singapore : Tuttle Publishing, [2015]
192 pages, 32 unnumbered pages of plates : color illustrations ; 22 cm
Includes index.
The North Korean markets : how they work, where they are, and how much things cost -- Leisure time in North Korea -- Who is in charge? -- Crime and punishment in North Korea -- Clothes, fashion, and trends -- Communications -- Social divisions -- Will North Korea collapse?
Private Markets, Fashion Trends, Prison Camps, Dissenters and Defectors. North Korea is one of the most troubled societies on earth. The country's 24 million people live under a violent dictatorship led by a single family, which relentlessly pursues the development of nuclear arms, which periodically incites risky military clashes with the larger, richer, liberal South, and which forces each and every person to play a role in the "theater state" even as it pays little more than lip service to the wellbeing of the overwhelming majority. With this deeply anachronistic system eventually failed in the 1990s, it triggered a famine that decimated the countryside and obliterated the lives of many hundreds of thousands of people. However, it also changed life forever for those who survived. A lawless form of marketization came to replace the iron rice bowl of work in state companies, and the Orwellian mind control of the Korean Workers' Party was replaced for many by dreams of trade and profit. A new North Korea Society was born from the horrors of the era one that is more susceptible to outside information than ever before with the advent of k-pop and video-carrying USB sticks. This is the North Korean society that is described in this book. In seven fascinating chapters the authors explore what life is actually like in modern North Korea today for the ordinary "man and woman on the street." They interview experts and tap a broad variety of sources to bring a startling new insider's view of North Korean society from members of Pyongyang's ruling families to defectors from different periods and regions, to diplomats and NGOs with years of experience in the country, to cross-border traders from neighboring China, and textual accounts appearing in English, Korean and Chinese sources. The resulting stories reveal the horror as well as the innovation and humor which abound in this fascinating country.

Ghetto brother : warrior to peacemaker

May 27, 2015
Voloj, Julian, author
127 pages : chiefly illustrations ; 23 cm
"Based on true events" -- title page verso.
An engrossing and counter view of one of the most dangerous elements of American urban history, this graphic novel tells the true story of Benjy Melendez, son of Puerto-Rican immigrants, who founded, at the end of the 1960s, the notorious Ghetto Brothers gang. From the seemingly bombed-out ravages of his neighborhood, wracked by drugs, poverty, and violence, he managed to extract an incredibly positive energy from this riot ridden era: his multiracial gang promoted peace rather than violence. After initiating a gang truce, the Ghetto Brothers held weekly concerts on the streets or in abandoned buildings, which fostered the emergence of hip-hop. Melendez also began to reclaim his Jewish roots after learning about his family's dramatic crypto-Jewish background.


May 27, 2015
Forrest, Alan I., author.
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015.
xiii, 220 pages : illustrations, maps ; 23 cm
Includes bibliographical references (pages 199-207) and index.

Gumption : relighting the torch of freedom with America's gutsiest troublemakers

May 26, 2015
Offerman, Nick, 1970- author.
xvii, 382 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
The star of Parks and Recreation and author of the best-selling Paddle Your Own Canoe pays tribute to inspiring mischief makers, from George Washington to Willie Nelson, while expounding on such topics as religion, handcrafting and meat.

Rhythm of the wild : a life inspired by Alaska's Denali National Park

May 21, 2015
Heacox, Kim.
Guilford, Connecticut : Lyons Press, [2015]
xix, 283 pages ; 24 cm
The first summer. The midnight ride of Kimmy the Kid ; Red socks and Secretary Watt ; Not recommended for rehire -- Ten years later : Toklat River. In the presence of absence ; Alexander Supertramp ; Kantishna gold and Usibelli coal -- Another ten years later : Wonder Lake. Degree north of heaven ; The bear is nowhere and everywhere ; The battle below Mount Galen -- Another ten years later : East Fork cabin. Wolfing down pizza ; The grasshopper effect ; Hiking with Melanie.
"Rhythm of the Heart is a compelling memoir about Kim Heacox's 30+ year relationship with the most iconic landscape in Alaska, a sister book to his 2005 Lyons book The Only Kayak, a PEN USA Literary Award finalist now in its seventh printing. Woven throughout the personal narrative will be stories on the human and natural histories of the Denali National Park, garnished with a conservation polemic, much as Edward Abbey did with Desert Solitaire, and Rick Bass has done with any number of books (that continue to sell well). Heacox will write of Denali through an inspirational arc: to show how a place can touch a life, even save a life, quietly, profoundly, day after day, year after year, and how that saving multiplied by millions of lives over a century makes the world a better place. Heacox makes the argument, through his beautiful and impassioned prose, that we must save these places so they in turn will save us. Denali National Park is the most accessible subarctic sanctuary in the world, and has awakened millions of people to what's authentic, priceless and true. Any serious student of spirituality and the American landscape must one day address his relationship with Alaska, and once in Alaska, he must confront Denali, the heart of the state, the state of the heart"--Provided by publisher.

The Double life of Fidel Castro : my 17 years as personal bodyguard to El Líder Máximo

May 21, 2015
Sánchez, Juan Reinaldo, 1949-
278 pages : color map ; 22 cm
Map on lining papers.
Includes index.
In The Double Life of Fidel Castro, one of Castro's soldiers of 17 years breaks his silence and shares his memoir of years of service, and eventual imprisonment and torture for displeasing the notorious dictator, and his dramatic escape from Cuba.

Battle lines : a graphic history of the Civil War

May 20, 2015
Kelman, Ari, 1968-
New York : Hill and Wang, 2014.
x, 214 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 21 x 26 cm
Featuring breathtaking panoramas and revelatory, unforgettable images, Battle Lines is an utterly original graphic history of the Civil War. A collaboration between the award-winning historian Ari Kelman and the acclaimed graphic novelist Jonathan Fetter-Vorm, Battle Lines showcases various objects from the conflict (a tattered American flag from Fort Sumter, a pair of opera glasses, a bullet, an inkwell, and more), along with a cast of soldiers, farmers, slaves, and well-known figures, to trace an ambitious narrative that extends from the early rumblings of secession to the dark years of Reconstruction. Employing a bold graphic form to illuminate the complex history of this period, Kelman and Fetter-Vorm take the reader from the barren farms of the home front all the way to the front lines of an infantry charge. A daring presentation of the war that nearly tore America apart, Battle Lines is a monumental achievement.

The Revolutionary War diary of Major William Croghan of the Virginia Continental Line, 1779-1780

May 19, 2015
Croghan, William, 1752-1823.
x, 89 pages : illustrations, facsimiles., maps, portrait ; 23 cm.
"Three detachments of Virginia soldiers were dispatched in the last months of 1779 to proceed to South Carolina to aid in the defense of Charleston. A member of the 1st Virginia Regiment, Major William Croghan belonged to this group who were, on account of the rivers being so solidly frozen that ships could not move, obliged to march the 800 miles from the Jerseys to Sullivan's Island in South Carolina's Charleston Harbor. Major Croghan kept an itinerant diary which reveals the hardships, and pleasures, experienced by this group of more than 700 patriots.

Ancient Greece

May 18, 2015
Bailey, Diane.
North Mankato, Minnesota : Essential Library, an imprint of Abdo Publishing, [2015]
112 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), maps ; 24 x 29 cm.
A crossroads of cultures -- On Mediterranean shores -- Citizens and slaves -- Daily life -- Ideas and ideals -- In service to the gods -- The first scientists -- Military muscle -- The Greek legacy -- Timeline -- Ancient history.
Readers will discover the history and accomplishments of the people of ancient Greece, including their cultural achievements and feats of construction.

The Gettysburg Address : perspectives on Lincoln's greatest speech

May 15, 2015
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2015]
xvi, 350 pages ; 24 cm
Part I. Influences -- Classical democracy and the Gettysburg Address / Nicholas P. Cole -- "We here highly resolve": the end of compromise and the return to revolutionary time / Robert Pierce Forbes -- Democracy at Gettysburg / Sean Wilentz -- Daniel Webster, Abraham Lincoln, and the Gettysburg Address / Craig L. Symonds -- "Of all, by all, for all": Theodore Parker, transcendentalism, and the Gettysburg Address / Dean Grodzins -- Death and the Gettysburg Address / Mark S. Schantz -- Shared suffering and the way to Gettysburg / Chandra Manning -- Little note, long remember: Lincoln and the murk of myth at Gettysburg / Allen C. Guelzo -- Part II. Impacts -- "A new birth of freedom": emancipation and the Gettysburg Address / Louis P. Masur -- "The great task remaining before us": Lincoln and Reconstruction / George Rutherglen -- Immigration and the Gettysburg Address: nationalism and equality at the gates / Alison Clark Efford -- Engendering the Gettysburg Address: its meaning for women / Jean H. Baker -- The Gettysburg Address and civil rights / Raymond Arsenault -- Widely noted and long remembered: the Gettysburg Address around the world / Don H. Doyle -- The search for meaning in Lincoln's great oration / Thomas A. Desjardin.
It remains without question the most memorable and memorized speech in American history. In 272 words, spoken on November 19, 1863, among the freshly dug graves of the Union dead at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Abraham Lincoln evoked and distilled the profound significance of the terrible war in which the nation was engaged. This volume aims to place Lincoln's words in their full context. Edited by the country's leading scholars, including Sean Wilentz, Craig L. Symonds, and Harold Holzer, it approaches the Address from a number of fresh perspectives. Taken together, they show why in the century and a half since it was delivered, the Gettysburg Address has proven a seemingly inexhaustible source of somber reflection and soaring hope, its language echoed by those seeking meaning for their own struggles and sacrifices.

The great divide : the conflict between Washington and Jefferson that defined a nation

May 14, 2015
Fleming, Thomas J., author.
Boston, MA : Da Capo Press, a member of the Perseus Books Group, 2015.
viii, 424 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
"In the months after her husband's death, Martha Washington told several friends that the two worst days of her life were the day George died--and the day Thomas Jefferson came to Mount Vernon to offer his condolences. What could elicit such a strong reaction from the nation's original first lady? Though history tends to cast the early years of America in a glow of camaraderie, there were, in fact, many conflicts among the Founding Fathers--none more important than the one between George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. The chief disagreement between these former friends centered on the highest, most original public office created by the Constitutional Convention--the presidency. They also argued violently about the nation's foreign policy, the role of merchants and farmers in a republic, and the durability of the union itself. At the root of all these disagreements were two sharply different visions for the nation's future. Acclaimed historian Thomas Fleming examines how the differing temperaments and leadership styles of Washington and Jefferson shaped two opposing views of the presidency--and the nation. The clash between these two gifted men, both of whom cared deeply about the United States of America, profoundly influenced the next two centuries of America's history and resonates in the present day."--Book jacket.

Photographer and the president : Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Gardner, and the images that made a presidency

May 14, 2015
Lowry, Richard S., 1954-
xiv, 242 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm

Their last full measure : the final days of the Civil War

May 14, 2015
Wheelan, Joseph, author.
xi, 407 pages, 10 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
"As the Confederacy crumbled under the Union army's relentless "hammering," Federal armies marched on the Rebels' remaining bastions in Alabama, the Carolinas, and Virginia. General William T. Sherman's battle-hardened army conducted a punitive campaign against the seat of the Rebellion, South Carolina, while General-in-Chief Ulysses S. Grant sought to break the months-long siege at Petersburg, defended by Robert E. Lee's starving Army of Northern Virginia. In Richmond, Confederate President Jefferson Davis struggled to hold together his unraveling nation while simultaneously sanctioning diplomatic overtures to bid for peace. Meanwhile, President Abraham Lincoln took steps to end slavery in the United States forever. Their Last Full Measure relates these thrilling events, which followed one on the heels of another, from the battles ending the Petersburg siege and forcing Lee's surrender at Appomattox to the destruction of South Carolina's capital, the assassination of Lincoln, and the intensive manhunt for his killer. The fast-paced narrative braids the disparate events into a compelling account that includes powerful armies; leaders civil and military, flawed and splendid; and ordinary people, black and white, struggling to survive in the war's wreckage." -- Publisher's description.

Encyclopedia of the Continental Congresses

May 14, 2015
Grossman, Mark, author.
2 volumes (1746 pages) : illustrations ; 29 cm.
Volume 1. A-K -- Volume 2. L-Z.

The Petersburg and Appomattox camp[a]igns, 1864-1865

May 14, 2015
Maass, John R., author.
Washington, D.C. : Center of Military History, United States Army, 2015.
71 pages : illustrations, color maps ; 22 cm.
Shipping list no.: 2015-0209-P.
"Appomattox 1865, Petersburg 1864-1865."--Page 4 of cover.

War bonds : love stories from the greatest generation

May 12, 2015
Hval, Cindy.
Philadelphia : Casemate, 2015.
214 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Band of gold -- Lady in waiting -- The luck of the draw -- Have a little faith -- Footloose, fancy free and fun -- Dishpan hands -- From sailor to preacher -- Damn Yankee -- Globe trotters -- Little things add up to love -- Pearl Harbor survivors -- Brothers and their brides -- A seat next to you -- Hard to say goodbye -- She still wears the pants -- The farmer's wife -- Pin curls and all -- Letters from home -- Bicycle built for two -- Can't take my eyes off of you -- Happy trails -- Peg O' My Heart -- I've got your number -- The short drive home -- Preacher's boy and farmer's daughter -- The pilot and the WAVE -- Laughing through the years -- Keeping time -- Second look was all it took -- The Marine and the sailor -- So nice to come home to -- Sharing the ride -- First kiss -- Fireworks -- Wings of gold -- Romance on wheels.
"From blind dates to whirlwind romances to long separations, War Bonds highlights stories of couples who met or married during World War II. Each of the the 30 stories begins with a WWII-era song title and concludes with a look at wartime couples in their twilight, as well as when they were so hopeful and young and determined to save the world. Illustrated with photographs from the 1940s as well as current ones of each couple, War Bonds offers readers a glimpse of bygone days, as well as a poignant glimpse of our own" --Dust jacket flap.

Sketches of George Washington by those who were in his presence

May 12, 2015
Flaig, Richard L.
Cincinnati : printed by the author, 2014
76 pages ; 28 cm
Includes index.
Over 100 eyewitness descriptions of George Washington, his physical presence, and character, gathered from a wide variety of sources. Each is prefaced with a brief biographical note about the author.

Night witches : the untold story of Soviet women in combat

May 11, 2015
Myles, Bruce, 1942-
Chicago, Ill. : Academy Chicago, 1990.
272 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 21 cm
Reprint. Originally published: Novato, CA : Presidio, ©1981.

Reagan : the life

May 8, 2015
Brands, H. W.
New York : Doubleday, [2015].
805 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 25 cm
Prairie idyll : 1911-1934 -- The golden west : 1935-1962 -- A time for choosing : 1962-1980 -- Heroic dreams : 1980-1983 -- A worthy adversary : 1984-1986 -- The frosty Iceland air : 1986-1988 -- A ranch in the sky : 1989-2004.
"From master storyteller and New York Times bestselling biographer H. W. Brands, twice a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, comes the first full life of Ronald Reagan since his death. Ronald Reagan today is a conservative icon, celebrated for transforming the American domestic agenda and playing a crucial part in ending communism in the Soviet Union. In his masterful new biography, H. W. Brands argues that Reagan, along with FDR, was the most consequential president of the twentieth century. Reagan took office at a time when the public sector, after a half century of New Deal liberalism, was widely perceived as bloated and inefficient, an impediment to personal liberty. Reagan sought to restore democracy by bolstering capitalism. In Brands's telling, how Reagan, who voted four times for FDR, engineered a conservative transformation of American politics is both a riveting personal journey and the story of America in the modern era. Brands follows Reagan as his ambition for ever larger stages compelled him from a troubled childhood in small-town Illinois to become a radio announcer and then the quintessential public figure of modern America, a movie star. In Hollywood, Reagan edged closer to public service as the president of the Screen Actors' Guild, before a stalled film career led to his unlikely reinvention as the voice of General Electric and a spokesman for corporate America. Reagan follows its subject on his improbable political rise, from the 1960s, when he was first elected governor of California, to his triumphant election in 1980 as president of the United States. Brands employs archival sources not available to previous biographers and dozens of interviews with surviving members of the administration. The result is an exciting narrative and a fresh understanding of a crucially important president and his era"-- Provided by publisher.

The quartet : orchestrating the second American Revolution, 1783-1789

May 7, 2015
Ellis, Joseph J.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2015.
xx, 290 pages ; 24 cm
Preface : Pluribus to Unum -- The Articles and the Vision -- The Financier and the Prodigy -- The Domain -- The Courting -- Madison's Moment -- The Great Debate -- The Final Pieces -- Appendices.
"The prizewinning author of Founding Brothers and American Sphinx now gives us the unexpected story of why the thirteen colonies, having just fought off the imposition of a distant centralized governing power, would decide to subordinate themselves anew. The Quartet is the story of this second American founding and of the men responsible-- some familiar, such as George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison, and some less so, such as Robert Morris and Governeur Morris. It was these men who shaped the contours of American history by diagnosing the systemic dysfunctions created by the Articles of Confederation, manipulating the political process to force a calling of the Constitutional Convention, conspiring to set the agenda in Philadelphia, orchestrating the debate in the state ratifying conventions, and, finally, drafting the Bill of Rights to assure state compliance with the constitutional settlement"-- Provided by publisher.

Potsdam : the end of World War II and the remaking of Europe

May 7, 2015
Neiberg, Michael S.
New York : Basic Books, a member of the Perseus Books Group, [2015].
xxiv, 310 pages : illutrations ; 25 cm
"Jesus Christ and General Jackson" -- "The most terrible responsibility any man ever faced" -- May days -- "Our troubles might not yet be over" -- "A vast undertaking": coming to Potsdam -- "What a scene of destruction" -- "In seventeen days you can decide anything" -- "I dreamed that my life was over" -- "Dismemberment as a permanent fate"? Solving the problem of Germany -- "The bastard of Versailles" -- Dr. Groves's son and the fate of East Asia -- Conclusion.

Whirlwind : the American Revolution and the war that won it

May 7, 2015
Ferling, John E., author.
New York, NY : Bloomsbury Press, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc., 2015.
xxii, 409 pages, 16 pages of unnumbered plates : illustrations (some color), maps ; 25 cm
"I am a Briton": on the brink -- "Loyal but jealous of their liberties": changes in imperial policy and the colonists' thinking, 1759-1766 -- "A plan for governing and quieting them": the second great crisis, 1767-1770 -- "I am unwilling to give up that duty on America": to the Tea Party, 1770-1773 -- "Behold America where matters are driving": 1774, year of momentous decisions -- "Blows must decide whether they are to be subject to this country": the war begins -- "Great Britain is equal to the contest": war brings crucial changes in 1775 -- "The birthday of a new world": America declares independence -- "The American cause is in a critical situation": the New York Campaign in 1776 -- "Across America in a hop, step, and a jump": the campaigns of 1777 -- "The central stone in the geometrical arch": the war is transformed in 1778 -- "The longest purse will win the war": reform at home while the war takes a new turn -- "Whom can we trust now?": a year of disasters, 1780 -- "A war of desolation shocking to humanity": the southern theater in 1780-1781 -- "We have got Cornwallis in a pudding bag": the decisive victory at Yorktown -- "Oh god, it is all over": peace, conspiracy, demobilization, change, 1781-1783.

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