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February 6, 2016
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Teens' guide to college & career planning : your high school roadmap for college and career success

February 5, 2016
Muchnick, Justin Ross, author.
Albany, NY : Peterson's, [2015]
xiv, 242 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm

Stand out : design a personal brand, build a killer portfolio, find a great design job

February 5, 2016
Anderson, Denise.
xi, 254 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 23 cm
Includes index.

Teaching English abroad.

February 4, 2016
Oxford : Vacation Work ; Princeton, N.J. : Distributed in the U.S.A. by Peterson's Guides,
v. : ill. ; 21 cm.
Vols. for 1991-<2016> by Susan Griffith.

The episodic career : how to thrive at work in the age of disruption

February 2, 2016
Chideya, Farai.
New York : Atria Books, 2016.
x, 290 pages ; 24 cm
INTRODUCTION: The future of work is you -- PART ONE: The new new realities of America at work -- 1. Work and the pursuit of happiness -- 2. The new new realities of work -- 3. The economic long view -- PART TWO: The work/life matrix -- 4. Mastering the work/life matrix: know yourself, set your goals, play by your own rules -- PART THREE: Making decisions with heart and smarts -- 5. Resilience is everything: recovering from layoffs, screwups, and other career disasters -- 6. The new new realities of job search -- 7. Hold 'em or fold 'em? When to stay in a job, and when to go -- PART FOUR: the right work for America -- 8. Lifelong learning, lifelong earning -- 9. Money and morality -- 10. Retirement, remixed.
"Find your most rewarding place in today's economy. Award-winning author, researcher, and analyst Farai Chideya offers a practical guide to the ways in which work in America is changing and how you can navigate today's volatile job market. Since the Great Recession of 2007-2009, America's work landscape has changed dramatically. Many people experienced long-term unemployment that eroded their savings, and the globalized economy means that not just jobs but entire career tracks are created and destroyed in front of our eyes. We're living in an age of rapid disruption where we can barely adjust to one new reality before a new new reality comes along. So how are we supposed to live a rewarding life--working fulfilling, stable jobs that also cover our monthly expenses--in such a chaotic economy? In The Episodic Career, Farai Chideya explores the landscape of employment in America. Profiling the rich, the poor, and people from every strata in between, Chideya seeks to understand the many kinds of work we do--for example, not just job fields, but whether we seek to build institutions or seek social change while earning money. In addition, Chideya provides a self-diagnostic tool to help you find your work/life "sweet spot." You'll see how different types of people have navigated their careers and forged their own paths even in times of hardship. As a young reporter at Newsweek, CNN, and ABC, Chideya realized that her working-class Baltimore childhood and factors like Ivy League education affected how people viewed her, and she takes a frank look at stereotypes, employment discrimination, and how to create healthy workplaces. Ultimately, she asks how we as a country can sustain the American Dream. Knowledge of the workplace is power over your career. The Episodic Career provides the big-picture vision of the world economy, as well as the particulars of salary, family, health, and lifestyle that you need to thrive in a rapidly changing world"-- Provided by publisher.

The world's your stage : how performing artists can make a living while still doing what they love

February 1, 2016
Baker, William F., 1942-
New York : AMACOM, American Management Association, 2016.
xvii, 219 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Preface -- some questions and concepts to get you started -- Struggles and triumphs of western musicians -- The performing arts as an industry -- The digital revolution and the performing arts -- Reading and understanding financial statements -- Essential lessons from the great managers -- Essential lessons from the artist-entrepreneurs -- Fundraising -- Auditions, agents, and Angela's story -- The graduation speech.

Music business for dummies

January 25, 2016
Weisman, Loren, author.
xvi, 410 pages : illustrations, 24 cm.
Part I, Getting started in the music business. Getting on the path to results ; A change is gonna come : changes in the music business ; Getting your music business job options on ; Creating a music business plan -- Part II, Making music and creating your brand. Writing, rehearsing, recording, and performing ; Creating and following a production plan ; Creating your brand ; Getting noticed : your keywords, bio, and call to action ; Securing your music and brand -- Part III, Marketing and promoting for the long haul. Building your website and social media presence ; Planning for content marketing throughout the year ; Combining online and physical marketing ; Planning music, merchandise, and event drops -- Part IV, Maintaining your successful career. Touring and performing ; Securing sponsorships and endorsements ; Considering additional opportunities ; Tracking and analyzing your progress ; Persevering, problem-solving, and retiring -- Part V, Part of tens. Ten habits of successful musicians ; Ten tips on presenting yourself professionally.
"Learn to: navigate the music business to pursue a successful and sustainable career; follow a plan that builds your success, one step at a time; create a brand that stands out to fans and industry professionals; understand music publishing, contracts, copyrights, and licensing"--Cover.

Firefighter exam.

January 22, 2016
New York : LearningExpress,
v. : ill. ; 28 cm.
At head of cover title: LearningExpress.

Powering up a career in software development and programming

January 20, 2016
Harmon, Daniel E., author.
New York : Rosen Publishing, 2016.
80 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm.
Technology that dazzles -- Prepare now for your career -- Careers in software development -- Careers in programming -- Careers in related fields -- Landing a job -- Wide-open opportunities.

High school transition that works! : lessons learned from Project SEARCH

January 6, 2016
Daston, Maryellen.
Baltimore, MD : Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., [2012]
xv, 241 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm
Obstacles to meaningful employment for people with disabilities -- The Project SEARCH model : a business-driven approach -- The Project SEARCH high school transition program -- Designing effective internships -- Project SEARCH is a collaborative model -- Expanding horizons : early life experiences that promote employability -- Complex and systematic jobs -- Job retention and career advancement -- Workplace conduct : Project SEARCH as a real-life learning laboratory -- Adapting the Project SEARCH model to different environments -- Where do we go from here?

Getting a coding job for dummies

December 21, 2015
Abraham, Nikhil, author.
viii, 278 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.

Getting a networking job for dummies

December 21, 2015
Gregory, Peter H., author.
xii, 320 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Includes index.
Introduction -- So you want to be a networking professional -- Having the right stuff -- Finding a job with the right organization -- Getting hired! -- The part of tens.
Jump-start your career in computer networking! Gregory and Hughes give you all the tools and step-by-step guidance you need to stand out from the crowd, get your foot in the door, and secure a job in the fast-growing sector.

Getting a social media job for dummies

December 21, 2015
Briz, Brooks, author.
xii, 358 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Includes index.
The big picture of social media jobs -- Seeing yourself in a social media job -- Key social media concepts you should know -- Roles in social media revealed -- Foundation of social media education -- Making your own way -- Knowing your social media tools -- Life as a social media consultant -- Working as an in-house social media specialist -- Living on the edge with a start-up -- Starting your own social media company -- Building your network and your brand -- Creating a winning résumé -- Preparing to nail your interview -- Becoming a star employee -- Creating reasonable expectations -- Getting ahead -- Getting a job even if you have one -- Ten social media best practices -- Avoiding ten common social media job mistakes -- Ten ways to stand out from the crowd -- Top ten social media resources.
A practical guide on looking for a job in social media. The authors help you target companies, write your résumé, decide whether-- and where-- to continue your social media education, and give you ten resources you can't be without.

Getting a web development job for dummies

December 21, 2015
Taylor, Kathleen, 1953-
Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley, [2015]
x, 298 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Includes index.
Introduction -- Getting a job in web development. Seeing the big picture of web development jobs ; Exploring web development career paths ; Understanding where web designers work ; Seeing yourself in a web development job -- Core technologies for web development. Charting your path in web development ; Discovering the technology behind the internet ; Introducing web history ; Introducing HTML ; Understanding CSS and JavaScript ; Tracing the web development life cycle ; Implementing and shipping a site -- Getting your education. Getting an education for web development ; Exploring certificate programs and advanced degrees ; Knowing web graphics tools -- Charting your career path. Using Dreamweaver and WordPress for your sites ; Building a competitive portfolio site ; Getting the interview ; Getting and doing the job -- The part of tens. Ten frequently asked questions in web-developer interviews ; Ten interesting job search websites for web developers ; Ten red-hot roles for web developers.
Chart your path for a career in web development. Taylor and Smith help you start your career, by explaining the major categories of web development jobs, showing you how to position yourself for the job you want, and giving you advice on how to keep and grow within your ideal job once you've found it.

Getting an information security job for dummies

December 21, 2015
Gregory, Peter H., author.
Hoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley and Sons, Inc., [2015]
x, 324 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Includes index.
Introduction -- So you want to be an InfoSec professional -- Having the right stuff -- Finding a job with the right organization -- Getting hired! -- The part of tens.
Looking for a great job in a booming field? Information security is the first thing you need to know, and Gregory gives you tips on technical requirements, creating your resume, what to do after the interview, and much more. You'll get a peek inside different InfoSec jobs, and look at the pros and cons of working for security vendors, private companies, or the government.

Getting an IT help desk job for dummies

December 21, 2015
Regas, Tyler, author.
Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, [2015]
xiv, 252 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Includes index.
Introduction -- So you want to be an IT help desk engineer -- What you need to know -- Finding the right position for you -- Landing the job -- The part of tens.
The Help Desk is the heart of most IT operations and the launch pad for many IT careers. Regas shows you how to identify your goal; the education you'll need; how to stand out when applying for the job; and what to do-- and not do-- after you land the job.

What they don't teach you in library school

December 15, 2015
Doucett, Elisabeth.
Chicago : American Library Association, 2011.
viii, 149 pages ; 23 cm.
Includes index.
The right job -- Planning your career -- Networking -- Making "librarian" a brand -- Understanding your new work environment : your library -- Understanding your new work environment : your community -- How to manage problem patrons in the library -- Managing confrontation productively -- Public speaking -- Teamwork -- Promotional marketing -- Thinking like a retailer -- Strategic planning -- Trend tracking -- Facilities management / by Robert E. Dugan -- Figures and finances.
MLS programs do a good job of teaching the basic skills of being a librarian - how to catalog books, how to clarify a reference request, how to run a story hour. But as any working librarian will tell you, that's not the half of it. A long-time library administrator, Elisabeth Doucett gives new librarians a full dose of practical advice and wisdom that remains between the lines of most library curriculum, while also teaching seasoned professionals a thing or two. Gleaned from years of hard-fought experience, this book: a) covers a variety of library topics that are truly relevant to the day-to-day job, such as management, administration, and marketing; b) shows how librarians can use practical business and organizational skills to do a better job and further their careers; and c) presents information in a grab-and-go format perfect that's ready to apply in the real world. For MLS graduates just entering the job market, as well as individuals interested in switching gears through promotion or advancement, Doucett offers the inside scoop on what a librarian really needs to know.

Business basics for musicians : the complete handbook from start to success

December 1, 2015
Borg, Bobby, author.
xviii, 287 pages ; 25 cm.
Includes index.

Crafter's market.

November 25, 2015
Cincinnati, Ohio : Fons & Porter, 2015-
volumes : illustrations ; 24 cm
"How to sell your crafts and make a living."

Knock 'em dead.

October 14, 2015
Boston. : Bob Adams.
v. ; 24 cm.
Vols. for 1987-1992 have subtitle: "with great answers to tough interview questions" : 1993-2002 have subtitle: "the ultimate job seeker's handbook" ; <2006-2016> "Ultimate job seeker's guide" (varies slightly).
Imprint varies: 1991- Holbrook, Mass. : Adams Publishing ; <1999-2016> Holbrook, Mass. : Adams Media Corporation.

Best jobs for ex-offenders : 101 opportunities to jump-start your new life

September 29, 2015
Krannich, Ronald L., author.
iv, 139 pages ; 26 cm
1: Find the best jobs for you! -- The cost of sunlight; A failed but hopeful system; Jobs and re-offending; On your own on the outside; Consider new options; Identify the "best" jobs for you; Look for exciting new occupations; Implications of future trends for you; Your hopeful first job out; Late-breaking education news for inmates -- 2: Transitional employment experiences. -- Taking initiative, encountering reality; Employers want proof of performance; Importance of transitional work experiences; Creating your new record; Best employer-centered approaches for ex-offenders -- 3: Job restrictions affecting ex-offenders. -- I've fallen down and; Barriers to employment from within yourself; External barriers to employment; What you need to do; What employers know about your record -- 4: Construction trades and related jobs. -- Promising opportunities, unstable future; Turnover occupations; Recession-proof trades; Useful online resources; Brickmasons, blockmasons, and stonemasons; Carpenters; Carpet, floor, and tile installers and finishers; Construction and building inspectors; Construction equipment operators; Construction laborers; Drywall installers, ceiling tile installers, and tapers; Electricians; Elevator installers and repairers; Glaziers; Hazardous materials removal workers; Insulation workers; Painters, construction, and maintenance; Plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters; Roofers; Sheet metal workers; Structural iron and steel workers; Ask yourself -- 5: Installation, maintenance, and repair occupations. -- Aircraft and avionics equipment mechanics and service technicians; Automotive body and glass repairers; Automotive service technicians and mechanics; General maintenance and repair workers; Heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics and installers; Line installers and repairers; Small engine mechanics -- 6: Science, math, engineering, and technology Jobs. -- Computer support specialists; Cost estimators; Drafters ; Electrical and electronics engineering technicians; Electrical and electronics installers and repairers; Information security analysts; Operations research analysts -- 7: Production occupations. -- Machinists and tool and die makers; Painting and coating workers; Welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers; Production occupations in decline -- 8: Transportation and material moving occupations. -- Bus drivers; Cargo and freight agents; Delivery truck drivers and driver/sales workers; Hand laborers and material movers; Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers; Taxi drivers and chauffeurs; Water transportation occupations -- 9. Travel and hospitality Jobs. -- The Industry and its many players; Air traffic controllers; Chefs and head cooks; Cruise line jobs; Food and beverage servicing and related workers; Food service managers; Hotel, motel, and resort desk clerks; Meeting, convention, and event planners -- 10. 52 more jobs for ex-offenders. Employment restrictions revisited; Computer and internet jobs; Health and medical care jobs; Sales and related jobs; Sports, entertainment, and media jobs; Military, government, and nonprofit jobs; Start your own business -- The 101 best jobs: summary index, education, salary -- Re-entry success resources.
"Examining many jobs in terms of employment outlook, nature of work, working conditions, education and training requirements, expected earnings, and recommended resources, the book serves as a handy directory for exploring job options appropriate for ex-offenders...includes summary charts of today's best jobs and separate chapters on transitional employment experiences, job restrictions on ex-offenders, and internal and external barriers to employment. The message throughout is very clear: ex-offenders are employable. Given useful information, an action plan, and a positive attitude couple with drive, they can become successful...can create a new future filled with freedom, purpose, joy, and prosperity!"--Back cover.

Your child's career in music and entertainment : the prudent parent's guide from start to stardom

September 15, 2015
Beer, Steven C., author.
xviii, 165 pages ; 21 cm.
"In today's competitive society, parents face great pressure to encourage their children to follow their dreams and strive for excellence. Organized in a practical question-and-answer format, Your Child's Career in Music and Entertainment: The Prudent Parent's Guide raises and addresses many of the issues parents encounter when seeking to turn their children's creative passion and talent into a sustainable career in entertainment. Topics include: Knowing which professionals to consult and when; Finding and preparing for auditions; Dealing with the financial aspects; Understanding statutory and regulatory legal protections for children; Creating balance for the whole family. Most importantly, maintaining a child's health and happiness is underlined throughout. Drawing on author Steven Beer's extensive contacts in the industry, the book quotes the personal experiences of industry players, stars and their parents, and veteran sources. This indispensable guide will help parents ensure that their children are instilled with morals and values that will make them not just good performers, but good people, capable of becoming responsible adults who will run their own careers someday.

The career guide for creative and unconventional people

September 10, 2015
Eikleberry, Carol, author.
ix, 262 pages ; 21 cm
Previous edition published in 2007.
"A practical career guide for creatively inclined job seekers of all ages. This new edition has been revised to reflect the freedom offered by the new work order, delve more deeply into freelancing as a career, explore social media as it relates to creative job searches, provide new success stories, bring all salary information up to date, and add new job descriptions to the directory of more than 280 creative occupations"-- Provided by publisher.

The ex-offender's new job finding & survival guide : 10 steps for successfully re-entering the work world

September 1, 2015
Krannich, Ronald L., author.
x, 230 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
Includes index.
Getting a new and improved life -- Be truthful, realistic, and focused on shaping your future -- Step 1: examine and change your attitudes -- Step 2: seek assistance and become proactive -- Step 3: select appropriate job search approaches -- Step 4: assess your skills and identify your MAS -- Step 5: develop a powerful objective -- Step 6: conduct research on jobs, employers, and communities -- Step 7: write effective applications, resumes, and letters -- Step 8: network for information, advice and referrals -- Step 9: develop winning job interview skills -- Step 10: negotiate salary and benefits like a pro -- Starting right, surviving and advancing your career -- No more firewalls! Navigating today's electronic world.
"Originally published as The ex-offender's job hunting guide (2005), this ground-breaking book offers sound re-entry employment advice for those with red flags in their backgrounds and those who may appear unemployable."--Provided by publisher.

How to get a job in the music industry

August 26, 2015
Hatschek, Keith, author.
xvii, 301 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Foreword / by Tony Brown -- The music business and career overview. Music industry careers : what you need to know before you pursue one ; Today's job market : the big picture ; Does geography matter? ; What kinds of jobs are out there? ; Why understanding career ladders is essential ; Further expanding your career knowledge base ; Preparing for success with goal-setting -- Personal career tool kit. Analyzing job descriptions ; Your marketable skill set ; Building a winning résumé ; Make your résumé sparkle with worth points ; How to write effective cold and cover letters ; Social media and your online brand ; Schmooze or lose : networking your way to your next job -- Putting the tools to work (Your job search action plan). Digging in the dirt ; Fast-track your growth with trade associations and mentors ; How to ace job interviews ; Auditioning for your job : the role of internships ; Your job search action plan : the three best means to land a music-industry job -- Putting it all together : your long range career success. Are you ready to hit the streets? ; Thriving throughout your music industry career -- Interviews : nine under thirty-five. Blythe Nelson ; Candice Choi ; Samantha Juneman ; David Creel ; Lauren Kasper ; Dan Radin ; Elisa Asato ; Ken Shackelford ; Emma Peterson -- Appendix A. Authors' career paths -- Appendix B. Selected resources. Books and directories ; General Internet resources ; Job-related web sites ; Job directories and search engines ; Other books and reference sources ; Industry biographies ; Periodicals -- Appendix C. Trade associations.
If you dream about a career in the music industry, this book is for you. These practical strategies will help you to prepare for and land your dream job in the music business. Thousands of readers have used this book to educate and empower themselves and jumpstart successful music industry careers. You can, too! The third edition includes a new career tool kit and social media strategy. Inside you'll find: details on booming job prospects in digital music distribution and music licensing; interviews with nine music industry professionals under 35 who discuss how they got their starts, plus what skills today's leading job candidates must possess.

Leap : leaving a job with no Plan B to find the career and life you really want

August 24, 2015
Vigeland, Tess, author.
242 pages ; 22 cm.
Signing Off -- Oh Sh!t -- Running From Fear -- The Eat, Pray, Love Thing -- What's Stopping You? -- Leaning Out And Climbing Down -- The Grind -- Money Money Money -- The Kids Will Probably Be All Right -- Not All Peaches And Cream -- A Dog Whistle In The Mountains -- Redefining Success And Work -- Getting Back To Remarkable.
For the multitude of Americans who change jobs mid-career (by choice or circumstance), the growing legions of freelance workers, and the entrepreneurially-minded who see self-employment as an increasingly more appealing and viable option, Tess Vigeland has created a personal and well-researched account of leaping without a net. With her signature humor, she writes honestly about the fear, uncertainty, and risk involved in leaving the traditional workforce, but also the excitement, resources, and possibilities that are on the other side. Part memoir and part field guide, this book offers a funny, thoughtful, and provocative look at how to find satisfaction and success when pursuing a career less ordinary.


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