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April 30, 2016
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

The artist's compass : the complete guide to building a life and a living in the performing arts

April 29, 2016
Moore, Rachel, 1964-
New York : Touchstone, 2016.
xviii, 204 pages ; 22 cm
What does success look like to you? : assessing your goals and strengths as an artist -- The business of performing arts : how the industry works and how you can be a part of it -- Promoting brand "you" : projecting your voice and getting yourself heard -- Who can help? : establishing a network of support to guide the way -- Finding work : where to look, what to ask, and how to land the job -- How to be financially smart from the start : taxes, insurance, and other important survival smarts -- When things go wrong : how to prepare, where to go, what to do -- How to make a "life" (not just a living) as a performer : you are more than what you do for a living.
"In The Artist's Compass, Los Angeles Music Center CEO Rachel Moore shares how to make life as a performer more successful, secure, and sustainable by approaching a career in the arts like an entrepreneur. A former dancer in the American Ballet Theatre's corps de ballet, Moore knows firsthand what it's like to struggle and succeed as an artist. Now in an offstage role as CEO, Moore shares the hard-won lessons she's learned about making one's own success and encourages every performer to develop creative talent alongside marketable skills. With testimonials from artists like Lang Lang, Sigourney Weaver, and Renee Fleming, plus inspiring anecdotes from Moore's own journey in the arts, The Artist's Compass teaches aspiring performers how to think like an entrepreneur to create their own brand and marketing platform to achieve personal and professional success. In an engaging, realistic, and authoritative voice, Moore combines her artistic and corporate experience to address the finer points of building a career in a challenging industry, teaching young performers how to achieve financial independence so that they might have creative independence"--Provided by publisher.

The complete singer-songwriter : a troubadour's guide to writing, performing, recording and business

April 27, 2016
Rodgers, Jeffrey Pepper, 1964- author.
Milwaukee, WI : Backbeat Books, an imprint of Hal Leonard Corporation, [2016]
xi, 236 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Includes index.
"HL00145576"--Back cover.
First verse. Love and theft -- The myth of perfection -- Fact and fiction -- In search of style -- Commercial considerations -- Starting points. Fishing for ideas -- Songwriting tools -- Free writing -- Songwriting games -- Song form. Parts of a song -- Using rhyme -- Understanding chord progressions. Songwriting by number -- Progressions in major keys -- Progressions in minor keys -- Simple substitutions -- Blues/rock changes -- On the drawing board. The editing process -- Collaborating -- Onstage. Getting ready to perform -- Finding venues -- Gear matters -- Booking basics -- Agents and helpers -- In the studio. Getting ready to record -- Home vs. Studio recording -- Engineering and producing -- Making tracks -- The label connection -- Taking care of business. Copyrighting your songs -- Tapping into the public domain -- Music publishings basics -- Digital royalties -- Surviving and thriving in the DIY age.
The Complete Singer-Songwriter is the ultimate guide for the modern performer, chock-full of tips, tools, and inspiration for both aspiring troubadours and those looking to take their craft and career to the next level. Author Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers draws on firsthand interviews with songwriting legends and rising stars; expert advice from managers, agents, lawyers, and publishers; and his own experiences as a performing songwriter. He offers this invaluable companion for singer-songwriters on their journey from idea to song to the stage, studio, and beyond.

The art of singing onstage and in the studio : understanding the psychology, relationships, and technology in performing and recording

April 26, 2016
Hamady, Jennifer, author.
Montclair : Hal Leonard Books, 2016.
vii, 181 pages ; 23 cm
Includes index.

Here's the plan : your practical, tactical guide to advancing your career through pregnancy and parenting

April 25, 2016
Downey, Allyson, author.
Berkeley, California : Seal Press, [2015]
257 pages ; 21 cm
Getting knocked up without getting knocked down -- Making a change -- Getting ready for leave -- Family responsibilities discrimination and pregnancy -- Maternity leave -- Hiring a caregiver -- Returning to work -- What to do to drive change.

Is there an engineer inside you? : a comprehensive guide to career decisions in engineering

April 21, 2016
Baine, Celeste.
Eugene, OR : Engineering Education Service Center, [c2015].
198, [10] pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
On cover: Now includes engineering technology.
What is engineering -- The many faces of engineering.

The mentor myth : how to take control of your own success

April 20, 2016
Carreau, Debby, author.
Brookline, MA : Bibliomotion, Inc., 2016.
xvii, 200 pages ; 23 cm
Taking control of your career -- Laying the right foundation: education and new jobs -- A week is 168 hours -- use them wisely -- Everything speaks: personal brand matters -- The four Cs you won't learn in B-school -- Your network and sponsors -- Overpromise, overdeliver -- Taking action and risks -- The value of failure and resilience.

No fears, no excuses : what you need to do to have a great career

April 19, 2016
Smith, Larry, 1945- author.
Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, [2016].
xvi, 255 pages ; 22 cm
Part I: Finding Your Passion -- 1. Why Good Work Is No Longer Good Enough -- 2. Why "Safe" Jobs Are a Myth -- 3. How Logic and Evidence Will Find You Work You Love -- 4. The Most Common Career Mistakes -- Part II: Creating Your Career Plan -- 5. Getting Yourself Ready -- 6. Find Your Edge -- 7. Sell Yourself by Selling -- 8. Execute and Revise -- Part III: Confronting Fears And Excuses -- 9. Anatomy of the Excuse -- 10. How Great Careers and Loving Families Go Hand in Hand -- 11. The Bottom Line of Great Careers -- 12. When Your Passion Collides with Your Fears.
"A provocative new approach to discovering your true calling in life and achieving not just a good career, but a great one,"

The little silver book interviewing : everything you need to know

April 19, 2016
Berdiev, D. Neil, author.
xviii, 237 pages ; 21 cm

Careers in law enforcement

April 19, 2016
Johnston, Coy H., author.
xvii, 254 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm

Becoming a graphic & digital designer : a guide to careers in design

April 19, 2016
Heller, Steven, author.
Hoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., [2015]
335 pages : illustrations (mostly color) ; 23 cm
Glossary ; Job opportunities ; Job seeking ; The optimum portfolio ; First impressions -- One. Graphic design : Inspirations and motivations : On being a graphic designer / Michael Bierut ; Selfish--in a good way / Stephen Doyle ; On being self-motivated / Stefan Sagmeister ; Still designing after all these years / Arnold Schwartzman ; The joys of print design / Gail Anderson -- Starting a studio or working for someone else : Mapping out the future / Lynda Decker ; From boss to employee / Fernando Music -- Working holistically / Allison Henry Aver ; Creative space / Romain Raclin ; Staying independent / Alexander Isley ; Small is sensible / Agnieszka Gasparska ; Championing design / Bobby Martin and Jennifer Kinon -- What a dream client looks like / Antonio Alcalá ; From band member to design leader / Mark Pernice ; Balancing studio and home / Tamara Gildengers Connolly ; One person, all alone / Araba Simpson ; Designing for design firms / Matt Luckhurst -- Partners on partnering : Not a lot of verbalizing / Hjalti Karlsson and Jan Wilker ; Sharing responsibilities / Stuart Rogers and Sam Eckersley ; How partners become partners / Justin Colt and Jose Fresneda ; Two partners, one passion / Greg D'Onofrio and Patricia Belen ; At present we are three / Scott Buschkuhl -- Two. Design genres : Letters and type : Lettering as art and business / Marian Bantjes ; There's a type designer in the house / Andy Cruz and Rich Roat ; Typography that speaks up / Pierre di Scuillo ; An illustrator's passion for type / Ross MacDonald ; For the love of type / Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich ; How many typefaces can you love? -- Making logos and marks : The mark maker / Mark Fox -- Books and book jackets : Making a living doing books / Scott-Martin Kosofsky ; Books and e-books / Michael Carabetta ; The bookkeeper / Paul Buckley ; Making visual books / Jim Heimann -- Editorial design : Print is bouncing back / Len Small ; Art director becomes editor / Susanna Shannon -- Social innovation : Citizen designer / Mark Randall ; Socially impactful design / Bob McKinnon -- Branding and packaging : Approachable design / Sharon Werner -- Illustration design : Poster man / Michel Bouvet ; Design is like classical ballet / Mirko Ilic ; Graphic commentary and design / Steve Brodner ; The old new illustration / Steven Guarnaccia ; Fraudulent graphic designer / Neil Gower ; Designing pictures / Craig Frazier -- Three. Transitional design : Understanding change : The architect of understanding / Richard Saul Wurman ; Crossing disciplines ; Creating interactions / Petrula Vrontikis ; The experience of the information / Erik Adigard ; Graphic design as a cause / Véronique Marrier ; Making transitions: returning to school with Barbara DeWilde -- Eccentrics and design quirkiness : Celebrating commercial art / Charles S. Anderson ; Over-the-top digital D.I.Y. / Antoine Andiau and Manuel Warosz ; H5: getting an Oscar for graphic design / Ludovic Houplain ; Designing cooties / Cary Munion ; Speaking frankly / Nick Ace -- What comes next : Disposable ideas / Timothy Goodman ; Making design meals / Ryan Feerer ; Design entrepreneurship ; "I am reckless!" / Franco Cervi -- Four. Digital design : Interactive multimedia installations and interfaces : Debugging the language of digital job titles ; Subverting the mental map / Jeroen Barendse ; Demomaking for a living / Julien Gachadoat ; The new motion / Ada Whitney ; Defining the new animation: popularity / J.J. Sedelmeir ; Defining the new animation: technology's perks / J.J. Sedelmeir ; Asking the right questions / Jean-Louis Fréchin ; Working for Google / Alexander Chen -- Designing apps for mobile devices : Between text and images / Sean Bumgarner ; Always learning / Michel Chanaud ; Designer as accelerator / John Kilpatrick ; Digital books and magazines by contemporary artists / Nicolas Ledoux and Pascal Béjean ; Typography on the Web / Jason Santa Maria ; Games as powerful motivators / Frédérique Krupa ; Girls and games -- E-commerce with a soul : Growing into a job / Randy J. Hunt ; Online editorial ventures / Lucy Sisman ; Addicted to startups / Nancy Kruger Cohen -- User experience specialists : Understanding human-computer interaction / Bruce Charonnat ; Using the audience as media / Michael Aidan ; Mapping the relationship between ideas / Hugh Dubberly ; To publish: to create a public for books / Matthew Stadler -- Geeks, programmers, developers, tinkerers : Controlling computers with our thoughts / Frieder Nake ; Iterations and algorithms / Mark Webster -- Five. Design education : Making choices : Old school, new school / Andrea Marks ; Educating design entrepreneurs / Lita Talarico ; Developing the right attitude / Rudi Meyer ; Idiosyncratic contexts / Lucille Tenazas ; Interfacing with UX / Liz Danzico ; The maker generation / Allan Chochinov ; Students and surveillance / David Carroll ; APPS that track / David Carroll -- Appendix 1 : College directory -- Appendix 2 : Additional reading.
"Building on the past sucesses of Becoming a Graphic Designer and Becoming a Digital Designer, this newly combined fifth edition addresses the demands of finding and suceeding at a design career in the 21st century"--Back cover.

The ultimate guide to the physician assistant profession : a personal mentoring guide to success

April 19, 2016
Ohanesian, Jessi Rodriguez.
xxi, 296 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
History of the profession -- Physician assistants in the healthcare system -- Physician assistant school -- Physician assistant student life -- Transition from school to work -- Inter-professional collaboration in healthcare delivery -- Endless opportunities -- Working outside the box -- Incentive -- Inspirational leaders : a collection of personal professional biographies.
"A must read for anyone considering a physician assistant career! The Ultimate Guide to the Physician Assistant Profession offers an insider look at the daily lives of practicing PAs and explores the opportunities available in each of the medical specialties in which PAs can work. Reviewed by the American Academy of Physician Assistant (AAPA), vignettes provide unique insights into the profession and the various specialties. Conversational tone guides high school & college students and adults considering a career change through the rewards and benefits of working as a physician assistant"--Provided by publisher.

The job search navigator : an expert's guide to getting hired, surviving layoffs, and building your career

April 19, 2016
Durfee, Matt, author.
xiv, 265 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Dealing with Job Loss -- Chasing Your Dream -- The Best Resume Wins -- The Art and Science of Networking -- Finding Your Next Job -- Preparing for Interviews -- Acing the Interview -- Negotiation Skills -- Onboarding -- Rude Awakening.
"A guide to successful job searching, with expert advice from executives, recruiters, and the author, based on his extensive personal experience"-- Provided by publisher.

Launch a teaching career : secrets for aspiring teachers

April 19, 2016
Leibman, Peter, author.
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2015]
xxii, 198 pages ; 23 cm
Includes index.

The leap : launching your full-time career in our part-time economy

April 19, 2016
Dickie, Robert.
Chicago : Moody Publishers, [2015]
203 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
A leap in the midst of a black swan -- Make a plan -- Avoid anchors -- Develop your muscles -- Grow your income -- Build your brand -- Utilize social media -- Expand your network -- Join the team -- Pay it forward -- Leap into leadership -- Stick the landing.
"The world, our economy, and technology have all made major leaps in the past decade-have you made The Leap along with them?Work is different for this new generation than it has been in the past. Long-term careers are on the way out, and "gigs"--Part-time, contract, or freelance work-are becoming more common. Whether you're in the midst of a career or just getting started, now is the time to prepare for changes headed your way. What does it look like to avoid anchors? To create multiple income streams? To brand yourself? These tasks are critical to new generations entering the workforce. Robert Dickie has served as a decorated Air Force Officer, the CEO of an international company, and as the leader of several non-profits. He now serves as president of Crown. With real world experience and advice from a host of industry leaders, Bob outlines seven proven strategies for operating in our ever-changing landscape that can be translated into a practical personal action plan to achieve results. This book is exactly what's needed to help a new generation of adults make the leap to work that lasts in this new economy"-- Provided by publisher.

Occupational outlook handbook.

April 15, 2016
Washington, D.C. : The Bureau of Labor Statistics ; For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O.
v. : ill. ; 28 cm.
Some copies published by various commercial publishers such as JistWorks, Bernan Press, and Skyhorse Publishing.
"Employment information on major occupations for use in guidance" (varies).
Describes 250 occupations which cover approximately 107 million jobs.

The hot seat : how to meet the challenge of a new era in job interviewing : a must-read interview book that takes you from a dream to a career

April 14, 2016
Ballinger, Zachariah, author.
185 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm

Interviewing : bonus included! 37 ways to have unstoppable confidence in your interview

April 14, 2016
Gray, Jack, author.
120 pages ; 23 cm
The phone interview request -- The phone interview -- Invitation for an in-person interview -- You're interviewing them, too! -- Interview manners -- Preparing for the interview -- Questions to except -- Your turn: Questions you should ask -- Thank you, thank you, thank you! (But don't be obnoxious) -- Bonus: 37 ways to have absolute confidence in your interview -- Conclusion.

201 careers in nursing

April 14, 2016
Fitzpatrick, Joyce J., 1944-
New York, NY : Springer, ©2012.
xviii, 290 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
Pain management nurse -- Pain management nurse practitioner -- Palliative care nurse practitioner -- Parish nurse -- Patient education coordinator -- Patient review instrument nurse assessor -- Peace corps volunteer -- Pediatric cardiac nurse anesthetist -- Pediatric nurse -- Pediatric nurse anesthetist -- Pediatric nurse practitioner -- Pediatric oncology nurse -- Performance improvement director -- Profile: Jason Tan, performance improvement coordinator -- Perianesthesia nurse -- Perioperative nurse practitioner -- Perinatal nurse -- Pharmaceutical representative -- Pharmaceutical research nurse -- Plastic and reconstructive surgery nurse -- Poison information nurse -- Private duty nurse -- Psychiatric nurse -- Public and community health nurse -- Public policy adviser -- Pulmonary/respiratory nurse -- Quality assurance nurse -- Radiology nurse -- Rapid response nurse -- Recovery room nurse -- Recruiter -- Rehabilitation nurse -- Reproductive nurse -- Research coordinator -- Researcher -- Profile: Mary Kerr, nurse researcher -- Respiratory nurse practitioner -- Rheumatology nurse -- Risk-management nurse -- Rural health nurse -- School nurse -- Scrub nurse -- Simulation laboratory director -- Profile: Kelli Bryant, simulation laboratory director -- Space nurse/astronaut -- Spinal cord injury nurse -- Staff development educator -- Staff nurse -- Subacute/transition care nurse -- Telehealth nurse -- Telemetry nurse -- Telephonic triage nurse -- Transcultural nurse -- Transplant nurse -- Trauma nurse -- Travel nurse -- Triage nurse -- Underwriter nurse -- University provost/president -- Urology nurse -- Utilization review nurse -- Vaccination nurse -- Vascular nurse -- Veterinarian nurse -- Women's health nurse -- Women's health nurse practitioner -- Wound/ostomy/continence nurse -- Wound ostomy continence care nurse practitioner -- Appendixes : A. Your guide to certification ; B. Tables regarding salary, employment, and other data.
"Includes 201 nursing careers, each with career descriptions, educational requirements, and requisite skills; Provides information about certification and salaries with relevant websites included; Features interviews with nurses in academia and practice settings"--Cover.

Healthcare career guide

April 14, 2016
Turner, Susan Odegaard, author.
vii, 249 pages ; 23 cm
Healthcare as a career -- Career development -- Encouraging others to succeed -- Workplace transition -- General career skills -- Healthcare roles -- Healthcare roles outside hospitals -- Advanced practice roles -- Life as a new healthcare graduate -- Professional advocacy -- Supervision and management skills -- Your evolving career -- Creating your healthcare career future.
"This guide will help you at all phases of your career, general career skills, and dealing with complicated issues like layoff and transition.There are numerous self assessment tools for you to assess your individual career process. Susan Odegaard Turner served as the Healthcare career expert at for over 5 years, and is a internationally known speaker and author. This career guide addresses all the questions readers have about entering the healthcare field."

Ignite the fire : the secrets to building a successful personal training career

April 14, 2016
Goodman, Jonathan, CSCS. author.
236 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm

60 seconds & you're hired!

April 14, 2016
Ryan, Robin, 1955- author.
Santa Barbara : Penguin Books, [2016]
xv,199 pages ; 20 cm
Revised edition of the author's 60 seconds and you're hired!, 2008.
Why 60 seconds? -- 5 point agenda -- 60 second sell -- Hiring trends -- Interview etiquette -- The job promotion interview -- 60-second answers to tough, tricky questions -- Salary questions -- Questions you should ask -- Negotiating the best deal -- 13 types of interviews -- Pitfalls to avoid -- The spotlight is on you -- The convincing close -- 60 seconds and you're hired!
"Now fully revised and updated for the 2016 job hunt--the must-have guide to acing the interview and landing the dream job, from "America's top career expert" (Bloomberg Radio) 60 Seconds & You're Hired! has already helped thousands of job seekers get their dream jobs by excelling in crucial interviews. America's top job search expert Robin Ryan draws on her 20 years as a career counselor, 30 years of direct hiring, and extensive contact with hundreds of recruiters, decisions makers, and HR professionals to teach you proven strategies to help you take charge of the interview process and get the job you want. Brief, compact, and packed with insightful direction to give you the cutting edge to slip past the competition, 60 Seconds & You're Hired! is here to help you succeed! This newly revised edition features: Unique techniques like "The 60 Second Sell" and "The 5-Point Agenda" More than 120 answers to tough, tricky interview questions employers often ask How to handle structured or behavioral interview questions Questions you should always ask, and questions you should never ask How to deal effectively with any salary questions to preserve your negotiating power 20 interview pitfalls to avoid Proven negotiation techniques that secure higher salaries - and much more! "Robin Ryan has the inside track on how to get hired." --ABC News"-- Provided by publisher.

Great answers, great questions for your job interview

April 14, 2016
Block, Jay A.
New York : McGraw-Hill Education, [2014]
vi, 264 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Introduction -- Part 1. Before the interview -- Part 2. During the interview -- Part 3. After the interview -- Acknowledgments -- Index.
"'Great Answers, Great Questions for Your Job Interview' prepares you to answer the trickiest questions and make yourself stand out from the competition. From pre-interview research to follow-up calls, this proven guide walks you through every step of the process and provides powerful advice on customizing your résumé for any position, "--Back cover.

101 great answers to the toughest interview questions

April 14, 2016
Fry, Ronald W., author.
Wayne, NJ : Career Press, [2016]
208 pages ; 21 cm
Includes index.
Introduction: you are in charge -- The interview process -- Who are you? -- So, tell me about yourself -- Questions about your education -- Questions about your experience -- Questions about core competencies -- Questions about your current (or last) job -- So why us? -- Questions about your personal life -- Questions to wrap things up -- Epilogue: I've got a secret.
"No matter how good you look, how much research you've done, or how perfectly your qualifications match the job description, if you're not prepared with great answers to the toughest interview questions, you won't get the job. [Here] is a manual that will help you home in on exactly what the interviewer is trying to learn--with each and every question he or she asks"

101+ careers in gerontology

April 14, 2016
Grabinski, C. Joanne, 1941-
New York : Springer Publishing Company, [2015]
xvii, 281 pages ; 24 cm
Revised edition of the author's 101 careers in gerontology published in 2007.
Machine generated contents note: What Is Gerontology? -- What Created the Interest in Gerontology as a Field of Study and as a Profession? -- Factors That Influence Availability of Career Positions in the Field of Aging -- What Is a Gerontologist? -- What Types of Jobs Are Available in Gerontology? -- Where Do Gerontological Specialists and Gerontologists Work? -- Credentialing of Gerontology Professionals -- Let Your Search Begin -- Actuary -- Adult Day Services Coordinator -- Advocate -- Alzheimer's Association State Chapter Executive Director -- Applied Sociologist -- Clinical Sociologist -- Architect -- An Interview With Andrew Lee Alden, Living Environments Studio Director, Architecture Firm Studio -- Art Therapist -- Audiologist -- An Interview With Kathleen Sawhill, Audiologist -- Career and Employment Counselor -- Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) -- Certified Geriatric Pharmacist (CPG) -- Consultant or Senior Care Pharmacist -- An Interview With Mary Scott, Certified Geriatric Pharmacist and Consultant Pharmacist -- Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) -- Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) Administrator -- Long-Term Care Facility Administrator -- County Commission on Aging Director -- An Interview With Craig Zeese, County Commission on Aging Director -- Dance/Movement Therapist (DMT) -- Registered Dance/Movement Therapist (R-DMT) -- Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist (BC-DMT) -- Drama Therapist -- Registered Drama Therapist (RDT) -- Board Certified Trainer (BCT) -- Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (DRS) -- Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS) -- Educational Gerontologist -- Gerontology Educator -- An Interview With Michael A. Faber, Gerontology Educator, Higher Education: Community College -- An Interview With Lisa M. Curch, Educational Gerontologist, Higher Education: University -- Elder Law Attorney -- Certified Elder Law Attorney -- Elder Care Attorney -- An Interview With Roxanne J. Chang, Elder Care Attorney and Counselor -- Entrepreneurial Gerontology: An Emerging Field -- Entrepreneurial Gerontologist -- Gerontological Entrepreneur -- An Interview With Ryan Duffy, Entrepreneurial Gerontologist and Owner/President, Fitness and Wellness Business -- An Interview With Sonya Barsness, Entrepreneurial Gerontologist, Consultant and Business Owner -- Executive Director, Area Agency on Aging -- An Interview With Robert C. Schlueter, Executive Director, Area Agency on Aging -- Foster Grandparent Program (FGP) Director -- Foster Grandparent Program (FGP) Coordinator -- Fundraiser -- Development Director -- Geriatric Care Manager (GCM) -- Professional Geriatric Care Manager (PGCM) -- Certified Geriatric Care Manager (C-GCM) -- Fellow Certified Geriatric Care Manager -- Geriatric Dentist -- Geriatrician -- An Interview With Elizabeth Eckstrom, Geriatrician and Director of Geriatrics -- Gerontechnology: An Emerging Field -- Gerontechnologist -- Ergonomist -- Human Factors Engineer -- An Interview With Jennifer Davidson, Human Computer Interaction PhD Candidate -- Gerontological/Geriatric Optometrist -- Low Vision Rehabilitation Specialist -- An Interview With John E. Kaminski, Doctor of Optometry -- Gerontological Nurse -- Gerontological Nurse Specialist -- Gerontological Nurse Practitioner -- Global Aging: An Emerging Field -- Global Aging Specialist -- An Interview With Alan DeLaTorre, Foundation Director of Operations and Urban Gerontologist -- Grant Writer -- Health System Specialist -- An Interview With Trina Sauceda, Health System Specialist, Veterans Affairs -- Home Care Agency Administrator -- An Interview With Qiu (Cho), Quanhong, Executive Director, Home Care Company -- Horticultural Therapist -- Horticultural Therapist[--]Registered (HTR) -- An Interview With Kirk W. Hines, Horticultural Therapist[--]Registered -- In-Home Services Program Director, County Commission on Aging -- Intergenerational Specialist -- Journalism and Aging: An Emerging Field -- Journalist -- Multimedia Journalist -- Documentary Filmmaker -- An Interview With Shaleece Haas, Filmmaker and Multimedia Journalist -- Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) -- Mediator -- Family Mediator -- Elder Care Mediator -- An Interview With Susan J. Butterwick, Mediator, Mediator Trainer, and Attorney -- Music Therapist -- Music Therapist[--]Board Certified (MT-BC) -- An Interview With Jennifer D. Geiger; Music Therapist[--]Board Certified -- Occupational Therapist (OT) -- Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) -- An Interview With Biyanne A. Chew, Traveling Occupational Therapist -- Professional Geropsychologist -- Geriatric Psychiatrist -- Registered Financial Gerontologist (RFG) -- An Interview With Rosanne Roge, Registered Financial Gerontologist, Certified Financial Planner and Certified Senior Advisor -- Researcher -- Research Associate -- Research Assistant -- An Interview With Abbe Lackmeyer, Business Intelligence Analyst -- Social Worker -- Social Worker in Gerontology (SW-G) -- Clinical Social Worker in Gerontology (CSW-G) -- Advanced Social Worker in Gerontology (ASW-G) -- An Interview With Jennifer Khuong, Director of Social Services -- Strategic Policy Advisor -- Strategic Policy Analyst -- Urban Gerontology: An Emerging Field -- Urban Gerontologist -- Volunteer Program Director -- Volunteer Program Coordinator -- An Interview With Gretchen Jordan, Coordinator of Volunteers -- Accounting -- Advertising -- Anthropology -- Banking -- Clothing and Textiles -- Creative Writing -- Educational Gerontology -- Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation -- Emergency Medical Services (EMS) -- Exercise, Fitness, and Wellness -- Family Gerontology -- Film and Television -- History -- Hospitality Services and Tourism -- Intimacy and Sexuality, Sexual Orientation, and Sexual Health in Later Life -- Marketing -- Philosophy -- Political Science/Policy and Aging -- Religious/Spiritual Gerontology -- Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependency -- Theater Arts -- Transportation.

Exploring and understanding careers in criminal justice : a comprehensive guide

April 13, 2016
Sheridan, Matthew J., 1948- author.
xv, 296 pages ; 24 cm
Introduction: Why Another Book on Criminal Justice Careers? -- Exploring Careers in Criminal Justice -- Careers in Law Enforcement -- Careers in Corrections -- The Courts, Its Actors, and Its Functions -- The Federal Government -- Getting the Job, Entering the Field, and Career Advancement -- Criminal Justice Ethics -- Life after the Career, or "I Can't Live on That!"
This book explores the criminal justice career landscape by providing a glimpse into the different criminal justice careers and provides advice as to how to prepare to enter those career fields. This book includes personal profiles that exemplify real work in the criminal justice profession; these have been written by current employees, some retired and some by exemplary leaders in the field.


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