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May 21, 2016
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Hensel & Gretel, ninja chicks

May 20, 2016
Schwartz, Corey Rosen, author.
New York, NY : G.P. Putnam's Sons, an imprint of Penguin Random House, LLC, [2016]
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 29 cm

Before I wake up...

May 20, 2016
Teckentrup, Britta.
New York : Prestel, 2016.
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 25 cm
A young girl falls asleep and travels in her dreams through the sky, down to the ocean's depths, and into a jungle. She is accompanied by a lion friend, who eases her fears, gives her confidence, and helps her explore the world around her. Along the way she meets whales, jellyfish, grizzly bears and wolves. Then it is time for the moon balloon to take the girl home to her bed, where she awakes, snuggled safely next to the lion, who returns to being a stuffed toy. The gently told story reassures children that they are never alone, even in their dreams. Exquisitely produced, this book is certain to become a pre-bedtime favorite for children and their parents.

A dark, dark cave

May 20, 2016
Hoffman, Eric, 1950-
New York : Viking, published by Penguin Group, 2016.
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 28 cm
Two young siblings explore a cave filled with shining eyes, giant paws, and strange noises until a beam of light reveals the cave's secrets.

A dog like that!

May 20, 2016
Cooper, Janene, author.
[Place of publication not identified] : Starfish Bay Children's Books, 2016.
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 22 x 27 cm
Published by arrangement with Duck Creek Press, Auckland, New Zealand.

How to track a dragon

May 19, 2016
David, Erica, author.
New York : Simon Spotlight, 2016.
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 24 cm.
At head of title:DreamWorks Dragons.
Hiccup must find a way to track the dragon that is trying to chase them away from the outpost and cheer up his dad back home in Berk.

Pete the cat : go, Pete, go!

May 19, 2016
Dean, James, 1957- author, illustrator.
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 21 cm
"Includes over 30 stickers" -- Cover
"No one wants to race Turtle in his new race car, until Pete the Cat takes up the challenge. Turtle's car goes really fast and has cool gadgets. But Pete has his own surprise. Will it be enough to help him cross the finish line first?' -- Back cover.

Go, Otto, go!

May 19, 2016
Milgrim, David, author, illustrator.
New York : Simon Spotlight, 2016.
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 24 cm.
Otto the robot builds a spaceship to take him home.

Teddy the dog

May 19, 2016
Boyle, Keri.
New York, NY : Harper, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2016]
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustratons ; 26 cm
"Teddy the dog is living a dog's life, until one day a mysterious package shows up unannounced and Teddy makes an unusual friend"-- Provided by publisher.

Chicken in space

May 19, 2016
Lehrhaupt, Adam.
New York, NY : Harper, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2016]
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 26 cm
"An adventurous chicken and her pig friend travel to what they believe is outer space, fueled by their imaginations"-- Provided by publisher.

Hello, my name is Octicorn

May 19, 2016
Diller, Kevin, author.
1 volume (unpaged) : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
"Previously published in a somewhat different form by Octicorn Studios in 2013" -- Colophon.
The octicorn-- half octopus and half unicorn-- introduces himself and tells readers why, though strange and unique, octicorns make great friends.

The blobfish book

May 19, 2016
Olien, Jessica, author, illustrator.
36 unnumbered pages : color illustrations ; 26 cm
"Did you know that the deepest parts of the ocean are over one mile deep, too far down for any sunlight to reach? That's where Blobfish lives. But this book isn't about Blobfish...or is it?"--Publisher.

Disney Pixar storybook collection.

May 17, 2016
Glendale, California : Disney Press, 2016.
300 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm.
Toy story -- A bug's life -- Toy story 2 -- Monster's, Inc. -- Finding Nemo -- The incredibles -- Cars -- Ratatouille -- Wall-E -- Up -- Toy story 3 -- Cars 2 -- Brave -- Monsters University -- Inside out -- The good dinosaur -- Finding Dory.
"Adventure awaits! Take a trip inside Riley's head with Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust; travel to infinity and beyond with Buzz Lightyear and Woody; swim the oceans with Marlin and Dory; and more. Featuring retellings of all seventeen Disney-Pixar feature films, this collection is sure to be a hit with any Pixar fan!"--Page [4] of cover.

Douglas, you need glasses!

May 17, 2016
Adamson, Ged, author, illustrator.
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 23 x 29 cm
After visiting the eye doctor, a near-sighted dog gets glasses.

Excellent Ed

May 17, 2016
McAnulty, Stacy, author.
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 24 cm
Everyone in the Ellis family is excellent, except Ed the dog, who is determined to find something at which he, too, can excel.

Mousequerade ball : a counting tale

May 17, 2016
Mortensen, Lori, 1955- author.
New York : Bloomsbury Childrens Books, 2016.
32 unnumbered pages : color illustrations ; 26 cm
"When ten mice get dressed up for a fancy ball the arrival of a cat sends them fleeing but what if the cat's only intention is to dance the night away? Counting up and counting down, dancing all the while, this delightful story invites readers to the event of the season: The Mousquerade Ball!"-- Provided by publisher.

"Oh, no," said elephant

May 17, 2016
Benjamin, A. H., 1950- author.
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 30 cm
"All the animals want to play hide-and-seek, but -- 'oh, no!' -- Elephant isn't very good at that. He's too easy to find. What about leap-frog? He's not good at that, either. What about hopscotch, skipping, or tag? No, no, and no. Poor Elephant isn't very good at many games, and the animals are starting to get frustrated with him. Luckily there is one game Elephant loves to play, and the animals oblige him, though they may have to say 'oh, no!' themselves when he wants to play again."--Page 2 of book jacket.

Aliens love dinopants

May 16, 2016
Freedman, Claire, author.
© 2015
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 29 cm.
"When aliens crash-land in the jungle, they have no idea that they are about to stumble into the biggest stash of underwear ever. Their happiness knows no bounds since all aliens share a love for zany underpants! But what will happen when the prehistoric owners of the oversized stash turn up?"--Provided by publisher.

Bugs at the beach

May 16, 2016
Carter, David A.
New York : Simon Spotlight, 2016.
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 24 cm
"Bitsy Bee and Busy Bug take a trip to the beach to build sand castles, swim, and more!"--Publisher.

I wanna be a great big dinosaur

May 16, 2016
McKenzie, Heath, author, illustrator.
Naperville, IL : Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, 2016.
1 volume (unpaged): color illustrations ; 24 x 26 cm
"First published by Scholastic Press, a division of Scholastic Australia Pty Limited, in 2015."
A little boy wants to be a dinosaur but when a big T-Rex shows up to teach him how to roar and stomp he finds out dinosaurs are not so great at soccer or video games so maybe being a little boy is not at all bad.

The sword in the stove

May 16, 2016
Dormer, Frank W., author, illustrator.
New York, N.Y. : Atheneum Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing Division, [2016]
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 29 cm
"A quirky picture book in the spirit of Monty Python about two bumbling knights who keep finding objects in a stove (a sword, a shield, a helmet) ... objects that ominously belong to their missing friend Harold"-- Provided by publisher.

Extremely cute animals operating heavy machinery

May 16, 2016
Gordon, David, 1965 January 22- author, illustrator.
New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, [2016]
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 29 cm
"When bullies try to stop the extremely cute animals from building their sand castle they band together to build something bigger and better"-- Provided by publisher.

Daddies are awesome

May 16, 2016
Costain, Meredith.
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 27 cm
An ode to fathers and all that they do with--and for--their kids, brought to life by puppy and daddy dog illustrations.

Superhero instruction manual

May 16, 2016
Dempsey, Kristy, author.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2016.
1 volume (unpages) : color illustrations ; 27 cm
A little boy who is disappointed by the seven steps in his Superhero Instruction Guide gets a glimpse of true heroism.

Duck, Duck, Porcupine!

May 16, 2016
Yoon, Salina, author.
New York : Bloomsbury Childrens Books, 2016.
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 24 cm
"Big Duck likes to boss around her younger brother, Little Duck, and she fancies herself the leader of their trio when joined by their gentle friend Porcupine. Little Duck does not speak yet, but through his expressions and his actions, he shows that he has a better grasp on any situation than his older sister"-- Provided by publisher.

Lucy Ladybug

May 16, 2016
King-Chai, Sharon, author.
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 26 cm
"With a big fold-out surprise"--Cover.
As spotless Lucy Ladybug flies through the seasons, she acquires some spots, only to find her new spots are different from the other ladybugs.


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