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August 23, 2014
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Frida & Diego : art, love, life

August 22, 2014
Reef, Catherine, author.
Boston : Clarion Books, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, [2014]
168 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 26 cm
A biography exploring the tumultuous lives, marriage, and work of the artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera is illustrated with archival photos and full-color reproductions.

How do we know it's summer?

August 22, 2014
Aloian, Molly.
New York, N.Y. : Crabtree Pub. Co., c2013.
24 p. : col. ill. ; 21 cm.
What is summer? -- Why do we have summer? -- When is summer? -- Summer weather -- Plants in summer -- Animals in summer -- Summer foods -- Summer fun -- Keeping cool -- Sun studies.
"Summer is the warmest season with the most hours of daylight. Readers will learn these and other "sun"sational facts about summer! Detailed, full-color photographs and engaging text-dependent questions will captivate the interest of young readers"--Provided by publisher.

The case of the vanishing little brown bats : a scientific mystery

August 22, 2014
Markle, Sandra, author.
Minneapolis : Millbrook Press, [2015]
48 pages : illustrations, map ; 26 cm.
It's a mystery -- Bats in trouble! -- What is killing the bats? -- Bat killer found -- The race is on -- Will the future be safe?.
"This informative title sheds light on a mystery of nature: how little brown bats, nature's insect eaters, are mysteriously dying in their caves during hibernation. Each chapter takes readers into the problems that plague this endangered member of our ecosystem, describing how teams of scientists examined how "white-nose syndrome," caused by a fungus called Pd, is infecting the brown bat population. Scientists have searched different caves and mines in the eastern United States and discovered that Pd affects bats by damaging their wings. Since this discovery, they have been exploring ways to change the conditions so that these small mammals can survive hibernation. The text is written in a clear tone, providing information on the plight of the bats in an accessible style. The book integrates textual and visual information well, and strong back matter allows students to do additional research. An excellent work that will enlighten readers about a growing problem in the natural world."

M is for monster : a fantastic creatures alphabet

August 22, 2014
Lewis, J. Patrick.
Ann Arbor, MI : Sleepin Bear Press, [2014]
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 26 cm

Hope for Winter : the true story of a remarkable dolphin friendship

August 22, 2014
Yates, David, author.
New York, NY : Scholastic Inc., [2014]
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 25 x 28 cm
Details the experiences of a dolphin who was rescued five years after the tailless dolphin, Winter, was rehabilitated by the same group, describing the efforts made by the Clearwater Marine team to save the injured animal they named Hope.

I am Lebron James

August 22, 2014
Norwich, Grace, author.
127 pages : illustrations ; 19 cm

Benjamin Franklin

August 22, 2014
Anderson, AnnMarie, author.
New York, NY : Scholastic Inc., [2014]
1 volume (unpaged) : illustrations (some color) ; 23 cm.
Provides a first person account of the life and accomplishments of Benjamin Franklin.

Star wars rebels head-to-head

August 22, 2014
Hidalgo, Pablo, author.
New York, NY : Scholastic Inc., [2014]
64 pages : color illustrations ; 28 cm
Presents imaginary battles between teams of characters, creatures, and machinery from the "Star Wars Rebels" television programs and outlines the strengths and weaknesses of each opponent and suggests the probable winner.

Who was Henry Ford?

August 22, 2014
Burgan, Michael, author.
New York, New York : Grosset & Dunlap, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA) LLC, [2014]
105 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm.


August 21, 2014
Kibuishi, Kazu, 1978-
New York : Graphix, 2008-
v. : chiefly col. ill. ; 24 cm.
v. 1. The stonekeeper -- v. 2. The stonekeeper's curse -- v. 3. The cloud searchers -- v. 4. The last council -- v. 5. Prince of the elves -- v. 6. Escape from Lucien

365 days of wonder : Mr. Browne's book of precepts

August 21, 2014
Palacio, R. J., compiler.
approximately 375 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
"A book of precepts, with one saying for each day, from Auggie's teacher Mr. Brown"-- Provided by publisher.

Minecraft combat handbook

August 21, 2014
Milton, Stephanie, author.
New York, NY : Scholastic, 2014.
79 pages : color illustrations ; 20 cm
An official reference to Minecraft combat explains what players need to defend against hostile monsters and enemy players, covering subjects ranging from fort building and armor crafting to weapons and setting mob traps.


August 18, 2014
MacQuitty, Miranda, author.
New York : DK Publishing, 2014.
72 pages : color illustrations ; 29 cm
Includes index.
Includes "Useful websites" (page 69) and a glossary (pages 70-71).
"Dive into the fascinating world of sharks--from the tiny dwarf dogfish to the ferocious great white"--Cover.

Who was Clara Barton?

August 18, 2014
Spinner, Stephanie, author.
103 pages, 3 unnumbered pages : illustrations ; 20 cm.
Profiles the life and accomplishments of Clara Barton, a teacher who organized efforts to bring nursing care to wounded soldiers during the Civil War and who went on to become the founder of the American Red Cross.

Legends of Chima

August 15, 2014
Grotholt, Yannick, author.
New York, NY : Papercutz, c2014-
v. : chiefly col. ill. ; 23 cm.
v. 1. High risk -- v. 2. The right decision
Laval, prince of the Lions, faces Cragger in all-new stories.

Volcano & earthquake

August 15, 2014
Van Rose, Susanna, author.
London : DK, [2014]
72 pages : color illustrations ; 28 cm.
Includes index.
"Witness the power of our restless planet--from violent eruptions to terrifying tsunamis"--Cover.
Photographs and text explain the causes and effects of volcanoes and earthquakes and examine specific occurrences throughout history.


August 15, 2014
Saklani, Juhi, author.
New York, New York : DK Publishing, 2014.
72 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 29 cm.
Includes index.
A biography of Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian political and spiritual leader who led his country to freedom from British rule through his policy of nonviolent resistance.

Space exploration

August 15, 2014
Stott, Carole, author.
London ; New York : DK, 2014.
72 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 28 cm.
Includes index.
"Blast into space and hitch a ride on the earliest rockets and the latest probes"--Cover.
Describes rockets, exploratory vehicles, and other technological aspects of space exploration, satellites, space stations, and the life and work of astronauts.

Rags : hero dog of WWI : a true story

August 15, 2014
Raven, Margot Theis.
Ann Arbor, MI : Sleeping Bear Press, [2014].
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 29 cm.
"A stray dog named Rags befriends a U.S. soldier in Paris, France, during WWI. Rags traveled with the troops carrying messages from the front line to the back. His loyalty kept him by his owner's side until Sergeant Donovan died at the base hospital in Chicago"-- Provided by the publisher.

Moses : the true story of an elephant baby

August 15, 2014
Perepeczko, Jenny.
New York : Atheneum Books for Young Readers, [2014].
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations, map ; 24 cm.

Lives of the explorers : discoveries, disasters (and what the neighbors thought)

August 15, 2014
Krull, Kathleen.
Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, [2014]
96 pages : color illustrations ; 27 cm
"You might know that Columbus discovered America, Lewis and Clark headed west with Sacajawea, and Sally Ride blasted into space. But what do you really know about these bold explorers? What were they like as kids? What pets or bad habits did they have? And what drove their passion to explore unknown parts of the world? With juicy tidbits about everything from favorite foods to first loves, Lives of the Explorers reveals these fascinating adventurers as both world-changers and real people. The entertaining style and solid research of the Lives of. series of biographies have made it a favorite with families and educators for twenty years. This new volume takes readers through the centuries and across the globe, profiling the men and women whose curiosity and courage have led them to discover our world"-- Provided by publisher.

Star Wars in 100 scenes

August 15, 2014
Fry, Jason, 1969- author.
New York : Dorling Kindersley, 2014.
204 pages : color illustrations, color portraits ; 28 cm.
Includes index.
Go behind the scenes and relive 100 iconic moments from Star Wars, episode I-VI. Join Luke Skywalker as he battles with the dark side, watch as Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader and fly through space with the Star Wars ships. Relive the most dramatic and iconic moments of the Star Wars movies in this exciting new book Star Wars in 100 Scenes. Rediscover your favourite Star Wars scenes and characters with this comprehensive guide which spans all six Star Wars movies. Star Wars in 100 Scenes reveals all the amazing droids, vehicles and weapons which were part of the Star Wars universe. Packed full of vivid images and galleries of poignant Star Wars scenes you'll be transported into the world of Star Wars. Taken from all six movies you'll explore 100 of the most famous and significant scenes plus behind-the-scenes facts from Star Wars episode I-VI.

Harlem hellfighters

August 15, 2014
Lewis, J. Patrick.
Mankato, MN : Creative Editions, 2014.
31 pages : color illustrations ; 31 cm
"A regiment of African American soldiers from Harlem journeys across the Atlantic to fight alongside the French in World War I, inspiring a continent with their brand of jazz music"-- Provided by publisher.

The little mermaid and other fishy tales

August 15, 2014
Ray, Jane, 1960- author.
[London] : Boxer Books, 2014.
173 pages : color illustrations ; 26 cm
"The story collector"--Cover.
The kingdom under the sea -- The lobster quadrille / Lewis Carroll -- The little mermaid -- The fisherman and his wife -- A ballad of John Silver / John Masefield -- Monkey and shark -- Arion and the dolphin -- The kraken / Alfred Lord Tennyson-- Raven and the whale -- The seal wife -- Whalesong / Sophie Stephenson-Wright.
An illustrated collection of deep-sea adventures features an international selection of stories and poems including "The Fisherman and His Wife," "Whalesong," and "The Ballad of John Silver."

Human body

August 14, 2014
Walker, Richard, 1951- author.
London : DK, [2014]
72 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 29 cm.
Includes index.
"Explore how the human body works--from the smallest cells to the systems that keep us alive"--Cover.
Describes the parts and systems of the human body and discusses how they work.

I think, I am! : teaching kids the power of affirmations

August 14, 2014
Hay, Louise L., author.
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 24 cm
Offers affirmations for children on such topics as friendship, self-love, learning, and gratefulness.

I am Malala : how one girl stood up for education and changed the world

August 13, 2014
Yousafzai, Malala, 1997-
New York : Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2014.
230 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : color illustrations, map ; 22 cm
Young readers edition.
Includes glossary.
"I Am Malala. This is my story. Malala Yousafzai was only ten years old when the Taliban took control of her region. They said music was a crime. They said women weren't allowed to go to the market. They said girls couldn't go to school. Raised in a once-peaceful area of Pakistan transformed by terrorism, Malala was taught to stand up for what she believes. So she fought for her right to be educated. And on October 9, 2012, she nearly lost her life for the cause: She was shot point-blank while riding the bus on her way home from school. No one expected her to survive. Now Malala is an international symbol of peaceful protest and the youngest ever Nobel Peace Prize nominee. In this Young Readers Edition of her bestselling memoir, which includes exclusive photos and material, we hear firsthand the remarkable story of a girl who knew from a young age that she wanted to change the world -- and did. Malala's powerful story will open your eyes to another world and will make you believe in hope, truth, miracles and the possibility that one person -- one young person -- can inspire change in her community and beyond. "-- Provided by publisher.

Sports Illustrated kids football : then to wow!

August 13, 2014
80 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 23 x 29 cm
"Sports illustrated kids"--Cover.
The basics -- The players -- The strategy -- The fan experience.
Examines the development of professional football in the United States through changes in equipment, stadiums, salaries, player positions, coaching, game strategies, the draft, the ways that fans experience the game, and other elements.

Really, really big questions about science

August 13, 2014
Cave, Holly, author.
New York : Kingfisher, [2014]
63 pages : color illustrations ; 27 cm
Combines illustrations, brain teasers, and quirky quotations with philosophical musings to provide answers to such science questions as what is in empty space, what makes something funny, and whether the chicken or the egg came first.

Explore solids and liquids!

August 13, 2014
Reilly, Kathleen M.
White River Junction, VT : Nomad Press, [2014]
92 pages : color illustrations ; 26 cm.
"With 25 great projects"--Cover.
Matter really matters -- Solids -- Liquids -- Gases -- Changing states of matter -- More matter! -- Mixtures and compounds.
"For a kid, watching a solid turn into a liquid or a liquid into a gas is nothing short of magic. In Explore Solids and Liquids! With 25 Great Projects kids experience the wonder of different states of matter. They'll learn what matter is made of, how it can change, and how these interactions really work in our universe. With plenty of activities and projects, young readers gain a solid understanding of the matter they touch, see, feel, and experience every single day."--Page [4] cover.

Playing pro baseball

August 13, 2014
Howell, Brian, 1974-
Minneapolis, MN : Lerner Publications Company, [2015]
64 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm.

Playing pro basketball

August 13, 2014
Gitlin, Marty.
Minneapolis, MN : Lerner Publications Company, [2015]
64 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm.

Playing pro hockey

August 13, 2014
Hawkins, Jeff (Sportswriter)
Minneapolis, MN : Lerner Publications Company, [2015]
64 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm.

Bugs hide and seek

August 13, 2014
Buller, Laura.
New York : DK Publishing, 2014
32 p. : col. ill. ; 24 cm.
Includes index.
Find the bugs that look like the plants around them.

Edward Hopper paints his world

August 12, 2014
Burleigh, Robert.
New York : Henry Holt and Co. (BYR), 2014.
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 27 cm
"As a boy, Edward Hopper knew exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up: on the cover of his pencil box, he wrote the words EDWARD HOPPER, WOULD-BE ARTIST. He traveled to New York and to Paris to hone his craft. And even though no one wanted to buy his paintings for a long time, he never stopped believing in his dream to be an artist. He was fascinated with painting light and shadow and his works explore this challenge.Edward Hopper's story is one of courage, resilience, and determination. In this striking picture book biography, Robert Burleigh and Wendell Minor invite young readers into the world of a truly special American painter (most celebrated for his paintings "Nighthawks" and "Gas")"-- Provided by publisher.

The teen money manual : a guide to cash, credit, spending, saving, work, wealth, and more

August 12, 2014
McGuire, Kara.
North Mankato, Minnesota : Capstone Young Readers, a Capstone imprint, [2015]
208 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm
Provides a comprehensive guide for teenagers to saving, spending, and earning money, and includes information on starting a business, preparing for interviews, opening a bank account, and purchasing car and property insurance.

Muhammad Ali : boxing legend

August 12, 2014
Peters, Gregory N.
North Mankato, Minnesota : Capstone Press, a Capstone imprint, [2014]
48 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 22 cm.
"Describes the life of boxer Muhammad Ali, from birth to world champion"-- Provided by publisher.

Way out West

August 12, 2014
Backer, Miles, author.
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations, maps ; 27 cm.
Maps on endpapers.
"A search & find geography book"--Cover.
Young readers are asked to find places of interest on maps of the Western states. Features a dog named Charlie. Covers Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii.

Enchanted character guide

August 12, 2014
Hester, Beth Landis, author.
207 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm.
Snow White and the seven dwarves -- Cinderella -- Sleeping Beaty -- Aladdin -- Pocahontas -- Mulan -- The princess and the frog -- Tangled -- Brave.
This book helps you discover the magical and enchanting world of Disney princesses. You can follow Cinderella to the ball, join Jasmine on her magic carpet ride and dance with Beauty and the Beast until midnight in this enchanting guide to all your favourite Disney Princesses! You can discover all the Disney princesses names and movies plus their fairy-tale endings. You can get to know each beautiful Princess and read their magical story, meet their best friends and worst enemies, plus find out fascinating facts about your favourite Disney Princess. From Snow White and The Little Mermaid to Sleeping Beauty and Merida, find hundreds of colourful and stunning Disney Princess pictures of each famous character inside so you'll feel part of the magical world of Disney Princesses! It allows you to step into the fairy-tale world of Disney's most amazing Princesses.

Science : a visual encyclopedia

August 12, 2014
Woodford, Chris.
304 pages : color illustrations ; 29 cm.
Includes index.
Discusses key concepts in biology, physics, chemistry, and other scientific fields, and includes fast fact boxes, images and diagrams, and information about key scientists and their work.

Mr. Cornell's Dream Boxes

August 11, 2014
Winter, Jeanette.
New York : Beach Lane Books, 2014.
1 volume (unpaged) : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 22 x 26 cm

Trains can float : and other fun facts

August 11, 2014
DiSiena, Laura Lyn, author.
New York : Little Simon, [2014]
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 23 x 29 cm.
"A book of fun facts about all sorts of vehicles and transportation"--Provided by publisher.

Dear wandering wildebeest : and other poems from the water hole

August 8, 2014
Latham, Irene.
Minneapolis, MN : Millbrook Press, [2014]
33 pages : color illustrations ; 26 cm
To All the Beasts Who Enter Here -- Impala Explosion -- The Watchman's Song -- Lifestyles of the Sleek and Sinuous -- Oxpecker Cleaning Service -- Triptych for a Thirsty Giraffe -- Stripes vs. Stripes -- Dung Beetle at Work -- Tree for All -- Lifestyles of the Sleek and Sinuous -- Dear Wandering Wildebeest -- Calling Carcass Control -- Dust Bath at Dusk -- What Rhino Knows -- Lioness, After the Hunt -- Says Nightjar to the Stars.

Barack Obama : out of many, one

August 8, 2014
Corey, Shana, author.
47 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm.
"F&P text level M"--Back cover.
In very clear and accessible language, newly independent readers can learn how the lessons and love of Obama's mother and grandparents shaped him, and how he turned his sadness from his childhood into a positive, driving force of finding a place in the world and in the history books.

It's about time : untangling everything you need to know about time

August 8, 2014
Estellon, Pascale, author.
Toronto : Owlkids Books Inc., [2014].
48 pages : color illustrations ; 26 cm
Translation of: Le temps qui passe.
Translation by Sarah Quinn.
Explains time and its many configurations--from one second to one century--using activities and anecdotes.

Travels with Charlie. Across the Midwest

August 8, 2014
Backer, Miles.
Maplewood, NJ : Blue Apple Books, 2014.
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations, maps ; 26 cm.
Describes the landmarks and geography of the midwestern United States : Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, illinois, Michigan, and Indiana.

Travels with Charlie. Down South

August 8, 2014
Backer, Miles, author.
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 26 cm.
Maps on endpapers.
"A search & find geography book"--Cover.

Lifesize ocean

August 8, 2014
Ganeri, Anita, 1961- author.
New York : Kingfisher, [2014]
32 pages : color illustrations ; 31 cm
"See ocean creatures at their actual size"--Front cover.
Copepods -- Pygmy seahorses -- Scarlet skunk cleaner shrimp -- Blue-ringed octopuses -- Black devil anglerfish -- Long-spined porcupine fish -- Sea otters -- Green sea turtle -- Purple-striped jellyfish -- Great hammerhead shark -- Giant Pacific octopus -- Blue whale -- Animal facts -- Saving ocean animals.

The pandas and their chopsticks : and other animals stories

August 7, 2014
Demi, author, illustrator.
Bloomington, Indiana : Wisdom Tales, [2014]
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 26 cm
Presents ten animal stories, each containing a moral lesson, including the importance of being humble, the dangers of being too proud, the importance of generosity and sharing, and how everyone, no matter how small, has a part to play in life.

Who is Muhammad Ali?

August 7, 2014
Buckley, James, Jr., 1963- author.
New York, New York, USA : Grosset & Dunlap, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA) LLC, [2014]
105 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm.
Presents the life of the legendary boxer who began his career as Cassius Clay, discussing his prowess in the ring, his refusal to fight in the Vietnam War, and his life after boxing.

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