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September 16, 2014
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

You should have known

September 15, 2014
Korelitz, Jean Hanff, 1961-
655 pages (large print) ; 23 cm

Against the wild : the Brodies of Alaska

September 15, 2014
Martin, Kat.
Waterville, Maine : Thorndike Press, A part of Gale, Cengage Learning, [2014].
523 pages (large print) ; 22 cm.

Lisette's list

September 15, 2014
Vreeland, Susan.
Waterville, Maine : Thorndike Press, 2014.
647 pages (large print) ; 23 cm

The day she died

September 15, 2014
McPherson, Catriona, 1965-
Waterville, Maine : Thorndike Press, [2014].
455 pages (large print) ; 22 cm.

The homecoming

September 15, 2014
Carr, Robyn.
Waterville, Maine : Wheeler Publishing, 2014.
437 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.

Fired up

September 15, 2014
Connealy, Mary.
415 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
Glynna Greer came west as a mail-order bride and ended up in a bad situation. Now her husband, Flint, is dead, and she's determined to make a go of it on her own. Glynna decides she can support her two children by opening a diner -- never mind that cooking is not her greatest talent. The men in Broken Wheel, Texas, are so desperate for home cooking that they seem willing to overlook dried-out beef and blackened biscuits. Dare Riker is a doctor who saves lives, but someone seems determined to end his. It may have something to do with the traitors he dealt with during the Civil War, or it might be related to the recent incident with Flint Greer and the ranch. Whoever the culprit is, he or she seems really fired up, and Dare can't let his guard down for a moment, which is a challenge, since right now he's trying to win the heart of the recently widowed Glynna. She wants to believe Dare Riker is as decent as he seems, but she's terrified to lock herself into another marriage. Glynna also can't help but notice that danger follows Dare wherever he goes. There's the avalanche. And then the fire. But things really get out of hand when someone plunges a knife from Glynna's diner into Dare's back. Are Flint's cronies still plotting revenge? Is Glynna's son engaged in a misguided attempt to protect his mother? Is a shadowy outsider still enraged over past injustices? And can Dare survive long enough to convince Glynna to take another chance on love?

Katie's forever promise

September 2, 2014
Eicher, Jerry S.
Detroit : Thorndike Press, [2013]
495 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
Katie Raber is trying to put her life back together after Ben Stoll's devastating betrayal of her love. When she is baptized into the church, she receives a surprising offer that will keep her close to her Amish community--much to her mother's delight. But soon Ben is back in her life again--and at the same time she finds interest from another young man, though his bumbling efforts at winning her heart show him to be a far less desirable suitor than the more polished Ben Stoll.

Love's awakening

September 2, 2014
Frantz, Laura.
577 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
In the spring of 1822, Ellie Ballantyne leaves finishing school and returns to the family home in Pittsburg only to find that her parents are away on a long journey and her siblings don't seem to want her to stay. Determined to stand her ground and find her place in the world, Ellie fills her time by opening a day school for young ladies. But when one of her students turns out to be an incorrigible young member of the Turlock family, Ellie knows she must walk a fine line. Slaveholders and whiskey magnates, the Turlocks are envious of the powerful Ballantynes and suspicious of their abolitionist leanings. As Ellie becomes increasingly entangled with the rival clan -- particularly the handsome Jack Turlock -- she finds herself falling in love with an impossible future. Will she betray her family and side with the enemy?

Perfectly matched

September 2, 2014
Brendan, Maggie, 1949-
Waterville, Maine : Thorndike Press, 2013.
481 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
Anna Olsen knows it's time to leave her sister's increasingly crowded house and start a life of her own. Following her sisters' examples, she becomes a mail-order bride. After a short correspondence with clock maker and jeweler Edward Parker, she moves to Denver to become his wife. Almost immediately it's painfully apparent that Anna and Edward are very different. Anna is a free spirit who would rather be painting and enjoying the company of friends than cleaning house. Edward is a consummate perfectionist who, on their wedding day, hands Anna a list of chores that need to be done around the house daily. Can this mismatched couple see past their differences to a harmonious future? Or will their disparate passions create obstacles neither is willing to surmount?

Love still stands

September 2, 2014
Irvin, Kelly.
Detroit : Thorndike Press, a part of Gale, Cengage Learning, 2014.
567 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
A group of dedicated families leaves Bliss Creek to establish a new community in Missouri. Among them is Bethel Graber, a beautiful young woman with a passion for teaching. But after being disabled in a terrible accident, overseeing a classroom is out of the question... and romance seems a long-lost dream. Bethel begins physical therapy, determined to make a fresh start. But that won't be easy in the town of New Hope, where the locals seem anything but eager to welcome their new Amish neighbors. Amid growing intimidation from the community, Bethel must find the strength to face her many challenges and the faith to believe that God still has a plan -- and a love -- for her life.

Behind the film star's smile

August 28, 2014
Hardy, Kate.
Richmond, Surrey, Eng. : Mills & Boon, 2014.
284 pages (large print) ; 22 cm.
Ex-police officer Jess Greenacre is hoping to bury her past -- and becoming a runner on a glamorous London film set is just the change of scenery she needs. But she hasn't planned on running into award-winning actor and international heart-throb Luke McKenzie on her very first day...and she certainly doesn't expect the earth-shattering kiss that leaves them both wanting more! Luke has painful memories of his own -- memories he's been hiding from the cameras for a long time. Could the honesty he finds in this captivating woman's eyes herald a new start...for both of them?

Stolen kiss from a prince

August 27, 2014
Carpenter, Teresa.
Richmond, England : Mills & Boon, 2014.
288 pages (large print) ; 22 cm.
Nanny Katrina is charged with the care of the newly orphaned heir to the Kardana throne. Working alongside the handsome Prince Regent Julian, Katrina is desperate to keep the secrets of her past under lock and key.

Four times the trouble

August 25, 2014
Quinn, Tara Taylor.
Waterville, Maine : Thorndike Press, A part of Gale, Cengage Learning/Gale, Cengage Learning, [2014].
341 pages (large print) ; 22 cm.
"Originally published as Jacob's Girls."

In want of a wife

August 25, 2014
Goodman, Jo, 1953-
Waterville, Maine : Thorndike Press, A part of Gale, Cengage Learning, [2014].
599 pages (large print) ; 22 cm.

Rushed to the altar : the Blackwater Brides

August 25, 2014
Feather, Jane.
551 pages (large print) ; 22 cm.

My dangerous duke

August 25, 2014
Foley, Gaelen.
631 pages (large print) ; 22 cm.

A promise at Bluebell Hill : a Valentine Valley novel

August 25, 2014
Cane, Emma.
Waterville, Maine : Thorndike Press, [2014].
465 pages (large print) ; 22 cm.

Another woman's man

August 22, 2014
Ellis, Shelly.
Waterville, Maine : Thorndike Press, A part of Gale, Cengage Learning, Gale, Cengage Learning, 2014.
pages cm.

Forever's promise

August 22, 2014
Rochon, Farrah.
Waterville, Maine : Thorndike Press, [2014].
301 pages (large print) ; 22 cm.

The autumn bride : a Chance sisters romance series

August 22, 2014
Gracie, Anne.
Waterville, Maine : Thorndike Press, [2014].
541 pages (large print) ; 22 cm.

Seduced by the sultan

August 20, 2014
Kendrick, Sharon, author.
Richmond : Mills & Boon, [2014].
287 pages (large print) ; 22 cm.

Secrets of a Bollywood marriage

August 20, 2014
Carr, Susanna, author.
Richmond : Mills & Boon, [2014].
288 pages (large print) ; 22 cm.

What the Greek's money can't buy

August 20, 2014
Blake, Maya, author.
Richmond : Mills & Boon, [2014].
284 pages (large print) ; 22 cm.

Texas True

August 8, 2014
Dailey, Janet, author.
Waterville : Wheeler Publishing, 2014.
421 pages (large print) ; 23 cm
"The Tylers of Texas"--Cover.

The book of life

August 8, 2014
Harkness, Deborah E., 1965-
Waterville : Thorndike Press, 2014.
801 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
"Thorndike Press large print basic"--Title page verso.


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