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April 22, 2015
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

It came from Ohio! : my life as a writer

April 21, 2015
Stine, R. L.
New York : Scholastic, c2015, c1997.
152 p. : ill., ports ; 22 cm.
They're baa-ack! Make way for the bestselling children's series of all time! With a fresh new look, GOOSEBUMPS is set to scare a whole new generation of kids. So reader beware--you're in for a scare! A humorous, fast-paced portrait of the author of the Goosebumps series tells young readers what R. L. Stine was like as a kid, how he became a writer, and where he gets his ideas from.

The bird market of Paris : a memoir

April 17, 2015
Moustaki, Nikki, 1970-
New York : Henry Holt and Company, 2015.
242 pages ; 22 cm
"An avian expert and poet shares a true story of beloved birds, a remarkable grandfather, a bad-girl youth--and an astonishing redemption. Nikki Moustaki, author of The Bird Market of Paris, grew up in 1980s Miami, the only child of parents who worked, played, and traveled for luxury sports car dealerships. At home, her doting grandmother cooked for and fed her, but it was her grandfather--an evening-gown designer, riveting storyteller, and bird expert--who was her mentor and dearest companion. Like her grandfather, Nikki fell hard for birds. 'Birds filled my childhood,' she writes, 'as blue filled the sky.' Her grandfather showed her how to hypnotize chickens, sneak up on pigeons, and handle baby birds. He gave her a white dove to release for luck on each birthday. And he urged her to, someday, visit the bird market of Paris. But by the time Nikki graduated from college and moved to New York City, she was succumbing to alcohol and increasingly unable to care for her flock. When her grandfather died, guilt-ridden Nikki drank even more. In a last-ditch effort to honor her grandfather, she flew to France hoping to visit the bird market of Paris to release a white dove. Instead, something astonishing happened there that saved Nikki's life"-- Provided by publisher.

Flash fiction international : very short stories from around the world

April 10, 2015
New York : W. W. Norton & Company, 2015.
277 pages ; 21 cm
The story, victorious / Etgar Keret -- Please hold me the forgotten way / H. J. Shepard -- Prisoner of war / Muna Fadhil -- The waterfall / Alberto Chimal -- Eating bone / Shabnam Nadiya -- Esse / Czetaw Mitosz -- The gospel of Guy No-Horse / Natalie Diaz -- Man carrying books / Linh Dinh -- The attraction of asphalt / Stefani Nellen -- Barnes / Edmundo Paz Soldan -- A sailor / Randa Jarrar -- The voice of the enemy / Juan Villoro -- An Imperial message / Franz Kafka -- Trilogy / Antonio Lopez Ortega -- Shattered / Shirani Rajapakse -- Bruise / Stuart Dybek -- Love / Edgar Omar Aviles -- First impressions / Ricardo Sumalavia -- Fire. Water. /Avital Gad-Cykman -- The snake / Eric Rugara -- An ugly man / Marcela Fuentes -- The lord of the flies / Marco Denevi -- Honor killing / Kim Young-ha -- Signs / Bess Winter -- Idolatry / Sherman Alexie -- Lost / Alberto Fuguet -- The extravagant behavior of the naked woman / Josefina Estrada -- Sleeping habit / Yasunari Kawabata -- Night drive / Ruben Fonseca -- Truthful lies / Frankie McMillan -- The tiger / Mohibullah Zegham -- Everyone out of the pool / Robert Lopez -- The baby / Maria Negroni -- Aglaglagl / Bruce Holland Rogers -- The five new sons / Zakaria Tamer -- The vending machine at the end of the world / Josephine Rowe -- The past / Juan Carlos Botero -- Everyone does intergral calculus / Kuzhali Manickavel -- Little girls / Tara Laskowski -- Ronggeng / Yin Ee Kiong -- Butterfly forever / Chen Qiyou -- Labyrinth / Juan Jose Barrientos -- The light eater / Kirsty Logan -- Late for dinner / Jim Crace -- Volcanic fireflies / Monica Lavin -- Insomnia / Vigilio Pinera -- Four hands / Margarita Meklina -- Engkanto / Peter Zaragoza Mayshle -- Without a net / Ana Maria Shua -- Appointment in Samarra / W. Somerset Maugham -- The Hawak / Brian Doyle -- The egg pyramid / Nuala Ni Chonchuir -- An ouroboric novel / Giorgio Manganelli -- The color / Jon McGregor -- Like a family / Meg Pokrass -- The madonna round Evelina's / Pierre J. Mejlak -- My brother at the Canadian Border / Sholeh Wolpe -- Skull of a sheep / James Claffey -- Arm, clean off / Cate McGowan -- Finished symphony / Augusto Monterroso -- When a dollar was a big deal / Ari Behn -- Amerika street / Lili Potpara -- Joke / Giannis Palavos -- Heavy bones / Tania Hershman -- Dream #6 / Naguib Mahfouz -- Daniela / Roberto Bolano -- Sovetskoye Shampanskoye / Berit Ellingsen -- Consuming the view / Luigi Malerba -- Reunion / Edward Mullany -- The interpreter for the tribunal / Tony Eprile -- The gutter / Ethel Rohan -- Three-second angels / Judd Hampton -- The lament of Hester Muponda -- Petina Gappah -- Farewell, I love you, and goodbye / James Tate -- The most beautiful girl / Peter Stamm -- The ache / Elena Bossi -- The young widow / Petronius -- Fun house / Robert Scotellaro -- Squeegee / James Norcliffe -- From the roaches' perspective / Qiu Xiaolong -- Not far from the tree / Karina M. Szczurek -- Family / Jensen Beach -- Honey / Antonio Ungar -- Hotel room / Juan Jose Saer -- The nihilist / Ron Carlson -- Stories / Natasza Goerke.

The life of images : selected prose

April 10, 2015
Simic, Charles, 1938-
x, 338 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
From Wonderful words, silent truth. Why I like certain poems more than others ; Reading philosophy at night ; Chinese boxes and puppet theaters ; Notes on poetry and philosophy -- From The unemployed fortune-teller. The flute player in the pit ; Food and happiness ; The little Venus of the Eskimos ; Fried sausage ; Elegy in a spider's web ; Shop, Le Bacarès ; No cure for the blues -- From Orphan factory. Charles the obscure ; In praise of invective ; Orphan factory ; The trouble with poetry ; Cut the comedy ; The poetry of village idiots ; Fearful paradise ; Night sky -- From The metaphysician in the dark. In praise of folly ; The devil is a poet ; The power of ambiguity ; Buster Keaton ; Poetry and history ; The romance of sausages ; Poetry : the art of memory ; Stargazing in the cinema : on Joseph Cornell -- Literature and the Gods : Roberto Calasso -- From Memory piano. Saul Steinberg ; The singing Simics ; Tsvetaeva : the tragic life ; Adam's umbrella ; From The renegade. The renegade -- Reading about utopia in New York City ; Salvation through laughter ; The life of images ; The powers of invention -- Uncollected. The true adventures of Franz Kafka's cage ; My secret ; Oh, what a lovely war! ; Insomnia's philosopher.

Map : collected and last poems

April 9, 2015
Szymborska, Wisława, author.
Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2015.
xiv, 447 pages ; 24 cm
Includes index.

Visions and revisions : coming of age in the age of aids

April 7, 2015
Peck, Dale.
New York, N Y : Soho Press, 2015.
212 pages ; 22 cm
"Novelist and critic Dale Peck's latest work--part memoir, part extended essay--is a foray into what the author calls "the second half of the first half of the AIDS epidemic," i.e., the period between 1987, when the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) was founded, and 1996, when the advent of combination therapy transformed AIDS from a virtual death sentence into a chronic manageable illness. Reminiscent of Joan Didion's The White Album and Kurt Vonnegut's Palm Sunday, Visions and Revisions has been assembled from over a dozen essays and articles that have been extensively rewritten and recombined to form a sweeping, collage-style portrait of a tumultuous era. Moving seamlessly from the lyrical to the analytical to the reportorial, Peck's story takes readers from the serial killings of gay men in New York, London, and Milwaukee, through Peck's first loves upon coming out of the closet, to the transformation of LGBT people from marginal, idealistic fighters to their present place in a world of widespread, if fraught, mainstream acceptance. The narrative pays particular attention the words and deeds of AIDS activists, offering a street-level portrait of ACT UP with considerations of AIDS-centered fiction and criticism of the era, as well as intimate, sometimes elegiac portraits of artists, activists, and HIV-positive people Peck knew. Peck's fiery rhetoric against a government that sat on its hands for the first several years of the epidemic is tinged with the idealism of a young gay man discovering his political, artistic, and sexual identity. The result is a visionary and indispensable work from one of America's most brilliant and controversial authors. "-- Provided by publisher.

Listen to your mother : what she said then, what we're saying now

April 7, 2015
New York : G. P. Putnam's Sons, [2015]
246 pages ; 22 cm
Foreword / Ann Imig -- Matryoshka dolls / Mary Jo Pehl -- What matters most / Zach Wahls -- The meat grinder / Jen Rubin -- It's always bad news / Marinka -- I felt like something / Megan Stielstra -- A year at the lake / Jenny Fiore -- The broken bowl / Jennifer Ball -- Mo'betta mama / Tasneem Grace Tewogbola -- The reach of a small moment / Alexandra Rosas -- Becoming invisible / Lea Grover -- Motherhood off the beaten path / Margaret Smith -- The job of motherhood / Wendi Adams -- Not a princess / Vikki Reich -- Threads / Stacey Conner -- She knew it / Natalie Cheung Hall -- Peanut butter and jelly / Taya Dunn Johnson -- The good-bye app / Kate St. Vincent Vogl -- More than an aunt, less than a mom / Jerry Mahoney -- The confession jar / Jenny Forrester -- Unspeakable sacrifice / Angie Miller -- Shy / Haddayr Copley-Woods -- Mothering you, my son: in six chapters / Ann Breidenbach -- What if / Lisa Page Rosenberg -- Swimsuit edition / Jennifer Sutton -- The cookie jar / Patty Chang Anker -- My mother the protector / Eddy Jordan -- Cocktail playdate dropout / Stefanie Wilder-Taylor -- The mother of all fathers / Robert Shaffron -- A much-needed slap in the face / Yoon Park -- Idiopathic / Amy Wilson -- Nick's story / Nadine C. Warner -- Prepare to be judged, and possibly stabbed. / Jenny Lawson -- Monkey, speak / Robyn Rasberry -- The wondering / Greta Funk -- Be happy, have a good life, remember me / Ann Stewart Zachwieja -- My mom fought the Nazis and won / Brian Lavendel -- I want to be a nothing / Jenifer Joy Madden -- Mother: a multiplication lesson / Dana Maya -- All you need is lovey / Katie Wise -- The upside to down / Mery Smith -- Artichokes / Kathy Curto -- Does your mom play drums? / Michelle Cruz Gonzales -- Steam power / Helen Reese -- In praise of the other mother / Nancy Davis Kho -- Three little letters / Lisa Allen -- The tiny bridge-maker / Jennifer Newcomb Marine -- Bottle caps, apple trees, and hope / Sheila Quirke -- Pregnant again / Edward McCann -- Becoming da mommy / M. Penny Manson -- Mothering through the storm / Rebecca Anderson-Brown -- Waiting for my kids to wish me a happy Mother's Day / Meggan Sommerville -- The children ate my gratitude / Ann Imig -- Raised by lesbians: on my makeup-free mom, my fashion-challenged moments, and raising a Disney daughter in a feminist world / Jennifer Weiner -- Orbits / Ruth Pennebaker -- Leaps and bounds / Barbara Patrick -- Hummingbird: a love letter to the mothers at church / Liz Joynt Sandberg.
"Irreverent, thought-provoking, hilarious, and edgy: a collection of personal stories celebrating motherhood, featuring #1 New York Times bestselling authors Jenny Lawson and Jennifer Weiner, and many other notable writers. Listen to Your Mother is a fantastic awakening of why our mothers are important, taking readers on a journey through motherhood in all of its complexity, diversity, and humor. Based on the sensational national performance movement, Listen to Your Mother showcases the experiences of ordinary people of all racial, gender, and age backgrounds, from every corner of the country. This collection of essays celebrates and validates what it means to be a mother today, with honesty and candor that is arrestingly stimulating and refreshing. The stories are raw, honest, poignant, and sometimes raunchy, ranging from adoption, assimilation to emptying nests; first-time motherhood, foster-parenting, to infertility; single-parenting, LGBTQ parenting, to special-needs parenting; step-mothering; never mothering, to surrogacy; and mothering through illness to mothering through unsolicited advice. Honest, funny, and heart-wrenching, these personal stories are the collective voice of mothers among us. Whether you are one, have one, or know one, Listen to Your Mother is an emotional whirlwind that is guaranteed to entertain, amuse, and enlighten. "-- Provided by publisher.

B & me : a true story of literary arousal

March 31, 2015
Hallman, J. C., author.
New York : Simon & Schuster, 2015.
277 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
"Nearly twenty-five years ago, Nicholson Baker published U and I, the fretful and handwringing--but also groundbreaking--tale of his literary relationship with John Updike. U and I inspired a whole sub-genre of engaging, entertaining writing about reading, but what no story of this type has ever done is tell its tale from the moment of conception, that moment when you realize that there is a writer out there in the world that you must read--so you read them. B & Me is that story, the story of J.C. Hallman discovering and reading Nicholson Baker, and discovering himself in the process."

Tales of the marvellous and news of the strange

March 26, 2015
London : Penguin Classics, 2014.
xliii, 447 pages ; 24 cm
"The first English translation of a Medieval Arab fantasy collection"--Cover.

Poetry notebook : reflections on the intensity of language

March 25, 2015
James, Clive, 1939-
xviii, 238 pages ; 22 cm

Figures of fear

March 25, 2015
Masterton, Graham, author.
Sutton : Severn House, 2014.
vi, 199 pages ; 23 cm.
From the beginning of history, men and women have been haunted by figures of fear--and now, in his latest short story collection, award-winning horror writer Graham Masterton reveals the figures that haunt his own imagination and keep him awake at night. Figures of Fear presents eleven stories, introduction eleven new evils, guaranteed to unsettle and disturb. Meet the little girl whose mother is keeping something important from her, with fearful results...Tremble at the artist who can see the future and prevent it, at a price...Beware of the dark, and the evil that lurks within it...Tremble, and hide, at the sound of the jingle-bells...Do figures of fear really bring bad luck? Or are they nothing more than stories? Only you can figure out how fearful you are...

Things I'll never say : stories about our secret selves

March 20, 2015
xii, 306 pages ; 20 cm
The we-are-like-everybody-else game / Ellen Wittlinger -- Cupid's beaux / Cynthia Leitich Smith -- Partial reinforcement / Kerry Cohen -- When we were wild / Louise Hawes -- Lucky buoy / Chris Lynch -- For a moment, underground / Kekla Magoon -- Storm clouds fleeing from the wind / Zoë Marriott -- Choices / Mary Ann Rodman -- Quick change / E.M. Kokie -- Call me! / Ron Koertge -- A crossroads / J.L. Powers -- Little Wolf and the iron pin / Katy Moran -- Three-four time / Erica L. Kaufman -- We were together / Ann Angel -- A thousand words / Varian Johnson.

Tim O'Brien

March 19, 2015
xii, 313 pages ; 24 cm.
Edition statement supplied by publisher.
On Tim O'Brien / Patrick A. Smith -- Biography of Tim O'Brien / Deric G. Sallas -- My heroes can't always be cowboys : the influence of popular culture in The nuclear age / Reita K. Gorman -- Tim O'Brien : a critical overview / Susan Farrell -- Critical pluralism and interpretation(s) of Tim O'Brien's The things they carried / Robert C. Evans -- Tim O'Brien, Ernest Hemingway, and the short story cycle tradition / Stefania Ciocia -- "Medals! Medals! Eveyone's got medals" : chasing the elusive Silver Star in the works of Tim O'Brien / Catherine Calloway -- Taking the moral plunge : surface and depth in Tim O'Brien's novels / Kathleen M. Puhr -- "The man" and the moon : black power, 1968, and Going after Cacciato / Brad E. Lucas -- The ultimate war story : losing it in Going after Cacciato / Michael Zeitlin -- Insanity and the problem of meaning in The nuclear age / Derek C. Maus -- "Just listen" : witnessing trauma in Tim O'Brien's The things they carried / Susan Farrell -- Tim O'Brien's The things they carried : initial reception and detailed analysis / Robert E. Evans -- Tim O'Brien's In the lake of the woods : Walden gone west, wild, and wrong / Owen W. Gilman, Jr. -- Post cards and mirrors : fragmenting the retrospective Vietnam narrative : Bobbie Ann Mason's In country and Tim O'Brien's In the lake of the woods / D. Quentin Miller -- "Proof of the loop" : patterns of habitual denial in Tim O'Brien's In the lake of the woods and Don DeLillo's Libra / Tim Engles.
This collection of critical essays on American writer Tim O'Brien includes a brief biography and a chronology of the author's life.

Those who write for immortality : romantic reputations and the dream of everlasting fame

March 16, 2015
Jackson, H. J.
New Haven [Conn.] : Yale University Press, [2015]
xiv, 294 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
The fame tradition -- An heroic model of authorship -- The stigma of popularity -- Interlude -- What about merit? -- Raising the unread -- Conclusion.
"This book offers a fresh look at fame and a fresh way of thinking about both literary fame and literary history" -- Provided by publisher.

The musical brain & other stories

March 16, 2015
Aira, César, 1949- author.
New York : New Directions, [2015]
351 pages ; 19 cm
A brick wall -- Picasso -- Athena magazine -- The dog -- In the café -- God's tea party -- The musical brain -- A thousand drops -- The all that plows through the nothing -- The ovenbird -- The cart -- Poverty -- The topiary bears of parque arauco -- The criminal and the cartoonist -- The infinite -- No witness -- The spy -- The two men -- Acts of charity -- Cecil Taylor.

What comes next and how to like it : a memoir

March 16, 2015
Thomas, Abigail, author.
New York : Scribner, 2015.
224 pages ; 22 cm

Ten windows : how great poems transform the world

March 11, 2015
Hirshfield, Jane, 1953-
New York : Knopf, 2015.
viii, 309 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm
"This is a Borzoi book."
"A collection of ten essays by the poet Jane Hirshfield, about reading and understanding poetry, and about the power of poetry"-- Provided by publisher.

The doll collection

March 5, 2015
New York : Tor, 2015.
351 pages ; illustrations ; 25 cm
"Seventeen brand-new tales of dolls from Jeffrey Ford, Seanan McGuire, Joyce Carol Oats, Carrie Vaughn, and many others"--Cover.
Skin and bone / by Tim Lebbon -- Heroes and villians / by Stephen Gallager -- The doll-master / by Joyce Carol Oates -- Gaze / by Gemma Files -- In case of zebras / by Pat Cadigan -- There is no place for sorrow in the kingdom of the cold / by Seanan McGuire -- Goodness and kindness / by Carrie Vaughn -- Daniel's theory about dolls / by Stephen Graham Jones -- After and back before / by Miranda Siemienowicz -- Doctor Faustus / by Mary Robinette Kowal -- Doll court / by Richard Bowes -- Visit lovely Cornwall on the Western Railway Line / by Genevieve Valentine -- Ambitious boys like you / by Richard Kadrey -- Miss Sibyl-Cassandra / by Lucy Sussex -- The permanent collection / by Veronica Schanoes -- Homemade monsters / by John Langan -- Word doll / by Jeffrey Ford.
Dolls, puppets, and other human simulacra are objects of fear and wonder in this eclectic anthology of 17 original stories that Ellen Datlow selected for their ability to "mine the uncanniness of dolls for all its worth." Accompanying photos of dolls and their parts intensify the eeriness of these works, which easily transcend their familiar theme.

Life of a counterfeiter : and other stories

March 4, 2015
Inoue, Yasushi, 1907-1991, author.
London : Pushkin Press, 2014.
140 pages ; 16 cm
Translated from the Japanese.

Bookmarked : reading my way from Hollywood to Brooklyn

March 4, 2015
Fairey, Wendy W.
New York : Arcade Publishing, 2015.
279 pages ; 24 cm
Includes reading group discussion questions.
From Orphan to Immigrant -- David Copperfield -- Jane Eyre and Becky Sharp -- Daniel Deronda -- Isabel Archer and Tess of the d'Urbervilles -- The Odd Women and Howards End -- To the Lighthouse -- A Passage to India and Beyond -- Postscripts.
"Wendy W. Fairey grew up among books. Her mother, the famous Hollywood columnist Sheilah Graham, was F. Scott Fitzgerald's last love--he died in her living room in 1940. As part of a 'College of One' education, Fitzgerald would bring Graham literary classics from Charles Dickens to William Thackeray, Virginia Woolf, and Henry James. The protagonists of these books later became Fairey's intimates. Leaving her glamorous Hollywood world as a young girl, Fairey entered the English landscape of David Copperfield, whose sensibility and aspirations she intimately shared, not least because both suffered a terrible stepfather. Her many affinities with David squired her to adulthood, when she became an English professor and eventually a college dean. This memoir is the author's literary journey through the classic British novels of late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Besides David Copperfield, her traveling companions include Daniel Deronda, the hero of George Eliot's last novel, as well as its heroine, Gwendolyn Harleth, whose suffering resembled the author's own in her stressed marriage. Both characters become important presences, and like Daniel, Fairey learned late in life of her Jewish ancestry. Other fictional companions, including Jane Eyre, Mrs. Ramsay (Virginia Woolf), Tess (Thomas Hardy), and Isabel (Henry James), weave in and out, helping her understand her own identity and trajectory. In this inspiring book, Fairey shows how great literature is and can be forever an inspiration, a companion, and a guide to living"-- Provided by publisher.

Goldeneye : where Bond was born : Ian Fleming's Jamaica

March 4, 2015
Parker, Matthew, author.
387 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color), map ; 24 cm

The time traveler's almanac

March 3, 2015
New York : Tor, 2014.
xii, 948 pages ; 25 cm
Originally published: Great Britain : Head of Zeus, 2013.
Introduction / Rian Johnson -- Top Ten Tips for Time Travelers / Charles Yu -- Experiments. -- Death Ship / Richard Matheson -- Ripples in the Dirac Sea / Geoffrey Landis -- Needle in a Timestack / Robert Silverberg -- Another Story or A Fisherman of the Inland Sea / Ursula K. LeGuin -- Hwang's Billion Brilliant Daughters / Alice Sola Kim -- How the Future Got Better / Eric Schaller -- Pale Roses / Michael Moorcock -- The Gernsback Continuum / William Gibson -- The Threads of Time / C.J. Cherryh -- Triceratops Summer / Michael Swanwick -- The Most Important Thing in the World / Steve Bein -- Himself in Anachron / Cordwainer Smith -- The Time Machine / H.G. Wells -- Young Zaphod Plays It Safe / Douglas Adams -- Time Travel in Theory and Practice / Stan Love -- Reactionaries and Revolutionaries. -- A Sound of Thunder / Ray Bradbury -- Vintage Season / Henry Kuttner & C.L. Moore -- Thirty Seconds From Now / John Chu -- Forty, Counting Down / Harry Turtledove -- The Final Days / David Langford -- Fire Watch / Connie Willis -- Noble Mold / Kage Baker -- Under Siege / George R.R. Martin -- Where or When / Steve Utley -- Time Gypsy / Ellen Klages -- On the Watchtower at Plataea / Garry Kilworth -- Alexia and Graham Bell / Rosaleen Love -- A Night on the Barbary Coast / Kage Baker -- This Tragic Glass / Elizabeth Bear -- The Gulf of the Years / George-Olivier Châteaureynaud -- Enoch Soames : a memory of the eighteen-nineties / Max Beerbohn -- Trousseau, Fashion for Time Travelers / Genevieve Valentine -- Mazes and Traps. -- The Clock That Went Backwards / Edward Page Mitchell -- Yesterday Was Monday / Theodore Sturgeon -- Is There Anybody There? / Kim Newman -- Fish Night / Joe Lansdale -- The Lost Pilgrim / Gene Wolfe -- Palindromic / Peter Crowther -- Augusta Prima / Karin Tidbeck -- Life Trap / Barrington J. Bayley -- The Lost Continent / Greg Egan -- The Mouse Ran Down / Adrian Tchaikovsky -- The Great Clock / Langdon Jones -- Traveller's Rest / David Masson -- Delhi / Vandana Singh -- Come-From-Aways / Tony Pi -- Terminós / Dean Francis Alfar -- The Weed of Time / Norman Spinrad -- The Waitabits / Eric Frank Russell -- Music for Time Travelers / Jason Heller -- Communiqués. -- What If / Isaac Asimov -- As Time Goes By / Tanith Lee -- At Dorado / Geoffrey Landis -- 3 RMS, Good View / Karen Haber -- Twenty-One, Counting Up / Harry Turtledove -- The House that Made the Sixteen Loops of Time / Tamsyn Muir -- Against the Lafayette Escadrille / Gene Wolfe -- Swing Time / Carrie Vaughn -- The Mask of the Rex / Richard Bowes -- Message in a Bottle / Nalo Hopkinson -- The Time Telephone / Adam Roberts -- Red Letter Day / Kristine Kathryn Rusch -- Domine / Rjurik Davidson -- In The Tube / E.F. Benson -- Bad Timing / Molly Brown -- If Ever I Should Leave You / Pamela Sargent -- Palimpsest / Charlie Stross.
"The Time Traveler's Almanac is the largest and most definitive collection of time travel stories ever assembled. Gathered into one volume by intrepid chrononauts and world-renowned anthologists Ann and Jeff VanderMeer, this book compiles more than a century's worth of literary travels into the past and the future that will serve to reacquaint readers with beloved classics of the time travel genre and introduce them to thrilling contemporary innovations.This marvelous volume includes nearly seventy journeys through time from authors such as Douglas Adams, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, William Gibson, Ursula K. Le Guin, George R. R. Martin, Michael Moorcock, H. G. Wells, and Connie Willis, as well as helpful non-fiction articles original to this volume (such as Charles Yu's "Top Ten Tips For Time Travelers"). In fact, this book is like a time machine of its very own, covering millions of years of Earth's history from the age of the dinosaurs through to strange and fascinating futures, spanning the ages from the beginning of time to its very end. The Time Traveler's Almanac is the ultimate anthology for the time traveler in your life"-- Provided by publisher.

Phantasm Japan : fantasies light and dark, from and about Japan

March 2, 2015
San Francisco : Haikasoru, [2014]
347 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm
Introduction: the eight millionth and first spirit / Nick Mamatas -- Foreword / Masumi Washington -- A tale of Japan: in his wake / Zachary Mason -- Shikata ga nai: the bag lady's tale / Gary A. Braunbeck -- Scissors or claws, and holes / Yusaku Kitano -- Her last appearance / Lauren Naturale -- He dreads the cold / James A. Moore -- A tale of Japan: a successful ruse / Zachary Mason -- Girl, I love you / Nadia Bulkin -- The last packet of tea / Quentin S. Crisp -- The parrot stone / Seia Tanabe -- Kamigakari / Jacqueline Koyanagi -- A tale of Japan: the true Bodhisattva / Zachary Mason -- From the nothing, with love / Project Itoh -- Those who hunt monster hunters / Tim Pratt -- Inari updates the map of rice fields / Alex Dally MacFarlane -- The street of fruiting bodies / Sayuri Ueda -- A tale of Japan: mesalliance / Zachary Mason -- Chiyoko / Miyuki Miyabe -- Ningyo / Benjanun Sriduangkaew -- Thirty-eight observations on the nature of the self / Joseph Tomaras -- Sisyphean / Dempow Torishima -- A tale of Japan: Tengu of the wood / Zachary Mason.
"From the editors of the acclaimed science fiction anthology The Future Is Japanese comes Phantasm Japan, which collects new stories--from the best Western and Japanese fantasists--that explore new worlds, ancient worlds, and this world"-- Provided by publisher.

Old Venus

February 26, 2015
New York : Bantam Books, [2015]
xvii, 586 pages ; 25 cm
"This original anthology of all-new stories harkens back to the Golden Age of SF, when science fiction was filled with tales from our own solar system, at a time when no one knew what lay on the surface of our nearest galactic neighbors and speculation ran rampant. And though that old solar system was "disproved" in the 1960s, when space probes showed that the real worlds were very different from those of our imaginations, these linked anthologies take us back to the time when it still seemed possible that Mars was home to dying civilizations, and Venus was a steamy, swampy jungle world, with strange creatures lurking amidst the lush vegetation. "-- Provided by publisher.

The life of William Makepeace Thackeray

February 25, 2015
Melville, Lewis, 1874-1932.
London : Hutchinson & Co., 1899.
2 volumes : illustrations, plates ; 22 cm
Copy in Genealogy & Local History Dept., Cincinnati Collection, bound in red morocco and inlaid marbled trapezoidal pattern, with spine stamped in gold, top edge gilt, and fancy marbled endpapers. Bookplate of Sylvia J. Thomson. Label of Stewart Kidd booksellers, stationers, engravers, Cincinnati. Printed by Hazell, Watson, and Viney, LD., London and Aylesbury.

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