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August 30, 2016
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Sex and death : stories

August 29, 2016
New York, NY : Harper, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2016]
vii, 325 pages ; 24 cm
"First published in 2016 in the United Kingdom by Faber & Faber Limited"--Title page verso.
"In this provocative and haunting collection of short stories, edited by two masters of the form, a diverse group of contemporary writers probes the nature and connection between two of the most powerful, exhilarating, and terrifying forces that define and shape the human experience. The drive for life—for survival and reproduction—and the drive for death—for violence and self-destruction—are the two dominant, instinctive urges of human behavior. These conflicting compulsions, characterized by Freud as Eros and Thanatos, are also the central themes of great literature. In Sex and Death, some of today’s most compelling writers from around the globe—Kevin Barry, Lynn Coady, Ceridwen Dovey, Robert Drewe, Damon Galgut, Petina Gappah, Sarah Hall, Peter Hobbs, Yiyun Li, Alexander MacLeod, Ben Marcus, Jon McGregor, Guadalupe Nettel, Courttia Newland, Taiye Selasi, Ali Smith, Wells Tower, Claire Vaye Watkins, Alan Warner, Clare Wigfall—explore these challenging themes with honesty, psychological acuity, brutality, tenderness, and empathy, in stories that are disquieting, illuminating, funny, and utterly dazzling."--from back cover.

Scary out there

August 29, 2016
New York, New York : SSBFYR, [2016]
498 pages ; 22 cm
The Doomsday Glass / by Brenna Yovanoff -- What happens to girls who disappear / by Carrie Ryan -- The mermaid aquarium: Weeki Wachee Springs, 1951 / by Cherie Priest -- As good as your word / by Ellen Hopkins -- The invisible girl / by Rachel Tafoya -- Death and Twinkies / by Zac Brewer -- Secret things / by Linda Addison -- Danny / by Josh Malerman -- Make it right / by Madeleine Roux -- Shadowtown blues / by Lucy A. Snyder -- Beyond the sea / by Nancy Holder -- The Whisper-Whisper Men / by Tim Waggoner -- Non-player character / by Neal & Brendan Shusterman -- Falling into darkness: poems / by Marge Simon -- What happens when the heart just stops / by Christopher Golden -- Chlorine-damaged hair, and other pool hazards / by Kendare Blake -- The old radio R.L. Stine -- Rites of passage: poems / by Jade Shames -- Corazón Oscuro / by Rachel Caine -- The boyfriend / by Steve Rasnic Tem -- Bearwalker / by Ilsa J. Bick.
"Multiple Bram Stoker Award-winning author Jonathan Maberry compiles more than twenty stories and poems--written by members of the Horror Writers Association--in this terrifying collection about worst fears"-- Provided by publisher.

Libertarians on the prairie : Laura Ingalls Wilder, Rose Wilder Lane, and the making of the Little House Books

August 24, 2016
Woodside, Christine, 1959- author.
New York : Arcade Publishing, [2016]
pages cm
"Generations of children have fallen in love with the pioneer saga of the Ingalls family, of Pa and Ma, Laura and her sisters, and their loyal dog, Jack. Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House books have taught millions of Americans about frontier life, giving inspiration to many and in the process becoming icons of our national identity. Yet few realize that this cherished bestselling series wandered far from the actual history of the Ingalls family and from what Laura herself understood to be central truths about pioneer life. In this groundbreaking narrative of literary detection, Christine Woodside reveals for the first time the full extent of the collaboration between Laura and her daughter, Rose Wilder Lane. Rose hated farming and fled the family homestead as an adolescent, eventually becoming a nationally prominent magazine writer, biographer of Herbert Hoover, and successful novelist, who shared the political values of Ayn Rand and became a mentor to Roger Lea MacBride, the second Libertarian presidential candidate. Drawing on original manuscripts and letters, Woodside shows how Rose reshaped her mother's story into a series of heroic tales that rebutted the policies of the New Deal. Their secret collaboration would lead in time to their estrangement. A fascinating look at the relationship between two strong-willed women, Libertarians on the Prairie is also the deconstruction of an American myth"-- Provided by publisher.

Writing intriguing informational pieces

August 19, 2016
Vander Hook, Sue, 1949- author.
Minneapolis : Lerner Publications, [2016]
56 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 24 cm.

Singnagtugaq : a Greenlander' dream

August 18, 2016
Storch, Mathias, 1883-1957, author.
126 pages ; 19 cm
"Published in 1915, Singnagtugaq: A Greenlanders Dream, created both furor and literary history as the first original novel in Greenlandic. Initially the book was seen as an encounter between the historic clash of good and evil-Danish colonizers and the colonized Greenlanders. The book portrays this encounter in vivid, harsh terms reflecting the time. At the end of the novel comes a vision of a future, modern Greenland, freed from colonial humiliation and poverty: the first literary expression of the desire for progress which later became so prominent in Greenlandic poetry and politics. It also described the first required Danish education for primary school students, not to serve as subservient to the Danish, but as a necessary part of a Greenlanders education and growth. Later, this apparent contradiction came to characterize Greenlandic cultural policy."--Provided by publisher

Scream : a memoir of glamour and dysfunction

August 17, 2016
Janowitz, Tama, author.
New York, NY : Dey St., an imprint of William Morrow, [2016]
285 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
"In this ... memoir, the original Lit Girl and author of ... Slaves of New York considers her life in and outside of New York City, from the heyday of the 1980s to her life today in a tiny upstate town that proves that fact is always stranger than fiction"--Publisher marketing.

The kite and the string : how to write with spontaneity and control - and live to tell the tale

August 16, 2016
Mattison, Alice, author.
New York, New York : Viking, [2016]
xx, 234 pages ; 22 cm
Part I: The kite and the string -- 1. Writing with freedom and common sense -- Part II: People taking action -- 2. Imagine -- 3. What to do with a good idea -- 4. Let happenings happen -- 5. Become someone else -- Part III: Stories and books: start to finish -- 6. Recognize stories, envision books -- 7. What killed the queen? and other uncertainties that keep a reader reading -- Part IV: Choosing to speak -- 8. Silence and storytelling -- Part V: Living to tell the tale -- 9. Revising our thought bubbles.
A targeted and insightful guide to the stages of writing fiction and memoir without falling into common traps, while wisely navigating the writing life, from an award-winning author and longtime teacher.

Think twice : a novel

August 16, 2016
Mlynowski, Sarah.
[United States? : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform], [2016]
xi, 241 p. ; 22 cm.
Sequel to Don't even think about it.
"We used to be average New York City teenagers. Then, in tenth grade, we got flu shots and developed telepathy. Yes. Telepathy. We could read minds, and it wasn't always pretty. We tried to keep our ESP a secret, but the news spread until everyone knew about our special ability. Our teachers. Our friends. The New York Post. We became C-list celebrities. We even had our own groupies. Now, it's senior year, and with graduation around the corner we have plans--big plans--that involve being telepathic. So when one by one we start to lose our ESP, we have to take action. Fast. With the class brainiac on our side, we should be able to save our telepathy before it's too late. Right? Or will we have to learn how to survive without it once again?" -- p. [4] of cover

Writing fantastic fiction

August 16, 2016
Anderson, Jennifer Joline, author.
Minneapolis, MN :Lerner Publications, [2016]
56 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 23 cm.
Outlines "steps of writing a story from beginning to end. Learn how to gather inspiration and develop a story's characters. Then visualize and organize your story's plot with a writing map. And after you've written a really rough draft, check out tips for revising your work"--Page 4 of cover.

The bacchanal : and other horrific tales

August 8, 2016
[Place of publication not identified] : Dreaming Big Publications / [2016]
201 pages ; 21 cm
"Artwork (cover) by Keegan Strickland"--Cover.
The bacchanal on the roof / Donald McCarthy -- The encouragement specialists / TS Hall -- No experience necessary / Lorraine Nelson -- Extra small medium / Kathryn Hearst -- Mountain of the lost / Shannon Hollinger -- Bert and bones / John Kaniecki -- His own eyes / Ray Dean -- ...And lose his own soul / John Robinson -- Murder of crows / Thomas Kleaton -- Feed my queen / Joe DiCicco -- Art imitates death / Sean Taylor -- Concerning Mister Suffolk / Teel James Glenn.
A chilling collection of modern horror stories full of both creepy events and morbid humor.

Cold mountain : 100 poems

August 8, 2016
Hanshan, active 627-649.
New York : Columbia University Press, 1970.
118 pages : illustration ; 22 cm.
Selected translation of Hanshan shi ji.
"Reissued for the Columbia College Program of Translations from the Oriental Classics."

Compartment no. 6.

August 4, 2016
Liksom, Rosa, author.
181 pages ; 21 cm
Originally published as Hyttu in 2011 in Helsinki.
"A young Finnish woman boards a train in Moscow, in the waning years of the Soviet Union. Bound for Mongolia, she's trying to leave a broken relationship as far behind her as she can. Wanting to be alone, she chooses an empty compartment - No 6. Her solitude is soon shattered by the arrival of a fellow passenger: Vadim Nikolayevich Ivanov, a grizzled, opinionated and foul-mouthed ex-soldier. Vadim fills the compartment with his long and colourful stories, recounting in lurid detail his sexual conquests and violent fights . There is a hint of menace in the air, but while Vadim may be crude, he isn't cruel, and he shares with her the sausage and black bread and tea he's brought for the journey. As their train cuts slowly across a wintery Russia, where 'everything in motion, snow, water, air, clouds, wind, cities, villages, people and thoughts', a grudging kind of companionship grows between the two inhabitants of Compartment No 6."--Back cover.

The problem with me : and other essays about making trouble in China today

August 4, 2016
Han, Han, 1982- author.
xv, 217 pages ; 21 cm
Includes index.
Growing up. I grew up with blue skies ; Soccer, ah, soccer ; Those people, those things ; The problem with teachers ; The problem with cadres ; The problem with English -- In the kart every day. The problem with me ; In the kart every day ; My first time in Shanghai ; SARS and a rally race in Longyou ; Actually, I'm a writer -- Literature and the era of microblogs. Why are there still modern poets? ; Poets are desperately not writing poetry ; Modern poets get organized ; Wang Shuo ; There hasn't been any Renaissance ; There will always be a power ; Pennies for the writers ; On Weibo and WeChat ; For every self -- I still want to be a stinking public intellecutal. I still want to be a stinking public intellectual ; Officials and me ; An American soap opera in Chongqing ; Some people should get the vote first ; A rumor that's lasted for many years ; Slaughter the public ; Remembering a time when I was powerless ; Let me take you for a U-turn on Chang'an Avenue ; Chess pieces that deserted the board ; A VIP's trip to Thailand ; The Pacific wind. Life as I know it. Life as I know it ; Fatherhood ; I can't and I don't ; Children's Day ; The new masters have arrived ; Chunping, I did it ; Remembering Xu Lang ; School reunions.
Han Han is the most influential (and provocative) young person in China, equally beloved and reviled for the satirical wit with which he takes on everyone from corrupt politicians to ludicrous protestors. In this collection of essays, he tackles everything from Internet culture in a country that censors the Internet to his own escapades driving around with fake police IDs and a megaphone, and from whether China is ready for democracy to going back for one incredibly awkward middle school reunion.

Urban allies : ten brand-new collaborative stories

August 2, 2016
New York, NY : Harper Voyager, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, [2016]
410 pages ; 21 cm
Ladies' fight / Caitlin Kittredge and Jaye Wells -- Tailed / Seanan McGuire and Kelley Armstrong -- Sweet, blissful certainty / Steven Savile and Craig Schaefer -- Pig roast / Joseph Nassise and Sam Witt -- Takes all kinds / Diana Rowland and Carrie Vaughn -- The lessons of Room 19 / Weston Ochse and David Wellington -- Blood for blood / Charlaine Harris and Christopher Golden -- Spite house / C.E. Murphy and Kat Richardson -- Crossed wires / Jeff Somers and Stephen Blackmoore -- Weaponized hell / Larry Correia and Jonathan Maberry.
These collaborative stories unite two beloved characters from two different urban fantasy series in each of ten electrifying new stories.

Land of Enchantment

August 2, 2016
Stein, Leigh, 1984- author.
New York, New York : Plume, 2016.
212 pages ; 21 cm
A Hot Night in Late July (2011) -- The Pin-Pen Switch (2007) -- Torch Song (2007) -- Seven Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life (2007) -- Niagara Falls (2011) -- El Chupacabra (2007) -- The Girls (2007) -- The Sylvia Plath Effect (1998) -- The Gaslight Diner (2007) -- The Proposal (2007-2011) -- Dawn Patrol (2007) -- Pure Imagination (2011) -- Channel Georgia (2008) -- New Territory (2009) -- The Worst Movie I Ever Saw (2011) -- Last Days (2011) -- How to Get over It (2011-2014) -- Signs (2014) -- Epilogue (2015).
"Set against the stark and surreal landscape of New Mexico, Land of Enchantment is a coming-of-age memoir about young love, obsession, and loss, and how a person can imprint a place in your mind forever. When Leigh Stein received a call from an unknown number in July 2011, she let it go to voice mail, assuming it would be her ex-boyfriend Jason. Instead, the call was from his brother: Jason had been killed in a motorcycle accident. He was twenty-three years old. She had seen him alive just a few weeks earlier. Leigh first met Jason at an audition for a tragic play. He was nineteen and troubled and intensely magnetic, a dead ringer for James Dean. Leigh was twenty-two and living at home with her parents, trying to figure out what to do with her young adult life. Within months, they had fallen in love and moved to New Mexico, the 'Land of Enchantment, ' a place neither of them had ever been. But what was supposed to be a romantic adventure quickly turned sinister, as Jason's behavior went from playful and spontaneous to controlling and erratic, eventually escalating to violence. Now New Mexico was marked by isolation and the anxiety of how to leave a man she both loved and feared. Even once Leigh moved on to New York, throwing herself into her work, Jason and their time together haunted her. Land of Enchantment lyrically explores the heartbreaking complexity of why the person hurting you the most can be impossible to leave. With searing honesty and cutting humor, Leigh wrestles with what made her fall in love with someone so destructive and how to grieve a man who wasn't always good to her"--Publisher's website.

Brussels noir

August 1, 2016
287 pages : map ; 21 cm
Introduction / Michel Dufanne -- Part I: The razor's edge. The parakeet / Barbara Abel -- Daedalus / Katia Lanero Zamora -- Only muddy streams flow in darkness / Patrick Delperdange -- R I T U A L: diary of flesh and faith / Kenan Görgün -- Part II: Sur(realism). A fraction of a second / Paul Colize -- The other war of the Marolles / Sara Doke -- The other half of a life / Ayerdhal -- The killer wore slippers / Nadine Monfils -- The village idiot / Edgar Kosma -- Part III: Room to maneuver. In the shadow of the tower / Émilie de Béco -- Ecuador / Alfredo Noriega -- Paint it, black / Bob van Laerhoven -- The beekeeper / Jean-Luc Cornette.

Mississippi noir

August 1, 2016
281 pages : map ; 23 cm
Introduction / Tom Franklin -- Part I: Conquest & revenge. Combustible / Ace Atkins -- Lord of Madison County / Jimmy Cajoleas -- Losing her religion / RaShell R. Smith-Spears -- Most things haven't worked out / William Boyle -- Part II: Wayward youth. Uphill / Mary Miller -- Boy and girl games like coupling / Jamie Paige -- Oxford girl / Megan Abbott -- Digits / Michael Kardos -- Part III: Bloodlines. Moonface / Andrew Paul -- God's gonna trouble the water / Dominiqua Dickey -- My dear, my one true love / Lee Durkee -- Hero / Michael Farris Smith -- Part IV: Skipping town. Pit stop / John M. Floyd -- Anglers of the keep / Robert Busby -- Jerry Lewis / Jack Pendarvis -- Cheap suitcase and a new town / Chris Offutt.

St. Louis noir

August 1, 2016
267 pages : map ; 21 cm
Introduction / Scott Phillips -- Part I: The city. Abandoned places / S.L. Coney -- Deserted cities of the heart / Paul D. Marks -- Blues for the River City / Colleen J. McElroy -- Fool's luck / La Velle Wilkins-Chin -- Attrition / Calvin Wilson -- Tracks / Jason Makansi -- Part II: A poetic interlude. Four St. Louis poems / Michael Castro -- Part III: The county. A paler shade of death / Laura Benedict -- Have you seen me? / Jedidiah Ayres -- A St. Louis Christmas / Umar Lee -- The pillbox / Chris Barsanti -- The brick wall / Lohn Lutz -- Part IV: Across the river. Tell them your name is Barbara / L.J. Smith -- One little Goddamn thing / Scott Phillips.

Welcome to Frost Heaves

July 25, 2016
Sheldon, Ken, author.
xi, 158 pages ; 22 cm
"Fred [Marple] (also known as humorist Ken Sheldon)"--Page [4] of cover.
"...a collection of humorous stories from 'the most under-appreciated town in New Hampshire" as told by Fred Marple, the town's unofficial spokesman"--Page [4] of cover.

Drowned worlds : tales from the Anthropocene and beyond

July 19, 2016
Oxford, UK : Solaris, 2016.
381 pages ; 23 cm
Introduction / Jonathan Strahan -- Elves of Antarctica / Paul McAuley -- Dispatches from the cradle: The hermit -- Forty-eight hours in the sea of Massachusetts / Ken Liu -- Venice drowned / Kim Stanley Robinson -- Brownsville station / Christopher Rowe -- Who do you love? / Kathleen Ann Goonan -- Because change was the ocean and we lived by her mercy / Charlie Jane Anders -- The common tongue, the present tense, the known / Nina Allan -- What is / Jeffrey Ford -- Destroyed by the waters / Rachel Swirsky -- The new Venusians / Sean Williams -- Inselberg / Nalo Hopkinson -- Only ten more shopping days left till Ragnarök / James Morrow -- Last gods / Sam J. Miller -- Drowned / Lavie Tidhar -- The future is blue / Catherynne M. Valente.

Jane Austen

July 19, 2016
Alkayat, Zena.
San Francisco, CA : Chronicle Books, 2016.
128 unnumbered pages : color illustrations ; 16 cm
"Enchanting illustrations and handwritten text featuring excerpts from Austen's personal letters outline the intimate details of the literary icon's life her childhood on a farm, the writing of her first novella, her marital woes, the inspiration behind Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice, and more."--Provided by publisher.

The runaway wife : a novel

July 18, 2016
Oberbeck, Elizabeth Birkelund, author.
246 pages ; 21 cm
Three beautiful French sisters entrust an American hiker with the mission of rescuing their mother, Calliope, who is hiding high in the Alps. The mountains are filled with beauty and danger, not the least of which is Calliope's desire to stay hidden. And all the while, the hiker finds himself haunted by the memory of her daughters and conflicted in his desire for them.

The big book of science fiction : the ultimate collection

July 12, 2016
New York : Vintage Crime/Black Lizard, Vintage Books, 2016.
xxxi, 1178 pages ; 24 cm
The star / H. G. Wells -- Sultana's dream / Rokheya Shekhawat Hossain -- The triumph of mechanics / Karl Hans Strobl -- The new overworld / Paul Scheerbart -- Elements of Pataphysics / Alfred Jarry -- Mechanopolis / Miguel de Unamuno -- The doom of Principal City / Yefim Zozulya -- The comet / W. E. B. Du Bois -- The fate of the Poseidonia / Clare Winger Harris -- The star stealers / Edmond Hamilton -- The conquest of Gola / Leslie F. Stone -- A Martian odyssey / Stanley G. Weinbaum -- The last poet and the robots / A t -- The microscopic giants / Paul Ernst -- Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius / Jorge Luis Borges -- Desertion / Clifford D. Simak -- September 2005: the Martian / Ray Bradbury -- Baby HP / Juan José Arreola -- Surface tension / James Blish -- Beyond lies the Wub / Philip K. Dick -- The snowball effect / Katherine Maclean -- Prott / Margaret St. Clair -- The liberation of Earth / William Tenn -- Let me live in a house / Chad Oliver -- The star / Arthur C. Clarke -- Grandpa / James H. Schmitz -- The game of rat and dragon / Cordwainer Smith -- The last question / Isaac Asimov -- Stranger station / Damon Knight -- Sector general / James White -- The visitors / Arkady and Boris Strugatsky -- Pelt / Carol Emshwiller -- The monster / Gérard Klein -- The man who lost the sea / Theodore Sturgeon -- The waves / Silvina Ocampo -- Plenitude / Will Worthington -- The voices of time / J. G. Ballard -- The astronaut / Valentina Zhuravlyova -- The squid chooses its own ink / Adolfo Bioy Casares -- 2BRO2B / Kurt Vonnegut Jr. -- A modest genius / Vadim Shefner -- Day of Wrath / Sever Gansovsky -- The hands / John Baxter

Invaders : 22 tales from the outer limits of literature

July 12, 2016
xvi, 368 pages ; 23 cm
Introduction / Jacob Weisman -- Portal / J. Robert Lennon -- Beautiful monsters / Eric Puchner -- The squid who fell in love with the sun / Ben Loory -- Five fucks / Jonathan Lethem -- LIMBs / Julia Elliott -- We are the Olfanauts / Deji Bryce Olukotun -- The region of unlikeness / Rivka Galchen -- A precursor of the cinema / Steven Millhauser -- In the bushes / Jami Attenberg -- Fugue state / Brian Evenson -- Reports concerning the death of the Seattle Albatross are somewhat exaggerated / W.P. Kinsella -- Lambing season / Molly Gloss -- Conrad Loomis & the clothes ray / Amiri Baraka -- Topics in advanced rocketry / Chris Tarry -- The inner city / Karen Heuler -- Escape from spiderhead / George Saunders -- Amorometer / Kelly Luce -- The yogurt of Vasirin Kefirovsky / Max Apple -- Monstro / Junot Díaz -- Minotaur / Jim Shepard -- Help me find my spaceman lover / Robert Olen Butler -- Near-flesh / Katherine Dunn.
Twenty-two science fiction short stories from acclaimed authors such as Steven Millhauser, Junot Diaz, Amiri Baraka, and Katherine Dunn.

Critics, monsters, fanatics, and other literary essays

July 12, 2016
Ozick, Cynthia, author.
Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2016.
211 pages ; 22 cm
The boys in the alley, the disappearing readers, and the novel's ghostly twin -- Novel or nothing : Lionel Trilling -- The lastingness of Saul Bellow -- "Please, stories are stories" : Bernard Malamud -- W.H. Auden at the 92nd Street Y -- Transcending the Kafkaesque -- Nobility eclipsed -- Writers, visible and invisible -- Out from Xanadu -- The rhapsodist -- "I write because I hate" : William Gass -- Love and levity at Auschwitz : Martin Amis -- An empty coffin : H. G. Adler.
"In a collection that includes new essays written explicitly for this volume, one of our sharpest and most influential critics confronts the past, present, and future of literary culture. If every outlet for book criticism suddenly disappeared -- if all we had were reviews that treated books like any other commodity -- could the novel survive? In a gauntlet-throwing essay at the start of this brilliant assemblage, Cynthia Ozick stakes the claim that, just as surely as critics require a steady supply of new fiction, novelists need great critics to build a vibrant community on the foundation of literary history. For decades, Ozick herself has been one of our great critics, as these essays so clearly display. She offers models of critical analysis of writers from the mid-twentieth century to today, from Saul Bellow, Bernard Malamud, and Kafka, to William Gass and Martin Amis, all assembled in provocatively named groups: Fanatics, Monsters, Figures, and others. Uncompromising and brimming with insight, these essays are essential reading for anyone facing the future of literature in the digital age"-- Provided by publisher.

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