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March 23, 2018
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

They all fall down

March 22, 2018
Cohen, Tamar, 1963- author.
New York : Pegasus Crime, 2018.
371 pages ; 22 cm
Subtitle from cover.
Hannah had a perfect life in London--a loving husband, a great job--until she did something shocking. Something that she doesn't quite understand herself; and now she has landed herself in a high-risk psychiatric unit. Since Hannah has been admitted, two women have died...She is convinced there's a serial killer picking off the patients one by one, passing their deaths off as suicides. But why? And who will believe her?"--Dust jacket flap.

Bloody Scotland

March 22, 2018
276 pages : illustrations, map ; 22 cm
Maeshowe: Orkahaugr /Lin Anderson -- The hermit's castle: Ancient and modern /Val McDermid -- Stanley Mills: Kissing the shuttle /E S Thomson -- The fourth bridge: Painting the fourth bridge /Doug Johnstone --Bothwell Castle: The last siege of Bothwell Castle /Chris Brookmyre -- Kinneil House: Santuary /Sara Sheridan -- Kinnaird Head Lighthouse: Stevenson's candle /Stuart MacBride -- Crookston Castle: History lesson /Gordon Brown -- Crossaguel Abbey: Come friendly bombers /Louise Welsh -- St. Peter's Seminary, Cardross: The twa corbies of Cardross /Craig Robertson -- Edinburgh Castle: Nemo me impune lacessit /Denise Mina -- Mouse broch: The return /Anne Cleeves -- Locations.
A collection of crime stories set in iconic Scottish structures.

Death comes in through the kitchen

March 22, 2018
Dovalpage, Teresa, 1966- author.
New York, NY : Soho Crime, [2018]
361 pages ; 22 cm
Includes recipes.
"A Cuban mystery"--Jacket.
"Set in Havana during the Black Spring of 2003, a charming but poison-laced culinary mystery that reveals the darker side of the modern Revolution, complete with authentic Cuban recipes. Havana, Cuba, 2003: Matt, a San Diego journalist, arrives in Havana to marry his girlfriend, Yarmila, a 24-year-old Cuban woman whom he first connected with because of her food blog. But Yarmi isn't there to meet him at the airport. When he hitches a ride to her apartment, he finds her lying dead in the bathtub. Love-lorn Matt is immediately embroiled in a Cuban adventure he hadn't bargained for: the police and secret service have him down as their main suspect, and in an effort to clear his name, Matt must embark on his own investigation into what happened to Yarmila. The more Matt learns about his erstwhile fiancee, though, the more he realizes he had no idea who she was at all--but did anyone?"-- Provided by publisher.

Dodging and burning : a mystery

March 22, 2018
Copenhaver, John, author.
New York, N.Y. : Pegasus Crime, 2018.
374 pages : illustration ; 24 cm.
In the summer of 1945, Ceola Bliss is a lonely twelve-year-old tomboy, mourning the loss of her brother, Robbie, who was declared missing in the Pacific. She tries to piece together his life by rereading his favorite pulp detective story "A Date with Death" and spending time with his best friend, Jay Greenwood, in Royal Oak, VA. One unforgettable August day, Jay leads Ceola and Bunny to a stretch of woods where he found a dead woman, but when they arrive, the body is gone. They soon discover a local woman named Lily Vellum is missing and begin to piece together the threads of her murder, starting with the photograph Jay took of her abandoned body As Ceola gets swept up playing girl detective, Bunny becomes increasingly skeptical of Jay, and begins her own investigation into the connection between Jay and Lily. She discovers a series of clues that place doubt on Jay's story about the photograph. She journeys to Washington, D.C., where she is forced to confront the brutal truth about her dear friend--a discovery that triggers a series of events that will bring tragedy to Jay and decades of estrangement between her and Ceola.

Bad cops : a Henry Christie thriller

March 22, 2018
Oldham, Nick, 1956- author.
London : Severn House, 2017.
218 pages ; 22 cm.
"Two murders, apparently unconnected: one victim shot to death in his office, the other brutally stabbed in what appears to have been a road rage incident...neither case solved. Six months later, following a desperate plea from a chief constable, Detective Superintendent Henry Christie finds himself travelling across the country to carry out an urgent review of the two killings. His investigations will plunge him into a terrifying world of murder and corruption and find him pitted against a well-organized group who seem to anticipate his every move. Henry Christie is about to discover just how bad some cops can be when their backs are against the wall.''--Book jacket

Mind of a killer : an Alec Lonsdale mystery

March 22, 2018
Beaufort, Simon, author.
London : Severn House Publishers, 2017.
278 pages ; 23 cm
"London, 1882. Alec Lonsdale, a young reporter on The Pall Mall Gazette, is following up a story about a fatal house fire. But the post mortem on the victim produces shocking results: Patrick Donovan's death was no accident. But why would someone murder a humble shop assistant and steal part of his brain? When a second body is discovered, its throat cut, and then a third, Lonsdale and his spirited female colleague, Hulda Freiderichs, begin to uncover evidence of a conspiracy that reaches to the highest echelons of Victorian society."--Jacket

The affliction : a novel

March 21, 2018
Gutcheon, Beth Richardson, author.
353 pages ; 24 cm
At a reception for the faculty and trustees to welcome Maggie Detweiler's team, no one seems keener for all to go well than Florence Meagher, a star teacher who is loved and respected in spite of her affliction - that she can never stop talking. Two days later, Florence's body is found in the campus swimming pool. Maggie obviously knows schools, but she also knows something about investigating murder.

Color me murder

March 21, 2018
Davis, Krista, author.
New York, NY : Kensington Books, 2018
289 pages ; 21 cm.
"By day, Florrie Fox manages Color Me Read bookstore in Georgetown, Washington D.C. By night, she creates her own intricately detailed coloring books for adults, filling the pages with objects that catch her eye. There's plenty of inspiration in her new apartment--a beautiful carriage house belonging to Professor John Maxwell, Florrie's boss. He offers the property to Florrie rent-free with one condition--she must move in immediately to prevent his covetous sister and nephew from trying to claim it. When the professor's nephew, Delbert, arrives, he proves just as sketchy as Florrie feared. But the following morning, Delbert has vanished. It's not until she visits the third floor of the store that Florrie makes a tragic discovery--there's a trap door in the landing, and a dead Delbert inside. The esteemed Professor Maxwell is an obvious suspect, but Florrie is certain this case isn't so black and white."--From the publisher.


March 21, 2018
Ares, Michael David
New York : Tom Doherty Associates, 2018.
286 pages ; 22 cm
In the near future, New York City is blanketed in darkness. Daylight approaches for the first time in over a decade as a serial killer cuts a bloody swath across the city. As people begin to lose their minds from fear of light--of death--Detective Jon Phillips races against time to save the city before dayfall.

Dipped to death

March 21, 2018
Lane, Kelly (Novelist), author.
New York, New York : Berkley Prime Crime, 2018.
ix, 356 pages ; 18 cm.
Includes recipes.
On a sizzling-hot September day, Eva Knox's ex-boyfriend, Dudley Dexter Codman the Third, along with a bunch of his corporate cronies from Boston, arrive at Eva's family's guest inn and olive farm, Knox Plantation. Maps and binoculars in hand, the New Englanders claim they're on a bird-watching holiday. Only, Eva knows that her ex doesn't know the first thing about birds. Nor does he care. Eva can't fathom why he'd show up after all these years in her off-the-beaten-path hometown--nearly 1,200 miles from Boston. When Dudley's body is found drowned in the pond, Eva starts fishing for answers. But she doesn't have much time after authorities determine that her ex was poisoned by one of Eva's family's olive oils. She'll have to find the real killer before her family is caught for murder.

The fire pit

March 21, 2018
Ould, Chris, author.
London : Titan Books, 2018.
464 pages : map ; 21 cm.
In the wake of a dying man's apparent suicide, the skeleton of a young woman is discovered on a windswept hillside. Detective Hjalti Hentze suspects that it is the body of a Norwegian woman reported missing forty years earlier, while a commune occupied the land, and whose death may be linked to the abduction and rape of a local Faroese girl. Meanwhile British DI Jan Reyna is pursing his investigation into his mother's suicide. But as he learns more about her final days, links between the two cases start to appear: a conspiracy of murder and abuse spanning four decades. And as Hentze puts the same pieces together, he realizes that Reyna is willing to go further than ever before to learn the truth...

Hummus and homicide

March 21, 2018
Kashian, Tina, author.
New York, NY : Kensington Books, 2018.
309 pages ; 17 cm.
Things are slow in the off-season in this Jersey Shore town, but Lucy doesn't mind. She doesn't even mind waitressing at the Kebab Kitchen. Her parents have put in a new hummus bar, with every flavor from lemon to roasted red pepper. It's fun to see their calico cat again, and to catch up with her old BFF, who's married to a cop now. She could do without Heather Banks, though. The Gucci-toting ex-cheerleader is still as nasty as she was back in high school -- and unfortunately, she's just taken over as the local health inspector. Just minutes after eating at the Kebab Kitchen--where she's tallied up a whole list of bogus violations--she falls down dead in the street. Word on the grapevine is it's homicide, and Lucy's the number one suspect -- from

Maigret and the minister

March 21, 2018
Simenon, Georges, 1903-1989, author.
[London] : Penguin Books, 2017.
183 pages ; 20 cm.
Originally published in French as: Maigret chez le ministre. Presses de la Cité, 1955.
In book forty-six of the new Penguin Maigret series, Maigret finds himself drawn into an unsavoury world of political corruption, scandal and cover ups when he is summoned to a clandestine meeting by a desperate government minister one evening. 'Once alone in his office, he went over and opened the window as if being in charge of this case made him gasp for a breath of fresh air... It made him feel almost fond of the petty thieves, maniacs, swindlers and offenders of all kinds that he usually had to deal with.

Marinating in murder

March 21, 2018
Wiken, Linda, author.
viii, 289 pages ; 18 cm.
"Includes delicious recipes"--Back cover.
When Culinary Capers Dinner Club member Alison Malkovich opens the back of her SUV to load in the picnic supplies, she finds a dead body. To make things worse, it's the body of her ex-husband, and now she's the prime suspect.

Pawprints & predicaments

March 21, 2018
Blake, Bethany, author.
New York, NY : Kensington Books, 2018.
375 pages ; 18 cm.
"Includes recipes for homemade pet treats!" --Back cover.
At the Tail Waggin' Winterfest it's the first-ever polar bear plunge in Lake Wallapawakee, and Daphne and Lauren are among the eighty or so people who charge into the frigid water to raise funds for animals in need. Daphne makes it back to shore--with the help of a mysterious St. Bernard--but Lauren is dragged out stone cold dead. Now, with her trusty basset hound Socrates at her side, Daphne intends to assist Detective Jonathan Black in his investigation--whether he wants her to or not . . . --Back cover.

Baker's deadly dozen

March 21, 2018
Washburn, L. J.
[United States] : Fire Star Press, [2017]
269 pages ; 21 cm.
Sequel to: The great chili kill-off.
"Going back to school can be a killer! Phyllis Newsom and Sam Fletcher come out of retirement to take substitute teacher jobs as a favor for some friends, but they soon realize that the more things change, the more they stay the same. That means getting up early, dealing with students and other teachers, and helping out with extracurricular activities. The problem is, for Phyllis, stumbling over dead bodies is an extracurricular activity! When murder strikes at the school's Friday the Thirteenth dance, it's unlucky not only for the victim but also for the student who's the prime suspect. Sam's granddaughter has a crush on the boy and can't believe he's a killer. Neither can Phyllis. The police are convinced, though, so the only way Phyllis can help him is to uncover the true identity of the killer stalking the halls of the high school before it's too late!"--P. [4] of cover.

Broken heart

March 21, 2018
Moody, Tyora, author.
208 pages ; 21 cm
"In the past year Detective Josephine 'Jo' Reed-Powell brought down one of the most notorious serial killers in a decade in Charlotte-Mecklenburg County. When Jo arrives at a new crime scene, something seems very familiar to her. She immediately thinks she may be dealing with a copycat killer. Or is she? How can she keep her mind on finding a killer when her life is falling apart? Jo is struggling with her shattered marriage knowing her husband, Bryan Powell, has had an affair. As Jo questions the twists and turns of her murder investigations, can she let God mend her broken heart?"--Page 4 of cover.

Deep fried trouble

March 21, 2018
Moody, Tyora.
Columbia, S.C. : Tymm Publishing, ©2013.
218 pages ; 22 cm.

Oven baked secrets

March 21, 2018
Moody, Tyora.
Columbia, SC : Tymm Publishing LLC, ©2015.
186 pages ; 22 cm
Eugeena Patterson is not happy about her next-door neighbor, Louise Hopkins, being sent to live in a nursing home. Without her fellow neighborhood watch buddy, Sugar Creek isn't the same anymore. In fact, life after retirement has become a whole new adventure of exploring social media and blogging. While she tries not to meddle into her adult children's lives, Eugeena can't help but dish out relationship advice. Eugeena's own budding romance with Amos Jones has her emotions in upheaval. Is she really finding love again as she turns sixty? When a stranger reveals a stunning secret about Louise's past, Eugeena questions if the young woman's claim is for real or if she is a con artist? Roping in Amos for help, Eugeena digs up a few skeletons from her elderly friend's closet. When Eugeena stumbles upon a long forgotten murder case, she realizes the layers of a long dormant secret still have the potential to be deadly.

Troubled heart

March 21, 2018
Moody, Tyora, author.
182 pages ; 21 cm.
"Forensic artist Toni Reed loves when her work helps the police catch criminals. Tasked with helping a traumatized woman identify her attacker, Toni is troubled when she sketches a face that resembles a man from her past. Is it the same man who brutally attacked her two years ago? Despite longtime family friend Detective Cam Noble's insistence that she not interfere with the case, Toni becomes obsessed with seeking justice. Will she let God lead her to come to terms with her past?"--Page 4 of cover.

Red alert

March 20, 2018
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
New York : Little, Brown and Company, 2018.
338, 11 pages ; 25 cm
Includes excerpt from The 17th suspect by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro.
A renowned documentary filmmaker is found dead after a sex game goes horribly wrong. Across town, a homemade bomb explodes at a charity benefit. The only cops who can work both cases are Zach Jordan and Kylie MacDonald of NYPD Red - the elite, hard-charging investigative task force called in exclusively for New York City's most high-profile crimes. Racing against the clock to keep the city's most prominent citizens safe, Zach and Kylie uncover enough corruption, blackmail, drugs, sex, and vengeance to shock even the most jaded of New Yorkers. But when their investigation threatens to expose the very citizens they're supposed to protect, Zach and Kylie must put aside their unrequited feelings for one another and follow the truth, no matter where it leads.

Exhibit Alexandra : a novel

March 20, 2018
Bell, Natasha, author.
New York : Crown, 2018.
311 pages ; 25 cm
An abducted woman held against her will in a room suffers tortuous worries about her husband and children, who, in the wake of unsettling evidence, are led to believe she has been killed.


March 20, 2018
Holbert, Bruce, author.
New York : MCD, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2018.
255 pages ; 22 cm
A family moves violently through their lives, fierce with each other yet deeply loyal.

The accordionist

March 20, 2018
Vargas, Fred, author.
249 pages ; 24 cm.
Originally published in French: [Paris], France : Editions Viviane Hamy, 1997.
When two Parisian women are shockingly murdered in their homes, the police suspect young accordionist Clément Vauquer, who was seen outside both of the apartments in question. It seems on the surface like an open-and-shut case. But now Clément has disappeared from public view. His likeness has appeared in the papers and detectives from Paris to Nevers are on his tail. To have a chance of proving his innocence, he seeks refuge with old Marthe, a former prostitute and the only mother figure he has known. Marthe calls ex-special investigator Louis Kehlweiler to help Clément. But what Louis uncovers is anything but straightforward, and he must call on some unconventional friends to help him solve his most complex case yet. Not only must Louis try to prove Clément's innocence, he must solve a fiendish riddle to lead him to the killer.

Searcher of the dead

March 20, 2018
Herriman, Nancy, author.
330 pages ; 22 cm.
Herbalist and widow Bess Ellyott tries to escape the loss of her husband in Elizabethan London only to find that death is following her, and she may very well be next in Searcher of the Dead, the first in a new historical mystery series by Nancy Herriman. Living amid the cultural flowering, religious strife, and political storms of Tudor England, Bess Ellyott is an herbalist, a widow, and a hunted woman. She fled London after her husband was brutally murdered, but the bucolic town in the countryside where she lands will offer her no solace. She still doesn't know who killed her husband, but she knows one thing: The murderer is still out there. This becomes all too clear when Bess's brother-in-law, a prosperous merchant, is himself found dead--dangling from a tree, an apparent suicide. But Bess doesn't believe that for a moment, and nor do her neighbors. Competition is cutthroat in the 17th century, and word around the town holds that the dead man is a victim of rival merchants scheming to corner the wool market. Bess, though, is convinced the killer is out to destroy her family. Town constable Christopher Harwoode will cross members of his own family to help Bess find the killer--whose next target may very well be Queen Elizabeth I--in this unshakably gripping, devilishly unpredictable series debut.

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