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March 23, 2017
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Find me

March 22, 2017
Monroe, J. S., author.
393 pages ; 25 cm
Haunted by sightings of his girlfriend who has committed suicide, Jarlath Costello is drawn into a dark underworld when her aunt gives him a hard drive containing a diary that reveals information about her suspicious death.

In this grave hour : a novel

March 22, 2017
Winspear, Jacqueline, 1955- author.
335 pages ; 24 cm
When listeners last heard Maisie Dobbs, it was 1938, and the world was on the brink of war. Maisie herself was on a dangerous mission inside Nazi Germany, where she encountered an old enemy and the Fuhrer himself. In In This Grave Hour, a year has passed, and Maisie is back home in England - yet neither she nor her nation is safe. Britain has just declared war on Germany and is mobilizing for the devastating battle ahead. But when she stumbles on the deaths of a group of refugees, Maisie suspects the enemy may be closer than anyone knows.

Saratoga payback : a Charlie Bradshaw mystery

March 22, 2017
Dobyns, Stephen, 1941- author.
New York : Blue Rider Press, [2017]
349 pages ; 24 cm.
"The latest installment in Stephen Dobyns's Charlie Bradshaw mysteries, Saratoga Payback follows the latest exploits of Saratoga Springs' most unusual and sardonic detective. Ever since the cops revoked his private investigator's license, Charlie Bradshaw has been adjusting to life as a regular senior citizen. But reading, sitting around the house, and making amateur home repairs is a far cry from his past life as Saratoga Springs' most successful everyman detective. So when Charlie discovers the sprawled corpse of Saratoga Springs' biggest nuisance on his sidewalk, the ex-P.I. is torn. Should he risk asking questions of his own, knowing he could easily be prosecuted for doing P.I. work without a license? Or should he avoid the trouble and spend his twilight years in peace? Well, the case was practically delivered to his doorstep ... Saratoga Payback, the latest installment in Stephen Dobyns's critically praised Charlie Bradshaw Mysteries, follows Charlie as he toes the line between concerned private citizen and practiced private eye. As he begins to look into the murder of the town pest, Charlie also finds himself entangled in problem that is purely Saratogian--a mission to rescue an old acquaintance's kidnapped horse. Wry, entertaining, and adroitly written, Saratoga Payback is an immensely satisfying addition to Dobyns's popular mystery series"-- Provided by publisher.

The woman on the stairs

March 22, 2017
Schlink, Bernhard, author.
New York : Pantheon Books, [2016]
227 pages ; 22 cm
"A missing painting. A mysterious woman. Her husband and her lover... A brilliant and naïve young lawyer's life is changed forever when a painter and his subject--a breathtakingly beautiful woman--appear at his office in Frankfurt. The woman's husband is deliberately marring the painting of his wife he commissioned the artist to make. Now the woman and the artist want the painting back. Simple enough--or so it seems before the lawyer becomes enmeshed in the lives of this toxic trio. Love, theft, and deceit unfold in quick succession when the woman, and the painting, suddenly go missing. It will take a strange turn of fate and a natural disaster to reunite the lawyer, the husband, and the artist with the woman they all love, hiding out in Australia--and when they find her they will be forced to reckon with the lies and betrayals of their shared past."-- Provided by publisher.

Who killed Christopher Goodman? : based on a true crime

March 22, 2017
Wolf, Allan, author.
269 pages ; 22 cm
Everybody likes Chris Goodman, but when he is found dead no one understands how something like this could happen.

The astonishing mistakes of Dahlia Moss

March 22, 2017
Wirestone, Max, author.
321 pages ; 21 cm.
A Dahlia Moss mystery.
"Dahlia Moss isn't afraid to face down death- and not just in video games, either. She'll go guns blaziing into any situation IRL, as evidenced by the very real scar she's sporting from that time she actually got shot. But when she agrees to meet up with an internet stalker at a gaming tournament, she may be getting herself into more than she bargained for. One astonishing mistake leads to another when she stumbles across a corpse at the tournament and ends up kidnapped, not once, but twice. That's the thing about Dahlia, she never recognizes her mistakes until right before things go terribly wrong" --Back cover.

Cruel winter : a County Cork mystery

March 22, 2017
Connolly, Sheila, author.
New York : Crooked Lane, 2017.
288 pages ; 22 cm.
Snow is a rarity in Maura Donovan's small village in County Cork, Ireland, so she wasn't sure what to expect when a major snowstorm rolled in around Sullivan's pub. But now she's stranded in a bar full of patrons--and a suspected killer in a long-ago murder. Maura's been in Ireland less than a year and hasn't heard about the decades-old unsolved crime that took place nearby, let alone the infamous suspect, Diane Caldwell. But the locals have, and they're not happy to be trapped with her. Diane, meanwhile, seeks to set the record straight, asserting her innocence after all this time. And since no one is going anywhere in the storm, Maura encourages Diane to share her side of the story, which she'd never had a chance to do in court. Over the next few hours, the informal court in Sullivan's reviews the facts and theories about the case--and comes to some surprising conclusions. But is it enough to convince the police to take a new look at an old case?

Elementary, she read

March 21, 2017
Delany, Vicki, 1951- author.
308 pages ; 22 cm
When Gemma Doyle, owner of Cape Cod's Sherlock Holmes Bookshop and Emporium, finds a rare and potentially valuable magazine containing the first Sherlock Homes story hidden in her shop, she and her friend, Jayne, set off to find the owner, only to stumble upon a dead body.

Himself : a novel

March 21, 2017
Kidd, Jess, author.
373 pages ; 24 cm
"Having been abandoned on the steps of an orphanage as an infant, lovable car thief and Dublin charmer Mahony assumed all his life that his mother had simply given him up. But when he receives an anonymous note suggesting that foul play may have led to his mother's disappearance, he sees only one option: to return to the rural Irish village where he was born and find out what really happened twenty-six years ago. From the moment he sets foot in Mulderrig, Mahony's presence turns the village upside down. His uncannily familiar face and outsider ways cause a stir amongst the locals, who receive him with a mixture of excitement (the women), curiosity (the men) and suspicion (the pious). Determined to uncover the truth about what happened to his mother, Mahony solicits the help of brash anarchist and retired theater actress Mrs. Cauley. Together, this improbable duo concoct an ingenious plan to get the town talking, aided and abetted by a cast of eccentric characters, both living and dead. Because in Mulderrig, ghosts can be just as chatty and opinionated as the town's flesh and blood residents. "--Provided by publisher.

Mister Memory : a novel

March 21, 2017
Sedgwick, Marcus, author.
New York : Pegasus Crime, 2017.
327 pages ; 24 cm
Transferred to a famous asylum after being arrested for his wife's murder in Paris, a man with an eidetic memory is investigated by a doctor and a police officer who discover links between the bizarre crime and the highest and lowest establishments in France.

Murder, stage left : a Nero Wolfe mystery

March 21, 2017
Goldsborough, Robert, author.
New York : Road Integrated Media, Inc., 2017.
236 pages ; 21 cm
Based on the character Nero Wolfe as created by Rex Stout.
When a renowned theater director senses something amiss during his latest production, he calls in Nero Wolfe. Though the corpulent genius wouldn't normally accept a job this vague, a mutual friend dangles the prospect of a very rare orchid in exchange for his services, and Wolfe can't resist. With a mind to suss out useful backstage gossip, Wolfe turns to his faithful assistant, Archie Goodwin, to impersonate a journalist in order to speak to the cast. Though Goodwin's conversations prove unfruitful, on his last day at the theater, the director is murdered in his soundproof booth, poisoned by an unseen culprit during an evening performance. In short order, an actor whose health is failing attempts suicide with the same poison. Now Goodwin is a prime suspect in the director's demise, effectively sidelining him for the rest of the case, and freelance gumshoe Saul Panzer must step in to help wrangle the various members of the play--from the ingénue and the diva to the handsome movie star and the surly stage manager--so New York's smartest, and most reclusive, private detective can determine who is responsible for these dramatic deaths and clear Goodwin's name once and for all.

The wages of sin

March 21, 2017
Welsh, Kaite, author.
New York : Pegasus Crime, 2017.
290 pages ; 24 cm
"Sarah Gilchrist fled London and a troubled past to join the University of Edinburgh's medical school in 1892, the first year it admitted women. Determined to become a doctor despite the misgivings of her family and society, Sarah quickly finds plenty of barriers at school itself; professors who refuse to teach their new pupils, male students determined to force out their female counterparts, and-- perhaps worst of all-- female peers who will do anything to avoid being associated with a fallen woman. Desperate for a proper education, Sarah turns to one of the city's ramshackle charitable hospitals for additional training. The Saint Giles Infirmary for Women ministers to the downtrodden and drunk, the thieves and whores with nowhere else to go. There, Sarah gets quite an education, but when Lucy-- a prostitute and one of Sarah's patients-- turns up in the university dissecting room as a battered corpse, Sarah finds herself drawn into a murky underworld of bribery, brothels, and body snatchers. Painfully aware of just how little separates her own life from that of her former patient's, Sarah is determined to find out what happened to Lucy and to bring those responsible for her death to justice. But as Sarah searches for answers in Edinburgh's dank alleyways, bawdy houses, and fight clubs, she comes closer and closer to uncovering one of Edinburgh's most lucrative trades-- and, in doing so, puts her own life at risk" -- Dust jacket flap.

The vine that ate the south : a novel

March 20, 2017
Wilkes, J. D., author, illustrator.
212 pages : illustrations, map ; 20 cm
Book one. The Deadening -- Book two. Pandelirium.
"In a forgotten corner of western Kentucky lies a haunted forest referred to locally as "The Deadening," where vampire cults roam wild and time is immaterial. Our protagonist and his accomplice-- the one and only, Carver Canute-- set out down the Old Spur Line in search of the legendary Kudzu House, where an old couple is purported to have been swallowed whole by a hungry vine. Their quest leads them face to face with albino panthers, Great Dane-riding girls, protective property owners, and just about every American folk-demon ever, while forcing the protagonist to finally take stock of his relationship with his father and the man's mysterious disappearance."

White tears

March 20, 2017
Kunzru, Hari, 1969- author.
271 pages ; 24 cm
"This is a Borzoi book"--Title page verso.
Two ambitious young musicians are drawn into the dark underworld of blues-record collecting while navigating the fallout of a scam involving one's claim that a viral video of an unknown singer is a long-lost recording of a famous blues musician.

Purr M for murder

March 20, 2017
LoTempio, T. C., author.
294 pages ; 22 cm.
"Sydney McCall left behind an ex-fiance and a New York advertising job to return home to Deer Park, North Carolina, and help her sister, Kat, run the local animal shelter, Friendly Paws. Determined to save the shelter from financial trouble, Sydney and Kat organize a cat cafe fundraising event at a local coffee shop. Things are looking up until their landlord, Trowbridge Littleton, threatens to shut down the event. When Sydney drops by his art gallery to make peace, she finds Kat--along with Littleton's dead body. Local homicide detective Will Worthington--who just happens to be Sydney's old high school crush--is highly suspicious of the sisters' involvement. Desperate to clear their names from the suspect list, Sydney pounces on the investigation. With the help of one of the shelter cats, a savvy orange tabby named Toby, Sydney begins poking her nose into other local businesses whose owners may have benefited from Littleton's death--until the killer notices she's pawing a little too closely at the truth." -- From dust jacket.

The guy, the girl, the artist and his ex

March 20, 2017
Williams, Gabrielle, author.
Toronto ; Berkeley : Groundwood Books, House of Anansi Press, 2017.
250 pages ; 22 cm
As Guy, a feckless high school senior, plans the party of the year, Rafi worries about her mother, who is grieving over the death of Rafi's baby brother, while Rafi's uncle hatches a plan to steal one of the most famous paintings in the world.

Bel of the brawl

March 20, 2017
McConnon, Maggie, author.
New York : St. Martin's Press, 2017.
311 pages ; 18 cm
After a scandalous mistake ends her career as a NYC chef, Belfast McGrath works as a caterer at her parents' wedding hall back in her hometown, where a cold case involving best friend Amy Mitchell is re-opened, prompting her to launch her own investigation with the help of her new client, a private detective.

Make them pay

March 20, 2017
Brennan, Allison, author.
New York, NY : St. Martin's Paperbacks, 2017.
x, 405 pages ; 17 cm
Lucy Kincaid and Sean Rogan are finally tying the knot. Two weeks before their wedding, a surprise visitor shows up at their door: Eden, Sean's estranged sister from Europe. She claims she's in town for the wedding and wants to mend fences. Lucy invites Eden to stay with them--after all, family is family--but her boss, SSA Noah Armstrong, knows far more about Eden's sketchy past than he's let on. While Lucy is focused on her investigation tracking down dozens of children sold through illegal adoptions, Noah begins a quiet investigation of Eden and her elusive twin, Liam. He's certain that, since they're both thieves, they're here for a job or a heist. But they are up to something far more sinister than even Noah can imagine. Liam has a score to settle with his family, and Sean has something he wants. The twins will do anything to get it--including putting Lucy's life in danger. It'll take everyone--Kincaids and Rogans alike--to stop Liam before someone dies. Unfortunately, Liam's treachery has unforeseen consequences for Sean and Lucy, as a longtime enemy of the Rogan family hellbent on revenge sees an opportunity to make them all pay...

The road to Ithaca

March 20, 2017
Pastor, Ben, 1950-
396 pages ; 20 cm.
Wehmacht officer Bora is sent to recently occupied Crete and must investigate the brutal murder of a Red Cross representative befriended by Himmler. All the clues lead to a platoon of trigger-happy German paratroopers but is this the truth? Bora takes to the mountains of Crete to solve the case, navigating his way between local bandits and foreign resistance fighters.

Mississippi blood : [a novel]

March 16, 2017
Iles, Greg, author.
694 pages ; 24 cm.
Subtitle from jacket.
Grief-stricken and with his world collapsing around him, Penn Cage is shut out of trial preparations by his once-revered Southern doctor father, who is about to be tried for murder in the wake of revelations about a mixed-race child and KKK associations.

Man overboard : an Ali Reynolds novel

March 16, 2017
Jance, Judith A., author.
New York : Touchstone, 2017.
337 pages ; 24 cm.
"In New York Times bestselling author J.A. Jance's gripping new thriller, Man Overboard, two tech geniuses face off--one intent on saving lives, the other on ending them. Cybersecurity expert Roger McGeary finally has his life back on track after years of struggling with depression. But when he falls from the balcony of his suite on an all-expenses-paid cruise, the police quickly dismiss it as "death by misadventure," a vague phrase leaving much to interpretation. Unsatisfied, Roger's tough-as-nails aunt, Julia Miller, is determined to find answers and closure. By contacting Roger's childhood friend Stuart Ramey to help her solve the mystery of his fate, Julia unwittingly sets up a collision course with a serial killer. Stuart, his sidekick Cami Lee, and journalist turned amateur sleuth Ali Reynolds put the full resources of cutting edge online security firm High Noon Enterprises into learning the truth about Roger's death. With Cami on the high seas investigating the ship from which Roger disappeared, Stuart stays tied to his computer, locked in a battle of wits and technology against an unusually twisted adversary. Aided by Frigg, an artificial intelligence companion of his own creation, the killer targets victims who have lost parents to suicide and attempts to drive them to the same tragic end. When the heartless killer and his cyber accomplice set their sights on Stuart, High Noon must race against time to save him and countless others"-- Provided by publisher.

Mangrove lightning

March 16, 2017
White, Randy Wayne, author.
xix, 329 pages : map ; 24 cm.
"The ghosts of a 1925 multiple murder stalk Doc Ford in the electrifying new novel in the New York Times-bestselling series. Doc Ford has been involved in many strange cases. This may be one of the strangest. A legendary charter captain and guide named Tootsie Barlow has come to him, muttering about a curse. The members of his extended family have suffered a bizarre series of attacks, and Barlow is convinced it has something to do with a multiple murder in 1925, in which his family had a shameful part. Ford doesn't believe in curses, but as he and his friend Tomlinson begin to investigate, following the trail of the attacks from Key Largo to Tallahassee, they, too, suffer a series of near-fatal mishaps. Is it really a curse? Or just a crime spree? The answer lies in solving a near-hundred-year-old murder...and probing the mind of a madman"-- Provided by publisher.

Murder on the Serpentine : a Charlotte and Thomas Pitt novel

March 16, 2017
Perry, Anne, author.
New York : Ballantine Books, [2017]
272 pages ; 24 cm.
Privately summoned by Queen Victoria when one of her closest confidantes is found murdered, Thomas Pitt navigates the secretive world of London society in what becomes the most dangerous case of his career.

The violated : a novel

March 16, 2017
Pronzini, Bill, author.
xiv, 252 pages ; 25 cm
In Echo Park, in the small town of Santa Rita, California, the mutilated body of Martin Torrey is found by two passersby. A registered sex offender, Torrey has been a suspect in a string of recent rapes, and instant suspicion for his murder falls on the relatives and friends of the women attacked. Police chief Griffin Kells and detective Robert Ortiz are under increasing pressure from the public and from a mayor demanding results in a case that has no easy solution. Pronzini cleverly unfolds the case through alternating perspectives--Martin Torrey's wife, caught between her grief and the fear her husband was guilty; the outraged husbands of the women violated; the enterprising editor of the local paper; the mayor concerned most with his own ratings; the detectives, often spinning in circles--until a surprising break leads to a completely unexpected conclusion.

Blue light Yokohama

March 16, 2017
Obregón, Nicolás, 1984- author.
New York : Minotaur Books, 2017.
408 pages ; 24 cm
"Also published in the United Kingdom in March 2017 by Little Brown UK" --title page verso.
"Reinstated to the Homicide Division and transferred to a precinct in Tokyo, Inspector Iwata is facing superiors who don't want him there and is assigned a recalcitrant partner, Noriko Sakai, who'd rather work with anyone else. After the previous detective working the case killed himself, Iwata and Sakai are assigned to investigate the slaughter of an entire family, a brutal murder with no clear motive or killer. At the crime scene, they find puzzling ritualistic details. Black smudges. A strange incense smell. And a symbol--a large black sun. Iwata doesn't know what the symbol means but he knows what the killer means by it: I am here. I am not finished. As Iwata investigates, it becomes clear that these murders by the Black Sun Killer are not the first, nor the last attached to that symbol. As he tries to track down the history of black sun symbol, puzzle out the motive for the crime, and connect this to other murders, Iwata finds himself racing another clock--the superiors who are trying to have him removed for good. Haunted by his own past, his inability to sleep, and a song, 'Blue Light Yokohama,'Iwata knows that time is running out and he'll either be taken off the case or there will be more deaths" --Inside jacket.

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