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July 28, 2014
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

The devil takes half : a Greek islands mystery

July 28, 2014
Serafim, Leta, author.
245 pages ; 23 cm
Includes "Greek vocabulary" (pages [243]-245).
"At an archeological dig on the idyllic Greek Island of Chios, a severed hand is found lying in a blood-filled trench. Could it belong to Eleni Argentis, a beautiful archeologist who is also the wealthy daughter of a local ship owner? She and her young assistant, Petros, are both missing. The chief officer of the local police force, Yiannis Patronas, suspects that Eleni and Petros happened upon something of real value. However, his search turns up nothing but handfuls of broken clay, and then, another body--that of Petros, whose throat has been brutally cut. More body parts belonging to Eleni are left behind on a remote beach, confirming her demise. Then an old priest with a fondness for TV detective shows is attacked and left for dead. The dig site is located near the monastery where he was the only resident. Patronas interviews Petros' longsuffering grandmother, his flighty mother and her money-grubbing boyfriend, as well as Eleni's greedy stepmother and her charming son. He also confronts two archeologists, one British and one American... If Eleni's find is, as they insist, worthless, what are these men doing on Chios? Although Patronas has little experience with homicide, he is determined to conquer the evil that threatens this formerly peaceful island."--Page 4 of cover.

The forsaken

July 25, 2014
Atkins, Ace.
New York : G. P. Putnam's Sons, [2014]
368 pages ; 24 cm.
"The extraordinary new novel in New York Times-bestselling author Ace Atkins' acclaimed series about the real Deep South-"a joy ride into the heart of darkness" (The Washington Post). Thirty-six years ago, a nameless black man wandered into Jericho, Mississippi, with nothing but the clothes on his back and a pair of paratrooper boots. Less than two days later, he was accused of rape and murder, hunted down by a self-appointed posse, and lynched. Now evidence has surfaced of his innocence, and county sheriff Quinn Colson sets out not only to identify the stranger's remains, but to charge those responsible for the lynching. As he starts to uncover old lies and dirty secrets, though, he runs up against fierce opposition from those with the most to lose-and they can play dirty themselves. Soon Colson will find himself accused of terrible crimes, and the worst part is, the accusations just might stick. As the two investigations come to a head, it is anybody's guess who will prevail-or even come out of it alive"-- Provided by publisher.

Candle flame : being the thirteenth of the sorrowful mysteries of Brother Athelstan

July 25, 2014
Doherty, P. C., author.
Sutton : Crème de la Crime, [2014].
231 p. ; 23 cm.
February, 1381. London lies frozen in the grip of one of the bitterest winters on record. The ever-rising taxes demanded by the Regent, John of Gaunt, are causing increasing resentment among the city's poor. When the seething unrest boils over into a bloody massacre at a splendid Southwark tavern, The Candle Flame, in which nine people, including Gaunt's tax collectors, their military escort and the prostitutes entertaining them, are brutally murdered, the furious Regent orders Brother Athelstan to get to the bottom of the matter. For not only has Gaunt's treasure trove been stolen, he has reason to believe a French spy is active along the Thames, carefully recording for his masters in the Louvre the state of English war cogs. And a professional assassin, Beowulf, who has sworn vengeance against Gaunt and his minions, also stalks the shadows.

Crime always pays

July 25, 2014
Burke, Declan, author.
275 pages ; 23 cm
Karen and Ray are on their way to the Greek islands to rendezvous with Madge and split the fat bag of cash they conned from her ex-husband Rossi when they kidnapped, well, Madge. But they've reckoned without Stephanie Doyle, the cop who can't decide if she wants to arrest Madge, shoot Rossi, or ride off into the sunset with Ray. And then there's Melody, the wannabe movie director, who's pinning all her hopes on Sleeps, the narcoleptic getaway driver who just wants to go back inside and do some soft time. A European road-trip screwball noir, Crime Always Pays features cops and robbers, losers and hopers, villains, saints - and a homicidal Siberian wolf called Anna. The Greek islands will never be the same again.

The case of the black pearl : a Patrick de Courvoisier mystery

July 25, 2014
Anderson, Lin, author.
Sutton, Surrey, England : Severn House Publishers, Ltd., [2014].
185 pages ; 23 cm.
Keen to leave his controversial past behind him and enjoy a more relaxed, hedonistic lifestyle on a converted houseboat in the glamorous French resort of Cannes, enigmatic Englishman Patrick de Courvoisier is known as 'Le Limier' or 'Fixer'. People come to him with their problems - and he fixes them. However, when Camille Ager asks Patrick to find her sister, Angele Valette, star of the new movie The Black Pearl, Patrick's laidback lifestyle is dealt a terminal blow. Last seen at the film's lavish launch party on board the luxurious black yacht owned by Russian oligarch Vasily Chapayev, the funds behind the movie and owner of the famous black pearl, Angele seems to have vanished into thin air - and so has the pearl. As Patrick questions all those involved with the movie, he discovers that this is a case where nothing is as it seems. And when a dead body turns up on his boat, the investigation takes a deeply disturbing new twist.

Spring tide

July 25, 2014
Börjlind, Cecilia, 1961- author.
London : Hesperus Press, 2014.
The spring tides are the highest of the year in Nordkoster; the beach will be covered in particularly deep water tonight. Three men on the beach are digging a hole, covertly watched by a young boy. His intrigue turns to horror as he makes out the fourth figure of the woman for whom the hole is intended. Buried up to her neck in the sand, the high tide is rapidly approaching. Still screaming in terror, the victim takes her last breath as water fills her nose and mouth--in her stomach, she feels her baby kick. And her waters break. The abhorrent crime remains unsolved 24 years later; but gruesome violence is still prevalent. A gang has been killing homeless people in parks, filming their attacks, and broadcasting them on the internet. The police have their work cut out trying to keep abreast of the crime wave. Olivia Rönning hopes to follow in her father's footsteps and join their ranks in the next few months as she completes her training; she has only one last hurdle to overcome over the summer break, a challenge from her professor to pick a cold case and solve it. Should be simple, she thinks. Little does she know the world she is getting involved in, the danger she faces, and the ugly truths she risks uncovering.

Margaret Truman's Undiplomatic murder : a Capital crimes novel

July 25, 2014
Bain, Donald, 1935-
New York : Forge, 2014.
384 pages ; 25 cm
"A Tom Doherty Associates book."
"A capital crimes novel."
"Private investigator Robert Brixton has always hated Washington. Against his better judgment, he decides to stick around and take a job as an agent in a new State Department security agency headed by his former boss at the Washington P.D. After work one day he meets his youngest daughter Janet for a drink at an outdoor cafe. Shockingly, a young Arabic woman blows herself up, killing Janet and a dozen others. Seeking revenge for his daughter, Brixton follows the tracks of the bomber to a powerful senator's son"-- Provided by publisher.

Death on a high floor : a legal thriller

July 25, 2014
Rosenberg, Charles B., author.
Seattle : Thomas & Mercer, [2013]
556 pages ; 21 cm

Fairs' point : a novel of Astreiant

July 25, 2014
Scott, Melissa.
Maple Shade, NJ : Lethe Press, 2014.
239 pages ; 23 cm

A matter of breeding

July 24, 2014
Jones, J. Sydney, author.
Sutton, Surrey, England : Severn House, [2014].
215 pages ; 23 cm.
1901. Karl Werthen and his colleague, renowned criminologist Dr Hanns Gross, are investigating a bizarre series of murders in the small Austrian town of Graz. Meanwhile, back in Vienna, Karl's wife Berthe is looking into what seems to be a fraudulent breeding scheme involving the prized Lipizzaner horses. Could the two investigations be connected?

The death of pie

July 24, 2014
Myers, Tamar, author.
Sutton : Severn House, 2014.
200 pages ; 23 cm.
When a bestselling novelist falls face-down dead into Magdalena Yoder's prize-winning apple pie during the village of Hernia's 110th Annual Festival of Pies, there is no shortage of suspects in the subsequent murder investigation. A former guest at Magdalena's PennDutch Inn, the author had made many enemies on publication of her subsequent tell-all book, exposing the faults and foibles of members of the local Amish/Mennonite community, and mocking their way of life. But who was enraged enough to want to poison the acid-tongued writer? Hopelessly out of his depth, Hernia's inexperienced young Chief of Police requests Magdalena's help in uncovering the answer. As she sets about questioning her friends and neighbors, Magdalena discovers that more than one villager has a secret to hide.

The bone seeker

July 24, 2014
McGrath, M. J., 1964-
New York, New York : Viking, [2014].
341 pages ; 24 cm.
"Edie Kiglatuk works as a summer school teacher in the Canadian Arctic. When one of her female students is found dead in nearby Lake Turngaluk, Edie enlists the help of Sergeant Derek Palliser to pursue the case, promising the girl's Inuit family that they will uncover the truth. Meanwhile, lawyer Sonia Gutierrez investigates the toxicity of the lake and suspects that there might be a larger conspiracy involved"-- Provided by publisher.

The corpse with the silver tongue

July 24, 2014
Ace, Cathy, 1960-
[Victoria, B.C.] : TouchWood Editions, c2012.
232 p. ; 21 cm.
"Editor, Frances Thorsen"--T.p. verso.
"A Cait Morgan mystery"--Cover.
In the south of France where hatred simmers in the heat, a man seemingly admired, and certainly feared, drops dead at a dinner party. All of the guests fall under suspicion, including Welsh-Canadian professor Cait Morgan. A criminologist who specializes in profiling victims, Cait sets out to solve the murderand clear her name. Add to this the disappearance of an ancient Celtic gold collar said to be cursed and there you have the ingredients for a Nicoise salad of death, secrets, and lies. Will Cait find the killer before she too falls victim to a murderer driven by a surprising and disturbing motive?

Murder with a twist

July 24, 2014
Abbott, Allyson K., author.
New York, NY : Kensington Books, 2014.
324 pages ; 17 cm.
Includes Drink recipes (pages [321]-325).
"Milwaukee bar owner Mackenzie "Mack" Dalton has a unique neurological condition that gives her extra perceptive senses, and police detective Duncan Albright is convinced Mack's abilities can be used to help catch crooks. Mack may be at pro at mixing drinks, but she's still an amateur when it comes to solving crimes and she's not sure she should mix business with pleasure by working with a man who stirs up such strong feelings in her. At her first crime scene, a suspicious suicide, she experiences a heady cocktail of mixed sensations and emotions that make her question whether police work is right for her. But when Duncan asks her to help find a kidnapped child, she knows she has to give it a shot"--Page [4] of cover.

Under the final moon

July 24, 2014
Jayne, Hannah, author.
New York, NY : Kensington Publishing Corp., 2014.
316 pages ; 18 cm.
Armed with a strong immunity to magic, Sophie Lawson, who works for the Underworld Detection Agency, must stop the Apocalypse with the help of Alex Grace, her favorite fallen angel, before all Hell literally breaks loose.

The Lost Island : a Gideon Crew novel

July 23, 2014
Preston, Douglas J.
New York : Grand Central Publishing, 2014.
355 pages ; 24 cm
After being tasked with stealing a page from a priceless, ancient book, brilliant scientist and master thief Gideon Crew discovers a hidden map on the back of the book's parchment, in the third novel of the series following Gideon's Corpse.

Ice shear

July 23, 2014
Cooley, Martha, author.
304 pages ; 24 cm
"A novel"--Jacket.
"In M.P. Cooley's thrilling debut suspense novel, widowed FBI agent June Lyons returns to her hometown in the rust belt of upstate New York to take a job with the local police department; when she discovers a body in the frozen river, the investigation unmasks a sordid maze of politics, drugs, and an outlaw motorcycle gang, and June finds that still waters run deep in this small town"-- Provided by publisher.

Dear daughter : a novel

July 23, 2014
Little, Elizabeth, 1981-
New York : Viking, 2014.
358 pages ; 24 cm.
"Former "It Girl" Janie Jenkins is sly, stunning, and fresh out of prison. Ten years ago, at the height of her fame, she was incarcerated for the murder of her mother, a high-society beauty known for her good works and rich husbands. Now, released on a technicality, Janie makes herself over and goes undercover, determined to chase down the one lead she has on her mother's killer. The only problem? Janie doesn't know if she's the killer she's looking for. Janie makes her way to an isolated South Dakota town whose mysteries rival her own. Enlisting the help of some new friends (and the town's wary police chief), Janie follows a series of clues--an old photograph, an abandoned house, a forgotten diary--and begins to piece together her mother's seemingly improbable connection to the town. When new evidence from Janie's own past surfaces, she's forced to consider the possibility that she and her mother were more alike than either of them would ever have imagined. As she digs tantalizingly deeper, and as suspicious locals begin to see through her increasingly fragile facade, Janie discovers that even the sleepiest towns hide sinister secrets--and will stop at nothing to guard them. On the run from the press, the police, and maybe even a murderer, Janie must choose between the anonymity she craves and the truth she so desperately needs" -- from publisher's web site.

Beach bags and burglaries

July 23, 2014
Howell, Dorothy (Dorothy A.), author.
New York, NY : Kensington Books, [2014].
290 pages ; 22 cm.
Winning a vacation to a resort that caters to the whims of the rich and famous, Haley Randolph, while searching for the hottest beach bag, finds her dream holiday taking a murderous turn when she stumbles upon the body of a maid.

Murder in retribution

July 23, 2014
Cleeland, Anne, author.
New York, NY : Kensington Books, 2014.
294 pages ; 24 cm

The Lazarus curse

July 23, 2014
Harris, Tessa, author.
New York, New York : Kensington Books, [2014]
ix, 338 pages ; 21 cm.
In 1780s London, Dr. Thomas Silkstone investigates the mysterious disappearance of the sole survivor of an ill-fated scientific expedition, which is linked to a potion that has the power to raise the dead, drawing him into a dark world of vengeance, murder and the trafficking of corpses for profit.

Ghost month

July 23, 2014
Lin, Ed.
New York, NY : Soho Crime, [2014]
327 pages ; 24 cm
"August is Ghost Month in Taiwan--a time to commemorate the dead: burn incense, visit shrines, honor ancestors, and avoid unlucky situations, large purchases, and bodies of water. Jing-nan, a young man who runs a food stand in a bustling Taipei night market, doesn't consider himself superstitious, but this August is going to haunt him no matter what he does. He is shocked to the core when he learns his ex-girlfriend from high school has been murdered. She was found scantily clad and shot on the side of a highway where she was selling betel nuts to passing truck drivers. Beyond his harrowing grief for his lost love, Jing-nan is confused by the news. "Betel nut beauties" are usually women in the most desperate of circumstances; the job is almost as taboo as prostitution. But Julia Huang had been the valedictorian of their high school, and the last time Jing-nan spoke to her she was enrolled in NYU's honor program, far away in New York. The facts don't add up. Julia's parents don't think so, either, and the police seem to have closed the case without asking any questions. The Huangs beg Jing-nan to do some investigating on his own--reconnect with old classmates, see if he can learn anything about Julia's life that she might have kept from them. Reluctantly, he agrees, for Julia's sake. But nothing can prepare him for what he learns, or how it will change his life"-- Provided by publisher.

Operation cover-up. Rise of the Black Mamba

July 23, 2014
Baldwin, P. D.
458 pages ; 23 cm.
The first book of the Operation Cover-up series.
"When it comes to the person who took everything from you, when does an act of revenge outweigh the consequences? Five years ago, while working undercover in a Jamaican drug posse, Alex is "Alex" Stratton had everything that mattered stripped away from him--and it was all because of Simon Felix, the very man the United States government had hired him to kill. In the process of a hit gone wrong, Alex's cover was blown, his fiancée murdered, and a target placed on his back for the crime. Now he'll stop at nothing until he takes everything from Simon that Simon took from him, including the wife he loves. But the skilled assassin also has an identity he must maintain. On the surface, he is a multimillionaire real-estate mogul, who also moonlights as a restaurateur and nightclub owner. Keeping up appearances means traveling first class, partying with celebrities, and embracing all the benefits of the jet-setting playboy lifestyle--spending time with his pick of beautiful and exotic women on any given night. Reality is much darker than this glossy veneer suggests, however, and nobody can know the truth about the man whose colleagues call him "Black Mamba"--a man who has built a lucrative career on being one of the deadliest assassins the world has ever known. But driven by guilt and motivated by vengeance, his long-building anger has made him reckless, placing him in the crosshairs of corrupt FBI agents, rogue police officers, and dirty lawyers who are determined to keep Simon Felix free and safe. Stratton is slowly realizing that if he hopes to take everything from the one man who took everything from him, his sanity will be tested, his friendships will be destroyed, and his life will likely spiral out of control. But when an unexpected romance with a beautiful stranger has him questioning his heart and his decisions, will the deadly assassin find it in him to leave his anger and pain behind? Or will he be doomed to give up everything in pursuit of revenge? As action-packed as it is thought-provoking, this first book of the Operation Cover-up series takes readers on a journey that is gripping, raw, and darkly realistic.--Publisher's description.

High in trial : a Raine Stockton dog mystery

July 21, 2014
Ball, Donna.
Mountain City, Ga. : Blue Merle Publishing, c2013.
345 p. ; 21 cm.
A dog trainer and her golden retriever travel to an agility competition, where one of the competitors is murdered. The trainer and her dog stalk the killer.

The dead season : a Raine Stockton dog mystery

July 21, 2014
Ball, Donna.
Mountain City, Ga. : Blue Merle Publishing, c2012.
296 p. ; 21 cm.
The New Day Wilderness Program for Troubled Teens offers Raine a job leading a group of students on a winter camping expedition as part of their rehabilitation program, Raine jumps at the chance-- particularly since it means she will be able to take her golden retriever, Cisco, with her. But something is not right at New Day, and Raine and Cisco soon find themselves caught in a web of intrigue, suspicion and sabotage.

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