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April 16, 2014
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Dead people

April 15, 2014
Hutton, Ewart.
362 pages ; 22 cm
First published: London : Blue Door, an imprint of HarperCollins, 2013.
"A Thomas Dunne book."
"Detective Sergeant Glyn Capaldi, in disgrace and exiled from Cardiff to the deep heart of rural Wales, is called to the discovery of a human skeleton at a remote site in the hills during excavation work for a new wind farm. The body is missing its head and hands, making it unidentifiable. When other bodies are uncovered, Capaldi's superiors assume that it is either the work of a hit squad or a serial killer, and that the site is just a dumping ground. Capaldi is not convinced. To him, the remoteness of the location points to some local knowledge. However, an apparent suicide in the valley, along with incriminating evidence, appears to back-up his superiors' theory. Believing that they have found the killer, they move the investigation to the city to try and discover the identity of the victims. Capaldi is left in place to tidy up the loose ends. He sets about trying to discover a motive among the varied characters that inhabit the area. To achieve this he also has to try and unravel the mystery of who these dead people were, and why they were buried in this particular location all those years ago. Ewart Hutton's new novel provides a thrilling story and a most welcome revisit of this fascinating character and atmospheric setting"-- Provided by publisher.

The whiskey baron

April 14, 2014
Sealy, Jon, 1982-
Spartanburg, SC : Hub City Press, [2014]
250 pages ; 24 cm
"Late one night at the end of a scorching summer, a phone call rouses Sheriff Furman Chambers out of bed. Two men have been shot dead on Highway 9 in front of the Hillside Inn, a one-time boardinghouse that is now just a front for Larthan Tull's liquor business. When Sheriff Chambers arrives to investigate, witnesses say a man named Mary Jane Hopewell walked into the tavern, dragged two of Tull's runners into the street, and laid them out with a shotgun. Sheriff Chambers's investigation leads him into the Bell village, where Mary Jane's family lives a quiet, hardscrabble life of working in the cotton mill. While the weary sheriff digs into the mystery and confronts the county's underground liquor operation, the whiskey baron himself is looking for vengeance. Mary Jane has gotten in the way of his business, and you don't do that to Larthan Tull and get away with it. Hailed as a "grand new talent" (Bret Lott) and a "significant new voice in Southern fiction" (Ron Rash), Jon Sealy has written a haunting debut novel. With its unforgettable characters and evocative setting, The Whiskey Baron is a gripping drama about family ties and bad choices, about the folly of power and the limitations of the law" -- Provided by publisher.

Classic in the pits : a case for Jack Colby, the car detective

April 14, 2014
Myers, Amy, 1938- author.
Sutton : Severn House, 2014.
200 pages ; 23 cm.
"When Jack Colby hears a rumour that Old Herne's, the club for aviation and classic car veterans, is closing, he is appalled, and attends its annual event with foreboding. His instinct is right. He has been commissioned to investigate the theft of the Porsche car belonging to its manager, the popular Mike Nelson, but now far worse problems threaten the club when brutal murder proves to be on the agenda"--Dust jacket flap.

Evil in the 1st house : a Starlight Detective Agency mystery

April 14, 2014
Lewis, Mitchell Scott, author.
Scottsdale, AZ : Poisoned Pen Press, 2014.
214 pages ; 23 cm.
Astrologer-detective David Lowell must draw on the help of his friends, family, and allies when Dr. Ethan Williamson asks him to find his dying son's long-lost twin brother for a life-saving kidney transplant.

Child's play

April 14, 2014
Carter, Maureen, author.
Sutton : Crème de la Crime, 2014.
198 pages ; 23 cm.
"When 16-year-old Caitlin Reynolds fails to return home from school, Detective Inspector Sarah Quinn soon realizes this is no ordinary missing persons case. How could a schoolgirl vanish in broad daylight with no witnesses? Why is Caitlin's mother so unhelpful and hostile to the police? Then the note arrives, referring to a crime committed more than fifty years earlier - and it becomes clear that someone is playing a childish - but all too deadly - game with the police. To make matters worse, journalist Caroline King has got hold of the story - and Sarah Quinn's troubles are only just beginning" -- from publisher's web site.

High & dry : a novel

April 14, 2014
Skilton, Sarah, author.
New York : Amulet Books, [2014]
258 pages ; 22 cm
Framed for a stranger's near-fatal overdose at a party, blackmailed into finding a mysterious flash drive everyone in school seems anxious to suppress, and pressured by his shady best friend to throw an upcoming game, high school soccer player Charlie Dixon spends a frantic week trying to clear his name, win back the girl of his dreams, and escape a past that may be responsible for all his current problems.

Maximum security : a dog part mystery

April 10, 2014
Newsome, C. A.
265 pages ; 23 cm.
When Detective Peter Dourson arrests that nice stranger for the brutal murder of a dog park regular, he begs his girlfriend, artist Lia Anderson, to stay out of it. But her best patron takes the woman under her wing, and Renee insists her new friend needs help. Lia isn't going to do much, just ask a few questions. Surely that won't lead to trouble. Besides, she's got an escape-artist foster dog to deal with. Then there's Peter's desire for a commitment she's not ready to make. And Lia's dog park friends refuse to be left out in this romp of a mystery laced with humor, dogs, and love.

Desperate deeds

April 10, 2014
Gligor, Patricia, author.
233 pages ; 22 cm.
"A Malone mystery"--Cover.
"As Ann Kern starts her new business as an interior decorator, the temperatures have risen, tulips and daffodils are in bloom and there's a feeling of endless possibilities in the air. She has no idea that her world is about to be turned upside down. When Janis Riley, a woman for whom money is no object, contacts Ann to redecorate her house, Ann is elated. But her initial visit with her first client leaves her with mixed emotions. Why did Janis react so strangely to seeing a photo of Ann's six-year-old son, Davey? But Ann has bigger problems. Her husband, David, a recovering alcoholic, has lost both his mother and his job and Ann worries that he'll start drinking again. To add to her concerns, their next-door-neighbor, Dorothy Baker, is severely depressed but Ann's efforts to help her are rebuffed. Ann is terrified when she wakes up the day before Easter to find Davey gone. Another child, Kelly Kramer, has been missing since December. Does some pervert have both children and what, if anything, can Ann do to get her son back?"--P. [4] of cover.

Blotto, Twinks and the Bootlegger's Moll

April 9, 2014
Brett, Simon.
202 pages ; 21 cm

In search of murder

April 9, 2014
Jeffries, Roderic, 1926- author.
Sutton : Severn House, 2013.
185 pages ; 23 cm.
Inspector Alvarez is rudely awakened from his afternoon siesta by a phone call reporting the death of one Senor Picare. On arrival at the Picare villa, it seems his grieving widow is passed out in bed and the housekeeper, Rosalía, is the one dealing with the police and comforting the young maid, Marta, who is devastated by the death of her employer.

Critical damage : a Mark Mallen novel

April 9, 2014
Lewis, Robert K.
Woodbury, Minnesota : Midnight Ink, [2014].
303 pages ; 20 cm.

Montecito heights : a Resurrection Man novel

April 9, 2014
Campbell, Colin, 1955-
Woodbury, Minnesota : Midnight Ink, [2014]
372 pages ; 20 cm.

Murder on Insel Poel

April 7, 2014
Nelson, D. L., 1942-
Waterville : Five Star, 2014.
315 pages ; 23 cm.
Annie Young's forte is tech writing and historical research. But with disconcerting frequency, as she travels for projects around the world she finds herself in the middle of murder investigations. American-born Annie thinks she's landed an easy assignment translating a book about the small northern German island of Insel Poel. Then she stumbles upon the bodies of two young Asian women, washed ashore from who knows where. Despite the protestations of her fiancé, a police chief in southern France, Annie gets steadily more involved in the puzzling case and discovers the stories of a WWII concentration camp survivor, an RAF pilot and a vicar's daughter, each with a unique historical connection to the beach at Insel Poel. When Annie gets too close to the truth, behind the murders, she becomes the next target.

The detective

April 7, 2014
Hunt, James Patrick, 1964-
Waterville, Maine : Five star, A part of Gale, Cengage Learning, 2014.
299 pages ; 22 cm
"Chicago, 1979. The city has just experienced one of the worst snowstorms in decades. Public transportation is shut down; garbage is piling up, uncollected; cars remain entombed in snowdrifts. In the midst of this, five people are shot and killed at a train stop. David Beckman is one of the first homicide detectives to arrive at the scene of the murder. He is young and new to the homicide squad, a recent transferee from vice. He's Jewish and is not welcomed by the older detectives. It's soon determined that one of the victims of the shooting is Jewish activist Nathan Wald. Wald had been a controversial figure, a celebrity of the 1970s, a Jew who advocated violence and attacks on Soviet embassies. Other detectives arrive, including Lieutenant Gregory, Chief of Detectives Stumbaugh, and Sergeant Tom Regan. Regan is an Irish American in his late forties, very much a straight arrow and devout Catholic. He is rightly considered the best detective in homicide, but he hasn't worked with Beckman yet"--Jacket flap.

The cold song

April 7, 2014
Ullmann, Linn, 1966-
New York : Other Press, [2013]
328 pages ; 21 cm
"Originally published in Norwegian as Det dyrebare by Forlaget Oktober, Oslo, in 2011."
"Some years after the disappearance of a young woman, three boys uncover her body during a treasure hunt out in the woods of Norway. THE COLD SONG centers itself on the individual lives of a small family and the murder of this woman, their babysitter, Milla. In life, Milla's relationship with the family is constructed by the many details that come to implicate each character in her murder, implications that haunt them all once her body is found. Milla, whom no one thought much of, seemed to set everything and everyone in motion, and after the crime against her is brought to light, a lingering unease continues to eat away at those who desired her, those who searched for her, those who killed her, those who tried to forget her, those who mourned her, those who found her, and those who turned their backs on her, alike"-- Provided by publisher.

The Venetian bargain

April 7, 2014
Fiorato, Marina.
New York : St. Martin's Griffin, [2014].
407 pages ; 21 cm
"Venice, 1576. Five years after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire at the Battle of Lepanto, a ship steals unnoticed into Venice bearing a deadly cargo. A man, more dead than alive, disembarks and staggers into Piazza San Marco. He brings a gift to Venice from Constantinople. Within days the city is infected with bubonic plague--and the Turkish Sultan has his revenge. But the ship also holds a secret stowaway--Feyra, a young and beautiful harem doctor fleeing a future as the Sultan's concubine. Only her wits and medical knowledge keep her alive as the plague ravages Venice. In despair, the Doge commissions the architect Andrea Palladio to build the greatest church of his career--an offering to God so magnificent that Venice will be saved. But Palladio's life is in danger too, and it will require all the skills of Annibale Cason, the city's finest plague doctor, to keep him alive. What Annibale had not counted on was meeting Feyra, who is now under Palladio's protection--an impossible woman whose medical skills and determination are matched only by his own. From Marina Fiorato, author of the acclaimed historical novel The Glassblower of Murano, comes a triumphant return to historical Venice with Venetian Bargain"-- Provided by publisher.

Deal killer

April 7, 2014
Doudera, Vicki, 1961-
Woodbury, Minnesota : Midnight Ink, c2014.
viii, 320 p. ; 21 cm.
"The fifth book in the Darby Farr mystery series"--P. 4 of cover.
"Darby arrives in Manhattan for a much-anticipated visit with Miles Porter--and to find a dream property for her client Hideki Kobayashi--only to learn that Miles is a suspect in a murder investigation. Russian businessman Alec Rodin was stabbed to death near Miles' office after a public confrontation between the two men. It doesn't help matters that Miles and Rodin's fiancée live in the same ritzy apartment building. Darby and Miles set out to find the killer. It seems that everyone connected to Central Park Place has something to hide. There's Natalia Kazakova, the victim's not-very-distraught fiancée and her billionaire father, Mikhail, who owns the penthouse suite where she lives. Members of Russia's shadowy security force, a desperate real estate agent, the reclusive old woman in Apartment 515--who can be trusted?" -- from publisher's web site.

Bits & pieces : Bitd und Stücke

April 7, 2014
Taylor, James R. III, author.
365 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
"An Annabelle Wolfe thriller."
"Annabelle Wolfe is used to doing things her way. But in 1890 Ohio, doing things "your way" isn't always easy. A woman is expected to marry early and be a dutiful wife and mother. Much to her own mother's chagrin, Annabelle wants nothing to do with such a sedentary life. So by the age of twenty, she's graduated college, studied law, and passed the bar. Unfortunately, now no one will practice law with her, and Annabelle is forced to clerk for her judge father and write detective stories under a male pen name. Life takes an unusual twist when she chances on the dismembered body of a young woman. The police are stymied and, hoping to make her mark, Annabelle decides to catch the killer on her own. But in the coming months, the body count continues to climb as the murderer foils every attempt at capture. Annabelle finds she not only must match wits with a killer who seems unstoppable, but face an equally hostile public who feels that she is doing a "man's job." Along the way, Annabelle enlists the aid of her younger cousin Rebecca and jaded lawman Jacob Sullivan. But, in the final showdown, with everything in the balance, it is Annabelle Wolfe alone who must face down the killer to save her friends and stop the bloody rampage."--Publisher's description.

Sugar and iced

April 1, 2014
McKinlay, Jenn, author.
New York : Berkley Prime Crime, [2014].
289 pages ; 18 cm.
"Includes ... recipes"--Page 4 of cover.
"Berkley Prime Crime mystery"--Spine.

By its cover

April 1, 2014
Leon, Donna.
New York : Atlantic Monthly, [2014]
237 pages : map ; 24 cm.
One afternoon, Commissario Guido Brunetti gets a frantic call from the director of a prestigious Venetian library. Someone has stolen pages out of several rare books. After a round of questioning, the case seems clear: the culprit must be the man who requested the volumes, an American professor from a Kansas university. The only problem--the man fled the library earlier that day, and after checking his credentials, the American professor doesn't exist. As the investigation proceeds, the suspects multiply. And when a seemingly harmless theologian, who had spent years reading at the library turns up brutally murdered, Brunetti must question his expectations about what makes a man innocent, or guilty.

No book but the world

April 1, 2014
Cohen, Leah Hager.
New York : Riverhead Books, a member of Penguin Group (USA), 2014.
304 pages ; 24 cm
"A literary novel about adult siblings, a sister and her autistic brother, and what happens when the brother is accused of the murder of a local boy - who is truly responsible, and could it have been avoided if the brother had been treated differently by his parents, by his sister, by society?"-- Provided by publisher.

Murder on Bamboo Lane

April 1, 2014
Hirahara, Naomi, 1962-
New York : Berkley Prime Crime, [2014].
viii, 292 pages ; 18 cm.
"Bike cop Ellie Rush dreams of becoming a homicide detective, but it's still a shock when the first dead body she encounters on the job is that of a former college classmate. At the behest of her Aunt Cheryl, the highest-ranking Asian-American officer in the LAPD (a source of pride for Ellie's grandmother, but annoyance to her mom), Ellie becomes tangled in the investigation of the coed's murder--with equal parts help and hindrance from her nosy best friend, her over-involved ex-boyfriend, a smoldering detective, and seemingly everyone else in her extended family...only to uncover secrets that a killer may go to any lengths to ensure stay hidden."-- From back cover.

Murder at Westminster Abbey

April 1, 2014
Carmack, Amanda.
New York : Obsidian, c2014.
297 p. ; 17 cm.
"Life at the center of the new royal court is abuzz with ambition and gossip--very different from the quiet countryside, where Kate served Elizabeth during her exile. Making her way among the courtiers who vie for the new queen's favor, Kate befriends Lady Mary Everley. Mary is very close to Elizabeth. With their red hair and pale skin, they even resemble each other--which makes Mary's murder all the more chilling. The celebrations go on despite the pall cast over them. But when another redhead is murdered, Kate uncovers a deadly web of motives lurking just beneath the polite court banter, and follows the trail of a killer whose grievance can only be answered with royal blood"--P. [4] of cover.

Murder simply brewed

March 28, 2014
Chapman, Vannetta.
Grand Rapids, Michigan : Zondervan, [2014]
ix, 358 pages : map ; 22 cm.

Ghost of a gamble

March 28, 2014
Jaffarian, Sue Ann, 1952-, author.
ew York : Berkley Prime Crime, 2014.
296 pages ; 18 cm.
"Berkley Prime Crime mystery"--Spine.
Emma and Granny Apples hit the road for Las Vegas to help out Dolly, a former showgirl who is being haunted by a dead Vegas hood named Lenny. Lenny is concerned that an aging mobster named Nemo is coming after Dolly. But when Nemo winds up dead and Dolly goes missing, Emma and Granny find themselves investigating a casino heist gone bad, a stash of hidden loot, and a missing wiseguy who's not letting death stand between him and setting things straight.

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