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July 2, 2016
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Dying brand : an Allison Campbell mystery

July 1, 2016
Tyson, Wendy, 1969-
[Frisco, Tex.?] : Henery Press, 2015.
250 pages ; 22 cm.
"When image consultant Allison Campbell attends an award ceremony to honor a designer friend, she’s thrust into a murder investigation. Only this time, it’s personal. A former boyfriend is dead, slain on the streets of Philadelphia. His widow claims he was meeting with Allison, yet Allison hadn’t spoken to him in years. Nothing about his death--or life--makes sense. When compromising photos from their past arrive at Allison’s office, they raise more questions than they answer. Driven to find justice, Allison deconstructs the image her ex had created for himself, looking for clues about the man he’d become. As her hunt for the truth unveils secrets, Allison’s past and present collide--with deadly results."--Provided by publisher.

Blaubeermorde : Kriminalroman

July 1, 2016
Marlow, Mareike, author.
München Knaur Taschenbuch, 2016.
267 pages ; 19 cm.

Romanzo criminale

July 1, 2016
De Cataldo, Giancarlo, 1956- author.
© 2002.
632 pages ; 21 cm
"A disturbing novel that is similar to American noir fiction. The protagonists are a gang of young thugs who decided to conquer Rome, and become an almost invincible army. Political, intelligence, honest judges, policemen and the largest brothel in the capital in a novel based on a thorough documentation." -- translation of publisher's or seller's website.

Si︠u︡rpriz s dyrkoĭ ot bublika

July 1, 2016
Aleksandrova, N. (Natalʹi︠a︡), author.
Moskva : Izdatelʹstvo AST, [2016]
319 pages ; 21 cm.
"Ranee khiga vykhodila pod nazvaniem "Osheĭnik dli︠a︡ nevesty"--Title page verso.

Sudʹba - volshebnit︠sa︡

July 1, 2016
Poli︠a︡kova, Tatʹi︠an︡a, author.
315 pages ; 21 cm
"The author, who used to be a humble kindergarten teacher, became an expert detective-story writer. In this story, Zosia returned to her home town to solve a murder and to rekindle first love." -- cataloger's interpretation of Russian website.

He will be my ruin

June 30, 2016
Tucker, K. A. (Kathleen A.), 1978- author.
567 pages (large print) ; 22 cm.

The big sheep

June 30, 2016
Kroese, Robert, author.
308 pages ; 22 cm
"Los Angeles of 2039 is a baffling and bifurcated place. After the Collapse of 2028, a vast section of LA, the Disincorporated Zone, was disowned by the civil authorities, and became essentially a third world country within the borders of the city. Navigating the boundaries between DZ and LA proper is a tricky task, and there's no one better suited than eccentric private investigator Erasmus Keane. When a valuable genetically altered sheep mysteriously goes missing from Esper Corporation's labs, Keane is the one they call. But while the erratic Keane and his more grounded partner, Blake Fowler, are on the trail of the lost sheep, they land an even bigger case. Beautiful television star Priya Mistry suspects that someone is trying to kill her - and she wants Keane to find out who. When Priya vanishes and then reappears with no memory of having hired them, Keane and Fowler realize something very strange is going on. As they unravel the threads of the mystery, it soon becomes clear that the two cases are connected - and both point to a sinister conspiracy involving the most powerful people in the city. Saving Priya and the sheep will take all of Keane's wits and Fowler's skills, but in the end, they may discover that some secrets are better left hidden. Kroese's novel is perfect for fans of Philip Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Terry Pratchett's Guards! Guards!, and Scalzi's Old Man's War"-- Provided by publisher.

Ṣư im ḷăng c̉ua b̂ày c̀ưu

June 29, 2016
Harris, Thomas, 1940-
347 pages ; 24 cm
Translation of: The silence of the lambs.
A serial murderer known by a grotesquely apt nickname--Buffalo Bill-is stalking particular women. A young FBI trainee is assigned to interview a mental patient--a brilliant psychiatrist and killer, for insights into the crime.

Lammfromm : Ein Krimi aus dem Bayerischen Wald

June 29, 2016
Schreiner, Wolf, 1958- author.
346 pages ; 19 cm
"Himmel hilf! Im Bayerischen Wald sorgt eine Umgehungsstraße für Mordsärger ...Umgeben von grünen Wäldern und blühenden Sommerwiesen genießt Pfarrer Baltasar Senner ein paar freie Tage daheim im Bayerischen Wald. Doch die himmlische Auszeit währt nicht lange: Als in seiner kleinen Gemeinde eine Umgehungsstraße gebaut werden soll, hängt der Haussegen dort gewaltig schief. Plötzlich muss Baltasar nicht nur unter den zänkischen Dorfbewohnern schlichten, sondern sich auch noch mit einer Horde protestierender Naturschützer herumschlagen, die sich in seiner Kirche einnisten. Dann wird einer der Aktivisten ermordet, und die Polizei tappt im Dunkeln. Mit Gottes Hilfe macht sich Baltasar auf die Suche nach dem Schuldigen..." -- publisher's or bookseller's website.

O Caso Rembrandt

June 29, 2016
Silva, Daniel, 1960- author.
© 2010.
558 pages ; 17 cm
First published in English in the United States by G.P. Putnam's Sons.
"Two families, one terrible secret, and a painting to die for... Glastonbury, an art restorer, has been brutally murdered, and the newly discovered Rembrandt he was working on has disappeared. For spy turned art restorer Gabriel Allon, it has been six months since his final showdown with the murderous Russian oligarch and arms dealer Ivan Kharkov. He has severed his ties with the Office with only one thing in mind: recovery. But this unspeakable act of violence once again draws Allon into a world of danger he thought he had left behind for ever. Allon is persuaded to use his unique skills to trace the painting and those responsible for the crimes. As he investigates, he discovers there are terrible secrets connected to the painting, and terrible men behind them. Before he is done, he will have undertaken a journey through some of the twentieth century's darkest history - and come face to face with some of the same darkness within himself." -- record for an English edition.

Koronnyĭ nomer mistera X : roman

June 29, 2016
|6880-01 Dont︠so︡va, Darʹi︠a︡, author.
|6880-03 Moskva : Ė, 2016.
318 pages ; 20 cm
|6880-06 "Detective Ivan Podushkin unwittingly became involved in a very complicated case. A daughter and assistant of the famous magician Henry Donnelly came to his office. Svetlana is terribly frightened: she hears voices in her head, which require that she jump out the window. She excitedly told about how one night in her bedroom, a bearded man came and gave her an injection behind her ear. Since then, she has hears voices and pursuers. Ivan decided that she is mad, and refused to help. She ran away, leaving the hall empty. A few minutes later she jumped out the window of the neighboring house. When a private detective came down the street, the police had already arrived. During a difficult and dangerous aftermath, Ivan Podushkin and investigator Barbara Kosova had to make sure that no tricks had been played in this mysterious case..." -- cataloger's literal translation and interpretation of cover.

Lezvie pustoty

June 29, 2016
|6880-01 George, Elizabeth, 1949- author.
©2016 (English text).
413 pages ; 21 cm
Translation of: The edge of nowhere.
Originally published in English in the United states.
|6880-04 "Whidbey Island may be only a ferry ride from Seattle, but it's a world apart. When Becca King arrives there, she doesn't suspect the island will become her home for the next four years. Put at risk by her ability to hear "whispers" - the thoughts of others - Becca is on the run from her stepfather, whose criminal activities she has discovered. Stranded and alone, Becca is soon befriended by Derric, a Ugandon orphan adopted by a local family; Seth, a kindhearted musician and high school dropout; Debbie, a recovering alcoholic who takes her in; and Diana, with whom Becca shares a mysterious psychic connection. This compelling coming-of-age story, the first of an ongoing sequence of books set on Whidbey Island, has elements of mystery, the paranormal, and romance." --

Semʹi︠a︡ na zakaz

June 29, 2016
|6880-01 Roberts, Nora, author.
©2016 (Russian translation).
444 pages ; 20 cm
Originally in English.
|6880-05 "Lieutenant Eve Dallas has plenty to be grateful for this season. Hosting Roarke’s big Irish family for the holiday may be challenging, but it’s a joyful improvement on her own dark childhood. Other couples aren’t as lucky as Eve and Roarke. The Reinholds, for example, are lying in their home stabbed and bludgeoned almost beyond recognition. Those who knew them are stunned and heartbroken by the evidence that they were murdered by their own son. Twenty-six-year-old Jerry hadn’t made a great impression on the bosses who fired him or the girlfriend who dumped him, but they didn’t think he was capable of this. Turns out Jerry is not only capable of brutality but was taking a liking to it. With the money he had stolen from his parents and a long list of grievances, he intended to finally make his mark on the world. Eve and her team already know the who, how, and why of this murder. What they need to pinpoint is where Jerry is going to strike next." --

Taĭna velikogo zhivopist︠sa︡

June 29, 2016
|6880-01 Ditinich, Nina, author.
317 pages ; 20 cm
|6880-05 "Who is depicted in the famous painting by Kramskoi, called "Stranger"? There are many different answers. What mystery is hidden behind the picture that hung on the wall in every other Soviet apartment? And how do we explain the killing taking place, with the mysterious "stranger" and fatal beauty, which is the beauty brought to mind not only the Count Bestuzhev and the greatest painter of his era, Ivan Kramskoy, but all St. Petersburg artists?... Is it true that the picture brings misfortune to all its owners, and why? Investigator Egor Surzhikova has not come across such a complex and complicated case... an elusive maniac kills beauties and artists who painted their portraits, and bodies are "decorated" with black roses. And it turns out that all the murders are connected with a scandalous robbery of the Tretyakov Gallery, where a mysterious painting recently disappeared. But instead of being engaged in the search for the masterpiece, Surzhikov is forced to look for a girl who is depicted in this picture. It does not matter that the painting is amost two hundred years old... She is very real, and she was in mortal danger..." -- cataloger's translation of cover.

Someone always knows

June 29, 2016
Muller, Marcia, author.
New York ; Boston : Grand Central Publishing, 2016.
292 pages ; 24 cm.
"Finally settled into their new home after losing their house in a fire, and fully established in their new shared offices, private investigator Sharon McCone and her business partner husband Hy are starting to feel comfortable. That calm is shattered when Hy's former colleague Gage Renshaw--a shady troublemaker who they had presumed dead reappears, and it's unclear what he wants from his prosperous former associate. Meanwhile, Sharon has a new client with a desire to rid a derelict house he's just bought in the city's notorious Western Addition neighborhood from intruders, drug users, and thugs. However, the abandoned house holds its share of secrets, and soon Sharon is contending with more than a simple eyesore as she searches for the individual who is obsessed with destroying her life"-- Provided by publisher.

A cast of falcons : a birder murder mystery

June 28, 2016
Burrows, Steve, author.
Toronto : Dundurn, [2016]
382 pages ; 21 cm.
A man falls to his death from a cliff face in western Scotland. From a distance, another man watches. He approaches the body, tucks a book into the dead man's pocket, and leaves. When the Scottish police show visiting Detective Chief Inspector Domenic Jejeune the book, he recognizes it as a call for help. But he also knows that answering that call could destroy the life he and his girlfriend Lindy have built for themselves in the village of Saltmarsh, in north Norfolk. Back in Saltmarsh, the brutal murder of a researcher involved in a local climate change project has everyone looking at the man's controversial studies as a motive. But Sergeant Danny Maik, heading the investigation in Jejeune's absence, believes a huge cash incentive being offered for the research may play a crucial role. With their beleaguered Chief Superintendent blocking every attempt to interview the project's uber-wealthy owners, Jejeune and Maik must work together to find their answers. But will the men's partnership survive when the danger from above begins to cast its dark shadow?

The curse of tenth grave

June 28, 2016
Jones, Darynda, author.
viii, 342 pages ; 25 cm
"A novel"--Dust jacket.
"Part-time PI and full-time grim reaper, Charley Davidson has asked a lot of questions throughout her life: Why can I see dead people? Who is the hot supernatural entity following me? How do I get gum out of my sister's hair before she wakes up? But, "How do I trap not one god, but three?" was never among them. Until now. And since those gods are on earth to kill her daughter, she has little choice but to track them down, trap them, and cast them from this dimension. But one of them stole her heart a very long time ago. Can a god of absolute death and destruction change his omniscient spots, or will his allegiance lie with his brothers? Those are just some of the questions Charley must answer, and quick. Add to that a homeless girl on the run for her life, a man who's been framed for murdering a woman who is still very much alive, and a pendant made from god glass that has the entire supernatural world in an uproar, Charley has her hands full. If she can manage to take care of the whole world-destroying-gods thing, we're saved. If not, well..."--Provided by publisher.

Final fondue

June 28, 2016
Corrigan, Maya.
New York : Kensington, 2016.
310 pages ; 17 cm
"Includes 6 five-ingredient recipes!"
"A five-ingredient mystery" --Cover.
Val Deniston certainly has her plate full running a café, dabbling with recipes, and helping her grandfather prepare for the town's upcoming tri-centennial celebration, but she's grown fond of her new life in the Chesapeake Bay town of Bayport. . . So when Val is asked to reclaim her old position as a cookbook publicist in New York City, she puts off her decision in order to help her grandfather perfect his chocolate fondue for the weekend festivity's dessert cook-off. But after the opening ceremonies, Val finds a houseguest strangled to death in her grandfather's backyard. She suspects a classic case of mistaken identity, especially when another guest nearly bids her life a fondue farewell. Now it's up to Val to keep the killer from making another stab at murder . . .

Murder has nine lives

June 28, 2016
Levine, Laura, 1943- author.
New York, NY : Kensington Books, 2016.
247 pages ; 22 cm.
The future is looking bright for freelance writer Jaine Austen. She's signed up for a new job, she's looking forward to a tropical vacation, and her cat Prozac is slated to star in a major commercial. But when the claws come out behind the scenes, Jaine worries that murder might be the only thing to meow about. . . .

Ping-pong heart

June 28, 2016
Limón, Martin, 1948- author.
New York, NY : Soho Crime, [2016]
361 pages ; 22 cm.
"South Korea, 1974. CID Sergeants George Sueño and Ernie Bascom are assigned an underwhelming case of petty theft: Major Frederick M. Schulz has accused Miss Jo Kyong-Ja, an Itaewon bar girl, of stealing a hundred thousand won from him--a sum equaling less than fifty US dollars. After two very divergent accounts of what happened, Miss Jo is attacked in the night, and Schulz is found hacked to death only days later. Did tensions simply escalate to the point of murder? Looking into other motives for Schulz's death, George and Ernie discover that he was investigating the 501st Military Intelligence Battalion: the Army's counterintelligence arm, dedicated solely to tracking North Korean spies. The division is rife with suspects, but it's dangerous to speak out against them in a period of Cold War finger-pointing. While they're used to breaking 8th Army rules, as George and Ernie go head-to-head with the powerful, intimidating Captain Lance Blood, they learn that messing with the 501st can have very personal consequences"-- Provided by publisher.

Absence of light : a Charlie Fox thriller

June 28, 2016
Sharp, Zoë, 1966- author.
222, 5 pages ; 20 cm.
"A Felony & Mayhem mystery."

The blood whisperer

June 28, 2016
Sharp, Zoë, 1966- author.
515 pages ; 20 cm
"A Felony & Mayhem mystery."

Escape from asylum

June 28, 2016
Roux, Madeleine, 1985- author.
343 pages : photographs ; 22 cm.
"An Asylum prequel"
Ricky Desmond has been through all this before. If he could just get through to his mother, he could convince her that he doesn't belong at Brookline. From the man who thinks he can fly to the woman who killed her husband, the other patients are nothing like him; all he did was lose his temper just a little bit, just the once. But when Ricky is selected by the sinister Warden Crawford for a very special program--a program that the warden claims will not cure him but perfect him--Ricky realizes that he may not be able to wait for his mom a second longer. With the help of a sympathetic nurse and a fellow patient, Ricky needs to escape now.

Collecting the dead

June 27, 2016
Kope, Spencer, author.
New York : Minotaur Books, 2016.
306 pages ; 25 cm
"Magnus "Steps" Craig is part of the elite three-man Special Tracking Unit of the FBI. Called in on special cases where his skills are particularly needed, he works as a tracker. The media dubs him "The Human Bloodhound," since Steps is renowned for his incredible ability to find and follow trails over any surface better than anyone else. But there's a secret to his success. Steps has a special ability--a kind of synesthesia--where he can see the 'essence' of a person, something he calls 'shine,' on everything they've touched. His ability is known to only a few people--his father, the director of the FBI, and his partner, Special Agent Jimmy Donovan. When the remains of a murdered woman are found, Steps recognizes the shine left by the murderer from another crime scene with a physically similar victim. And he uncovers the signature at both scenes--the mark of a sad face. At the same time, another killer, one Steps has dubbed Leonardo and has been trying to track for over ten years, appears again, taunting Steps. But while Steps tries to find a clue that will lead him to Leonardo, the case of the Sad Face Killer heats up. The team uncovers eleven possible victims: missing women who fit the same pattern. Using his skill and the resources of the Bureau, it is a race against time to find the killer before it's too late"-- Provided by publisher.

Grace sees red

June 27, 2016
Hyzy, Julie A., author.
New York : Berkley Prime Crime, 2016.
291 pages ; 18 cm.
"Berkley Prime Crime mystery"--Spine.
Grace Wheaton, curator and manager of Marshfield Manor, and her benefactor, Bennett Marshfield, are called to Indwell, an upscale assisted-living facility. Upon arrival, they discover one of the elderly residents has been found dead under suspicious circumstances. Grace's testy, but trusted assistant, Frances, was seen arguing with the man earlier in the day and is now a person of interest. It is up to Grace to clear her assistant's name and find the real killer before another Indwell resident is murdered.

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