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September 27, 2016
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Missing : a private novel

September 26, 2016
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
New York : Grand Central Publishing, 2016.
358 pages ; 24 cm.
Craig Gisto has promised Eliza Moss that his elite team at Private Sydney will investigate the disappearance of her father. After all, as CEO of a high-profile research company, Eric Moss shouldn't be difficult to find--except it's not just the man who's gone missing. Despite the most advanced technology at their disposal, they find every trace of him has vanished, too. And they aren't the only ones on the hunt.


September 26, 2016
Brouwer, Sigmund, 1959- author.
[Custer, Washington] : Orca Book Publishers, 2016.
174 pages ; 19 cm.
While on a trip to the Florida Keys with his grandfather, Jim hopes to do some fishing but becomes involved in a mystery about an old crime linked to the owner of the resort where they are staying on vacation.

Diplomatic immunity

September 26, 2016
Ashton, Brodi, author.
352 pages ; 22 cm
"A seventeen-year-old aspiring reporter decides to write a scathing exposé on an elite Washington, D.C., private school, but her life changes when her subject comes to her for help"-- Provided by publisher.

The boy in the shadows

September 23, 2016
Vallgren, Carl-Johan
296 pages ; 24 cm
"1970: In an overcrowded Stockholm subway station, a harried father and his two boys are late for their train. Joel, the youngest, is howling in his stroller and his seven-year-old brother, Kristoffer, refuses to take the elevator. A woman approaches and helpfully offers to lead Kristoffer up the stairs. Reluctantly his father agrees, but when he arrives on the platform Kristoffer and the woman have vanished without a trace. The kidnapping becomes a national sensation, but the boy is never found. Today: Joel, now an adult, goes missing in suspicious circumstances. His frantic wife turns to Danny Katz--an old friend with a troubled past--for help. A brilliant computer programmer and recovering heroin addict, Katz is also the divorced father of two young girls. Katz begins to dig behind the digital veil in search of Joel, even though the investigation quickly interferes with his duties as a parent. Before long, Katz discovers he isn't the only one trying to find Joel. The deeper Katz digs, the more upsetting the secrets he uncovers about the wealthy and powerful family at the heart of the investigation. Chillingly, the case takes a violent turn that reveals a disorienting connection to Katz's own troubled childhood--soon there will be no backing out of his unofficial investigation"--Provided by publisher.

The Branson beauty : a mystery

September 23, 2016
Booth, Claire, author.
viii, 310 pages ; 22 cm
"The Branson Beauty, an old showboat, has crashed in the waters of an Ozark mountain lake just outside the popular tourist destination of Branson, Missouri. More than one hundred people are trapped aboard. Hank Worth is still settling into his new role as county sheriff, and when he responds to the emergency call, he knows he's in for a long winter's day of helping elderly people into rafts and bringing them ashore. He anticipates a lot of anxiety, many arguments, and extra costs for emergency equipment that will stretch the county's already thin budget to the breaking point. But those are the least of his worries after he discovers high school track star Mandy Bryson's body locked inside the Captain's private dining room"-- Provided by publisher.

Death at the Paris Exposition

September 23, 2016
McNamara, Frances, author.
Forest Park, IL : Allium Press of Chicago, [2016]
253 pages ; 22 cm
"Amateur sleuth Emily Cabot investigates murders at the 1900 Paris Exposition. While there she interacts with Bertha Palmer and Mary Cassatt"--Provided by publisher.

Stalking ground

September 23, 2016
Mizushima, Margaret, author.
310 pages ; 24 cm.
When Deputy Ken Brody's sweetheart goes missing in the mountains outside Timber Creek, Mattie Cobb and her K-9 partner Robo are called to search. But it's mid-October and a dark snow storm is brewing over the high country. And they're already too late. By the time they find her body, the storm has broken and the snow is coming down hard. While Brody hikes down to bring back the forensics team and veterinarian Cole Walker gathers supplies to protect them from the storm, Mattie and Robo find themselves alone, guarding the gravesite overnight in the dead of the early winter. And that's only the first long, dark night in a series of them, because as their investigation develops, Mattie, Robo, Brody, and Cole find themselves in the middle of the killer's stalking ground--where the hunters have just become the hunted.

The reckoning on Cane Hill

September 23, 2016
Mosby, Steve, author.
New York : Pegasus Crime, 2016.
344 pages ; 24 cm
Detectives David Groves and Mark Nelson embark on a journey that will force them to face their own wrongs while investigating the death of Groves' son and a woman who claims to be back from the dead.

Blood crime

September 23, 2016
Alzamora, Sebastià, 1972- author.
288 pages ; 22 cm
"First published in Catalan by Raval Edicions, SLU, Proa, 2012" -- Title page verso.
"It is 1936, and Barcelona burns as the Spanish Civil War takes over. The city is a bloodbath. Yet in all this death, the murders of a Marist monk and a young boy, drained of their blood, are strange enough to catch a police inspector's attention. His quest for justice is complicated by the politics, dangers, and espionage of daily life in a war zone. The Marist brothers of the murdered monk are being persecuted; meanwhile, a convent of Capuchin nuns hides in plain sight, trading favors with the military police to stay alive. In their midst is a thirteen-year-old novice who stumbles into the clutches of the murderer. Can she escape in this city of no happy endings? Narrated by a vampire who thrives in the havoc of the war, this stunning novel, inspired by the true story of a massacre in the early days of the Spanish Civil War, is a gothic reflection on the nature of monsters, in all their human forms."--Provided by publisher.

Closed casket : the new Hercule Poirot mystery

September 22, 2016
Hannah, Sophie, 1971- author.
viii, 302 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
"Agatha Christie" -- cover.
"'What I intend to say to you will come as a shock ...' With these words, Lady Athelinda Playford -- one of the world's most beloved children's authors -- springs a surprise on the lawyer entrusted with her will. As guests arrive for a party at her Irish mansion, Lady Playford has decided to cut off her two children without a penny and leave her vast fortune to someone else: an invalid who has only weeks to live. Among Lady Playford's visitors are two strangers: the famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, and Inspector Edward Catchpool of Scotland Yard. Neither knows why he has been invited -- until Poirot begins to wonder if Lady Playford expects a murder. But why does she seem so determined to provoke a killer? And why -- when the crime is committed despite Poirot's best efforts to stop it -- does the identity of the victim make no sense at all?"--Provided by publisher.

Body on the bayou

September 22, 2016
Byron, Ellen, author.
New York, NY : Crooked Lane Books, 2016.
312 pages ; 22 cm.
"Just days before a big wedding at the Crozat Plantation B & B, the bride's cousin is found murdered, and Maggie Crozat has another murder to unravel"--Book jacket flap.

Sun, sand, murder

September 22, 2016
Keyse-Walker, John, author.
278 pages ; 22 cm
"As a Special Constable, Teddy Creque is the only police presence on the remote, sun-drenched island of Anegada, nestled in the heart of the British Virgin Islands. In all his years on the job, Teddy has never considered the possibility that he might have to address an actual crime on his peaceful island. That is, until he receives a hysterical call about a dead man on the beach. Indeed, Teddy is shocked to discover Paul Kelliher, a biologist who traveled to the island every summer for research, lying dead on the sands of the island's most remote beach, killed by a single shot to the head. And when the BVI's "real police" task Teddy with informing Kelliher's nearest kin of his death, Teddy makes an even more surprising discovery: there's no record that Paul Kelliher ever existed. Suddenly Teddy's routine life is thrown into tumult as he tries to track a killer--against his boss's wishes--while balancing his complicated family life, three other jobs, and the colorful characters populating the island around him. Written with a wry, witty narrative voice and a plot full of twists and turns, John Keyse-Walker's Minotaur Books/Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Award-winning debut is a pure delight"-- Provided by publisher.

Dead men's bones : an Inspector McLean novel

September 22, 2016
Oswald, James, author.
New York : Crooked Lane Books, 2016.
342 pages ; 24 cm
The body of a prominent Scottish MP is discovered outside his home, a remote house in North East Fife. In a horrifying attack, Andrew Weatherly has killed his wife and two young daughters, before turning his gun on himself. The question on everyone's lips is why would this successful and wealthy man commit such a gruesome crime? Inspector Tony McLean is surprised to find himself at the centre of this high profile investigation. The deeper he digs, the more McLean realizes he is being used in a game between shadowy factions from the world of power and privilege. Pressure is on to wrap up the case. That would go against everything McLean believes in - but to carry on will threaten the lives of his closest friends and colleagues

The vanished

September 22, 2016
Hammer, Lotte, author.
New York : Bloomsbury, 2016.
438 pages ; 25 cm.
"First published in 2011 in Denmark as Ensomme hjerters klub by Gyldendal"--Title page verso.
"When a postman is found dead at the bottom of his apartment stairs, his death appears to be a simple accident, and the perfect case for Detective Chief Superintendent Konrad Simonsen to return to after a severe heart attack. But new forensic evidence comes to light and something doesn't add up. Then life-size images of a girl are discovered plastering the walls of the dead man's attic. Who is she? Could she be alive? As the homicide team delves into the past, Simonsen discovers long-hidden skeletons in his own closet."--Provided by publisher.

Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian lions

September 22, 2016
Giordano, Mario, 1963- author.
London : Bitter Lemon Press, 2016.
317 pages ; 20 cm
"First published in German as Tante Poldi und die sizilianishen Löwen by Bastei Lübbe AG, Köln, 2015." -- Title page verso.
"Crime Paperback Original" -- Page 4 of cover.
Recently widowed Auntie Poldi moves to Sicily in order to drink herself comfortably to death with a sea view. But fate intervenes when she finds the corpse of a young man on the beach, and becomes a potential murder suspect. Poldi falls for the gorgeous Commissario Montana and they soon form an investigative -- and romantic -- partnership.

Death of an avid reader : a Kate Shackleton mystery

September 21, 2016
Brody, Frances, author.
360 pages ; 22 cm.
"A Thomas Dunne book."
"Lady Coulton gave up the baby that would have ruined her marriage, born when Lord Coulton was abroad. Now that her husband is dying, she asks Kate to find Sophia. It is forty years since the ghost of a dead librarian haunted the old library, yet the stories have begun again. Kate does not believe in ghosts but obligingly takes part in a ceremony to expel the restless spirit. Shockingly, there is a body in the basement, strangled, and covered in dusty volumes from a fallen bookcase. It is Dr. Potter, a mathematician. Dr Potter's body is taken away. The police find a sick man sheltering in the basement. He is an Italian, Umberto, an organ grinder and owner of a lively Capuchin monkey. Umberto becomes the prime suspect and will be charged with murder. Kate goes with Umberto to the infirmary. But he is too weak to be a suspect. And now Kate must set out to find the real culprit...."-- Adapted from jacket flap.

Matrimony in miniature

September 21, 2016
Grace, Margaret, 1937- author.
McKinleyville, California : Perseverance Press / John Daniel & Company, 2016.
221 pages ; 22 cm.
"When murder happens in the small town of Lincoln Point, California, there aren’t many degrees of separation between the victim and retired teacher Gerry Porter. How can she stay away from the investigation when the crime scene is the venue for her marriage to Henry Baker? But this time, nephew Detective Skip Gowen tries to discourage Gerry’s and granddaughter Maddie’s efforts to solve “The Case.” He couldn’t live with himself if the murderer learns of their efforts and comes after them."--Provided by publisher.


September 21, 2016
Dowling, Gregory, author.
298 pages ; 22 cm
"Thomas Dunne books."
"First published in Great Britain by Polygon, an imprint of Birlinn Ltd in 2015"--Title page verso.
When a young tour guide, Alvise Marangon, offers to help an English Grand Tourist, little does he know that it will lead to his being embroiled in blackmail and conspiracy. To add to his woes, he is then forcibly recruited into the city's powerful secret service to investigate a murder case. A reluctant spy he may be, but he is a gifted one. Amidst the world of gambling dens and courtesans, something momentous is being planned for the Feast of the Ascension, Venice's most important and spectacular holiday, and it seems that only Alvise can prevent the day turning into bloody mayhem.

Darktown : a novel

September 20, 2016
Mullen, Thomas, author.
371 pages ; 24 cm
"Responding to orders from on high, the Atlanta Police Department is forced to hire its first black officers, including war veterans Lucius Boggs and Tommy Smith. The newly minted policemen are met with deep hostility by their white peers: they aren't allowed to arrest white suspects, drive squad cars, or set foot in the police headquarters. When a black woman who was last seen in a car driven by a white man turns up dead, Boggs and Smith suspect white cops are behind it. Their investigation sets them up against a brutal cop, Dunlow, who has long run the neighborhood as his own, and his partner, Rakestraw, a young progressive who may or may not be willing to make allies across color lines"

An obvious fact

September 20, 2016
Johnson, Craig, 1961- author.
xvi, 317 pages ; 24 cm
In the midst of the largest motorcycle rally in the world, a young biker is run off the road and ends up in critical condition. When Sheriff Walt Longmire and his good friend Henry Standing Bear are called to Hulett, Wyoming - the nearest town to America's first national monument, Devils Tower - to investigate, things start getting complicated. As competing biker gangs; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms; a military-grade vehicle donated to the tiny local police force by a wealthy entrepreneur; and Lola, the real-life femme fatale and namesake for Henry's '59 Thunderbird (and, by extension, Walt's granddaughter) come into play, it rapidly becomes clear that there is more to get to the bottom of at this year's Sturgis Motorcycle Rally than a bike accident.

Robert B. Parker's Debt to pay : a Jesse Stone novel

September 20, 2016
Coleman, Reed Farrel, 1956- author.
338 pages ; 24 cm
"All is quiet in Paradise, except for a spate of innocuous vandalism. Good thing, too, because Jesse Stone is preoccupied with the women in his life, both past and present."--Provided by publisher.

Blue Madonna

September 20, 2016
Benn, James R., author.
New York, NY : Soho Crime, [2016]
319 pages ; 24 cm.
"Billy Boyle, US Army detective and ex-Boston cop, faces his toughest investigation yet: infiltrating enemy lines in France as the Allies invade Normandy. It's late May 1944. Captain Billy Boyle is court-martialed on spurious charges of black market dealings. Stripped of his officer's rank, reduced to private, and sentenced to three months' hard labor, Boyle is given an opportunity: he can avoid his punishment if he goes behind enemy lines to rescue a high-value Allied soldier. A secret chamber and tunnels, once used by escaping Huguenots in the 17th century, has since been taken over by the Allies. But this "safe house" on the outskirts of Chaumont turns out to be anything but. Two downed airmen, one Canadian and the other American, have been murdered. Billy is flown in as part of a three-man team on June 5, 1944, the night before the Normandy invasion. Billy must solve the mystery of who is behind the murders, then lead a group escape from France back to England, with both the Germans and a killer hot on their heels"--Provided by publisher.

Beloved poison

September 20, 2016
Thomson, E. S., author.
New York : Pegasus Crime, 2016.
390 pages ; 24 cm
After uncovering six tiny coffins at St. Saviour's Infirmary, apprentice apothecary Jem Flockhart seeks answers, following a trail that leads from the dissecting room to Newgate prison and the gallows.

Catching heat

September 20, 2016
Cantore, Janice, author.
xv, 405 pages ; 21 cm.
Includes discussion questions.
Twenty-seven years after the deaths of Detective Abby Hart's parents, she's desperate to find the proof that will put the mastermind-the governor's wife-behind bars. When she joins a newly formed task force and teams up with PI Luke Murphy, Abby is sent to San Luis Obispo to work the cold case of a murdered college student. Realizing their investigation will bring them near the town where Alyssa Rollins grew up, Abby decides to do a little digging of her own into the Triple Seven fire.Luke is eager to help Abby close the books on a case they both have personal stakes in. But as she uncovers long-held secrets, Abby stumbles into an explosive situation, and Luke fears that her obsession may prove deadly.

Dead ground in between

September 20, 2016
Jennings, Maureen, author.
274 pages ; 23 cm.
It's late 1942; the war is still raging and the upcoming Christmas season looks bleak. Detective Inspector Tom Tyler is settling into his placement in Ludlow, Shropshire, a small town jammed with people sent there by the conflict. On the outskirts is an Italian PoW camp and many PoWs work on local farms where manpower is sorely needed. Fraternizing is forbidden but, as Tyler knows only too well, the human heart has a way of crossing boundaries. Tyler's job is both to keep the peace and to enforce wartime regulations. Magistrate's court is busy. Then a troubled old man goes missing in a winter storm. The next day his body is discovered in a secret hideout supposedly known to very few. It soon becomes clear that a crime has been committed, and there is no shortage of suspects. Tyler senses that the two evacuee children who found the body are not telling the entire truth, but when he goes to question them further, he learns they have taken off from their foster home. It becomes imperative that he find them.

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