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November 18, 2017
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

The sun and her flowers

November 17, 2017
Kaur, Rupi, author, illustrator.
248 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm
"Illustrations and design by Rupi Kaur"--Title page verso.
Wilting -- Falling -- Rooting -- Rising -- Blooming.
A transcendent journey about growth and healing, ancestry and honoring ones roots and expatriation, and rising up to find a home within yourself.

The book of endings

November 16, 2017
Harrison, Leslie, 1962- author.
Akron, Ohio : The University of Akron Press, [2017]
88 pages ; 23 cm.
[Was it ice]; [Once]; [Parable]; [Epiphany]; Center Panel; [Actias luna]; [Parable]; [Over]; [This I know]; [What I mean]; [Because in all your life you've lived]; [Snowfields]; [Let the blue earth spin]; [Things the realtor will not tell the new owner]; [Salt]; [Dear god I ask]; [Bezoar]; [Wrong]; [Invocation]; [Nest]; Notes; Acknowledgments

While standing in line for death

November 15, 2017
Conrad, C. A., author.
Seattle : Wave Books, [2017]
143 pages ; 25 cm

Where now : new and selected poems

November 14, 2017
Kasischke, Laura, 1961- author.
Port Townsend, Washington : Copper Canyon Press, [2017]
xv, 363 pages ; 24 cm
Includes index.
"Laura Kasischke's long-awaited selected poems presents the breadth of her probing vision that subverts the so-called "normal." A lover of fairy tales, Kasischke showcases her command of the symbolic, with a keen attention to sound in her exploration of the everyday-whether reflections on loss or the complicated realities of childhood and family. As literary critic Stephen Burt wrote in Boston Review, "The future will not see us by one poet alone ... If there is any justice in that future, Kasischke is one of the poets it will choose." This incandescent volume makes the case that Laura Kasischke is one of America's great poets, and her presence is secure. From "Dear Water": I am your lost daughter and, as always, you are listening & fish. Though I sift you for sunlight, it runs from me in glistening pins, vanishes in the wavering map of your ungraspable heart. When I reach in, you swallow my cold hands again, swallow the joy they'd hold. Laura Kasischke is a poet and novelist whose fiction has been made into several feature-length films. Her book of poems, Space, in Chains, won the National Book Critics Circle Award. She currently teaches at the University of Michigan and lives in Chelsea, Michigan"-- Provided by publisher.

For want of water : and other poems

November 13, 2017
Pimentel, Sasha, author.
Boston : Beacon Press, [2017]
xv, 116 pages ; 24 cm.
"Selected and with a foreword by Gregory Pardlo"
"Searing verses set on the Mexican border about war and addiction and sexual violence, grief and loss"--Back cover.

Thrust : poems

November 8, 2017
Derr-Smith, Heather, author.
New York : Persea Books, [2017]
62 pages ; 23 cm
"A Karen & Michael Braziller book."

In the language of my captor

November 7, 2017
McCrae, Shane, 1975- author.
Middletown, Connecticut : Wesleyan University Press, [2017]
86 pages ; 24 cm.
"Acclaimed poet Shane McCrae's latest collection is a book about freedom told through stories of captivity. Historical persona poems and a prose memoir at the center of the book address the illusory freedom of both black and white Americans. In the book's three sequences, McCrae explores the role mass entertainment plays in oppression, confronts the myth that freedom can be based upon the power to dominate others, and, in poems about the mixed-race child adopted by Jefferson Davis in the last year of the Civil War, interrogates the infrequently examined connections between racism and love."--Jacket.

Northside review.

November 6, 2017
[Cincinnati, Ohio] : Northside Review, 2015-
volumes : color illustrations : 20 cm
Editors: Charles Gabel, Erich Schweikher.

James Wright : a life in poetry

November 6, 2017
Blunk, Jonathan, author.
xiii, 496 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
"The sweeping authorized biography of one of America's most complex, influential, and enduring poets" -- Provided by publisher.

Devotions : the selected poems of Mary Oliver

November 3, 2017
Oliver, Mary, 1935- author.
New York : Penguin Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC, [2017]
xx, 455 pages ; 24 cm
Includes index of titles and first lines.
"Throughout her celebrated career, Mary Oliver has touched countless readers with her brilliantly crafted verse, expounding on her love for the physical world and the powerful bonds between all living things. Identified as "far and away, this country's best selling poet" by Dwight Garner, she now returns with a stunning and definitive collection of her writing from the last fifty years. Carefully curated, these 200 plus poems feature Oliver's work from her very first book of poetry, No Voyage and Other Poems, published in 1963 at the age of 28, through her most recent collection, Felicity, published in 2015."-- Provided by publisher.

Square inch hours : poems

November 3, 2017
Santos, Sherod, 1948- author.
New York : W. W. Norton & Company, [2017]
74 pages ; 22 cm
A vividly rendered collection of subtle, reflective prose poems tracing the aftermath of a breakdown and the struggle to reconnect with the realities of daily life. In the manner of a poetic meditation, it draws on elements from fiction, memoir, daybook, and reverie.

The education of a young poet

October 27, 2017
Biespiel, David, 1964- author.
xii, 176 pages ; 22 cm
Elma -- Pedagogy of the oppressed -- Pretending not to pretend -- Old friends -- Against our will -- From the earth to the stars -- Nighthawks -- Drinks -- Texas roses -- Defeat -- Not that town -- Primal talk -- The dugout -- Something's happening out there -- The pale Vermont -- The suit.
The Education of a Young Poet is David Biespiel's moving account of his awakening to writing and the language that can shape a life. Exploring the original source of his creative impulse--a great-grandfather who traveled alone from Ukraine to America in 1910, eventually settling as a rag peddler in the tiny town of Elma, Iowa--through the generations that followed, Biespiel tracks his childhood in Texas and his university days in the northeast, led along by the "pattern and random bursts that make up a life."

Aire encantado : dos culturas, dos alas: una memoria

October 26, 2017
Engle, Margarita, author.
New York : Atheneum, 2017.
192 pages ; 21 cm
"The Spanish edition of Margarita Engle's award winning memoir, Enchanted Air"--Provided by publisher.


October 26, 2017
Hansel, Pauletta, author.
ix, 93 pages : illustrations, portrait ; 23 cm
"Palindrome, Hansel's sixth collection, is brave and brilliant. The vision of its title—a word that spells itself in both directions—infuses the whole with understanding that, as she was her mother's daughter, so she has become mother to the child who is her mother suffering dementia. Whether writing in fixed forms, free forms, or from her mother's written memories, Hansel creates a way to bear her readers, her mother, and herself though this harrowing time. This is a hard-won, heart-won book"--Publisher's website.

Studied days: poems early & late in Appalachia

October 26, 2017
Hague, Richard, 1947- author.
xi, 93 pages : portrait ; 23 cm
"In Studied Days, Richard Hague weaves a thrilling tapestry of his life along the upper Ohio River and his experiences of other places in rural and urban Appalachia. Although his images of the natural world leave the reader touched and in awe, his insights into the human condition are also memorable. When he brings the two worlds of man and nature together the images left in one’s head are even more compelling"--Publisher's website.

Riding the wave train : poems

October 26, 2017
Pettit, Rhonda S., 1955- author.
xv, 97 pages : portrait ; 23 cm.
"Marvelous sequences throughout plumb the connections between fossils, coming of age, and facing the death of loved ones, all taking place against the vast, undulant pageant of time"--Publisher's website.

Civil twilight : poems

October 20, 2017
Schultz, Jeffrey, 1979- author.
viii, 88 pages ; 23 cm.
"Selected by David St. John"--Cover.
Stare decisis et non quieta movere -- Habeas corpus -- Civil twilight -- Deleted scene -- Offering of two burning calves -- Sort of like, um, the falcon & the falconer or whatever, but sort of not -- Resolution in loving memory of sky & gooseflesh -- & plays it one more time, with feeling, in the rotating piano bar atop the grand hotel abyss.
""Civil twilight" occurs just before dawn and just after dusk, when there is still light enough to distinguish the shapes and contours of objects but not the richness of their detail. Beginning with the idea that nothing can be seen clearly in the light of the present, the poems in Civil Twilight attempt to resuscitate lyric's revelatory impulse by taking nothing for granted, forming their materials under the light of a critical gaze. If there is any chance left for a humane world, a world in which poetry might become as transparent and evocative as it has always longed to be, these poems desire nothing but to find hints of that chance, and to follow them as far as they might lead. Jeffrey Schultz brings his distinct voice to bear on the stuff of twenty-first-century America--languishing FOIA requests, graffiti-covered city walls, the violent machinery of the state--without abandoning hope that the language of poetry might transport us to some better and as-yet-unimaginable world. Turning a call to be "civil" on its head, this collection nudges the reader toward revolution."

Heating & cooling : 52 micro-memoirs

October 20, 2017
Fennelly, Beth Ann, 1971- author.
New York, NY : W. W. Norton & Company, [2017]
111 pages ; 20 cm
"The 52 micro-memoirs in genre-defying Heating & Cooling offer bright glimpses into a richly lived life, combining the compression of poetry with the truth-telling of nonfiction into one heartfelt, celebratory book. Ranging from childhood recollections to quirky cultural observations, these micro-memoirs build on one another to arrive at a portrait of Beth Ann Fennelly as a wife, mother, writer, and deeply original observer of life's challenges and joys. Some pieces are wistful, some wry, and many reveal the humor buried in our everyday interactions. Heating & Cooling: 52 Micro-Memoirs shapes a life from unexpectedly illuminating moments, and awakens us to these moments as they appear in the margins of our lives"--Inside dust jacket.

Don't call us dead : poems

October 18, 2017
Smith, Danez, author.
88 pages ; 23 cm
Dear white America -- Dinosaurs n the hood -- It won't be a bullet -- Last summer of innocence -- A note on vaseline -- A note on the phone app that tells me how far I am from other men's mouths -- & even the black guy's profile reads sorry, no black guy -- O nigga O -- ...nigga -- At the down-low house party -- Bare -- Seroconversion -- Fear of needles -- Recklessly -- Elegy with pixels and cum -- Litany with blood all over -- It began right here -- Crown -- Blood hangover -- 1 in 2 -- Every day is a funeral & a miracle -- Not an elegy -- A note on the body -- You're dead, America -- Strange dowry -- Tonight, in Oakland -- Little prayer -- Dream where every black person is standing by the ocean.
Smith's unflinching poetry addresses race, class, sexuality, faith, social justice, mortality, and the challenges of living HIV positive at the intersection of black and queer identity. The collection opens with a heartrending sequence that imagines an afterlife for black men shot by police, a place where suspicion, violence, and grief are forgotten and replaced with the safety, love, and longevity they deserved on earth. "Dear White America," which Smith performed at the 2014 Rustbelt Midwest Region Poetry Slam, has as strong an impact on the page as it did on the spoken word stage. Smith's courage and hope amidst the struggle for unity in America will humble and uplift you.

The Aeneid

October 16, 2017
Virgil, author.
xx, 416 pages ; 24 cm
"This new translation brings Virgil’s masterpiece newly to life for English-language readers. It’s the first in centuries crafted by a translator who is first and foremost a poet, and it is a glorious thing. David Ferry has long been known as perhaps our greatest contemporary translator of Latin poetry, his translations of Virgil’s Eclogues and Georgics having established themselves as much-admired standards. He brings to the Aeneid the same genius, rendering Virgil’s formal metrical lines into an English that is familiar and alive. Yet in doing so, he surrenders none of the feel of the ancient world that resonates throughout the poem, and gives it the power that has drawn readers to it for centuries. In Ferry’s hands, the Aeneid becomes once more a lively, dramatic poem of daring and adventure, of love and loss, of devotion and death. Never before have Virgil’s twin gifts of poetic language and urgent, compelling storytelling been presented so powerfully for English-language readers. Ferry’s Aeneid will be a landmark, a gift to longtime lovers of Virgil, and the perfect entry point for new readers"--Inside dust jacket.

The Virginia State Colony for Epileptics and Feebleminded : poems

October 12, 2017
Brown, Molly McCully, 1991- author.
New York : Persea Books, [2017]
ix, 77 pages ; 23 cm
"Winner of the 2016 Lexi Rudnitsky First Book Prize in Poetry".
"A Karen and Michael Braziller book"--Title page.
"These poems explore the haunted legacy of the Virginia State Colony for Epileptics and Feebleminded, a medical institution at the heart of the eugenics movement in the first half of the twentieth century in America. The author, who has cerebral palsy, grew up in the shadow of the former Colony in southwestern Virginia, aware that, had she been born fifty years earlier, she would quite possibly been admitted there, and exposed to a variety of inhumane treatments, including forced sterilization. Her poems give voice to the Colony's chorus of residents, reclaiming for them elements of their humanity" -- Provided by publisher.

Love in the last days : after Tristan and Iseult

October 10, 2017
Nurkse, D., 1949- author.
90 pages ; 24 cm
"A sequence of poems reconsidering the Tristan and Iseult story, from the former poet laureate of Brooklyn"--Provided by publisher.

The cowherd's son

October 4, 2017
Mohabir, Rajiv, author.
North Adams, Massachusetts : Tupelo Press, 2017.
99 pages ; 23 cm
An allegorical chronicle of dislocations and relocations, linking India, Guyana, Trinidad, New York, Orlando, Toronto, and Honolulu.-- Provided by publisher

The watcher

October 3, 2017
Grimes, Nikki, author.
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 26 cm
A poetic story inspired by Psalm 121. Jordan lives in fear of Tanya, the class bully. But Tanya has worries of her own, no matter how much she tries to ignore them. It seems impossible that Jordan and Tanya could be anything other than enemies, but the Lord is watching over them, guiding each of them along a path that might just help them to understand one another.

New collected poems

October 3, 2017
Moore, Marianne, 1887-1972, author.
xxvi, 453 pages ; 24 cm
"The definitive collected edition of one of our most innovative and beloved poets, Marianne Moore"-- Provided by publisher.

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