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November 20, 2014
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

The Sedona method : your key to lasting happiness, success, peace and emotional well-being

November 19, 2014
Dwoskin, Hale.
Sedona, AZ : Sedona Press, c2007.
xii, 412 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.

The motivation manifesto : 9 declarations to claim your personal power

November 17, 2014
Burchard, Brendon, author.
Carlsbad, California : Hay House, Inc., 2014.
xix, 234 pages ; 22 cm
"Burchard reveals that the main motive of humankind is the pursuit of greater Personal Freedom. We desire the grand liberties of choice--time freedom, emotional freedom, social freedom, financial freedom, spiritual freedom. Only two enemies stand in our way: an external enemy, defined as the social oppression of who we are by the mediocre masses, and an internal enemy, a sort of self-oppression caused by our own doubt and fear. The march to Personal Freedom, Burchard argues, can be won only by declaring our intent and independence, stepping into our personal power, and battling through self-doubt and the distractions of the day until full victory is won"-- Provided by publisher.

Your quantum breakthrough code : the simple technique that brings everlasting joy and success

November 17, 2014
Taylor, Sandra Anne.
Carlsbad, California : Hay House, Inc., 2014.
xxii, 230 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
"Do the patterns of your life seem to have a momentum of their own? This is your opportunity to break through! Your old, reactive patterns of unknown negative energy don't have to direct your destiny any longer. In this groundbreaking new book, Sandra Anne Taylor reveals Your Quantum Breakthrough Code, the amazingly easy yet empowering technique that can completely reroute the direction of your life. Things will never be the same when you learn: How to ignite the breakthrough forces that attract a spectacular reality How to decode harmful energies and code healthy and successful patterns The single breakthrough code that you can use anytime, anyplace The surefire rapid visualization and affirmation technique The powerful Peace Process that creates a tranquil and magnetic energy Get ready for a quantum breakthrough! These fascinating, unbelievably quick, and easy techniques will bring you a life of unparalleled joy and success"-- Provided by publisher.

Wise mind living : master your emotions, transform your life

November 14, 2014
Olivo, Erin.
Boulder, CO : Sounds True, Inc., 2014.
x, 179 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Wise mind versus emotion mind : stress, emotions, health, and happiness -- Mindfulness : the wisdom of being in the present moment -- Mind your brain : the cycle of emotion -- Name that emotion (hint: it's one of the big eight) -- What good are my emotions? the good in the bad and the bad in the good -- Change how you feel, by changing what you feel -- Change how you feel, by changing what you think -- Change how you feel, by changing what you do -- When you can't change how you feel : acceptance and coping -- Six weeks to wise mind living.

The gift of maybe : finding hope and possibility in uncertain times

November 14, 2014
Carmen, Allison.
New York, New York : Perigee, 2014.
140 pages ; 19 cm
"A Perigee book."
The philosophy of maybe -- Keep hope alive -- Maybe there is another way -- Let go of the past (but hold on to the wisdom) -- The present is the true gift -- Maybe is always at play -- The internal maybe: finding a new strength -- Adopting maybe as a life philosophy.

Sane new world : a user's guide to the normal-crazy mind

November 14, 2014
Wax, Ruby, 1953-
New York, New York : Perigee Trade, 2014.
247 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm.
" The #1bestseller that presents a funny, honest, and engaging look at the craziness of modern life, explaining why we're all just a little bit out of our minds. In Sane New World, Ruby Wax - comedian, writer and mental health advocate - shows us just how our minds can send us mad as our internal critics play on a permanent loop tape. 'Don't do that.. why you... you didn't... should have... but you didn't...'. Ruby knows those voices well. She has been on a tough but ultimately enlightening journey that has taken her from battling depression to achieving a Masters Degree from Oxford University in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy. In Sane New World, Ruby helps us all understand why we sabotage our sanity, how our brains work and how we can rewire our thinking - often through simple mindfulness techniques - to find calm in a frenetic world. "-- Provided by publisher.

Empathy : why it matters, and how to get it

November 14, 2014
Krznaric, Roman, author.
New York, New York : A Perigee Book, 2014.
xxx, 242 pages ; 22 cm
The radical power of empathy -- Habit 1. Switch on your empathic brain -- Habit 2. Make the imaginative leap -- Habit 3. Seek experiential adventures -- Habit 4. Practice the craft of conversation -- Habit 5. Travel in your armchair -- Habit 6. Inspire a revolution -- The future of empathy.
A popular speaker and co-founder of The School of Life, Roman Krznaric has traveled the world researching and lecturing on the subject of empathy. In this lively and engaging book, he argues that our brains are wired for social connection. Empathy, not apathy or self-centeredness, is at the heart of who we are. By looking outward and attempting to identify with the experiences of others, Krznaric argues, we can become not only a more equal society, but also a happier and more creative one. Through encounters with groundbreaking actors, activists, designers, nurses, bankers and neuroscientists, Krznaric defines a new breed of adventurer. He presents the six life-enhancing habits of highly empathic people, whose skills enable them to connect with others in extraordinary ways--making themselves, and the world, more truly fulfilled.

Post-romantic stress disorder : what to do when the honeymoon is over ; new discoveries about lust, love, amd saving your marriage before it's too late

November 14, 2014
Bradshaw, John, 1933- author.
Deerfield Beach : Health Communications, 2014.
viii, 256 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm

Ivan Pavlov : a Russian life in science

November 10, 2014
Todes, Daniel Philip, author.
Oxford : Oxford University Press, [2014]
xix, 855 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 25 cm

Men : notes from an ongoing investigation

November 10, 2014
Kipnis, Laura.
New York : Metropolitan Books, 2014.
x, 208 pages ; 22 cm
"It's no secret that men often behave in mystifying ways, but in recent years we've witnessed so many spectacular public displays of male excess--indecent politicians, sleazy academics, philandering sports stars--that we're left to wonder whether something has come unwired in the collective male psyche. In the essays collected here, Kipnis revisits the archetypes of wayward masculinity that have captured her imagination over the years: the scumbag, the con man, the critic, the obsessive, cheaters, and many others. Examining men who have figured in her own life alongside the more notorious public examples, she draws out the masculine angst and sexual contradictions implicit in the erratic conduct of each. Far from the reactions of condescension and scorn that habitually greet such characters, Kipnis finds that they provoke in her complicated forms of sympathy and identification. Pushing past the usual cliche about differences between the sexes, Kipnis mixes intellectual rigor and careful analysis to give us an honest and compelling survey of the affinities, jealousies, longings, and erotics that structure the male-female bond"-- Provided by publisher.

A dictionary of dream symbols : with an introduction to dream psychology

November 7, 2014
Ackroyd, Eric.
London : Cassell, 2014.
320 p. ; 22 cm.

The emotionally sensitive person : finding peace when your emotions overwhelm you

November 5, 2014
Hall, Karyn D., author.
Oakland, CA : New Harbinger Publications, [2014]
viii, 189 pages ; 23 cm
"It's a commonly heard phrase: Stop being so sensitive. These words can be frustrating to hear, and if you are an emotionally sensitive person, they often have the opposite of the desired effect. You cannot simply switch off your emotions like you would a TV show or a radio station playing an annoying song. But there are effective techniques that can help you manage these emotions before they take over your life. In The Emotionally Sensitive Person, a psychologist provides proven-effective cognitive behavioral and mindfulness techniques to help people like you who struggle with intense emotions. In the book, you will learn powerful tools for staying in the present moment, identifying emotional triggers, developing a strong and healthy identity, and experiencing overwhelming or uncomfortable emotions without becoming upset. You'll also learn how to be more relaxed in your relationships, how your personal values can affect your thoughts and actions, and how to recognize negative thought patterns before you start acting on them. If you are tired of feeling hurt and helpless when it comes to your feelings, this book will provide you with evidence-based strategies for taking charge of your emotions-whether it's at home, at work, or in your relationships"-- Provided by publisher.

Will my kid grow out of it? : a child psychologist's guide to understanding worrisome behavior

November 3, 2014
Forrest, Bonny Jo.
Chicago, Illinois : Chicago Review Press, [2014]
ix, 278 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
"A parental road map to navigate a child's mental health Helping parents determine whether their child's behavior is typical for the age or, possibly, a sign of something more serious they should look into, Will My Kid Grow Out of It? uses lay terms and concrete examples to aid adults in establishing if their child may have a commonly diagnosed issue such as ADHD, depression, a learning disability, and others; where to go to get help; how to get support from schools and the medical community; and what questions to ask along the way. Each chapter expands on a specific set of behaviors that may be problematic by listing types of problems, possible diagnoses, the types of treatments that have been found to be effective, discussions of the pros and cons of alternative treatments, and typical medications. The book provides readers with access to a free interactive online screening tool and Project SKIP. Extensive ancillary resources--such as an overview of child brain development, organizations and hotlines for families, a list of commonly used medications for mental health, and a glossary--are also included"-- Provided by publisher.

How successful people grow : 15 ways to get ahead in life

November 3, 2014
Maxwell, John C., 1947-
New York : Center Street, [2014]
xii, 139 pages ; 17 cm
"Originally published as The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by Center Street, 2012."
Become an intentional learner : growth doesn't just happen -- Develop self-awareness : you must know yourself to grow yourself -- Believe in yourself : you must see value in yourself to add value to yourself -- Set aside time to reflect : learning to pause allows growth to catch up with you -- Embrace daily discipline : motivation gets you going-discipline keeps you growing -- Seek out a positive environment : growth thrives in conducive surroundings -- Become highly strategic : to maximize growth, develop strategies -- Turn negatives into positives : good management of bad experiences leads to great -- Growth -- Grow from the inside out : character growth determines the height of your personal -- Growth -- Get used to stretching yourself : growth stops when you lose the tension between -- Where you are and where you could be -- Make smart trade-offs : you have to give up to grow up -- Learn to ask more questions : growth is stimulated by asking why? -- Find a good mentor : it's hard to improve when you have no one but yourself to -- Follow -- Focus on enlarging your potential : growth always increases your capacity -- Help others reach their potential : growing yourself enables you to grow others.
A leadership expert describes principles that are the most effective catalysts for personal development and growth, explaining what it takes to strengthen self-awareness, broaden prospects, and motivate others.

Calming your angry mind : how mindfulness and compassion can free you from anger and bring peace to your life

November 3, 2014
Brantley, Jeffrey.
Oakland, CA : New Harbinger Publications, Inc. [2014]
vi, 259 pages ; 23 cm
Pt. 1. The foundation. Why mindfulness? ; Getting to know your anger ; Approaching anger mindfully and skillfully ; Preparing to practice -- pt. 2. Practices for calming your angry mind. Calming your angry mind by stabilizing mind and body ; Calming your angry mind with compassion ; Calming your angry mind with wisdom and understanding ; Some common questions and concerns about calming your angry mind -- pt. 3. Beyond your angry mind. You have not fallen out of the universe ; Many possibilities- which will you choose? ; The gift of no fear.
"From Jeff Brantley, founder of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program at Duke Integrative Medicine and author of Calming Your Anxious Mind comes Calming Your Angry Mind. Inside, readers with anger management issues can find step-by-step mindfulness and compassion practices to help soothe anger, fear, and hostile emotions that can wreak havoc at home, work, and in relationships. Using mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) techniques, reader will also learn important awareness skills so that they can stop overreacting, improve communication with others, and live a more fulfilling life"-- Provided by publisher.

The practice : simple tools for managing stress, finding inner peace, and uncovering happiness

November 3, 2014
Schmidt, Barb.
Deefield Beach, Florida : Health Communication, [2014]
xxiii, 203 pages : illustrations ; 18 cm
Includes index.
Waking up : tapping into our inner source of strength and wisdom -- Living present : carrying our inner peace throughout the day -- Letting go : reflecting on the day and making peace with ourselves -- Deepening the practice : tending to our spiritual care and support.

Taking control of anxiety : small steps for getting the best of worry, stress, and fear

November 3, 2014
Moore, Bret A.
Washington, D.C. : American Psychological Association, [2014]
ix, 239 pages ; 22 cm
I can't control the way my brain works, can I? -- How can I train my mind not to worry? -- What is mindfulness? -- Routines and habits aren't that important, are they? -- I feel anxious about exercising, so how can that help? -- I don't have time to relax! -- What does it mean to manage my environment? -- Can't I just stay away from the things I fear? -- How can I take control of panic before it takes control of me? -- What if I need professional help? -- Try these! A year's worth of quotations and tips for relieving anxiety.
Anxiety, in different forms, affects almost everyone at one time or another. It can actually be helpful when making decisions or performing, but when anxiety gets out of hand, whether it's from everyday stress or a severe chronic condition such as panic or posttraumatic stress, we need to learn how to manage it. In this concise how-to guide, free from scientific jargon, Moore has compiled the field's most well-established methods for reducing anxiety. Using compelling case examples and providing easy-to-use techniques, Moore teaches you to identify and prevent the negative effects of anxiety. He also explains the pros and cons of anxiety medications and offers guidance for finding professional help. By following step-by-step checklists and detailed action plans, you will learn how to adjust your daily (schedules, examine and improve thinking patterns, and manage reactions to the things you fear for maximum gains in life. APA LifeTools is an imprint of the American Psychological Association, the largest scientific and professional organization representing psychology in the United States and the largest association of psychologists worldwide. Book jacket.

Letters from motherless daughters : words of courage, grief, and healing

November 3, 2014
Boston, MA : Da Capo Lifelong Books, 2014.
xix, 200 pages ; 23 cm
Twentieth anniverary edition of the original work published in 1995.
"Letters from Motherless Daughters is a compilation of the letters Hope Edelman received in response to her groundbreaking New York Times-bestseller, Motherless Daughters. Reaffirming her precious link with motherless women across the country, Edelman presents these moving, honest, and often hopeful letters alongside her own insight to offer readers the opportunity to further learn from loss. The words of these brave women illustrate the profound pain, astounding strength, and undying perseverance of living through the loss of one's mother without ever outliving the need for her. Edelman has added a new introduction and new letters, tailoring this important book to a new generation. "-- Provided by publisher.

Green : the history of a color

October 30, 2014
Pastoureau, Michel, 1947-
Princeton : Princeton University Press, [2014]
239 pages : color illustrations ; 25 cm
An uncertain color (from the beginning to the year 1000) -- A courtly color (11th-14th centuries) -- A dangerous color (14th-16th centuries) -- A secondary color (16th-19th centuries) -- A soothing color (19th-21st centuries).
In this beautiful and richly illustrated book, the acclaimed author of Blue and Black presents a fascinating and revealing history of the color green in European societies from prehistoric times to today. Examining the evolving place of green in art, clothes, literature, religion, science, and everyday life, Michel Pastoureau traces how culture has profoundly changed the perception and meaning of the color over millennia--and how we misread cultural, social, and art history when we assume that colors have always signified what they do today. Filled with entertaining and enlightening anecdotes, Green shows that the color has been ambivalent: a symbol of life, luck, and hope, but also disorder, greed, poison, and the devil. Chemically unstable, green pigments were long difficult to produce and even harder to fix. Not surprisingly, the color has been associated with all that is changeable and fleeting: childhood, love, and money. Only in the Romantic period did green definitively become the color of nature. Pastoureau also explains why the color was connected with the Roman emperor Nero, how it became the color of Islam, why Goethe believed it was the color of the middle class, why some nineteenth-century scholars speculated that the ancient Greeks couldn't see green, and how the color was denigrated by Kandinsky and the Bauhaus. More broadly, Green demonstrates that the history of the color is, to a large degree, one of dramatic reversal: long absent, ignored, or rejected, green today has become a ubiquitous and soothing presence as the symbol of environmental causes and the mission to save the planet. With its striking design and compelling text, Green will delight anyone who is interested in history, culture, art, fashion, or media.

The relationship handbook : a path to consciousness, healing, and growth

October 28, 2014
Gawain, Shakti, 1948-
Novato, California : Nataraj Publishing, [2014]
159 pages ; 22 cm
"Advice for working with relationships and increasing awareness of one's personality, subpersonalities, habitual patterns, and core beliefs, leading to personal growth. Incorporates the Voice Dialogue process of Hal and Sidra Stone. Addresses relationships with spouses, lovers, family members, coworkers, and more"--Provided by publisher"-- Provided by publisher.

It's not about the shark : how to solve unsolvable problems

October 28, 2014
Niven, David, 1971-
New York : St. Martin's Press, 2014.
230 pages ; 22 cm
"It's Not About the Shark opens the door to the groundbreaking science of solutions by turning problems--and how we solve them--upside down. When we have a problem, most of us zero in, take it apart, and focus until we have it solved. David Niven shows us that focusing on the problem is exactly the wrong way to find an answer. Putting problems at the center of our thoughts shuts down our creative abilities, depletes stamina, and feeds insecurities. It's Not About the Shark shows us how to transform our daily lives, our work lives, and our family lives with a simple, but rock-solid principle: If you start by thinking about your problems, you'll never make it to a solution. If you start by thinking about a solution, you'll never worry about your problems again. Through real-life examples and psychology research, David Niven shows us why: *Focusing on the problem first makes us 17 times less likely to find an answer *Being afraid of a problem is natural: we're biologically primed to be afraid *Finding a problem creates power - which keeps you from finding a solution *Working harder actually hides answers *Absolute confidence makes you less likely to find the answer *Looking away from a problem helps to see a solution *Listening only to yourself is one of the best ways to find an answer Combining hard facts, good sense, and a strong dose of encouragement, David Niven provides fresh and positive ways to think about problem solving"-- Provided by publisher.

The 3 promises : find joy every day, do what you love, make a difference

October 24, 2014
Pollay, David J, author.
New York : Sterling, [2014]
xiii, 191 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm

U & me: communicating in moments that matter

October 23, 2014
Stewart, John, 1941-
292 pages ; 23 cm.
Moments that matter -- Making your communication as personal as possible -- Meeting and mis-meeting online -- Dating and courtship agony and ecstasy -- Family friends and family enemies -- On the job: everybody's leadership and listening -- Moments that matter in learning situations -- Personal politics -- Multicultural moments that matter -- Spiritual/religious meetings and mis-meetings -- As personal as possible.

Happiness by design : change what you do, not how you think

October 21, 2014
Dolan, Paul, 1968- author.
New York, New York : Hudson Street Press, 2014.
xx, 235 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Introduction: Stuttering into happiness -- Part : DEVELOPING HAPPINESS. What is happiness? ; Happiness as evaluation ; Happiness as feelings ; The pleasure-purpose principle ; The PPP for life -- What do we know about happiness? Experience sampling ; German days ; American episodes ; Other evidence on happiness ; The measure matters -- What causes happiness? From widgets to happiness ; Above and below the surface ; Behavioral spillovers ; The shifting sands of attention ; Attending to happiness -- Why aren't we happier? Mistaken desires ; Mistaken projections ; Mistaken beliefs ; Reallocating attention -- Part 2: DELIVERING HAPPINESS. Deciding happiness. Pay attention to your own feedback ; Pay attention to the feedback of others ; Don't try too hard ; Happier by deciding -- Designing happiness. Priming ; Defaults ; Commitments ; Social norms ; Designing habits ; Happier by designing -- Doing happiness. Pay attention to what you are doing ; Pay attention to who you are doing it with ; Don't get distracted ; Happier by doing -- Decide, design, and do. Dither less ; Distribute more ; Efficient production.
Dolan combines the latest insights from economics and psychology to illustrate that in order to be happy we must behave happy. Using what Dolan calls deciding, designing, and doing, we can overcome the biases that make us miserable and redesign our environments to make it easier to experience happiness, fulfilment, and even health.

Life purpose boot camp : the 8-week breakthrough plan for creating a meaningful life

October 16, 2014
Maisel, Eric, 1947-
Novato, California : New World Library, 2014.
172 pages ; 21 cm
"A program for defining, training for, and achieving life goals, in the spirit of Army boot camp. The author, a psychotherapist, gives practices and advice for finding clarity on personal purpose and practicing actions that lead to self-awareness, self-confidence, and daily fulfillment"-- Provided by publisher.

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