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July 7, 2015
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Maybe in another life : a novel

July 6, 2015
Reid, Taylor Jenkins, author.
New York : Washington Square Press, 2015.
336 pages ; 21 cm.
Includes a reader's club guide.
"Hannah Martin's life isn't shaping up into much of anything. Since graduating college eight years ago, she has lived in six different cities and held countless meaningless jobs ... She takes up residence in her best friend Gabby's guest room. Along with Gabby and Gabby's husband Mark, [she goes] out to a bar where they meet up with some of [their] old friends, including Hannah's high school boyfriend, Ethan. Shortly after midnight, Gabby asks Hannah if she's ready to go. But then Ethan offers to give her a ride later if she wants to stay. Hannah hesitates. What happens if she leaves with Gabby? What happens if she leaves with Ethan? [This book] is told in two concurrent storylines following the consequences of each choice"-- Provided by publisher.

The flying circus

July 6, 2015
Crandall, Susan, author.
New York : Gallery Books, 2015.
357 pages ; 24 cm
"From the bestselling and award-winning author of Whistling Past the Graveyard comes an adventure tale about two daredevils and a farm boy who embark on the journey of a lifetime across America's heartland in the Roaring Twenties. Set in the rapidly changing world of 1920s America, this is a story of three people from very different backgrounds: Henry "Schuler" Jefferson, son of German immigrants from Midwestern farm country; Cora Rose Haviland, a young woman of privilege whose family has lost their fortune; and Charles "Gil" Gilchrist, an emotionally damaged WWI veteran pilot. Set adrift by life-altering circumstances, they find themselves bound together by need and torn apart by blind obsessions and conflicting goals. Each one holds a secret that, if exposed, would destroy their friendship. But their journey of adventure and self-discovery has a price--and one of them won't be able to survive it. As they crisscross the heartland, exploring the rapidly expanding role of aviation from barnstorming to bootlegging, from a flying circus to the dangerous sport of air racing, the three companions form a makeshift family. It's a one-of-a-kind family, with members as adventurous as they are vulnerable, and as fascinating as they are flawed. But whatever adventure--worldly or private--they find themselves on, they're guaranteed to be a family you won't forget"-- Provided by publisher.

Miss match

July 2, 2015
McGee, Laurelin.
New York, New York : St Martin's Press, 2015.
325 p. ; 17 cm
"Blake Donovan is tall, handsome, rich, and successful- so why would a guy like him need a matchmaker? Andrea Dawson has no idea, but a job is a job. After being blackballed from a career in marketing, Andrea agreed to use her unique profiling skills to play matchmaker out of pure desperation. But when she meets her highly eligible- and particular- first client face to face, she wonders what she's gotten herself into..." back cover

A Duke but no gentleman

July 2, 2015
Hawkins, Alexandra, author.
New York : St. Martin's Press, 2015.
292 pages ; 17 cm
"A masters of seduction novel"--Cover.
"London, 1792. The Duke of Blackbern and the Marquess of Norgrave are boyhood friends who will still compete at anything. Racing, drinking, gambling, even seduction--until Lady Imogen Sunter crosses their path. Achingly beautiful, and innocent, she has no understanding of the jaded gentlemen who are courting her for favors--of how far they are willing to go to get what they want... Fighting for Imogen's affection should have been no more than their usual spirited rivalry. But when Blackbern discovers his feelings for Imogen have deepened, all bets are off. Norgrave, driven by his own demons, won't forsake his pride--and with one shocking act of betrayal that threatens Imogen and Blackbern's newfound desire, Norgrave will set the course for a generation of Regency bad boys who will go down in history as the Masters of Seduction" -- provided by publisher.

The duke can go to the devil

July 2, 2015
Knightley, Erin, author.
New York, New York : A Signet Eclipse book, [2015]
328 pages ; 17 cm.
After her mother's death, May's sea captain father sends her halfway around the world to live with his stodgy sister in England. The summer festival in Bath made for a lovely distraction, but now she can't wait for her father's return so she can leave this country, its suffocating rules, and one infuriatingly proper nobleman in particular behind. Because he is the Duke of Radcliffe, William Spencer's whole life revolves around his duties. He never steps foot outside the bounds of proper behavior, and he expects the same of those around him. With her devil-may-care ways, May vexes him nearly as much as she tempts him, but there's something about her that he just can't resist. He knows he's falling hard for her, but with lives that are worlds apart, will they ever be able to find any common ground?

Nine line

July 2, 2015
Kitchen, Zachary J., author.
iv, 337 pages ; 23 cm
"A nine line is the standard radio format to evacuate casualties from the battlefield. It is a call for help. When Nick Patterson signed up for the Navy reserves, he just wanted some money for medical school. He never imagined he'd someday find himself fighting for life and limb in the sands of Iraq. Frustrated by a military bureaucracy he cannot begin to understand and an increasingly pointless war, he doubts why he is there and what he is doing. When the plucky and idealistic Medivac pilot, Samantha Brown, crashes into his life, he sees another side to the war. As their friendship grows into something more serious, Nick is faced with a multitude of choices: should he stay in the military or go home to the relaxed atmosphere of private practice? Should he play it safe, or step off into the unknown with the daredevil pilot?"--Back cover.

Ying hua de xia tian

July 2, 2015
|6880-01 Yang, Han, author.
|6880-04 Taibei Shi Tai wan shang wu, 2014.
255 pages ; 21 cm.

Queen of tomorrow

July 1, 2015
Ficklin, Sherry D., author.
[The Colony, Texas] : Clean Teen Publishing, 2015.
266 pages ; 22 cm.
Sophie--now Catherine, Grand Duchess of Russia--had a tough first year at Imperial Court. Married at sixteen to Grand Duke Peter, heir to the throne, and settled in their own palace, things start to look up. As a new day dawns, Catherine thinks only of securing her future, and the future of their country, during one of the greatest political upheavals of her time. Fighting desperately against forces that try to depose the Empress Elizabeth and put the young Prince Ivan on her throne, Catherine soon finds herself in the middle of a war brewing between her beloved Prussia and her new empire. While navigating the fragile political landscape, she quickly realizes that she has only begun to discover the tangled web of deceit and infidelity woven over the lavish court of Oranienbaum Palace.

Tessa ever after

June 30, 2015
Walsh, Brighton.
New York : Berkley Trade, 2015.
viii, 291 pages ; 21 cm
"In this grippingly emotional New Adult novel from the author of Caged in Winter, two very different people must learn how to let go of their reservations. Jason's been living (and loving) the rich playboy lifestyle for five years, but now his parents are pressuring him to get involved in the family business. The last thing he wants is another obligation, but when his best friend moves out of state and asks Jason to look after his sister, he can't just say no. Tessa had to grow up way too soon. After dealing with the aftermath of her parents' deaths, then becoming a teenage mom, she knows the meaning of responsibility. Which is why, at twenty-two, she's looking for so much more than a party boy. She's looking for someone who can stand by her and her daughter forever. A relationship between them is doomed from the start, but who says they can't have a little fun? But as Jason gets closer to Tessa and her daughter, fun starts to turn into something else, something Jason's not sure he's ready for"-- Provided by publisher.

I loved you more : a novel

June 30, 2015
Spanbauer, Tom.
Portland, Oregon : Hawthorne Books & Literary Arts, [2013]
xi, 466 pages ; 23 cm
Set against a world of struggling artists, the underground sex scene of New York in the 1980s, the drab, confining Idaho of Ben's youth, and many places in between [this novel is] a rich, expansive tale of love, sex, and heartbreak, covering twenty-five years in the life of a striving, emotionally wounded writer. In New York, Ben forms a bond of love with his macho friend and foil, Hank. Years later in Portland, a now ill Ben falls for Ruth, who provides the care and devotion he needs, though they cannot find true happiness together. Then Hank reappears and meets Ruth, and real trouble starts.

Gina & Emma

June 30, 2015
Woods, Sherryl.
Don Mills, Ontario : Mira Books [2015], c2001.
538 p. ; 17 cm.
To catch a thief -- The Calamity Janes.
To catch a thief: Gina Petrillo postpones her appointment with lawyer Rafe O'Donnell and returns home for a reunion with her four childhood friends.

Local girls

June 29, 2015
Zancan, Caroline, author.
New York : Riverhead Books, 2015.
279 pages ; 22 cm
"Maggie, Lindsey, and Nina have been friends for most of their lives. The girls grew up together in a dead-end Florida town on the outskirts of Orlando, and the love and loyalty they have for one another have been their only constants. Now nineteen and restless, the girls spend empty summer days bouncing between unfulfilling jobs, the beach, and their favorite local bar, 'The Shamrock.' It's there that a chance encounter with a movie star on the last night of his life changes everything"-- Provided by publisher.

Crazy little thing called love : a destination wedding novel

June 29, 2015
Vogt, Beth K.
New York : Howard Books, 2015.
354 pages ; 22 cm

Change of heart

June 26, 2015
Jebber, Molly.
New York : Kensington Publishing Corp., 2015.
345 p. ; 17 cm
"A keepsake pocket quilt novel"--Cover
In 1899, after she is left at the altar, midwife Becca Yost flees her Amish community for the Englischer town of Massillon, Ohio, where she works with Doctor Matt Carrington, whose wealthy mother is determined to keep them apart.


June 26, 2015
Cote, Lyn.
Carol Stream, Illinois. : Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., 2015.
377 pages ; 21 cm.
United by a common foe Blessing Brightman and Gerard Ramsay are drawn together by an attraction neither can deny. Can two people worlds apart find love?

Twice in a lifetime

June 25, 2015
Garlock, Dorothy, author.
New York ; Boston : Grand Central Publishing, 2015.
372 pages ; 21 cm
"There is nothing better than Dorothy Garlock at her best". -Sandra Brown, New York Times bestselling author A brand new novel from New York Times bestselling author Dorothy Garlock, the Voice of America's Heartland"-- Provided by publisher.

Power play

June 25, 2015
Snow, Tiffany, author.
New York : Forever, 2015.
336 pages ; 18 cm.
Includes an excerpt from: Playing dirty (pages [327]-336).
"Sage Reese lives for her job. More precisely, she lives for her debonair boss, Parker Andersen. Sage handles everything for Parker, even as she fantasizes about the one thing that isn't in her job description: him. But when a high-stakes account crosses the line from shady to deadly, a tough cop starts giving Sage the attention she wishes Parker would... Detective Dean Ryker couldn't be more different from Parker. While Parker wears expensive suits like a second skin and drives a BMW, Ryker's uniform is leather jackets and jeans...and his ride of choice is a Harley. While Parker's sexiness is a reserved, slow burn, Ryker is completely upfront about what--and who--he's after. And Safe tops his list. Now, as Ryker digs deeper into the dark side of Parker's business, Sage finds herself caught between two men: the one she's always wanted-and the one who makes her feel wanted like never before"--Page [4] of cover.

The idea of love

June 24, 2015
Henry, Patti Callahan, author.
243 pages ; 25 cm
"A novel"--Cover.
"Ella's life has been completely upended. She's young, beautiful, and deeply in love--until her husband dies in a tragic sailing accident while trying save her. Or so she'll have everyone believe. Screenwriter Hunter needs a hit, but crippling writer's block and a serious lack of motivation are getting him nowhere. He's on the look-out for a love story. It doesn't matter who it belongs to. When Hunter and Ella meet in Watersend, South Carolina, it feels like the perfect match, something close to fate"-- Provided by publisher.

Second chance summer

June 24, 2015
Shalvis, Jill.
New York : Grand Central Publishing, 2015.
354 pages ; 17 cm
"A Cedar Ridge novel"--Cover.
Despite hating her home town, Lily Danville must stay where the work is--in this case, a job at the hottest resort in Cedar Ridge, Colorado--and when rescue worker and firefighter Aidan Kincaid regrets letting her walk out of his life, it's all he can do to get her to give Cedar Ridge--and him--a second chance.

A promise of forever

June 24, 2015
Pappano, Marilyn, author.
New York, NY : Forever, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing, 2015.
348 pages ; 18 cm.
Sergeant First Class Avi Grant's return to Tallgrass, Oklahoma is a long-deferred wish come true. With her final tour in Afghanistan over, Avi can focus on her future-a job here at home and a family of her own. There's just one thing she has to do first: visit her beloved commanding officer's widow and share her grief. The last thing she expected was to feel an instant attraction to the woman's son. Too bad the sexy surgeon is impossible to ignore . . . and even harder to resist. The sting of his parents' divorce still niggles at Ben Noble. So when a warm, funny, and beautiful young sergeant arrives, mourning his stepfather's loss as strongly as his mother does, Ben can't help but feel conflicted. If his parents taught him anything, it's that love doesn't last-especially with a career soldier. But try as he might to keep his distance, Ben begins to see that Avi-and the spark she brings to his life-is the stuff forever is made of. As Avi's leave ticks away, can Ben convince her

Searching for always : a novel

June 24, 2015
Probst, Jennifer.
New York City : Gallery Books, 2015.
392 pages ; 21 cm
"New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Jennifer Probst sparks a blissful mind-body connection as her "sexy, satisfying" (Kirkus Reviews) new series continues! She's an expert in helping others de-stress, but Arilyn Meadows is running on fumes. Along with her job counseling singles seeking soul mates at the Kinnections agency in Verily, New York, she's a yoga teacher, animal shelter volunteer, anger management therapist, and helping hand to her beloved grandfather. No time to find Mr. Right--but after discovering her yogi boyfriend in a compromising asana, Arilyn would rather dog-sit for her honeymooning friend Kate than risk her heart on another downward dog. And when police officer Stone Petty--radiating masculinity and bad-boy attitude--is sent to her for mandatory lessons in cooling off when the job gets too hot, Arilyn vows to ignore his seductive glances and sexy grin. But there's no halting their sizzling flirtation--a red-hot, high-speed chase that's breaking all the limits"-- Provided by publisher.

Last chance hero

June 24, 2015
Ramsay, Hope, author.
New York : Forever, 2015.
xiv, 332 pages ; 17 cm
"Contemporary romance"--Spine.
Fire chief Ross Gardiner returns to Last Chance to start over after a difficult divorce, where he gets a second chance to make things work with antiques shop owner Sabina Grey, who stole his heart when they were teenagers.

An Amish harvest

June 24, 2015
Davids, Patricia, author.
220 pages ; 17 cm.
"Love inspired inspirational romance"--Spine.
Nursing His Heart When Amish carpenter Samuel Bowman is injured in an accident, he fears he'll never see again. He's always provided for his family--and now that it's harvest season, the Bowmans are needed in the fields, not at his bedside. So when a young Amish widow becomes his nurse, Samuel expects Rebecca Miller to make his life easier. But his caregiver is bossy, outspoken and challenges him to move on with his life. Though Samuel's sight is in question, he can plainly see the woman he's come to care for won't let herself love again. Now it's Samuel's turn to heal her heart.

A sword for his lady

June 24, 2015
Wine, Mary, author.
338 pages ; 18 cm
Includes excerpt from "The Highlander's bride trouble".
London, 1189. After proving himself on the field of battle, Ramon de Segrave is appointed to the Council of Barons by Richard the Lionheart. But instead of taking his most formidable warrior on his latest Crusade, the king assigns Ramon an even more dangerous task-woo and win the Lady of Thistle Keep. Isabel of Camoys is a capable widow with no intention of surrendering her valuable estate on the Welsh border. She's fought long and hard for her independence, and if the price is loneliness, then so be it. But when her land is threatened, Isabel reluctantly agrees to allow Ramon and his army to defend the keep-knowing that the price may very well be her heart.

The best of both rogues

June 24, 2015
Grace, Samantha.
Naperville, Illinois : Sourcebooks Casablanca, 2015.
338 pages ; 18 cm
When the man who jilted her at the altar returns to town, Lady Eve Thorn wants nothing to do with Mr. Benjamin Hillary as she prepares to marry another man, but when he vows to win her back, she must make the toughest decision of her life.

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