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May 19, 2018
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

By fire above

May 18, 2018
Bennis, Robyn, author.
New York : TOR, 2018.
368 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm.
"A Tom Doherty Associates book."
"All's fair in love and war," according to airship captain Josette Dupre, until her hometown of Durum becomes occupied by the enemy and her mother a prisoner of war. Then it becomes, "Nothing's fair except bombing those Vins to high hell." Before she can rescue her town, however, Josette must maneuver her way through the nest of overstuffed vipers that make up Garnia's military and royal leaders in order to drum up support. The foppish and mostly tolerated Mistral crew member Lord Bernat steps in to advise her, along with his very attractive older brother. Between noble scheming, under-trained recruits, and supply shortages, Josette and the crew of the Mistral figure out a way to return to Durum--only to discover that when the homefront turns into the frontlines, things are more dangerous than they seem.

ISAN : International Sensory Assassin Network

May 18, 2018
Ting, Mary, author.
317 pages ; 22 cm
"Meteors devastated the Earth. World Governments developed plans to help surviving citizens. The United States disbanded and salvageable land was divided into four quadrants...governed by The Remnant Council. Struggling to survive, seventeen-year-old Ava ends up in juvenile detention, until she is selected for a new life-with a catch. She must be injected with an experimental serum. The results will be life changing. The receive the serum, Ava agrees to join a program controlled by ISAN, the International Sensory Assassin Network. While on a mission, she is abducted by a rebel group led by Rhett and told that not only does she have a history with him, but her entire past is a lie perpetuated by ISAN to ensure her compliance. Unsure of who to trust, Ava must decide if her strangely familiar and handsome captor is her enemy or her savior-and time is running out"--Back cover.

Superman, the Golden Age

May 17, 2018
Siegel, Jerry, 1914-1996, author.
Burbank, CA : DC Comics, [2016]
volumes : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
Originally published in single magazine form.
v. 1. Compiles Action Comics #1-19, Superman #1-3, New York World's Fair comics 1 -- v. 2. Compiles Action Comics 20-31, Superman 4-7, New York World's Fair Comics 2 -- v. 3. Compiles Action Comics 32-40, Superman 8-11, World's Best Comics 1, World's Finest Comics 2 -- v. 4. Worl'd finest comics 3-5, Superman 12-15, and Action Comics 41-47

Artificial condition

May 17, 2018
Wells, Martha, author.
© 2018
158 pages ; 21 cm.
It has a dark past - one in which a number of humans were killed. A past that caused it to christen itself Murderbot. But it has only vague memories of the massacre that spawned that title, and it wants to know more. Teaming up with a research transport vessal named ART (you don't want to know what the A stands for), Murderbot heads to the mining facility where it went rogue. What it discovers will forever change the way it thinks...

Mother of invention : a novel

May 17, 2018
Widger, Caeli Wolfson, author.
New York : Little A, [2018]
353 pages ; 22 cm
Meet Silicon Valley executive Tessa Callahan, a woman passionate about the power of technology to transform women's lives. Her company's latest invention, the Seahorse Solution, includes a breakthrough procedure that safely accelerates human pregnancy from nine months to nine weeks, along with other major upgrades to a woman's experience of early maternity. The inaugural human trial of Seahorse will change the future of motherhood and it's Tessa's job to monitor the first volunteer mothers-to-be. She'll allay their doubts and soothe their anxieties. But when Tessa discovers disturbing truths behind the transformative technology she's championed, her own fear begins to rock her faith in the Seahorse Solution. With each new secret Tessa uncovers, she realizes that the endgame is too inconceivable to imagine.

The fairies of Sadieville

May 17, 2018
Bledsoe, Alex, author.
New York : Tom Doherty Associates, 2018.
366 pages ; 22 cm.
""This is real." Three small words on a film canister found by graduate students Justin and Veronica, who discover a long-lost silent movie from more than a century ago. The startlingly realistic footage shows a young girl transforming into a winged being. Looking for proof behind this claim, they travel to the rural foothills of Tennessee to find Sadieville, where it had been filmed. Soon, their journey takes them to Needsville, whose residents are hesitant about their investigation, but Justin and Veronica are helped by Tucker Carding, who seems to have his own ulterior motives. When the two students unearth a secret long hidden, everyone in the Tufa community must answer the most important question of their entire lives--what would they be willing to sacrifice in order to return to their fabled homeland of Tír na nÓg?"

Dragon road

May 17, 2018
Brassey, Joseph, author.
Nottingham, UK : Angry Robot, ©2018.
444 pages ; 18 cm
When portal-mage Harkon Bright and his apprentice are asked to help select a new captain for the immense skyship Iseult, they quickly find themselves embroiled in its Machiavellian officer's court. Meanwhile, their new recruit, Elias, struggles to adapt to his unexpected gift of life while suffering dark dreams of an ancient terror.

The unbelievable Gwenpool

May 17, 2018
Hastings, Chris, 1983- author.
New York, NY : Marvel Worldwide, [2016 -]
volumes : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
v. 3. Totally in continuity -- v. 4. Beyond the fourth wall
Gwen Poole used to be a comic book reader just like you ... until she woke up in a world where the characters she read about seemed to be real! But that can't be, right? This must all be fake, or a dream or something, right? And you know what that means ... Could Gwenpool truly be Marvel's least responsible and least role-modely character to date? She can if she tries!

Hulk : return to planet Hulk

May 17, 2018
Pak, Greg.
New York, NY : Marvel Pub., c2018.
1 volume (unpaged) : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm.
Contains material originally published in magazine form as Incredible Hulk #709-713.
"When Amadeus picks up a distress signal from a distant planet, he's shocked to find out it's from Sakaar. As the Totally Awesome Hulk, Amadeus has been trying to avoid the curse of anger that haunted Bruce Banner. But Sakaar is a place for warriors and gladiators -a place where the Hulk fought brutally in the Imperial Arena. If Amadeus is going to survive there, he may have to embrace the savage Hulk within himself -especially when he faces a series of impossible trials known as the Gauntlet!"--Back cover.


May 16, 2018
Egan, Greg, 1961- author.
Burton, MI : Subterranean Press, 2018.
163 pages ; 21 cm
As the conditions necessary to sustain life on Tvíbura grow erratic, the populace attempts two monumental undertakings that will span generations: rejuvenating the ecosphere and building a literal bridge to Tvíbura's uninhabited twin planet, Tvíburi.

Batman : ghosts

May 16, 2018
Kieth, Sam, writer, artist, colourist.
Burbank, CA : DC Comics, [2018]
1 volume (unpaged) : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
"Originally published in single magazine form in Batman Confidential 40-43, Batman/Lobo: Deadly Serious 1-2."
"Batman has always been Gotham's protector, watching over the city he has sworn to keep safe. But what happens when Batman has to face a foe he can't see? Find out in Batman: Ghosts."--Provided by publisher.

Superman : reborn

May 16, 2018
Jurgens, Dan, author.
Burbank, CA : DC Comics, [2018]
1 volume (unpaged) : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm.
"Originally published in single magazine form in Action Comics 973-976 and Superman 18-19"--Title page verso.

Uncharted : Lewis and Clark in Arcane America

May 15, 2018
Anderson, Kevin J., 1962- author.
Riverdale : Baen, [2018]
262 pages ; 25 cm
"After Halley's Comet was destroyed in a magical battle in 1759, the backlash separated the entire New World from the Old in an event known as The Sundering. Now isolated from the rest of the globe, America has become a very different place, where magic works and history has been changed forever. It is 1803--a new 1803. Young Meriwether Lewis, footloose and intrigued, goes to hear a lecture in St. Louis by the venerated old wizard Benjamin Franklin. Franklin's talk is disrupted by the attack of a winged fire-breathing beast, much like legends from Lewis's own Welsh heritage. In the aftermath, Franklin tells the young man that he knows of a great, growing evil that lurks in the uncharted Arcane Territories west of the Mississippi. Using his own vast fortune, Franklin commissions Lewis and his own talented partner William Clark to embark on a remarkable voyage of exploration, to meet and document the indigenous tribes, to find a route all the way to the Pacific Ocean--and perhaps beyond the magical veil to Europe again--and to stop the growing evil that is filling the American West. For while the Sundering separated the rest of the world and granted the original colonists unexpected magical gifts, sorcery inspired by native legends has also been ignited. And the Arcane Territories may hold unparalleled dangers for the expedition, both natural and magical. Accompanied by the brilliant shape-shifting sorceress Sacajawea, Lewis and Clark set off on an unparalleled adventure across a landscape that no European has ever seen."--Inside dust jacket.

Star wars. Last shot

May 14, 2018
Older, Daniel José, author.
New York : Del Rey, [2018]
344 pages ; 24 cm
"A Han and Lando novel"--Jacket.
THEN: It's one of the galaxy's most dangerous secrets: a mysterious transmitter with unknown power and a reward for its discovery that most could only dream of claiming. But those who fly the Millennium Falcon throughout its infamous history aren't your average scoundrels. Not once, but twice, the crew of the Falcon tries to claim the elusive prize--first, Lando Calrissian and the droid L3-37 at the dawn of an ambitious career, and later, a young and hungry Han Solo with the help of his copilot, Chewbacca. But the device's creator, the volatile criminal Fyzen Gor, isn't interested in sharing. And Gor knows how to hold a grudge. . . . NOW: It's been ten years since the rebel hero Han Solo last encountered Fyzen Gor. After mounting a successful rebellion against the Empire and starting a family with an Alderaanian princess, Han hasn't given much thought to the mad inventor. But when Lando turns up at Han's doorstep in the middle of the night, it's Fyzen's assassins that he's running from. And without Han's help, Lando--and all life on Cloud City--will be annihilated.

The American way : those above and below

May 14, 2018
Ridley, John, 1965- writer.
Burbank, CA : DC Comics, [2018]
1 volume (unpaged) : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
"Originally published in single magazine form as The American way: Those above and those below 1-6".
"It's been a decade since the Civil Defense Corps was exposed as a fraud created by the U.S. Government for propaganda purposes. While most of the heroes who survived the catastrophe have retired or disappeared, the New American still carries on, trying to keep communities safe amid the social turmoil of the 1970s. As the ground shifts beneath his feet and new threats arise, which side will the American choose?"--Provided by publisher.

Blood orbit : a Gattis File novel

May 10, 2018
Richardson, K. R., 1964- author.
Amherst, NY : Pyr, an imprint of Prometheus Books, 2018.
495 pages ; 21 cm
"This science fiction police procedural pairs an idealistic rookie with an officer who uses cybernetic implants to process forensics; in solving a mass murder, they will uncover a vast conspiracy. Eric Matheson, an idealistic rookie cop trying to break from his powerful family, is plunged into the investigation of a brutal crime in his first weeks on the job in Angra Dastrelas, the corrupt capital city of the corporate-owned planet Gattis. A newcomer to the planet, Matheson is unaware of the danger he's courting when he's promoted in the field to assist the controversial Chief Investigating Forensic Officer, Inspector J.P. Dillal, the planet's first cybernetically enhanced investigator. Coming from a despised ethnic underclass, the brilliant and secretive Dillal seems determined to unravel the crime regardless of the consequences. The deeper they dig, the more dangerous the investigation becomes. But in a system where the cops enforce corporate will, instead of the law, the solution could expose Gattis's most shocking secrets and cost thousands of lives--including Matheson's and Dillal's"-- Provided by publisher.

Dead alone

May 10, 2018
Lorin, J., author.
Dayton, Ohio : Presage Publishing, 2017.
486 pages ; 25 cm
"Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is dying and the world is collapsing: monsters roam the streets and the military lays waste to anyone resisting martial law. Ryan Sage, overweight, middle-aged businessman and part-time philosopher has one goal--survive. He has high walls, food, water, and allies with guns ... or so he thought"--Back cover.

Amazing Spider-Man. Venom Inc.

May 10, 2018
Slott, Dan, author.
New York, NY : Marvel Worldwide, Inc., a subsidiary of Marvel Entertainment, LLC, [2018]
1 volume (unpaged) : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
"Contains metial originally published in magazine form in Amazing Spider-Man: Venom Inc. Alpha #1, Amazing Spider-Man #792-793, Venom #159-160 and Amazing Spider-Man: Venom Inc. Omega #1."
Amazing Spider-Man: Venom Inc. alpha / Dan Slott & Mike Costa, writers ; Ryan Stegman, artist -- Amazing Spider-Man 792-793 / Dan Slott, writer ; Ryan Stegman, artist -- Venom 159-160 / Mike Costa, writer ; Gerardo Sandoval, artist -- Amazing Spider-Man: Venom Inc. omega / Dan Slott & Mike Costa, writers ; Ryan Stegman & Gerardo Sandoval.

Wonder Woman

May 9, 2018
Rucka, Greg, author.
Burbank, CA : DC Comics, [2017]-
volumes : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
Writers and artist vary between volumes.
Originally published in single magazine form.
v. 1. The lies -- v. 2. Year one -- v. 3. The truth -- v. 4. Godwatch -- v. 5. Heart of the Amazon

I met a traveller in an antique land

May 9, 2018
Willis, Connie. author.
86 pages ; 21 cm
Jim, a blogger, has just left a radio interview where he argued that nostalgia for obsolete items-- like books-- impedes progress, when a rainstorm strands him in Ozymandias Books. He discovers that Ozymandias seems to be an old-fashioned bookstore, but is a pristine, seemingly endless wonderland of books. While Jim searches for his childhood favorite, he comes to understand how tragic it is that some things may be gone forever... like the magic of books.
Dust jacket illustration, ©2018 by Jon Foster.

Side life

May 9, 2018
Toutonghi, Steve, 1964- author.
New York, NY : Soho Press, 2018.
312 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
"Smart, paranoid literary science fiction crossover for fans of Blake Crouch and Philip K. Dick, set in present-day Seattle Vin, a down-on-his-luck young tech entrepreneur forced out of the software company he started, takes a job house-sitting a beautiful Seattle mansion. There he discovers that the owner--who has been missing for a year--has built a secret basement lab. In the lab there are computers, wired caskets, and a thick, dog-eared notebook filled with codes, odd symbols and strange drawings. The notebook referred to the entire system--computers and caskets--as the "creche." It said the creche induced a state similar to suspended animation, but that for a subject--a person in the creche--it would feel like a lucid dream. When Vin tries the system, he finds himself transported into other human consciousnesses. As his reality begins to unravel, he finds himself in terrifying journey through the multiverse, returning each time to mutated version of his own reality"-- Provided by publisher.

True storm

May 9, 2018
Sterling, L. E. (Lindsay Erin), 1973- author.
340 pages ; 22 cm
"Lucy's twin sister, Margot, may be safely back with her, but all is not well in Plague-ravaged Dominion City. The Watchers have come out of hiding, spreading chaos and death throughout the city, and suddenly Lucy finds herself torn between three men with secrets of their own. Betrayal yal is a cruel lesson, and the Fox sisters can hardly believe who is behind the plot against them. To survive this deadly game of politics, Lucy is forced to agree to a marriage of convenience. But DNA isn't the only thing they want from Lucy...or her sister. As they say in Dominion, rogue genes can never have a happy ending..." -- Dust jacket.

Injustice 2

May 8, 2018
Taylor, Tom, 1978- author.
Burbank, CA : DC Comics, [2017]-
volumes : chiefly color illustrations ; 27 cm
Originally published in single magazine form.
"Based on the video game Injustice 2."
v. 1. Collects Injustice 2 #1-6 -- v. 2. Collects Injustice 2 #7-12

Only human

May 8, 2018
Neuvel, Sylvain, 1973- author.
New York : Del Rey, [2018]
336 pages ; 24 cm.
"In her childhood, Rose Franklin accidentally discovered a giant metal hand buried beneath the ground outside Deadwood, South Dakota. As an adult, Dr. Rose Franklin led the team that uncovered the rest of the body parts which together form Themis: a powerful robot of mysterious alien origin. She, along with linguist Vincent, pilot Kara, and the unnamed Interviewer, protected the Earth from geopolitical conflict and alien invasion alike. Now, after nearly ten years on another world, Rose returns to find her old alliances forfeit and the planet in shambles. And she must pick up the pieces of the Earth Defense Corps as her own friends turn against each other"-- Provided by publisher.

Afterwar : a novel

May 8, 2018
Saintcrow, Lilith, author.
401 pages : map ; 21 cm
Subtitle from cover.
Includes extras.
"History is written by the victors; but when you've been fighting your fellow patriots, your own brothers and sisters, does anyone really win? As the dust settles after a devastating second American civil war, the work of rebuilding begins. But can a population who's spent years divided and hell-bent on victory at any cost ever be truly reunited? The scars of war are many: lives have been destroyed; cities have been completely eradicated; and prisoners of war who have been experimented on, in the name of science and in the search for a perfect soldier, are now emerging with dark and dangerous abilities... The war is over, but after is a lie"-- Provided by publisher.

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