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May 23, 2015
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Armageddon's arrow

May 22, 2015
Ward, Dayton.
New York, NY : Pocket Books, 2015.
390 p. ; 18 cm.
"Based upon Star trek and Star trek: the next generation created by Gene Roddenberry."
When the U.S.S. Enterprise encounters an alien vessel that is actually a weapon capable of destroying entire worlds, her crew is plunged into the middle of a conflict in which both sides will do anything to possess the weapon.

Eternity's wheel

May 20, 2015
Gaiman, Neil, author.
New York, NY : HarperCollins Children's Books, a division of HarperCollins Publishers, [2015]
276 pages ; 22 cm.
It has been two years since Joseph Harker first Walked between dimensions, met the alternate forms of himself, and formed a team to protect the Altiverse in the struggle between the vicious forces of magic and science--and now, injured, he has returned to his own dimension, bringing danger with him.

All-new X-Men

May 18, 2015
Bendis, Brian Michael.
New York : Marvel Worldwide, c2013-
v. : chiefly col. ill. ; 26 cm.
Contains material originally published in single magazine form as All-new X-Men #1-5.
v. 1. Yesterday's X-Men -- v. 2. Here to stay -- v. 3. Out of their depth -- v. 5. One down
It's a blast from the past as the original five students of Professor X-- Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Angel and Beast-- are plucked from the past and brought to the present. But what they find, the state that their future selves are in and the state of Xavier's dream, is far from the future they dreamed of. And how will the X-Men of the present deal with their past coming crashing forward?

Collected fiction

May 18, 2015
Rajaniemi, Hannu, author.
[San Francisco, CA] : Tachyon Publications, [2015]
242 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Deus ex homine -- The server and the dragon -- Tyche and the ants -- The haunting of Apollo A7LB -- His master's voice -- Elegy for a young elk -- The Jugaad Cathedral -- Fisher of men -- Invisible planets -- Ghost dogs -- The viper blanket -- Paris, in love -- Topsight -- The oldest game -- Shibuya no love -- Satan's typist -- Skywalker of Earth -- Neurofiction: introduction to "Snow White is dead" -- Snow White is dead -- Introduction to "Unused tomorrows and other stories" -- Unused tomorrows and other stories.
"Inside the firewall the city is alive. Buildings breathe, cars attack, angels patrol, and hyper-intelligent pets rebel. With unbridled invention and breakneck adventure, Hannu Rajaniemi is on the cutting-edge of science fiction. His post-apocalyptic, post-cyberpunk, and post-human tales are full of exhilarating energy and unpredictable optimism. How will human nature react when the only limit to desire is creativity? When the distinction between humans and gods is as small as nanomachines--or as large as the universe? Whether the next big step in technology is 3D printing, genetic alteration, or unlimited space travel, Rajaniemi writes about what happens after" -- provided by publisher.

Seveneves : a novel

May 18, 2015
Stephenson, Neal, author.
867 pages, 2 unnumbered pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
Subtitle from dust jacket.
Illustrations also on lining pages.
Five thousand years later after a catastrophic event rendered the Earth a ticking time bomb, the progeny of a handful of outer space explorers--seven distinct races now three billion strong--embark on yet another audacious journey: to return to Earth.

Jaco the galactic patrolman

May 14, 2015
Toriyama, Akira, 1955- author, artist.
San Francisco : Viz Media, 2015.
245 pages : chiefly illustrations ; 19 cm
Printed in Japanese right to left format.
Retired scientist Omori lives alone on a deserted island while continuing his research into time-travel. His quiet life is interrupted when galactic patrolman Jaco crash-lands and decided to move in with him. This agent from space claims to be elite, but sometimes it can be a little hard to believe. Can Jaco get along with the old man long enough to save the earth from a dangerous threat?

Nil unlocked

May 11, 2015
Matson, Lynne.
New York : Henry Holt and Company, 2015.
421 pages ; 22 cm
"Nil series ; 2"--Title page verso.
Trapped on the island of Nil in a parallel universe, Rives is the undisputed leader of Nil City but raiders, non-human inhabitants, and new arrivals make it ever harder to maintain order and Rives teams up with Skye, a new arrival with a mysterious past, in a desperate race to save all the residents of Nil.

Mother of Eden

May 11, 2015
Beckett, Chris, 1955-
New York : Broadway Books, [2015]
468 pages ; 21 cm
Sequel to Dark Eden.
"Civilization has come to the alien, sunless planet its inhabitants call Eden. Just a generation ago, the planet's five hundred inhabitants huddled together in the light and warmth of the forest's lanterntrees, afraid to venture out into the cold darkness around them. Now, humanity has spread across Eden and two kingdoms have emerged. Both are sustained by violence and dominated by men- and both claim to be the favored children of Gela, the woman who came to Eden long ago on a boat that could cross the stars and became the mother of them all. When young Starlight Brooking meets a handsome and powerful man from across Worldpool, she believes he will offer an outlet for her ambition and energy. But she has no inkling that she will become a stand-in for Gela herself and wear Gela's fabled ring on her own finger- or that in this role, powerful and powerless all at once, she will try to change the course of Eden's history."-- back cover

Maximum Ride forever

May 11, 2015
Patterson, James, 1947-
New York ; Boston : Little, Brown and Company, 2015.
xii, 383 pages ; 24 cm.
"Maximum Ride and her broken flock roam a postapocalyptic world, searching for answers to what happened"-- Provided by publisher.


May 8, 2015
Jury, Walter, author.
New York, NY : G.P. Putnam's Sons, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA), [2015]
334 pages ; 22 cm
Sequel to: Scan.
"Tate learns quickly that the H2 are the least of his problems when a new alien race begins to threaten the planet"-- Provided by publisher.


May 8, 2015
Reed, Kit, author.
New York : Tor Books, 2015.
236 pages ; 22 cm
"A Tom Doherty Associates book."
"In a coastal town on the Outer Carolina Banks, David Ribault and Merrill Poulnot are trying to revive their stale relationship and commit to marriage, and a slick developer claiming to be related to a historic town hero, Rawson Steele, has come to town and is buying up property. Steele makes a romantic advance on Merrill and an unusual 4:30 a.m. appointment outside of town with David. But Steele is a no-show, and at the time of the appointment everyone in the town disappears, removed entirely from our space and time to a featureless isolated village--including Merrill and her young son. David searches desperately but all seems lost, for Steele is in the other village with Merrill. Reed's 'Where' is a spooky, unsettling speculative fiction"-- Provided by publisher.

The forgotten room : a novel

May 6, 2015
Child, Lincoln.
New York : Doubleday, [2015]
290 pages ; 25 cm
Enigmalogist Jeremy Logan, who specializes in investigating inexplicable phenomena, probes strange happenings at the Newport, RI, mansion that houses the Symposikon think tank.

Straits of hell

May 5, 2015
Anderson, Taylor, 1963- author.
New York, New York : Roc, [2015]
xix, 420 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm.
"Matt Reddy's old Asiatic Fleet destroyer USS Walker has been mysteriously transported to an alternate version of earth. Here WWII is no longer raging, and Reddy and his crew have been trying to find a new place for themselves in this strange new world. Now, along with the felinoid Lemurians and Imperial allies, they fight to keep the reptilian Grik, a race growing in supremacy, from reconquering the Lemurians' ancestral home on Madagascar"


May 5, 2015
Campbell, Jack (Naval officer)
x, 323 pages ; 24 cm.
"Two Syndicate Worlds star systems have fallen prey to a mysterious fleet of warships a fleet controlled entirely by artificial intelligence that is now targeting Alliance space. The warships are no mystery to Geary. They were developed by his government to ensure security, but malfunctioned. If the Syndics learn the truth, the war with the Alliance will resume with a vengeance. As the government attempts to conceal the existence of the AI warships and its role in their creation Geary pursues them, treading a fine line between mutiny and obedience. But it soon becomes clear that his fleet is no match for the firepower of the machine-piloted armada. With the help of the Dancer species of aliens, Geary has tracked the AI ships to their secret base in the supposedly mythical Unity Alternate star system, where his fleet, the last hope for the Alliance's future, will end the conflict at any cost"-- Provided by publisher.

The Hercules text

April 28, 2015
McDevitt, Jack, author.
New York, New York : Ace Books, [2015]
xii, 353 pages ; 18 cm
"Revised and with a new foreword"--Cover.
"From a remote corner of the galaxy a message is being sent. The continuous beats of a pulsar have become odd, irregular...artificial. It can only be a code. Frantically, a research team struggles to decipher the alien communication. And what the scientists discover is destined to shake the foundations of empires around the world--from Wall Street to the Vatican."-- Back cover.

A long time until now

April 28, 2015
Williamson, Michael Z.
Riverdale, NY : Baen Books, 2015.
663 pages : map ; 24 cm
Book 1 in a new series from the creator of the best-selling Freehold Universe series. A military unit is thrust back into Paleolithic times with only their guns and portable hardware. Ten soldiers on convoy in Afghanistan suddenly find themselves lost in time. Somehow, they arrived in Earth's Paleolithic Asia. With no idea how they arrived or how to get back, the shock of the event is severe. They discover groups of the similarly displaced: Imperial Romans, Neolithic Europeans, and a small cadre of East Indian peasants. Despite their technological advantage, the soldiers only have ten people, and know no way home. Then two more time travelers arrive from a future far beyond the present. These time travelers may have the means to get back, but they aren't giving it up. In fact, they may have a treacherous agenda of their own, one that may very well lead to the death of the displaced in a harsh and dangerous era. About Michael Z. Williamson: A fast-paced, compulsive read...will appeal to fans of John Ringo, David Drake, Lois McMaster Bujold, and David Weber. - Kliatt Williamson's military expertise is impressive. - SF Reviews

Lords of the Sith

April 28, 2015
Kemp, Paul S. (Paul Stuart), author.
New York : Del Rey, [2015]
299 pages ; 25 cm
When the Emperor and his notorious apprentice, Darth Vader, find themselves stranded in the middle of insurgent action on an inhospitable planet, they must rely on each other, the Force, and their own ruthlessness to prevail.

The machine awakes

April 22, 2015
Christopher, Adam, 1978-
416 pages ; 22 cm
"Adam Christopher's The Machine Awakes is a far future space opera set in the universe of Burning Dark. In the decades since the human race first made contact with the Spiders--a machine race capable of tearing planets apart--the two groups have fought over interstellar territory. But the war has not been going well for humankind, and with the failure of the Fleet Admiral's secret plan in the Shadow system, the commander is overthrown by a group of hardliners determined to get the war back on track. When the deposed Fleet Admiral is assassinated, Special Agent Von Kodiak suspects the new guard is eliminating the old. But when the Admiral's replacement is likewise murdered, all bets are off as Kodiak discovers the prime suspect is one of the Fleet's own, a psi-marine and decorated hero--a hero killed in action, months ago, at the same time his twin sister vanished from the Fleet Academy, where she was training to join her brother on the front. As Kodiak investigates, he uncovers a conspiracy that stretches from the slums of Salt City to the floating gas mines of Jupiter. There, deep in the roiling clouds of the planet, the Jovian Mining Corporation is hiding something, a secret that will tear the Fleet apart and that the Morning Star, a group of militarized pilgrims searching for their lost god, is determined to uncover. But there is something else hiding in Jovian system. Something insidious and intelligent, machine-like and hungry. The Spiders are near" -- provided by publisher.

The architect of aeons

April 22, 2015
Wright, John C. (John Charles), 1961-
New York, NY : a Tor Book, published by Tom Doherty Associates, LLC, [2015]
396 pages ; 25 cm
"The epic and mind-blowing finale to this visionary space opera series surpasses all expectation: Menelaus Montrose, having forged an uneasy alliance with his immortal adversary, Ximen del Azarchel, maps a future on a scale beyond anything previously imagined. No longer concerned with the course of history across mere millennia, Montrose and del Azarchel have become the architects of aeons, bringing forth minds the size of planets as they steer the bizarre intellectual descendants of an extinct humanity. Ever driving their labors and their enmity is the hope of reunion with their shared lost love, the posthuman Rania, whose eventual return is by no means assured, but who may unravel everything these eternal rivals have sought to achieve."-- Publisher's web site.

Zenith. Phase 3

April 22, 2015
Morrison, Grant, author.
1 volume (unpaged) : chiefly illustrations (some color) ; 29 cm
Originally serialised in 2000 AD Progs 626-634, 650-670 & 2000 AD annual 1990.
The Lloigor are back and this time they plan to take control of everything. In order to do so, they must align alternate universes and form a crystal known as the ‘Omnihedron’. Maximan of alternate 23 has gathered together an army of superheroes form multiple Earths to fight back against the dark gods. With reality itself at stake, will Zenith be mature enough for once to take the war seriously?

The Affinities

April 21, 2015
Wilson, Robert Charles, 1953- author.
New York : Tor, 2015.
300 pages ; 22 cm
"A Tom Doherty Associates book."
After becoming a part of the Tau, one of twenty-two large global network Affinities in the near future, young Adam Fisk thinks his life has improved for the better until the different Affinities begin to go to war with one another -- in a conflict that will change Adam's world forever.

The Vorrh : a novel

April 21, 2015
Catling, B. (Brian)
New York : Vintage Books, a division of Random House LLC, 2015.
500 pages ; 21 cm
"A Vintage original"--Title page verso.
"The Vorrh follows a brilliant cast of characters through a parallel Africa where fact, fiction, and fantasy collide. Tsungali, a native marksman conscripted by the colonial authorities--against whom he once led a revolt--is on the hunt for an English bowman named Williams. Williams has made it his mission to become the first human to traverse the Vorrh, a vast forest at the edge of the colonial city of Essenwald. The Vorrh is endless, eternal; a place of demons and angels. Sentient, oppressive, and magical, the Vorrh can bend time and wipe a person's memory. Between the hunter and the hunted are Ishmael, a curious and noble Cyclops raised by Bakelite robots; the evil Dr. Hoffman, who punishes the son of a servant by surgically inverting his hands; and the slave owner MacLeish, who drives his workers to insanity, only to pay the ultimate price. Along with these fictional creations, Brian Catling mixes in historical figures, including surrealist Raymond Roussel and photographer and Edward Muybridge. In this author's hands none of this seems exotic or fantastical. It all simply is"-- Provided by publisher.

Attack on Titan. Before the fall

April 16, 2015
Suzukaze, Ryo.
New York : Kodansha, 2014-
v. : chiefly ill. ; 19 cm.
Printed in Japanese right to left format.
Attack on Titan created by Hajime Isayama.
v. 1. A child of carnage -- v. 2. Free to face the truth -- v. 3. Take a stand for humanity -- v. 4. A vilified exile
Cut alive from his mother's womb after she had been eaten by a rampaging Titan, Kuklo has spent his entire life in chains as a freakish curiosity and a feared abomination. Eventually the boy they call the "Titan's son" finds himself sold to wealthy merchant Dario Inocencio as a plaything for his cruel and ambitious son Xavi. Kuklo knows nothing but abuse and neglect, but help may come from the most unexpected place.

Before Tomorrowland

April 15, 2015
Jensen, Jeff, author.
Los Angeles : Disney Press, 2015.
xix, 310 pages, 20 unnumbered pages : illustrations (some color) ; 22 cm
Includes comic book following the conclusion of the novel.
"From the world of Disney Tomorrowland" --Front cover.
"Based on the spellbinding world of the Walt Disney Studios film, Tomorrowland, this original prequel novel features a 20-page comic book and unlocks a place of unfathomable science and technology and the famous people behind it. The year is 1939. A secret society of extraordinary geniuses is about to share an incredible discovery with the world. A misguided enemy - half man, half machine - will stop at nothing to prevent the group from giving this forbidden knowledge to humanity. And a mother and son on vacation in New York City are handed a comic book infused with a secret code that will lead them straight into the crossfires of the conspiracy" --Publisher's website.


April 13, 2015
Dawson, Delilah S., author.
New York : Simon Pulse, 2015.
324 pages ; 22 cm
"Near future thriller about a teen forced to become an indentured assassin who has only three days to complete her hit list--with the added complication of her sole ally's brother being the final assignment"-- Provided by publisher.

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