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November 27, 2014
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Gathering darkness : a Falling kingdoms novel

November 26, 2014
Rhodes, Morgan.
New York, New York : Razorbill, 2014.
407 pages ; 24 cm
Prince Magnus must choose between family and justice as his father, the cruel King Gaius, sets out to conquer all of Mytica by tracking down an ancient, storied magic known as the Kindred.

Caught up

November 26, 2014
Abrams, Amir, author.
New York : Dafina K-Teen Books, 2014.
329 pages ; 21 cm
Straitlaced and a self-proclaimed good girl, 16-year-old Kennedy does what's expected of her and it couldn't make her parents happier. Still, Kennedy is bored. But now that school's out, the rules are all about to change - especially when Kennedy starts hanging out with Sasha, a party girl from the other side of the tracks. Soon Kennedy has even snagged herself a 19-year-old boyfriend! Malik is a bad boy, and he's about to take Kennedy on a whirlwind ride full of drama and lies that could throw her perfect life upside down.


November 26, 2014
Russell, Romina.
New York : Razorbill, [2014]
319 pages ; 24 cm.
When a violent blast strikes the moons of Cancer, sending its ocean planet off-kilter and killing thousands of citizens, Rhoma Grace, a sixteen-year-old student from House Cancer, must convince twelve worlds to unite as one Zodiac against Ophiuchus, the exiled thirteenth Guardian of Zodiac legend, who has returned to exact his revenge across the Galaxy.

The boy with the hidden name

November 25, 2014
Dorset, Skylar.
Naperville, Illinois : Sourcebooks Fire, [2014]
312 pages ; 21 cm
Sequel to: The girl who never was.
"Selkie Stewart has just saved her quasi-boyfriend, Ben, from a fairy prison run by the Seelie Court. Along with Ben and the rest of their ragtag group of allies, Selkie is ready to embrace her destiny and bring the Court down. Until she hears the rest of her prophecy: Benedict le Fay will betray you, and then he will die"-- Provided by publisher.

Taken : a Port City High novel

November 21, 2014
Freeman, Shannon, author.
[Costa Mesa, Calif.] : Saddleback Publishing, [2013]
199 pages ; 18 cm.
Drama is always just a day away ... The girls are in recovery mode. Shanes been to rehab and feels great. Marisa has a new love interest, Trent, Port City Highs hot point guard. And Brandi? Her distracted parents have little time for their kids. So Brandi buries herself online and meets Camden, paying no attention to the potential stranger danger. Then she disappears ...

The public eye : a Port City High novel

November 21, 2014
Freeman, Shannon, author.
[Costa Mesa, Calif.] : Saddleback Publishing, [2014]
203 pages ; 18 cm.
Shane's family is keeping up appearances while her father runs for office, but appearances are deceiving and her whole world comes crashing down, meanwhile Brandi has boyfriend problems and Marisa gets a great opportunity.

Deported : a Port City High novel

November 21, 2014
Freeman, Shannon.
[Costa Mesa, CA] : Saddleback Publishing, [2014]
200 pages ; 18 cm.
"Brandi is smart and outgoing, but sometimes insecure and gullible. Marisa is graceful and articulate, but often too driven. Shane is a natural leader with a lot of spirit, but rebellious and headstrong. The girls have been inseparable since middle school. But now they are playing in the big leagues, and it's time to grow up and start thinking about the future. And Port City, Texas, is not all that. High school drama has a way of solidifying or destroying friendships. Will they stay tight or get swallowed up by Port City High? Or will they go from freshman to senior year and beyond?"-- From


November 20, 2014
Carter, Aimée, 1986- author.
Don Mills, Ontario, Canada : Harlequin Teen, [2014]
298 pages ; 22 cm.
While being forced by the Blackcoats to impersonate Lila Hart, the Prime Minister's niece, Kitty Doe finds herself imprisoned in Elsewhere, an inescapable detention area for criminals.

Girl online : the first novel by Zoella

November 20, 2014
Sugg, Zoe, author.
[New York] : Keywords Press, and imprint of Atria Books, 2014.
pages ; cm
"Penny has a secret. Under the alias GirlOnline, Penny blogs her hidden feelings about friendship, boys, high school drama, her crazy family, and the panic attacks that have begun to take over her life. When things go from bad to worse, her family whisks her away to New York, where she meets Noah, a gorgeous, guitar-strumming American. Suddenly Penny is falling in love--and capturing every moment of it on her blog. But Noah has a secret, too, one that threatens to ruin Penny's cover--and her closest friendship--forever" -- from publisher's web site.

Mr. Samuel's penny

November 20, 2014
Melvin, Treva Hall, author.
Scottsdale, AZ : The Poisoned Pencil, 2014.
viii, 254 pages ; 22 cm.

Misdirected : a novel

November 20, 2014
Berman, Ali.
New York : Triangle Square Books for Young Readers ; Seven Stories Press, [2014]
278 pages ; 22 cm
When fifteen-year-old Ben moves to small-town Colorado and a Christian school, his atheism sets him apart and leads to bullying and misunderstandings, and with his brother serving in Iraq and his sister away at college Ben is on his own in the struggle to find his place without compromising who he is.


November 20, 2014
Goodman, Carol.
New York : Viking, Published by Penguin Group, 2014.
425 pages ; 22 cm
"A Blythewood novel."
Seventeen-year-old Ava Hall continues to learn more about herself and her heritage through her work in a New York City settlement house as well as through her social obligations with the Blythewood girls.

On the edge

November 20, 2014
Van Diepen, Allison.
New York : HarperTeen, [2014]
294 pages ; 22 cm
"When Maddie Diaz witnesses the murder of a homeless man by members of a gang, she tells the cops what she saw without thinking about the repercussions of snitching, but a mysterious guy named Lobo comes to her defense and is determined to take down the gang and protect her"-- Provided by publisher.

Ice war

November 20, 2014
Falkner, Brian.
New York : Random House, [2014]
307 pages ; 22 cm.
"Recon Team Angel must stop the alien invasion across the frozen Bering Strait into the Americas--the last free human territory remaining--or all will be lost"-- Provided by publisher.

The strength of ballerinas

November 18, 2014
Lorenz, Nancy, author.
249 pages ; 21 cm
Sixteen-year-old Kendra's dream of dancing in the Swan Lake ballet, threatened when her family is forced to move across country, looks hopeful when she finds the right new school--until she begins to have dizzy spells and numbness in her legs.

The warden and the wolf king

November 14, 2014
Peterson, Andrew, 1974- author.
519 pages : illustrations, map ; 24 cm.


November 11, 2014
Leaver, Trisha, author.
Woodbury, MN : Flux, [2014]
253 pages ; 21 cm
When their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, Dee, her boyfriend Luke, and Luke’s brother, Mike, seek help in the nearby town of Purity Springs. But as they walk the vacant streets, the teens make some disturbing discoveries. The seemingly deserted homes each contain a sinister book with violent instructions on disciplining children. The graveyard is full of unmarked crosses. Worst of all, there’s no way to contact the outside world. When Purity Springs’ inhabitants suddenly appear, Dee, Luke, and Mike find themselves at the mercy of Elijah Hawkins, the town’s charismatic leader who has his own plans for the three of them. Their only hope for survival is Elijah’s enigmatic son, Joseph. And his game may be just as deadly as his father’s.

The last changeling

November 11, 2014
Pitcher, Chelsea, author.
Woodbury, MN : Flux, 2014.
346 pages ; 21 cm
Elora, the young princess of the dark faeries, plans to overthrow her tyrannical mother, the dark Queen, and bring equality to faeriekind. All she has to do is convince her mother’s loathed enemy, the Bright Queen, to join her cause. But the Bright Queen demands an offering first: a human boy who is a “young leader of men.” To steal a mortal, Elora must become a mortal—at least, by all appearances. And infiltrating a high school is surprisingly easy. When Elora meets Taylor, the seventeen- year-old who’s plotting to overthrow a ruthless bully, she thinks she’s found her offering . . . until she starts to fall in love.

The accident

November 11, 2014
Hendrick, Kate, author.
Melbourne : Text Publishing Company, 2013.
260 pages ; 20 cm.
A rainy night. A car crash. An accident that will change-has changing-everything. After the accident Sarah has a new school to deal with-not to mention a family being torn apart by grief. For Will, things have not been okay at home for a long time. But when they start to change he is unsure. Is he ready? Eliat's raising a two-year-old while she tries to finish school,and partying as hard as she can. No surprise if she just wants to get away-just get into the car and drive.

Bristol Bay summer

November 11, 2014
Boochever, Annie.
Portland, Oregon : Alaska Northwest Books, [2014]
257 pages 22 cm
"Against the backdrop of the great Bristol Bay salmon fishery, thirteen-year-old Zoey Morley struggles with her parents' divorce, her mom's bush-pilot boyfriend, and the pangs of growing up during her summer in the 'real' Alaska"-- Provided by publisher.

Bright coin moon

November 11, 2014
Lopresti, Kirsten.
New York : Sky Pony Press, [2014]
257 pages ; 22 cm
Lindsey Allen, seventeen, aspires to be an astronomer but her eccentric mother decides they must move to Los Angeles to become psychics to the stars, and soon Lindsey must either betray her mother or her new mentor.

The unhappening of Genesis Lee

November 11, 2014
McArthur, Shallee, author.
New York : Sky Pony Press, [2014]
347 pages ; 24 cm
Seventeen-year-old Genesis Lee does not remember meeting Kalan even though she is a Mementi, a genetically enhanced human who should be able to remember everything perfectly.

The book of Ivy

November 11, 2014
Engel, Amy, author.
Fort Collins, CO : Entangled Publishing, LLC, 2014.
282 pages ; 21 cm
"Entangled teen"--Spine.
In an apocalyptic future where girls from the losing faction are forcibly married to boys of the winning faction, sixteen-year-old Ivy is tasked to kill her fiancé Bishop, although when she finally meets him, he is not the monster she has been led to believe.

Amy's choice

November 11, 2014
Strykowski, Marcia, author.
Carmel, Indiana : Luminis Books, [2014]
213 pages ; 21 cm
Amy starts her freshman year with a new crush on Ricky, Cat's brother, and a new friend in Finn, the lighthouse keeper, but things get complicated when Craig returns from Boston and Finn is accused of arson.

Double exposure

November 10, 2014
Birdsall, Bridget, author.
New York : Skyhorse Publishing, Inc., 2014.
256 pages ; 22 cm
Fifteen-year-old Alyx Atlas starts school in a new state with a new identity--as a girl--but a bully on the basketball court threatens to reveal that Alyx is an intersex person, which could disqualify Alyx and the team from playing in the state championship game.

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