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February 25, 2017
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

The valiant

February 24, 2017
Livingston, Lesley, author.
[Berganfield, New Jersey] : RazorBill, an imprint of Penguin Random House, [2017]
372 pages ; 22 cm
The daughter of a proud Celtic king is captured and sold to a training school for women gladiators under the patronage of Julius Caesar, circumstances that put her survival in the hands of an enemy who was responsible for her sister's death.


February 24, 2017
Hocking, Amanda.
318 pages ; 22 cm
Sequel to: Fate.
Being undead doesn't make life any easier for Alice Bonham. Her younger brother's love life is heating up, while hers is-- more complicated. Alice volunteers for a rescue mission with Ezra. But going up against a pack of rabid vampires might be too much, even for him.

Piecing me together

February 23, 2017
Watson, Renée, author.
New York : Bloomsbury, 2017.
264 pages ; 22 cm
Tired of being singled out at her mostly-white private school as someone who needs support, high school junior Jade would rather participate in the school's amazing Study Abroad program than join Women to Women, a mentorship program for at-risk girls.

We are okay : a novel

February 23, 2017
LaCour, Nina.
234 pages ; 21 cm
After leaving her life behind to go to college in New York, Marin must face the truth about the tragedy that happened in the final weeks of summer when her friend Mabel comes to visit.

The luckiest scar on Earth

February 23, 2017
Spagna, Ana Maria.
201 pages ; 21 cm.
"Fourteen year-old Charlotte Potts is training for the national snowboard championships and getting along surprisingly well with her long-lost father, Larry, a former logger with a lucky scar. When Larry signs a petition to stop a condominium development and loses his job at Timberbowl, the local ski area, Charlotte loses her place on the snowboarding team. While Charlotte tries to find another way to compete, Larry persuades her to go snowboarding in the backcountry where adventure turns to tragedy, and Charlotte has to take charge in more ways than one."--Page four of cover.

Revenge of the evil librarian

February 23, 2017
Knudsen, Michelle, author.
Somerville, Massachusetts : Candlewick Press, 2017.
277 pages ; 21 cm
After Cynthia Rothschild saves the entire student body from the demon librarian she's looking forward to a demon-free summer at camp with her boyfriend, but maybe Mr. Gabriel will come back to life to seek his terrible revenge.


February 23, 2017
Locke, Thomas, 1952- author.
Grand Rapids, Michigan : Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, [2017]
376 pages ; 22 cm.
Twin brothers Sean and Dillon discover they have the ability to transfer between worlds and become recruits to the planetary Assembly.

The sky between you and me

February 23, 2017
Alene, Catherine, author.
490 pages ; 22 cm
In an effort to get over her mother's death and the jealousy she feels for the new girl at school, Raesha concentrates on losing weight to make her performance at the upcoming high school rodeo competition the best it can be.

Girl online : going solo

February 22, 2017
Sugg, Zoe, 1990- author.
New York : Keywords Press / Atria Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, Inc., 2016.
327 pages : illustrations, map ; 22 cm
Penny's life is back to normal. As Penny starts the school year she's ready to face the world alone. Noah has gone off the radar after ending his world tour early, and no one, including Penny, knows where he is. So when she accepts Megan's invitation to visit her performing arts school, it seems like an opportunity to make some new friends. Helping everyone else seems to be the right remedy; Elliot needs her friendship more than ever, and she meets Posey, who she can really help with her stage fright. But is charming Scottish boy Callum the right kind of distraction? And can Penny truly move on when Noah's shadow seems to haunt her around every corner?

The cruelty

February 21, 2017
Bergstrom, Scott, author.
New York : Feiwel and Friends, 2017.
371 pages ; 25 cm
When seventeen-year-old Gwendolyn Bloom's father vanishes, she sets out across Europe under a new identity to bring him back alive, even if that means becoming as cruel as his captors.

The lost girl of Astor Street

February 17, 2017
Morrill, Stephanie, author.
349 pages ; 22 cm
When her best friend Lydia disappears, Piper Sail goes searching for answers in the dark underbelly of 1924 Chicago, uncovering deep corruption that may lead back to her affluent neighborhood.

Denton Little's still not dead

February 17, 2017
Rubin, Lance, 1981- author.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, [2017]
345 pages ; 22 cm
Sequel to Rubin's "Denton Little's Deathdate".
"This is a Borzoi book"--Title page verso.
Living in an alternate world where everyone knows the day they will die, Denton Little survives his death date and finds himself separated from his family and chased by a ruthless Death Investigation Agency.


February 16, 2017
Jae-Jones, S., author.
New York : Thomas Dunne Books, St Martin's Press, 2017.
ix, 436 pages ; 22 cm
All her life, Liesl has heard tales of the beautiful, dangerous Goblin King. Now eighteen and helping to run her family's inn, Liesl can't help but feel that her dreams and fantasies are slipping away. But when her sister is taken by the Goblin King, Liesl must journey to the Underground to save her. Drawn to the strange, captivating world she finds--and the mysterious man who rules it--she soon faces an impossible decision. And with time and the old laws working against her, Liesl must discover who she truly is before her fate is sealed. -- from publisher.

Empress of a thousand skies

February 16, 2017
Belleza, Rhoda, author.
[New York, New York] : Razorbill, an imprint of Penguin Random House, [2017]
313 pages : map ; 22 cm
When their paths cross after a brutal attack Aly is falsely accused of making on Rhee, they are forced to work together to save their own lives and the universe.

Heart of the storm

February 16, 2017
Buckley, Michael, 1969- author.
304 pages ; 22 cm.
Escaping months of imprisonment by the insane Alpha queen Minerva, Lyric Walker returns to Coney Island to warn the world of the Great Abyss only to encounter a different place where humans and Alpha are working together to rebuild the country.

Rise of fire

February 16, 2017
Jordan, Sophie, author.
New York, NY : Harper Teen, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2017]
294 pages ; 22 cm
Sequel to Reign of shadows.
When a battle against the dark dwellers mortally injures Fowler, Luna is challenged to put their fate in the hands of mysterious strangers or risk losing Fowler, a situation that is complicated by the king's discovery of their ties to Relhok.

Life after Juliet

February 16, 2017
Alexander, Shannon Lee, author.
320 pages ; 22 cm
Companion novel to Love and other unknown variables.
"Becca Hanson is a reader-a voracious reader. And with all those fictional friends, she never had time for real ones. Plus real ones come with uncontrollable quirks, like constantly filling a room with song, drawing on any available surface, and worst of all, dying. Real friends are more trouble than they're worth. Since her best-and only-real friend Charlotte's death six months before, Becca has returned to a life of books in order to distance herself from heartache and constant loneliness as her junior year at Sandstone High begins. When a class project forces her into the Drama Club, she attracts the attention of not one, but TWO guys involved in the production, onstage and off. Meanwhile, she's still dealing with the grief of Charlotte's death--the fact that Charlie is away at MIT--and that she finally has to build a life for herself on her own terms. Ultimately she learns more about who she is, what she wants, how she feels--and how to find what she's looking for. (And while she isn't sure what comes next, she's pretty sure there'll be more kissing involved.)" - Amazon.

The edge of every-thing

February 15, 2017
Giles, Jeff, author.
360 pages ; 24 cm
Holed up in their missing neighbors' cabin in a Montana blizzard, Zoe and her little brother are rescued from an intruder by X, a bounty hunter sent from the Lowlands to claim the souls of evil men. X is forbidden from revealing himself to anyone other than his prey, but breaks the rules for Zoe. Together they begin to question the past, their fate, and their future.

Nowhere near you

February 15, 2017
Thomas, Leah, 1989- author.
New York : Bloomsbury, 2017.
389 pages ; 22 cm
"Ollie and Moritz might never meet, but their friendship knows no bounds. Their letters carry on as Ollie embarks on his first road trip away from the woods--no easy feat for a boy allergic to electricity--and Moritz decides which new school would best suit an eyeless boy who prefers to be alone. Along the way they meet other teens like them, other products of strange science who lead seemingly normal lives in ways Ollie and Moritz never imagined possible""--Provided by publisher.

Crazy messy beautiful

February 15, 2017
Arcos, Carrie, author.
313 pages ; 22 cm
Sixteen-year-old Neruda Diaz, influenced by his namesake, Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, yearns to fall in love but has yet to find the right girl.


February 15, 2017
DeLano, L. E., author.
324 pages ; 21 cm
Teen author Jessa learns that she and one of her characters, Finn, are Travelers with the ability to slide between realities, and that Finn is determined to prevent her dying in yet another realm.


February 15, 2017
Dayton, Arwen, author.
368 pages : maps ; 24 cm.
Finding herself trapped again in a plot that has been centuries in the making, Quin is forced to face the past and its enemies and save herself and everyone she loves.

At the edge of the universe

February 14, 2017
Hutchinson, Shaun David, author.
New York : Simon Pulse, 2017.
485 pages ; 22 cm
When his best friend-turned-boyfriend goes missing and seems to be remembered by nobody else, Ozzie begins to believe that the universe is shrinking and forges ties with a new friend while struggling to figure out what is happening.


February 14, 2017
Miles, Chris, author.
268 pages ; 22 cm
Eighth-grader Jack, a former reality television star and distressed at not reaching puberty, decides to "fake it until he makes it."

Romeo & what's her name

February 14, 2017
Petroff, Shani, author.
202 pages ; 21 cm
"An unprepared understudy is forced to take the stage with her secret crush in this romantic comedy of errors"-- Provided by publisher.

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