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March 3, 2015
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Unlikely warrior : a Jewish soldier in Hitler's army

March 2, 2015
Rauch, Georg, 1924-2006, author.
New York : Farrar Straus Giroux Books for Young Readers, [2015]
xxi, 324 pages : illustrations, map ; 22 cm
Previously published as The Jew with the Iron Cross : a record of survival in WWII Russia. New York : iUniverse, 2006.
"A YA memoir of an 18-year old part-Jewish youth who, despite his heritage, is drafted into Hitler's army and sent to serve on the Russian front"-- Provided by publisher.

Teen Titans : a celebration of 50 years

March 2, 2015
New York : DC Comics, [2014]
386 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 27 cm
50 years ago, there was already a Justice League, comprised of the world's greatest heroes including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash. But what of their teen sidekicks Robin, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash? Hearing the groundswell of popularity for these heroes, DC Comics created the Teen Titans, an adolescent group of crimefighters whose presence completely changed the genre.

Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula

March 2, 2015
Watson, Andi, author.
New York : First Second, 2015.
161 pages : chiefly illustrations ; 22 cm
Princess Decomposia, overworked and underappreciated, runs the underworld for her layabout father but when she hires Count Spatula, a vampire with a sweet tooth, as the new chef, he not only helps straighten out her life, he may become more than a friend.

Terrorist : Gavrilo Princip, the assassin who ignited World War I

March 2, 2015
Rehr, Henrik.
Minneapolis : Graphic Universe, 2015.
231 pages : chiefly illustrations ; 27 cm
Fictional account of the life of the young Serbian terrorist, Gavrilo Princep, who touched off World War I in 1914 by assassinating the Archduke Franz Ferdinand.


February 27, 2015
Waid, Mark, 1962-
New York, NY : Marvel Worldwide, c2014-
v. : chiefly col. ill. ; 26 cm.
Contains material originally published in magazine form.
v. 1. Devil at bay -- v. 2. West-case scenario

Careers : the graphic guide to finding the perfect job for you

February 25, 2015
New York, NY : DK Publishing, 2015.
320 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm.
Includes index.

Medical malpractice

February 23, 2015
Farmington Hills, Mich. : Greenhaven Press, a part of Gale, Cengage Learning, [2015]
121 pages ; 23 cm.
Physicians have a justified fear of malpractice lawsuits / Evan Levine -- Malpractice fears obscure a crisis in medical ethics / John Lynch -- Malpractice caps ensure good care for patients / Nathanial Nolan -- Malpractice caps hurt patients / Shirley Svorny -- Malpractice safe-harbor laws help doctors and patients / Zeke Emanuel, Topher Spiro, and Maura Calsyn -- Malpractice safe-harbor laws won't work / Maxwell J. Mehlman -- Thousands of doctors practicing despite errors, misconduct / Peter Eisler and Barbara Hansen -- Feds shouldn't meddle with medical malpractice / Ramesh Ponnuru -- To avoid medical errors, avoid hospitals / Joseph Mercola -- Medical malpractice: why is it so hard for doctors to apologize? / Darshak Sanghavi -- The ACA will have a major impact on medical malpractice law / Alexander C. Davis -- The ACA will have a minor impact on medical malpractice law / Heather Nicole Seigler.
"At Issue: Medical Malpractice: Books in this anthology series focus a wide range of viewpoints onto a single controversial issue, providing in-depth discussions by leading advocates, a quick grounding in the issues, and a challenge to critical thinking skills"-- Provided by publisher.


February 23, 2015
Farmington Hills, Mich. : Greenhaven Press, [2015]
89 pages ; 23 cm.
An explanation of Bitcoin / Adam Serwer and Dana Liebelson -- Bitcoin points to the future of cryptocurrency / Molly Wood -- Bitcoin is insecure and overhyped / Jim Edwards -- Bitcoin is doomed because transactions are irreversible / Nicholas Weaver -- Bitcoin transactions are reversible / Eli Dourado -- Are Bitcoins making money laundering easier? / Katherine Mangu-Ward -- The Mt. Gox disaster has seriously damaged Bitcoin / Michael Lewis -- Bitcoin shrugs off Mt. Gox's death rattle / Andy Greenberg -- Bitcoin is built on and promotes privilege and inequality / Annie-Rose Strasser -- Bitcoin promotes equality and freedom / Meghan K. Lords -- Government eyes regulation of "Bitcoins" / Kavya Sukumar -- With or without government regulation, Bitcoin is pointless / Mark Gimein -- The United States should ban Bitcoin / Joe Manchin.

Performance-enhancing drugs

February 23, 2015
Farmington Hills, Mich. : Greenhaven Press, a part of Gale, Cengage Learning, [2015]
206 pages : illustration ; 23 cm.
ch. 1. Should the use of performance-enhancing drugs be accepted? The use of performance-enhancing drugs is cheating / Stephen Mumford -- Performance-enhancing drugs should be legalized / Stephen Wang -- Performance-enhancing drugs should not be legalized / Michael Rosenberg -- Genetics gives athletes an unfair advantage / Malcolm Gladwell -- Using genetic advantages for athletes to justify performance-enhancing drugs is flawed / Leigh Cowart -- ch. 2. How dangerous are performance-enhancing drugs? Performance-enhancing drugs are dangerous / Chris Doorley -- The dangers of professional sports are comparable to that of performance-enhancing drugs / Michael Lavin -- Performance-enhancing drugs are dangerous to non athletes / Marifel Mitzi F. Fernandez and Robert G. Hosey -- Survey finds sharp increase in teen HGH use / David Crary -- Is HGH, allegedly Alex Rodriguez's drug of choice, really so bad? / Kent Sepkowitz -- ch. 3. How effective is testing to detect performance-enhancing drugs? How performance-enhancing drug testing works, or doesn't: Olympic edition / John J. Ross -- The ineffectiveness of testing for performance-enhancing drugs is due to inefficient support / World Anti-Doping Agency Working Group -- Urine testing: the focal point for all performance-enhancing drug testing / American Swimming Magazine -- The biological passport / Susan Gilbert -- Biological passports may not be effective in detecting performance-enhancing drugs / Blair Henley -- In defense of the rights of sportsmen / Klaus Wivel -- ch. 4. What is the future of performance-enhancing drugs? New muscle drugs could be the next big thing in sports doping / Jon Hamilton -- The future of sport: catching drug cheats / Justin Robertson -- The dangers for students addicted to brain Viagra / Steve Bird -- The use of cognitive-enhancing drugs is cheating and problematic / George Dawson.
"Opposing Viewpoints: Performance-Enhancing Drugs: Opposing Viewpoints is the leading source for libraries and classrooms in need of current-issue materials. The viewpoints are selected from a wide range of highly respected sources and publications"-- Provided by publisher.


February 20, 2015
Kishimoto, Masashi, 1974-
San Francisco, CA : Viz, c2003-
v. : chiefly ill. ; 19 cm.
Some vols. have: Shonen Jump Manga ed.
First published in Japan in 1999 by Shueisha Inc., Tokyo.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

February 20, 2015
Hikokubo, Masahiro.
San Francisco, CA : Viz Media, 2011-
v. : chiefly ill. ; 19 cm.
Shonen Jump manga.
Based on the TV series Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.
Yusei Fudo and his friend Sect participate in the New Domino City Turbo Duel, meet the urban legend, Skeleton Knight, and are the target for Jack Atlas' sinister plans.

Women heroes of the American Revolution : 20 stories of espionage, sabotage, defiance, and rescue

February 19, 2015
Casey, Susan (Susan Mary), author.
Chicago, Illinois : Chicago Review Press, [2015]
226 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Resisters, supporters, and rescuers -- Spies -- Saboteurs -- Soldiers and defenders of the home front -- Legendary ladies.
"Susan Casey gives 20 remarkable girls and women the spotlight they deserve in this lively collection of biographical profiles. These women took action in many ways: as spies, soldiers, nurses, water carriers, fundraisers, writers, couriers, and more. Women Heroes of the American Revolution brings a fresh new perspective to their stories resulting from interviews with historians and with descendants of participants of the Revolution and features ample excerpts from primary source documents. Also included are contextualizing sidebars, images, source notes, and a bibliography"-- Provided by publisher.

Batman, the dark knight

February 13, 2015
New York : DC Comics, c2012-
v. : chiefly col. ill. ; 26 cm.
Originally published in single magazine form.
Batman created by Bob Kane.
v. 1. Knight terrors -- v. 2. Cycle of violence -- v. 3. Mad -- v. 4. Clay
Delving into the more supernatural and esoteric areas of Gotham City, the six-part storyline explores the horrific murder of one of Bruce Wayne's childhood friends . . . and the terrible ramifications the brutal crime has on Batman's life.

Green Lantern, new guardians

February 13, 2015
Bedard, Tony.
New York : DC Comics, c2012.
v. : chiefly col. ill. ; 28 cm.
Originally published in single magazine form.
Artists vary between volumes.
v. 1. The ring bearer -- v. 2. Beyond hope -- v. 3. Love and death -- v. 4. Gods and monsters -- v. 5. The godkillers

Batman : dark knight, dark city

February 13, 2015
Milligan, Peter, author.
New York, NY : DC Comics, [2015]
190 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
Originally published in single magazine form as Batman #452-454 and Detective Comics #629-633.
In this epic tale written by Peter Milligan, Batman is led through a labyrinthine urban maze by his old nemesis the Riddler, who seems to have changed into an abominable monster with one purpose: to drive Batman insane. In his quest, the Riddler is working with an occultist who has summoned a demon to stop Batman--but in the process, the Riddler himself is slowly changing into a nightmarish beast!

Batman : blink

February 13, 2015
McDuffie, Dwayne.
New York : DC Comics, [2015]
167 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
Collects Batman: legends of the Dark Knight #156-158 and #164-167.
A blind man who sees through the eyes of others taps into the mind of a killer, propelling Batman into a citywide conspiracy.


February 9, 2015
Farmington Hills, Mich. : Greenhaven Press, a part of Gale, Cengage Learning, [2015]
240 pages : illustrations, maps ; 23 cm.
Chapter 1: What threats do chemicals pose to the environment and public health? There are too many unregulated chemicals in everyday life / Melinda Burns -- Americans cannot be paralyzed by fear when it comes to chemical exposure / Julie Gunlock -- Both rich and poor communities are affected by toxic chemical exposure / Danielle Kurtzleben -- Toxic chemical exposure disproportionately impacts low-income communities / James Hamblin -- Chapter 2: What can lead to dangerous levels of toxic chemical exposure? E-cigarettes may benefit smokers and public health / Sally Satel -- Flame-retardant chemicals are a public health threat / Elizabeth Grossman -- Pharmaceutical drugs are polluting water and adversely affecting wildlife / Harvard Health Letter -- Many common cosmetics contain toxins and may be a threat to public health / Linda Sharps -- Chapter 3: How are chemicals endangering the water and food supply? How safe is our drinking water? / James Salzman -- The use of chemical pesticides endangers wildlife and the environment / Sonia Shah -- Chemicals involved in fracking are a public health risk / Sandy Dechert -- Fracking is not a public health risk / Nicolas D. Loris -- The chemical dispersants used in oil spills are toxic / Jacqueline Savitz -- The use of chemical dispersants to treat oil spills involves environmental trade-offs / David Westerholm -- Chapter 4: How should the government protect Americans from toxic chemicals? A truly toxic issue / Sadhbh Walshe -- The US government should not rush to ban chemicals / Jon Entine -- The Chemical Safety Improvement Act should be passed / Linda Fisher -- The Chemical Safety Improvement Act should not be passed / Andy Igrejas -- Bisphenol A (BPA) should be banned / Karl Grossman -- Bisphenol A (BPA) should not be banned / Angela Logomasini -- Regulations on chemical production and storage should be tightened / John Deans and Richard Moore.


February 6, 2015
Pérez, George, 1954-
New York : DC Comics, c2012-
v. : chiefly col. ill. ; 26 cm.
Writers and artists vary between volumes.
Originally published in single magazine form.
v. 1. What price tomorrow -- v. 2. Secrets and lies -- v. 3. Fury at world's end -- v. 4. PSI war
A new alien menace has arrived in Metropolis, bringing with it death, destruction, and a mysterious connection to Krypton and to Superman. Is Superman somehow responsible for this new threat? And what is the meaning of his strange and terrifying transformation?

Batman : Arkham unhinged

February 6, 2015
New York, N.Y. : DC Comics, c2013-
v. : chiefly col. ill. ; 26 cm.
Originally published online.
"Based on the hit videogame"--Cover.

Whistle-blowers : exposing crime and corruption

February 5, 2015
Doeden, Matt.
96 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 22 cm
Blowing the whistle -- Deep Throat : bringing down a president -- Exposing big tobacco : Jeffrey Wigand takes on Brown & Williamson -- Corrupt peacekeepers : exposing human trafficking in Bosnia -- A rookie's decision : exposing corruption in law enforcement -- In the dark shadows of college football : Mike McQuery and the Penn State abuse scandal -- Traitor or hero? the Edward Snowden saga.

You have a brain

February 2, 2015
Carson, Ben, author.
231 pages ; 23 cm.
"Includes discussion questions"--Cover.
Throughout his life, renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson has needed to overcome many obstacles: his father leaving the family, being considered stupid by his classmates in grade school, growing up in inner-city Detroit, and having a violent temper. But Dr. Carson didn't let his circumstances control him and instead discovered eight principles that helped shape his future... Dr. Carson unpacks the eight important parts of Thinking Big: Talent, Honesty, Insight, being Nice, Knowledge, Books, In-Depth learning, and God, and presents the stories of people who demonstrated those things in his life. By applying the idea of THINK BIG to your life, and by looking at those around you as well, you too can overcome obstacles and work toward achieving your dreams.

World trigger

January 27, 2015
Ashihara, Daisuke, author, illustrator.
San Francisco, Calif. : Viz Media, LLC, [2014]-
volumes : chiefly illustrations ; 20 cm.
Printed in Japanese right to left format.
"First published in Japan in 2013 by Shueisha Inc., Tokyo"--Title page verso.
Earth is under constant threat from Neighbors, invincible monsters from another dimension that destroy our way of life. At least we have the elite warriors of Border, who co-opt alien technology to fight back. Our hero Osami Mikumo may not be the best agent, but he'll do whatever it takes to defend life on Earth as we know it.

Biological and chemical weapons

January 26, 2015
Farmington Hills, Mich : Greenhaven Press, a part of Gale/Cengage Learning, [2015]
120 pages ; 23 cm.
Biological weapons pose a unique threat to the United States / Stephen Hummel, Vito Quaranta, and John P. Wiksow -- Bioterrorism : a dirty little threat with huge potential consequences / Larry Bell -- Billions to stem an unlikely bioterror attack / Merrill Goozner -- Bioterrorism funding withers as death germs thrive in labs, nature / Lynne Peeples -- The US food supply is vulnerable to bioterrorism / Dean Olson -- Are Syria, Iran playing Obama for a fool? / Frida Ghitis -- US has no legal basis for action in Syria but that won't stop us / Eric Posner -- Syria's chemical weapons should not be transported or dismantled at sea / Kristina Wong -- The United States needs to eliminate its own chemical weapons stockpile / Dave Lindorff -- Israel's chemical weapons are a bigger threat to peace than Syria's / Stephen Lendman -- The inconsistent US role on chemical weapons / Stephen Zunes -- Chemical weapons are morally worse than conventional weapons / Tom Blackwell -- Chemical weapons are not morally worse than conventional weapons / Mike LaBossiere.
A compendium of opinion on issues surrounding biological weapons, bioterrorism, and chemical warfare.

Domestic surveillance

January 26, 2015
Farmington Hills, Mich. : Greenhaven Press, a part of Gale, Cengage Learning, [2015]
135 pages ; 24 cm.
Overview: What is domestic surveillance? / Council on Foreign Relations -- The National Security Agency violates civil rights / Ted Lieu and Joel Anderson -- The National Security Agency is acting within the law / James R. Clapper -- The United States must balance security and privacy needs / Barack Obama -- Can Congress oversee the NSA? / Zoe Carpenter -- Strong oversight of intelligence gathering protects civil rights / Alexander W. Joel -- Americans can't find out whether the government watches them / Marisa Taylor and Jonathan Landay -- Domestic surveillance has a chilling effect on political speech / John W. Whitehead -- Surveillance should be embraced to create a transparent society / David Brin -- NSA spying undermines separation of powers / Glenn Harlan Reynolds -- Drones over America: public safety benefit or "creepy" privacy threat? / Anna Mulrine -- How stores spy on you / ShopSmart -- Domestic surveillance is bad for the US economy / Hugo Miller -- Technology drives advances in domestic surveillance / Steven Kurlander -- The American public is skeptical of domestic surveillance / Pew Research Center for the People & the Press.

The life of Bessie Coleman : first African-American woman pilot

January 22, 2015
Plantz, Connie, author.
Berkeley Heights, NJ : Enslow Publishers, Inc., [2015]
96 pages : portraits ; 24 cm
Originally published: Bessie Coleman. Berkeley Heights, NJ : Enslow Publishers, 2001.
Flying with a purpose -- Growing up southern -- Seeking independence -- Passing the test -- Showing off -- Crashing in California -- Taking charge -- Gambling with death -- Searching for the truth -- Leading the way.

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