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April 22, 2015
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Roadmap : the get-it-together guide for figuring out what to do with your life

April 21, 2015
366 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
Includes index.
"Created by Nathan Gebhard, Brian McAllister, and Mike Marriner, with Jay Sacher, Alyssa Frank, Annie Mais, Jamie Zehler, and Willie Witte."


April 20, 2015
Hawthorn, Vic., Australia ; Berkeley, CA : Lonely Planet Publications,
v. : ill. (some col.), maps ; 19 cm.
At head of title: 2000-<2015> Lonely Planet.


April 15, 2015
368 pages : color illustrations, color maps ; 23 cm.
With its varied natural beauty and turbulent history, Cuba is a land of startling contrasts which will beguile any visitor. This new edition of Insight Guide Cuba is a comprehensive, full-color travel guide packed with inspiration and information for you to plan an unforgettable trip. Whether you wish to tour the island's historic monuments, experience its lively music scene or explore its hiking trails, birding spots and dive sites, the Best of Cuba has it covered. Lively features on Cuba's history and culture provide an in-depth introduction to what makes the country unique, while stunning photography captures its people, landscape and wildlife. Detailed full-color maps help you get around, while the travel tips section is packed with useful information on transportation, climate, festivals, and outdoor activities, providing answers to such questions as when to go, where to stay and what to budget for your trip.

In Manchuria : a village called Wasteland and the transformation of rural China

April 14, 2015
Meyer, Michael J., 1972-
New York, NY : Bloomsbury Press, 2015.
365 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color), maps ; 25 cm
Winter solstice -- Quid pro quo -- Lineages -- Ruins and remains -- The waking of insects -- Grain rain -- The pilgrims' progress -- To the Manchuria station! -- Tunnels in time, sidings to space -- Summer solstice -- The ballad of Auntie Yi -- Puppets of Manchukuo -- Occupation's aftermath -- Great heat -- The half-bombed bridge to Worker's Village -- Beginning of autumn -- Dalian's display cases -- Frost's descent -- Major snow.
Not since Pearl Buck wrote The Good Earth has anyone brought rural China to life as Michael Meyer has here. This combination of memoir, contemporary reporting, and historical research presents a unique profile of China's legendary northeast. For three years, Meyer rented a home in the rice-farming community of Wasteland, hometown to his wife's family, and their personal saga mirrors the tremendous change most of rural China is undergoing, in the form of a privately held rice company that has built new roads, introduced organic farming, and constructed high-rise apartments into which farmers can move in exchange for their land rights. Once a commune, Wasteland is now a company town, a phenomenon happening across China that Meyer documents for the first time. Amplifying the story of family and Wasteland, Meyer takes us on a journey across Manchuria's past, a history that explains much about contemporary China, from the fall of the last emperor to Japanese occupation and Communist victory. Through vivid local characters, Meyer illuminates the remnants of the imperial Willow Palisade, Russian and Japanese colonial cities and railways, and the POW camp into which a young American sergeant parachuted to free survivors of the Bataan Death March.--From publisher description.

The lost world of the Old Ones : discoveries in the ancient Southwest

April 7, 2015
Roberts, David, 1943-
New York : W.W. Norton & Company, [2015]
337 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color), map ; 24 cm
Waldo's catwalk -- The cowboy's Indians -- Things -- Cedar Mesa revisited -- Chaco Meridian -- Wandering the Rez -- Land of Enchantment -I -- Land of Enchantment- II -- Exploring the fifty -- Deso days -- Return to the Basket.
"An award-winning author and veteran mountain climber takes us deep into the Southwest backcountry to uncover secrets of its ancient inhabitants. In The Lost World of the Old Ones, David Roberts expands and updates the research from his 1996 classic, In Search of the Old Ones. As he elucidates startling archaeological breakthroughs, Roberts also recounts his past twenty years of far-flung exploits in search of spectacular prehistoric ruins and rock-art panels known to very few modern travelers. His adventures range across Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and southwestern Colorado and illuminate the mysteries of the Ancestral Puebloans and their contemporary neighbors the Mogollon and Fremont, as well as of the more recent Navajo and Comanche. Roberts uses his climbing and exploratory know-how to reach the remote sanctuaries of the Old Ones hidden high on nearly vertical cliffs, many of which are unknown to archaeologists and park rangers. As a passionate advocate for an experiential encounter with history, Roberts mixes the findings of experts with personal explorations to raise questions that archaeologists have yet to address"--Provided by publisher.


April 6, 2015
Hawthorn, Vic., Australia ; Berkeley, CA : Lonely Planet Publications,
v. : ill. (some col.), maps (some col.) ; 19 cm.
At head of title: 1999-<2015> Lonely Planet.


March 27, 2015
South Yarra, Vic., Australia ; Berkeley, Calif. : Lonely Planet Publications,
v. : ill. (some col.), maps ; 19 cm.
Imprint varies: 1995- Hawthorn, Vic., Australia ; Oakland, Calif.
At head of title: 1999- Lonely Planet.


March 25, 2015
Knisley, Lucy, author, illustrator.
Seattle, Wa : Fantagraphics Books, Inc., 2015.
156 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 20 cm
In the next installment of her graphic memoir series, Displacement, Knisley volunteers to watch over her ailing grandparents on a cruise. (The book's watercolors evoke the ocean that surrounds them.) In a book that is part graphic memoir, part travelogue, and part family history, Knisley not only tries to connect with her grandparents, but to reconcile their younger and older selves. She is aided in her quest by her grandfather's WWII memoir, which is excerpted. Readers will identify with Knisley's frustration, her fears, her compassion, and her attempts to come to terms with mortality, as she copes with the stress of travel complicated by her grandparents' frailty.

The Milepost

March 24, 2015
Anchorage : Alaska Northwest Pub. Co.
v. : ill., maps (part fol. col) ; 22-28 cm.
Vols. for <1974>-1991 have folded map in pocket.
"All-the-North travel guide" (varies).

The food of Taiwan : recipes from the beautiful island

March 20, 2015
Erway, Cathy, author.
Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2015.
254 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 24 cm
Includes index.
The history of Taiwan -- The people of Taiwan -- The land, climate and agriculture of Taiwan -- The Taiwanese pantry -- Sauces and condiments -- Appetizers and street snacks -- Vegetables -- Noodles and soups -- Meat and poultry -- Seafood -- Desserts.

Cincinnati, the queen city, 225th anniversary edition

March 18, 2015
Hurley, Daniel
260 pages : illustrations (some color), maps (some color) ; 32 cm
Includes profiles of the corporate sponsors.
"A publication of Cincinnati Museum Center"--Title page.

Africa trek : 14,000 kilometers in the footsteps of mankind

March 17, 2015
Poussin, Alexandre.
Portland, Or. : Inkwater Press, c2008-c2009
v. <2> : col. ill., maps ; 23 cm.
Originally published: Paris : Editions Robert Laffont, 2004.
[v.] 1. From the Cape of Good Hope to Mount Kilimanjaro -- [v.] 2. From Mount Kilimanjaro to the Sea of Galilee.

Abroad at home : the best international travel in North America.

March 11, 2015
Washington, D.C. : National Geographic Books, 2015.
286 pages : color illustrations, maps ; 23 cm
Includes index.
Northeast -- South -- Heartland -- West -- Northwest -- Canada.

The best travel writing.

March 6, 2015
San Francisco : Travelers' Tales ; Berkeley, Calif. : Distributed by Publishers Group West, c2005-
v ; 21 cm.
Imprint varies: 2006-<2015> Palo Alto, CA.
"True stories from around the world."

Roger Dahl's Comic Japan : best of Zero Gravity cartoons from the Japan Times.

March 4, 2015
Dahl, Roger, author.
168 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 21 cm
Since 1991, Roger Dahl has been delighting readers of The Japan Times with his Zero gravity cartoon strip, narrating the adventures of Larry and Lily, a young American couple working in Tokyo, who never manage to acclimate themselves in Japanese society. The strip's ensemble cast includes the Koyama family, with whom Larry and Lily share friendships and regular cultural misunderstandings, and there are hilarious miscommunications between the Japanese characters as well!

Goldeneye : where Bond was born : Ian Fleming's Jamaica

March 4, 2015
Parker, Matthew, author.
387 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color), map ; 24 cm

Becoming a mountain : Himalayan journeys in search of the sacred and the sublime

March 3, 2015
Alter, Stephen.
New York : Arcade Publishing, 2015.
266 pages; 24 cm
"Stephen Alter was raised by American missionary parents in the hill station of Mussoorie, in the foothills of the Himalayas, where he and his wife, Ameeta, now live. Their idyllic existence was brutally interrupted when four armed intruders invaded their house and viciously attacked them, leaving them for dead. The violent assault and the trauma of almost dying left him questioning assumptions he had lived by since childhood. For the first time, he encountered the face of evil and the terror of the unknown. He felt like a foreigner in the land of his birth. This book is his account of a series of treks he took in the high Himalayas following his convalescence-to Bandar Punch (the monkey's tail), Nanda Devi, the second highest mountain in India, and Mt. Kailash in Tibet. He set himself this goal to prove that he had healed mentally as well as physically and to re-knit his connection to his homeland. Undertaken out of sorrow, the treks become a moving soul journey, a way to rediscover mountains in his inner landscape. Weaving together observations of the natural world, Himalayan history, folklore and mythology, as well as encounters with other pilgrims along the way, Stephen Alter has given us a moving meditation on the solace of high places, and on the hidden meanings and enduring mystery of mountains. "-- Provided by publisher.

Cool Japan guide : fun in the land of manga, lucky cats and ramen

March 3, 2015
Denson, Abby, author, illustrator.
125 pages : color illustrations, map ; 25 cm.
"A comic book writer's personal tour of Japan"--Cover.
Travelling to Japan has never been so much fun--visit the land of anime, manga, cosplay, hot springs and sushi! This full-color graphic novel guidebook explores Japanese culture from a cartoonist's perspective. Cool Japan Guide takes you on a fun tour from the high-energy urban streets of Tokyo to the peaceful Zen gardens and Shinto shrines of Kyoto and introduces you to: the exciting world of Japanese food, the otaku (geek) culture of Japan, the complete Japanese shopping experience, the world's biggest manga, anime and cosplay festivals, the best travel apps for Japan, and more.

The fault line : traveling the other Europe, from Finland to Ukraine / Paolo Rumiz ; translated from the Italian by Gregory Conti.

March 2, 2015
Rumiz, Paolo.
256 pages : map ; 22 cm.
"Originally published in Italy as Trans Europa Express, 2012" -- title page verso
"Paolo Rumiz traces the path that has twice cut Europe in two -- irst by the Iron Curtain and then by the artificial scaffolding of the EU -- moving through vibrant cities and abandoned villages, some places still gloomy under the ghost of these imposing borders, some that have sought to erase all memory of it and jump with both feet into the West (if only the West would have them). In The Fault Line, he is a sublime and lively guide through these unfamiliar landscapes, piecing together an atlas that has been erased by modern states, delighting in the discovery of communities that were once engulfed by geopolitics then all but forgotten, until now.The farther south he goes, the more he feels he is traveling not along some abandoned Eastern frontier, but right in the middle of things: Mitteleuropa wasn't to be found in Viennese cafes but much farther east, beyond even Budapest and Warsaw. As in Ukraine, these remain places in flux, where the political and cultural values of the East and West have stared each other down for centuries. Rumiz gives a human face not just to what the Cold War left behind but to the ancient ties of empire and ethnicity that are still at the root of modern politics in flash-point areas such as this." --

Lusitania : triumph, tragedy, and the end of the Edwardian age

February 19, 2015
King, Greg, 1964-
New York : St. Martin's Press, 2015.
xxvii, 370 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 25 cm
"Lusitania: She was a ship of dreams, carrying millionaires and aristocrats, actresses and impresarios, writers and suffragettes - a microcosm of the last years of the waning Edwardian Era and the coming influences of the Twentieth Century. When she left New York on her final voyage, she sailed from the New World to the Old; yet an encounter with the machinery of the New World, in the form of a primitive German U-Boat, sent her - and her gilded passengers - to their tragic deaths and opened up a new era of indiscriminate warfare. A hundred years after her sinking, Lusitania remains an evocative ship of mystery. Was she carrying munitions that exploded? Did Winston Churchill engineer a conspiracy that doomed the liner? Lost amid these tangled skeins is the romantic, vibrant, and finally heartrending tale of the passengers who sailed aboard her. Lives, relationships, and marriages ended in the icy waters off the Irish Sea; those who survived were left haunted and plagued with guilt. Now, authors Greg King and Penny Wilson resurrect this lost, glittering world to show the golden age of travel and illuminate the most prominent of Lusitania's passengers. Rarely was an era so glamorous; rarely was a ship so magnificent; and rarely was the human element of tragedy so quickly lost to diplomatic maneuvers and militaristic threats"-- Provided by publisher.

To our American boys on leave in France : Dauphiné leave area : Grenoble, Allevard, Uriage.

February 16, 2015
[Grenoble] : American Y.M.C.A., [1918?]
29 p. : ill. ; 16 cm.

The land where lemons grow : the story of Italy and its citrus fruit

February 13, 2015
Attlee, Helena, 1958- author.
Woodstock, Vermont : The Countryman Press, 2014.
ix, 247 pages : maps ; 25 cm

How to travel the world on $50 a day : travel cheaper, longer, smarter

February 9, 2015
Kepnes, Matt., author.
New York : Penguin, 2015.
xvii, 316 pages ; 19 cm
"Revised, updated & expanded"
"A Perigee book."
Planning your trip: Getting over your fears ; Is travel really too expensive? ; Banking overseas ; Getting the right credit card ; Airline tickets ; Buying a backpack ; Travel insurance ; Get a travel discount card ; What to do with your stuff -- On-the-road expenses: Savings mind-set ; Tips for saving money on accommodations ; Tips for saving money on food and beverages ; Tips for saving money on transportation ; Tips for saving money on activities -- Breaking it down by region: Europe ; Australia ; New Zealand ; Southeast Asia ; Central America ; South America, China, India, Japan -- Putting it all together.
For over half a decade, Matt Kepnes (aka Nomadic Matt) has used his massively popular travel blog to teach readers how to travel the world on the cheap. Arguing that traditional travel media lies, Matt cuts through the myth that travel is expensive. In the new edition of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day, Matt reveals the tips, tricks, and secrets to comfortable budget travel that you won't find anywhere else with over 100 new pages of updated content. Traditional media shows you expensive hotels, resorts, cruises, and packages because that's what makes them money. They make you believe you have to spend money on travel. This book will show you why that is a lie and how to use the system against itself to gain free flights, hotel rooms, find alternative accommodation, get into attractions for free, websites to find the best deals, and as well as detailed costs and saving tips for destinations around the world.

The world's cheapest destinations.

January 29, 2015
[Bangor, ME] :, Inc.
v. : ill. ; 22 cm.
Vols. for 2003-<2013> by Tim Leffel.
"21 countries where your money is worth a fortune."

In her kitchen : stories and recipes from grandmas around the world

January 22, 2015
Galimberti, Gabriele, author, photographer.
New York : Clarkson Potter/Publishers, [2014]
248 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), map ; 24 cm
Map on lining papers.
Includes index.
"Based on the slideshow that captured the world's attention, Gabriele Galimberti's ... portraits of grandmothers from all over the world with their signature dishes ... illustrates the international language of food and family"

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