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February 28, 2015
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Why acting matters

February 27, 2015
Thomson, David, 1941-
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2015]
178 pages ; 21 cm
Towards the end of the day -- Twilight -- A moment later -- That night -- Epilogue.

Becoming Richard Pryor

February 16, 2015
Saul, Scott, author.
New York : Harper, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2014]
xvi, 586 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
"Brings the man and his comic genius into focus as never before. Drawing upon a mountain of original research--interviews with family and friends, court transcripts, unpublished journals, screenplay drafts--Scott Saul traces Pryor's rough journey to the heights of fame: from his heartbreaking childhood, his trials in the Army, and his apprentice days in Greenwich Village to his soul-searching interlude in Berkeley and his ascent in the New Hollywood of the 1970s"

The Sound of Music story : how a beguiling young novice, a handsome Austrian captain, and ten singing Von Trapp children inspired the most beloved film of all time

February 12, 2015
Santopietro, Tom.
New York : St. Martin's Press, 2015.
xii, 324 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 25 cm
Published to coincide with the film's 50th anniversary, an ultimate fan book shares behind-the-scenes facts about The Sound of Music's filming in Austria and Hollywood and incorporates new interviews with production insiders, including Johannes von Trapp.

I'm not a terrorist, but I've played one on TV : memoirs of a Middle Eastern funny man

February 12, 2015
Jobrani, Maz, 1972- author.
New York : Simon & Schuster, 2015.
225 pages ; 24 cm
A "memoir of growing up Iranian in America, and the quest to make it in Hollywood without having to wear a turban, tote a bomb, or get kicked in the face by Chuck Norris"

Werner Herzog : a guide for the perplexed

February 9, 2015
Cronin, Paul, author.
xli, 542 pages, 32 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color), portraits (some color) ; 24 cm.
An invaluable set of career-length interviews with the German genius hailed by Francois Truffaut as "the most important film director alive" Most of what we've heard about Werner Herzog is untrue. The sheer number of false rumors and downright lies disseminated about the man and his films is truly astonishing. Yet Herzog's body of work is one of the most important in postwar European cinema. His international breakthrough came in 1973 with 'Aguirre, The Wrath of God, ' in which Klaus Kinski played a crazed Conquistador. For 'The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser, ' Herzog cast in the lead a man who had spent most of his life institutionalized, and two years later he hypnotized his entire cast to make 'Heart of Glass.' He rushed to an explosive volcanic Caribbean island to film 'La Soufriere, ' paid homage to F.W. Murnau in a terrifying remake of 'Nosferatu, ' and in 1982 dragged a boat over a mountain in the Amazon jungle for 'Fitzcarraldo.'

Coney Island : visions of an American dreamland, 1861-2008

February 6, 2015
Frank, Robin Jaffee, author.
xvi, 286 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 28 cm
Published in conjunction with an exhibition organized by the Wadworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Hartford, Connecticut, January 31-May 31, 2015.
Includes index.
Speculating at Coney Island (John F. Kasson) -- Visions of an American dreamland: Down at Coney Isle (1861-1894) / Robin Jaffee Frank -- The world's greatest playground (1895-1929) / R.J.Frank -- The nickel empire (1930-1939) / R.J. Frank -- A Coney Island of the mind (1940-1961) / R.J. Frank -- Requiem for a dream (1962-2008) / R.J. Frank -- Cinema by the seashore: Twins of the amusement world (1895-1920) / Charles Musser and Josh Glick -- Creating the Hollywood couple (1927-1949) / Josh Glick -- Cameras at Coney (1940-1953) / Charles Musser -- Nostalgia, nightmares, and the spirit of resilience (1971-2008) / Josh Glick -- Political in nature: the new Coney Island / Charles Denson.

Black Broadway : African Americans on the great white way

January 30, 2015
Lane, Stewart F., author.
xii, 275 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 32 cm
African-American theater through the nineteenth century -- The turn of the century -- The 1920s and the Harlem Renaissance -- Breadlines to breakthroughs: the 1930s and 1940s -- Postwar Broadway: the 1950s -- The turbulent sixties -- The door has opened : the 1970s and 1980s -- Broadway now and tomorrow.
The African-American actors and actresses whose names have shone brightly on Broadway marquees earned their place in history not only through hard work, perseverance, and talent, but also because of the legacy left by those who came before them. Like the doors of many professions, those of the theater world were shut to minorities for decades. While the Civil War may have freed the slaves, it was not until the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s that the playing field began to level. In this remarkable book, theater producer and historian Stewart F. Lane uses words and pictures to capture this tumultuous century and to highlight the rocky road that black actors have travelled to reach recognition on the Great White Way. 0.

Respect for acting

January 30, 2015
Hagen, Uta, 1919-2004.
Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, c2008.
xiii, 226 p. ; 23 cm
Originally published: New York : Macmillan, 1973.
"This edition reprints the original without alteration."--p.[ii]
Part 1. The actor. Concept ; Identity ; Substitution ; Emotional memory ; Sense memory ; The five senses ; Thinking ; Walking and talking ; Improvisation ; Reality -- Part 2. The object exercises. The basic object exercise ; Three entrances ; Immediacy ; The fourth wall ; Endowment ; Talking to yourself ; Outdoors ; Conditioning forces ; History ; Character action -- Part 3. The play and the role. First contact with the play ; The character ; Circumstances ; Relationship ; The objective ; The obstacle ; The action ; The rehearsal ; Practical problems ; Communication ; Style.
This is the classic book on acting, now republished with a new foreword by actor David Hyde Pierce. Legendary actress and teacher Uta Hagen knew that an actor's finest work was often achieved for love rather than for money. She lived this philosophy, alongside her husband Herbert Berghof, at HB Studio, their acting school; together they turned a handful of scruffy old buildings into a workplace and spiritual home for actors. This work is Hagen's blueprint for the actor, her design for "enlightened stage acting." It has helped generations of actors hone their craft, and its advice is as useful now as it was in 1973, when it was first published. Graduates of HB Studio include Robert DeNiro, Jack Lemmon, Anne Bancroft, and Bette Midler. It will continue to bring Hagen's techniques to actors and theater-lovers alike. Uta Hagen was the recipient of innumerable honors and awards during her long career, including the prestigious National Medal for the Arts in 2003. She died in 2004 at the age of 84. Haskel Frankel was the drama critic of the National Observer.

Who is Steven Spielberg?

January 30, 2015
Spinner, Stephanie.
New York : Grosset & Dunlap, An Imprint of Penguin Group (USA) LLC, [2013]
105 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm.
"While other kids played sports, Steven Spielberg was writing scripts and figuring out camera angles. He went from entertaining his Boy Scout troop with home movies to amazing audiences around the world with epic blockbusters. He has directed four of the most successful films of all time and has won two Academy Awards for Best Director. From Jaws to Lincoln, young readers and aspiring filmmakers will be fascinated by the life of this famous director"-- Provided by publisher.

A Kim Jong-Il production : the extraordinary true story of a kidnapped filmmaker, his star actress, and a young dictator's rise to power

January 28, 2015
Fischer, Paul, author.
New York : Flatiron Books, 2015.
x, 353 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 25 cm
August, 1982 -- Reel one: a sense of destiny. A photograph on the blue house lawn ; Director Shin and Madame Choi ; Shrimp among whales ; A double rainbow over Mount Paekdu ; Kim Jong Il's first loves ; Fathers and sons ; Inside the Pyongyang picture show ; A three-second kiss ; Repulse bay -- Reel two: guests of the dear leader. The hermit kingdom ; Accused ; Musicals, movies, and ideological studies ; Taken ; The others ; Escape from Chestnut Valley ; Shin Sang-Ok died here ; The torture position ; Division 39 ; The hunger strike ; Director Shin is coming -- Intermission: the people's actress Woo in-Hee -- Reel three: produced by Kim Jong-Il. Together ; The tape recorder ; Lights, camera ; Out of the North ; Like a European movie ; The press conference ; Same bed, different dreams ; A full shooting schedule ; The rubber monster -- Vienna ; From Kim to Kim ; The stars and stripes -- 2013.
"A nonfiction thriller packed with tension, passion, and politics, [this book] offers a rare glimpse into a secretive world, illuminating a fascinating chapter of North Korea's history that helps explain how it became the hermetically sealed, intensely stage-managed country it remains today"

Poirot and me

January 27, 2015
Suchet, David, author.
London : Headline, 2014.
x, 373 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 20 cm
Originally published: 2013.
Includes index.

For the right reasons : America's favorite bachelor on faith, love, marriage, and why nice guys finish first

January 26, 2015
Lowe, Sean, 1983- author.
Nashville, Tennessee : Nelson Books, an imprint of Thomas Nelson, [2015]
xiii, 237 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 24 cm
The guy with potential -- Answering the call -- What a way to make a living -- A not-so-memorable first impression -- The big baby -- Getting on my soapbox -- The L word -- The one where I got my heart broken -- Newfound notoriety -- The driver's seat -- Moving out of the friend zone -- One step at a time -- Warning signals -- The decision -- Down on one knee -- Trying to dance with the stars -- The big day -- Bachelor no more.
"After The Bachelorette broke his heart, Sean Lowe suspected his 'nice guy' image hurt him. The show never emphasized it, but Sean committed to living according to biblical standards of sexuality, even as producers emphasized the risqué and promiscuous. A Texas boy from a Baptist home, Sean tells the story of how he went from a Division I college football player to a fan favorite on reality television, taking readers behind the scenes of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette to see the challenges of living out his values and faith--and ultimately winning his true loves heart"

Singing to a bulldog : from "Happy Days" to Hollywood director, and the unlikely mentor who got me there

January 22, 2015
Williams, Anson.
New York : The Reader's Digest Association, Inc., [2014].
167 pages ; 22 cm

Independent Ed : inside a career of big dreams, little movies, and the twelve best days of my life

January 21, 2015
Burns, Edward, 1968-
New York, New York : Gotham Books, [2015]
x, 259 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm

Hou Hsiao-hsien

January 21, 2015
269 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 21 cm.
"For younger critics and audiences, Taiwanese cinema enjoys a special status, comparable with that of Italian neorealism and the French New Wave for earlier generations, a cinema that was and is introducing an innovative sensibility and fresh perspective. Hou Hsiao-hsien is the most important Taiwanese filmmaker working today, and his sensuous, richly nuanced films reflect everything that is vigorous and genuine in contemporary film culture. By combining multiple forms of tradition with a uniquely cinematic approach to space and time, Hou has created a body of work that, through its stylistic originality and historical gravity, opens up new possibilities for the medium. This new volume includes contributions by Olivier Assayas, Peggy Chiao, Chung Mong-hong, Jean-Michel Frodon, Hasumi Shigehiko, Ichiyama Shozo, Jia Zhang-ke, Kent Jones, Koreeda Hirokazu, Jean Ma, Ni Zhen, Abé Mark Nornes, James Quandt, Richard I. Suchenski, James Udden, and Wen Tien-hsiang, as well as conversations with Hou Hsiao-hsien and some of his most important collaborators over the decades."--Page 4 of cover.

Sci-fi chronicles : a visual history of the galaxy's greatest science fiction

January 20, 2015
Buffalo, NY : Firefly Books, 2014.
576 pages : color illustrations ; 25 cm
Includes index.
1818-1925. Early science fiction : the birth of a genre -- 1920-50. The days of pulp : the 'golden age' of science fiction -- 1950-70. The era of the atom : the marvels and perils of science -- 1970-90. Dark futures : apocalypses and the war in space -- 1990-present. The adventure continues : modern science fiction -- Famous space ships -- The science fiction chronology -- Genre definitions.
This book is the definitive encyclopedia for the science fiction fanatic. From Barbarella to Blade Runner, from Solaris to Star Wars, and from 1984 to 2001, Sci-Fi Chronicles seeks out 200 of the greatest galactic creations. Presented in an arresting blend of incisive text, infographic timelines, and stunning photographs, each chronologically arranged entry features an entertaining overview written by a science fiction expert, plus: The lifespan of sci-fi creations, for example, from book to movie to television series; Other key media, such as comics, graphic novels, video games, manga, where appropriate; Film and television stills, book and comic covers, and other archive material. Larger franchises -- such as Doctor Who and The War of the Worlds -- feature lavish spreads of photographs illustrating how they have evolved from black-and-white beginnings to big-budget blockbusters. Seminal sagas like Star Wars and Star Trek enjoy not only a "real world" timeline of films and TV broadcasts, but also a fascinating spread detailing their role in the series' fictional universe. Sci-Fi Chronicles is a truly international guide, with entries focusing on everything from Hollywood blockbusters to Russian cult classics, and from European literature to Australian franchises. It is perfect for dipping into, while its memory-jogging mentions and illustrations make it impossible to put down. It will delight long-standing sci-fi aficionados, yet with a scope that extends from vintage volumes to amazing anime, Sci-Fi Chronicles will also entrance a younger generation. - Publisher.

Interstellar : beyond time and space : inside Christopher Nolan's sci-fi epic

January 19, 2015
Vaz, Mark Cotta, author.
Philadelphia : Running Press, [2014]
153 pages : color illustrations ; 27 x 29 cm
A companion to Christopher Nolan's film, Interstellar, provides explanations of its underlying science and philosophy themes while offering cast and crew interviews, storyboards and pre-production sketches.

Sons of Anarchy : the official collectors edition

January 19, 2015
Bennett, Tara.
New York : Time Home Entertainment Inc, [2014]
207 p. : color illustrations ; 28 cm.
Photographic history of the television series Sons of Anarchy.

The world of musicals : an encyclopedia of stage, screen, and song

January 19, 2015
Robinson, Mark A., 1973-
2 volumes : illustrations ; 26 cm
v. 1. A-L -- v. 2. M-Z ; Appendix 1. Most popular musicals performed by high schools : a teacher-friendly guide ; Appendix 2. Musical suggestions for schools looking for a challenge ; Appendix 3. Audition songs ; Appendix 4. Tony Award-winning best musicals ; Appendix 5. Theatrical rights licensing agents ; Appendix 6. Broadway theaters ; Appendix 7. Academy Awards for "Best song" ; Appendix 8. Musicals at the Academy Awards ; Appendix 9. Highest-grossing film musicals (adjusted for inflation) ; Appendix 10. Longest-running Broadway musicals (as of June 23, 2013)

The many faces of Josephine Baker : dancer, singer, activist, spy

January 16, 2015
Caravantes, Peggy, 1935-
Chicago, Illinois : Chicago Review Press, 2015.
195 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
"A complete biographical look at the complex life of a world-famous entertainer With determination and audacity, Josephine Baker turned her comic and musical abilities into becoming a worldwide icon of the Jazz Age. The Many Faces of Josephine Baker: Dancer, Singer, Activist, Spy provides the first in-depth portrait of this remarkable woman for young adults. Author Peggy Caravantes follows Baker's life from her childhood in the depths of poverty to her comedic rise in vaudeville and fame in Europe. This lively biography covers her outspoken participation in the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, espionage work for the French Resistance during World War II, and adoption of 12 children--her "rainbow tribe." Also included are informative sidebars on relevant topics such as the 1917 East St. Louis riot, Pullman railway porters, the Charleston, and more. The lush photographs, appendix updating readers on the lives of the rainbow tribe, source notes, and bibliography make this is a must-have resource for any student, Baker fan, or history buff"-- Provided by publisher.

Life could be verse : reflections on love, loss, and what really matters

January 16, 2015
Douglas, Kirk, 1916- author.
Deerfield Beach, Florida : Health Communications, Inc., [2014]
ix, 116 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 19 cm
"Through poems, prose, and photos, Douglas candidly shares it all as he chaperones us through the stages of his life, including the untimely death of his youngest son and the stroke that left him unable to speak"--Page 4 of cover.

What I love about movies. Vol. No. 1

January 14, 2015
[New York] : Opus Books, 2014.
221 pages : ill. (col.) ; 25 cm
"Featuring Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino, Ryan Gosling, Tim Burton, Spike Jonze, Alfonso Cuarón, Kristen Stewart and more..." -- cover.
Francis Ford Coppola -- Claire Denis -- Jake Gyllenhaal -- Pedro Almodovar -- Richard Ayoade -- Quentin Tarantino -- Kelly Reichardt -- John Hurt -- Simon Pegg -- Mila Kunis -- Olivier Assayas -- Jude Law -- Spike Jonze -- Helen Mirren -- Jia Zhangke -- Michel Gondry -- Kristen Stewart -- Alexander Payne -- Daniel Radcliffe -- Danny Boyle -- Viggo Mortensen -- Juliette Binoche -- Harmony Korine -- Casey Affleck -- Wes Anderson -- Mia Wasikowska -- William Friedkin -- Tsai Ming-Liang -- Philip Seymour Hoffman -- Shane Carruth -- Tom Hardy -- Terence Davies -- Park Chan-Wook -- Alfonso Cuaron -- Ryan Gosling -- Darren Aronofsky -- Ralph Fiennes -- Terry Gilliam -- Carey Mulligan -- Steven Soderbergh -- Steve McQueen -- Tim Burton -- Rian Johnson -- Michael Fassbender -- Nicolas Winding Refn -- Walter Murch -- Joseph Gordon-Levitt -- Richard Linklater -- Joanna Hogg -- The Coen Brothers.

What I know for sure

January 12, 2015
Winfrey, Oprah.
391 pages (large print) ; 22 cm.

De Niro : a life

January 12, 2015
Levy, Shawn.
Waterville, Maine : Thorndike Press, 2015.
815 pages (large print) ; 22 cm.

[Cincinnati theater scrapbook : plays and players, 1920-1925]

January 7, 2015
[Cincinnati, Ohio] : [Cincinnati Chautauqua], [1925?]
1 volume (various pagings) : illustrations ; 26 cm.
Title supplied by cataloger.
Articles on Chautauqua from Wikipedia and University of Iowa inserted.
Includes every theatrical production (full cast and theater name) for 1920-1925 in the city of Cincinnati (manual entries), and attached programs from Erlanger Grand Opera House, Tivoli Theatre, The Cincinnati Stuart Walker Company, Schubert Theatre, and Cox Theatre.


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