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April 29, 2016
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

The Jefferson lies : exposing the myths you've always believed about Thomas Jefferson

April 28, 2016
Barton, David, 1954-
[Place of publication not identified] : Wnd Books, 2016.
xlvii, 363 pages ; 21 cm
Rediscovering Thomas Jefferson -- Lie #1 : Thomas Jefferson fathered Sally Hemings' children -- Lie #2 : Thomas Jefferson founded a secular university -- Lie #3 : Thomas Jefferson wrote his own Bible and edited out the things he didn't agree with -- Lie #4 : Thomas Jefferson was a racist who opposed equality for black Americans -- Lie #5 : Thomas Jefferson advocated a secular public square through the separation of church and state -- Lie #6 : Thomas Jefferson detested the clergy -- Lie #7 : Thomas Jefferson was an atheist and not a Christian -- Thomas Jefferson, an American Hero.
"Thomas Jefferson stands falsely accused of several crimes, among them infidelity and disbelief. Noted historian David Barton now sets the record straight. Having borne the brunt of a smear campaign that started more than two centuries ago, the reputation and character of American president Thomas Jefferson shows considerable tarnish, as lies and misunderstandings have gathered on his legacy. Noted early-America historian David Barton scours out the truth. Jefferson and Sally: Did he really have children by his slave, Sally Hemings? Jefferson and Jesus: Did he really abandon the faith of his family? Jefferson and the Bible: Did he really want to rewrite the Scripture? Jefferson and the church: Did he really advocate separation? Jefferson and slaves: What is the truth about his slaveholding and his statements that all are created equal? Jefferson and education: Did Jefferson really found the first secular, irreligious university? All of these questions deserve the cleansing light of truth. Barton has gone through the historical records, combed the original documents and letters, and examined the recent evidence, and his findings will upset the establishment. Barton shows the true man, the real Thomas Jefferson. Most readers will have the joy and surprise of meeting him for the very first time"-- Provided by publisher.

Father Lincoln : the untold story of Abraham Lincoln and his boys--Robert, Eddy, Willie, and Tad

April 26, 2016
Manning, Alan (A. Alan), author.
Guilford, Connecticut : Lyons Press, 2016.
xvi, 264 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 23 cm
Thomas Lincoln and his son -- Putting down roots -- Don't let the blessed fellows forget father -- Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven -- Growing ambition, growing family -- Bob promises very well -- So much bliss -- We loved him so -- It's all right now -- Richmond -- They have killed Papa dead.

Historical dictionary of the U.S. presidency

April 19, 2016
Conley, Richard Steven, author.
xlv, 503 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.

Kick Kennedy : the charmed life and tragic death of the favorite Kennedy daughter

April 13, 2016
Leaming, Barbara, author.
New York : Thomas Dunne Books, an imprint of St. Martin's, 2016.
292 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
"Kathleen "Kick" Kennedy was the incandescent life-force of the fabled Kennedy family, her father's acknowledged "favorite of all the children" and her brother Jack's "psychological twin." She was the Kennedy of Kennedys, sure of her privilege, magnetically charming and somehow not quite like anyone else on whatever stage she happened to grace. The daughter of the American ambassador to the Court of St. James's, Kick swept into Britain's aristocracy like a fresh wind on a sweltering summer day. In a decaying world where everything was based on stultifying sameness and similarity, she was gloriously, exhilaratingly different. Kick was the girl whom all the boys fell in love with, the girl who remained painfully out of reach for most of them. To Kick, everything about this life was fun and amusing--until suddenly it was not. For this is also a story of how a girl like Kick, a girl who had everything, a girl who seemed made for happiness, confronted crushing sadness. Willing to pay the price for choosing the love she wanted, she would have to face the consequences of forsaking much that was dear to her. Bestselling and award-winning biographer Barbara Leaming draws on her unique access to firsthand accounts, extensive conversations with many of the key players, and previously-unseen sources to transport us to another world, one of immense wealth, arcane rituals and rules, glamour and tragedy, that has now disappeared forever."--Provided by publisher.

The naturalist : Theodore Roosevelt, a lifetime of exploration, and the triumph of American natural history

April 13, 2016
Lunde, Darrin P., author.
New York : Crown Publishers, 2016.
viii, 334 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, map ; 25 cm
The museum naturalist: The seal on Broadway -- Collections make museums -- The mind but not the body -- Full-bore birder -- Egypt, land of my dreams -- Alone at Harvard; All hunters should be nature lovers: Roosevelt rebels -- Hell with fires out -- Change in the west -- Winchester naturalist -- Real men and mousers -- A Tiffany knife to the heart -- Who's a nature faker?; Roosevelt's new naturalism : I am going to Africa -- A railroad through the Pleistocene -- Bwana Tumbo-Mr. big belly -- Deep in prehistoric thought -- Bent on mischief -- Hunters and naturalists -- The end of the game.
"The surprising story of our "naturalist president" Theodore Roosevelt and how his lifelong passion for the natural world set the stage for America's wildlife conservation movement. No United States president is more popularly associated with nature and wildlife than Theodore Roosevelt--prodigious hunter, tireless adventurer, and ardent conservationist. We think of him as a larger-than-life original, yet in The Naturalist, Darrin Lunde has located Roosevelt in the proud tradition of museum naturalism. From his earliest days, Roosevelt actively modeled himself on the men who pioneered a key branch of biology through the collection of animal specimens and by developing a taxonomy of the natural world. The influence they would have on Roosevelt shaped not only his audacious personality but his career, informing his work as a statesman and ultimately affecting generations of Americans' relationship to this country's wilderness. Drawing on Roosevelt's diaries and expedition journals and pulling from his own experience as a leading figure in today's museum naturalism, Lunde constructs a thoughtfully researched, singularly insightful history that tracks Roosevelt's maturation from exuberant boyhood hunter to vital champion of serious scientific inquiry"--Provided by publisher.

First women : the grace and power of America's modern First Ladies

April 6, 2016
Brower, Kate Andersen, author.
New York, NY : Harper, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2016]
380 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 24 cm
The Political Wife -- Sisterhood of 1600 -- Profiles in Courage -- Motherhood -- Supporting Actors -- East Wing vs. West Wing -- The Good Wife -- Bad Blood -- Keep Calm and Carry On -- Ladies, First -- Acknowledgments -- Sources and Notes -- Bibliography -- Index.
"From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the groundbreaking backstairs look at the White House, The Residence, comes an intimate, news-making look at the true modern power brokers at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: the First Ladies, from Jackie Kennedy to Michelle Obama,"

John F. Kennedy's Presidency

April 6, 2016
Rowell, Rebecca, author.
© 2016
104 pages : illustrations (some color), maps ; 24 cm.
Introduction -- A furture president -- The Soviet Union and Vietnam -- A divided Germany -- Relations with Cuba -- The space race -- A new frontier -- Civil rights -- Loss and legacy.

The runner-up presidency : the elections that defied America's popular will (and how our democracy remains in danger)

March 29, 2016
Weston, Mark, 1953- author.
Guilford, Connecticut : Lyons Press, [2016]
viii, 215 pages : map ; 24 cm
Introduction: Electoral votes: a risky game of dice -- What were the founders thinking? The electoral system's oddities, origins, and benefits -- Florida, Bush v. Gore, and the 2000 election -- The loser wins: Rutherford B. Hayes (1876) -- The loser wins again: Benjamin Harrison (1888) -- The house decides: Jefferson v. Burr (1800) -- The house decides again: John Quincy Adams v. Andrew Jackson (1824) -- 1968: a close call with George Wallace -- Direct elections and other flawed proprosals to fix our system -- How Barack Obama nearly became a runner-up president: the search for a more perfect electoral system -- Two small repairs: winner-takes-most (not all) and a better way to deal with deadlocks -- Appendix A: Three possible constitutional amendments -- Appendix B: Winner-takes-most's roughly equal sacrifices from state to state -- Appendix C: Past elections under the winner-takes-most reform.

Louisa : the extraordinary life of Mrs. Adams

March 28, 2016
Thomas, Louisa.
New York : Penguin Press, 2016.
500 pages : illustration ; 25 cm
An intimate portrait of Louisa Catherine Adams, the wife of John Quincy Adams, who witnessed firsthand the greatest transformations of her time.

John Quincy Adams : militant spirit

March 22, 2016
Traub, James.
New York : Basic Books, a member of the Perseus Books Group, [2016]
xviii, 620 pages ; 24 cm

The history buff's guide to the presidents : top ten rankings of the best, worst, largest and most controversial facets of the American presidency

March 21, 2016
Flagel, Thomas R., 1966-
Naperville, IL : Cumberland House, 2012.
xiii, 496 pages : illustrations, portraits ; 21 cm
"Did you know that Warren G. Harding played poker in the White House at least once a week? Or that Richard Nixon was a Quaker? The History Buff's Guide to the Presidents takes a peek behind the scenes, revealing everything you ever wanted to know about the families, personal habits, and social lives of the most powerful job in the world. Author Thomas R. Flagel's unique perspective on the presidents makes this an essential book for the merely curious and hardcore history buffs alike. From George Washington to Barack Obama, Flagel's top ten lists compile the most religious presidents, the biggest scandals, and more to present a comprehensive history of the American presidents."--Publisher's description.

9 presidents who screwed up America : and four who tried to save her

March 15, 2016
McClanahan, Brion T., author.
Washington, DC : Regnery Publishing, 2016.
xxvi, 320 pages ; 24 cm.
Part I. The nine who screwed up America -- The antecedents of the imperial presidency -- Abraham Lincoln -- Theodore Roosevelt -- Woodrow Wilson -- Franklin d. Roosevelt -- Harry S. Truman -- Lyndon B. Johnson -- Richard M. Nixon -- Barack Obama -- Part II. The four who tried to save her -- Thomas Jefferson -- John Tyler -- Grover Cleveland -- Calvin Coolidge -- What can be done?

The year of indecision, 1946 : a tour through the crucible of Harry Truman's America

March 10, 2016
Weisbrode, Kenneth.
xviii, 300 pages ; 22 cm
The uprooted -- "Harry who?" -- Empire men -- Dynamo -- Four speeches -- Poujades -- Coal and steel -- New York City -- Gaze homeward -- Preponderance -- Archipelago -- Midpassage.
An account of Truman's first year in office argues that the tensions and issues that the nation faced are similar to those America faces today.

The President's book of secrets : the untold story of intelligence briefings to America's presidents, from Kennedy to Obama

March 2, 2016
Priess, David, author.
New York, NY : PublicAffairs, 2016.
xiii, 384 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Top secret delivery -- Before the book -- For the President's eyes only -- The birth of the book -- Out in the cold -- Face-to-face -- Plains and simple -- Write one for the Gipper -- The Spymaster President -- Ebb and flow -- "The good stuff" -- Under investigation -- The PDB, today and tomorrow.
"Every day, a member of the CIA presents to the President a report detailing the most sensitive activities and analysis of world events. These can range from the behavior of America's allies to the maneuvering of its adversaries, from imminent dangers to long-term strategic opportunities, and are often based on the words of highly placed sources or the interceptions of astonishingly nimble technologies. This report-- for the President's eyes only-- forms the basis of the President's assessment of US intelligence and strength. The story of the President's Daily Brief-- the PDB, in the jargon-- is a window into the character of each president and his administration, and the degree to which his worldview and policy was shaped by the information from the security services"-- Provided by publisher.

Jeb and the Bush crime family

February 22, 2016
Stone, Roger J., author.
xxi, 437 pages, 8 unnumbered leaves of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm

The annotated Lincoln

February 18, 2016
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865, author.
xxxii, 604 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 25 cm

Primary politics : everything you need to know about how America nominates its presidential candidates

February 17, 2016
Kamarck, Elaine Ciulla.
Washington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, [2016]
xii, 220 pages ; 23 cm
Preface -- Introduction -- 1. The good old days? : when parties controlled nominations and primaries were to be avoided at all costs -- 2. Sequence as strategy : how Jimmy Carter "got it" and taught subsequent presidential candidates the new rules of the road -- 3. The fight to be first : why Iowa and New Hampshire dominate presidential nominating politics -- 4. Proportional representation : why Democrats use it and Republicans don't -- 5. Devil in the details : how the delegate count shapes modern nominating campaigns -- 6. Do conventions matter anymore? : superdelegates, the Robot Rule, and the modern nominating convention -- 7. The problem of "The Decider"

First entrepreneur : how George Washington built his--and the nation's--prosperity

February 9, 2016
Lengel, Edward G., author.
vii, 280 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, map ; 24 cm
Family fortunes -- Love and investment -- The road to economic freedom -- Money: the sinews of war -- Victory without peace -- An estate grows, a nation stumbles -- Building a national economy: Washington's first term -- Keeping the peace: Washington's second term -- The road home.
"Draws on primary sources to illuminate the first president's lesser-known achievements as an entrepreneur, citing his financial prowess in building the Mount Vernon estate, managing Continental Army resources and establishing a stable national economy, "--NoveList.

Dead presidents : an American adventure into the strange deaths and surprising afterlives of our nation's leaders

February 5, 2016
Carlson, Brady, author.
xii, 324 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Monument man -- Well-timed exits -- The first patient -- Farewell, Mr. President -- Death trips -- His good name -- Robots and sphinxes -- Unintended legacies -- Eternal flame -- The rest of the set -- Family reunion.
An entertaining exploration into the varied ways we remember and memorialize the American presidents. --Publisher

The golden lad : the haunting story of Quentin and Theodore Roosevelt

February 5, 2016
Burns, Eric, author.
New York : Pegasus Books, 2016.
xv, 201 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
Explores the relationship between president Theodore Roosevelt and his youngest and favorite son Quentin, who died in an air fight during the first World War.

Theodore Roosevelt in the field :

February 5, 2016
Canfield, Michael R., author.
Chicago, IL : The University of Chicago Press, 2015.
476 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 24 cm
Introduction -- Development of an identity -- First love -- The craft of the naturalist -- A thousand thoughts awakened -- Finding a home -- Persona into practice -- Tramping West -- The wilderness writer -- Into murderous thickets -- In tooth and claw -- The field president -- Return to the field -- African syzygy -- To the Amazon -- The democracy of the field.
"Draws extensively on the 26th President's field notebooks, diaries and letters to share insight into how Roosevelt's field expeditions shaped his character and political polices, covering his teen ornithology adventures, Badlands travels and safaris in Africa and South America,"--NoveList.

The firebrand and the First Lady : portrait of a friendship : Pauli Murray, Eleanor Roosevelt, and the struggle for social justice

February 4, 2016
Bell-Scott, Patricia, author.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2016.
xix, 454 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Prelude: Camp Tera -- Taking aim at the White House, 1938-40 -- Bumping up against the law, 1940-42 -- Making friends with the First Lady, 1942-44 -- Standing up to life's challenges, 1944-45 -- Fashioning new lives, 1945-52 -- Drawing closer as friends, 1952-55 -- Fighting for a just world, 1956-59 -- Lighting the path for new activists, 1959-62 -- Speaking truth to the end, 1963-85.
"Describes the unlikely friendship between First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and Pauli Murray, a granddaughter of a mixed race slave and a lesbian, who became a lawyer and civil rights pioneer, and the important work they each did, taking stands for justice and freedom,"--NoveList.

The senator from New England : the rise of JFK

February 3, 2016
Savage, Sean J., 1964- author.
Albany, New York : Excelsior Editions, State University of New York Press, [2015]
xii, 333 pages, 30 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations; 24 cm

Hillary Rodham Clinton : a woman living history

January 29, 2016
Blumenthal, Karen, author.
New York, NY : Feiwel and Friends, 2016.
433 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Beginnings. Roots ; Groundwork ; Park Ridge ; Wellesley ; Making possible ; Yale ; Bill ; Courtship ; Children ; Nixon -- Arkansas. Fayetteville ; Lawyer ; Governor ; Comeback ; Mom ; Campaign ; President -- First Lady. Firsts ; Saint Hillary ; Whitewater ; Pink ; Eleanor Roosevelt ; Subpoena ; Reelection ; Lewinsky ; Impeachment ; New York -- Hillary. Senator ; War ; Candidate ; 2008 ; Secretary ; MOTB ; Benghazi ; 2016?.
Presents the life and career of Hilary Clinton, discussing her childhood in Illinois, her college and law school years, her life as First Lady, her time as a New York Senator, and her achievements as Secretary of State. --Publisher's description.

Republic of spin : an inside history of the American presidency

January 29, 2016
Greenberg, David, 1968-
xvii, 540 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, portraits ; 25 cm
Introduction: A world of spin -- Part I. The age of publicity -- Theodore Roosevelt and the public presidency -- William McKinley and the passing of the old order -- The rise of public opinion -- TR and "the fair-haired" -- Muckraking and its critics -- The passion of Upton Sinclair -- The dawn of public relations -- Wilson speaks -- Pitiless publicity -- The press agents' war -- The journey of George Creel -- Disillusionment -- Part II. The age of ballyhoo -- Return to normalcy -- Walter Lippmann and the problem of the majority -- The likes and dislikes of H.L. Mencken -- Bruce Barton and the soul of the 1920s -- "Silent Cal" -- The overt acts of Edward Bernays -- Master of emergencies -- Part III. The age of communication -- Tuned to Roosevelt -- Nazism and propaganda -- The dark side of radio -- Campaigns, inc. -- The wizard of Washington -- The road to war -- The facts and figures of Archibald MacLeish -- Propaganda and the "Good War" -- Part IV. The age of news management -- The underestimation of Harry Truman -- George Gallup and the promise of scientific polling -- Psychological warfare -- Eisenhower answers America -- Salesmanship and secrecy -- The TV president -- "Atoms for peace" -- Vance Packard and the anxiety of persuasion -- Part V. The age of image making -- Theodore H. White and the unmaking of presidential mystique -- The great debates -- The politics of image -- The Kennedy moment -- News management in Camelot -- Crisis -- "Let us continue" -- The credibility gap -- The new politics -- Part VI. The age of spin -- Richard Nixon and the permanent campaign -- The Reagan apotheosis -- Spinning out of control -- George W. Bush and the "truthiness" problem -- Barack Obama and the spin of no spin.
"The most powerful political tool of the modern presidency is control of the message and the image. The Greeks called it 'rhetoric,' Gilded Age politicians called it 'publicity,' and some today might call it 'lying,' but spin is a built-in feature of American democracy. Presidents deploy it to engage, persuade, and mobilize the people--in whom power ultimately resides. Presidential historian David Greenberg recounts the development of the White House spin machine from Teddy Roosevelt to Barack Obama. His sweeping narrative introduces us to the visionary advisers who taught politicians to manage the press, gauge public opinion, and master the successive new media of radio, television, and the Internet. We see Wilson pioneering the press conference, FDR scheming with his private pollsters, Reagan's aides hatching sound bites, and George W. Bush staging his extravagant photo-ops. We also see the past century's most provocative political critics, from H. L. Mencken to Stephen Colbert, grappling with the ambiguous role of spin in a democracy--its capacity for misleading but also for leading"--Provided by publisher.

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