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Stacey D’Erasmo
At 44, Anna Brundage is trying to make a comeback with her new CD and a European tour. In her youth she had been an indie-rock darling, but her third album tanked and she fell out of vogue. In this stream-of-consciousness novel, Anna reflects on her unconventional childhood, her unexpected success, and the performer’s inherent need for a personal connection to the audience. A lyrical and intimate read as road-weary Anna tries to understand her life, the people in it, and her desires for the future.

Jack of Spies

David Downing
Downing finished off an atmospheric espionage series set in World War II Berlin and now travels backward a bit in time to 1913 and the brink of World War I for this new series launch. Jack McColl is a luxury car salesman with an affinity for languages. His worldly travels give him ample opportunity to gather intelligence for the British Navy while conducting business. There’s also opportunity for romance, but journalist Caitlin Hanley’s family may have political ties in Ireland that are potentially threatening to the Crown. Will heart or head win out?

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February 2014

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