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Maria Hummel
Motherland is inspired by stories from the author's father and his German childhood, and letters between her grandparents that were hidden in an attic wall for fifty years. It is the author's attempt to reckon with the paradox of her father--a product of her grandparents' fiercely protective love and their status as Mitläufer, Germans who 'went along' with Nazism, first reaping its benefits and later its consequences.” Hummel's sparse writing style carries the intimacy of the story and the nervous anxiety of the situation.

The First True Lie

Maria Mander
Young Luca has “been an orphan fatherwise more or less since the beginning. Orphan is the only word I hate and that adults hate too. With orphan we're all in agreement.” One day Luca's mother doesn't wake up, but she often takes medication that makes her sleepy. Luca is big enough to get off to school alone although he's never done it. By that evening, Luca is faced with the reality that his mother is dead, but he decides to pretend differently. How long will the food for him and his cat last? Can he figure out how to use the ATM card? What's that smell?

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February 2014

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