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Miranda Beverly-Whittemore
The storyline may not be new—student on scholarship paired with moneyed roommate, spends summer at the tony cottage getting used to the lifestyle until tragedy strikes—but Beverly-Whittemore breathes new life into this gothic tale, written with more suspense than the usual version. Mabel truly is torn between exposing what she uncovers and her loyalty to the people she’s come to consider family. It’s always fun to see the wealthy get their comeuppance, especially when the Winslows’ flawless facade covers a multitude of sins.

Night Heron

Adam Brookes
Brookes, a former BBC correspondent stationed in China, moves the Cold War spy story to the Far East where exiled intellectuals are adapting to the current political climate. Escaping prison after 20 years, Peanut tries to cash in on the military secrets he has kept. Assuming British journalist Philip Mangan to also be a spy, Peanut tries to rouse some interest in the services he can provide. But cyberspace has changed espionage methods, and Peanut must update his tactics to stay in the game. Not all foreigners are spies any more, but then again they could be persuaded...

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February 2014

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