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April 2001

Timely Titles

In honor of the switch to Daylight Savings Time, we've assembled a little collection of works about time and its measurement.

Keeping Time
There have been some fascinating books recently about the science and history of time measurement. Here are a few recommended titles.

Time Travel Fiction
Time travel is one of the great "what ifs" of speculative fiction, and writers from many genres (science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, romance, and even horror) have let their imaginations loose on the subject. These classic and current examples will help you while away the hours.

Screen Time
Documentarians and feature film makers have also created some intriguing works about time.

Clocks and chronology are inextricably linked to our perception of human culture. This short list of titles explores time in religion, sports, arts, and literature.

Government Resources on Time
Since local time is officially determined by governments, naturally the U.S. Government has resources to offer on the subject.

Time Titles for Teens
Here's a quick selection of both fiction and nonfiction titles on time published for young adults.

Time Titles for Children
And here are some fiction and nonfiction titles for children.

Websites for Up-to-the-Second Information
Of course the fastest way to find time-sensitive information is on the internet.

And One Timely Phone Number
Last but not least, the number for the local time/weather phone line is 513-241-1010.