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Time Titles for Teens


The Clock
Trent Duffy
681.11 qD858 2000 YA
Part of the Turning Point Inventions series, this title explores what a revolutionary change it was for people to be able to measure time precisely.

The Longitude Prize
Joan Dash
681.11092 D229 2000 YA
The British government offered a prize in 1714 to the first inventor who could develop a reliable way for sailors to determine their ship's precise east-west location. John Harrison's resulting invention of an accurate chronometer or timekeeper was a crucial step in the history of navigation, saving thousands of lives.


Both Sides of Time
Caroline B. Cooney
YA Fiction
"I am a romantic in the wrong century," Annie Lockwood thinks, but she finds more romance than she bargained for when she explores an old mansion in her hometown and is catapulted back in time to the 1890s.

The Cure
Sonia Levitin
YA Fiction
It's 2047, and individuality is not tolerated in the United Social Alliance. So teenaged Gemm is offered one chance to cure himself of his nonconformist tendencies--a trip back in time to Germany in 1348, the terrible year of the Black Plague.

Three Rivers Crossing
Robert A. Lytle
YA Fiction
Walker Morrison almost drowns when he's out fishing in Stony Creek. He awakens to find himself transported to the 1820s, when Stony Creek Village was a pioneer settlement in the Michigan Territory. Can he survive in that time--and can he get back home?