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Keeping Time

The Arrow of Time: A Voyage Through Science to Solve Time's Greatest Mystery
Peter Coveney
529 C873 1991

Calender: Humanity's Epic Struggle to Determine a True and Accurate Year
David Ewing Duncan
529.309 D911 1998

Calendar Art: Thirteen Days, Weeks, Months, and Years From Around the World
Leonard Everett Fisher
529.3 q87

Empires of Time: Calendar, Clocks, and Cultures
Anthony F. Aveni
529 89

Has Hawking Erred?
Gerhard Kraus
530.11 K91 1993

Illustrated Longitude
Dava Sobel
526.6209 qS677 1998

Making a Clock-Accurate Sundial: Customized to Your Location (For the Northern Hemisphere)
Sam Muller
681.1112 M958 1997

Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History
E. G. Richards
529.3 R514 1998

Marking Time: The Epic Quest to Invent the Perfect Calendar
Duncan Steel
529.3 S813 2000

The Nature of Space and Time
S. W. Hawking
530.11 H392 1996

Time: A Traveler's Guide
Clifford A. Pickover
530.11 P597 1998

Time and Space
530.11 qT583 1990

Time in History: The Evolution of Our General Awareness of Time and Temporal Perspective
G. J. Whitrow
909 W623 1988