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Librarians’ Choice 2002—Public Documents & Patents

In 2002, Uncle Sam continued to be the largest publisher in America, producing volumes of material on the operations of the government and topics of interest to Americans. Among the most notable for the year:


Census 2000 publications continue to appear in many formats. In October the socioeconomic data was released for Ohio and is available online at the Census Bureau . Key census documents arrived in the department in paper, including the continuing series of Census Briefs on a variety of topics:

C 3.205/8-2

Terrorism and Security

National Strategy for Homeland Security

Key government documents for 2002 focused on the war on terrorism and the movement toward a more secure nation.

World Trade Center Performance Study
FEM 1.2: W 89
The final report on why the towers fell in a readable and well-illustrated text.

National Strategy for Homeland Security
PR 43.14: H 75
The new vision for a secure America, based on a dramatic overhaul of government agencies.

Military History

The military continues to chronicle its history in publications geared toward lay historians.

Frontiers of Aviation History
D 301.26/6: AE 8/2/2002
This ROTC textbook traces the development of aviation from prehistory through Kosovo, with ample illustration and biographical profiles.

Gradual Failure: The Air War Over North Vietnam 1965–1966
Jacob Van Staaveren
D 301.82/7: V67/2
The military continues to analyze the Vietnam war and what went wrong.

Other Interesting Titles

Land that We Love

America’s Children: Key National Indicators of Well-Being 2002
PR 43.8: C 43/C 43/2002
Annual report with statistics and description of the status of children in America.

Land that We Love: Americans Talk about America’s Public Lands
A 13.21: L22/11
A small book of photographs and reflections about the beauty of Utah, inspired by the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Buried Dreams

Buried Dreams: The Rise and Fall of a Clam Cannery on the Katmai Coast
I 29.2: C 53
A remarkable picture history of a small clamming industry in Alaska in the 1920s.

Global Warming Wheel Card Classroom Activity Kit
EP 4.2: G 51/3/KIT
A kit for teaching global warming to middle grade students.

Space Research
A new magazine from NASA with reports on what we are learning from space research.

New CD-ROM publications from Uncle Sam

The United States Army and World War II
D 114.21:W 19/2/
Complementing the set for World War I which was released last year, this set of CDs reproduces major World War II documents and publications.

Introduction to Federal Taxes for Small Business/Self-Employed

Introduction to Federal Taxes for Small Business/Self-Employed
T 22.69: T 19
A new product from the IRS to help small businesses deal with payroll and tax issues.

A Virtual Small Business Workshop
T 22:69: V 81
A new product from the IRS to help small businesses deal with payroll and tax issues.