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July 2003

True Crime—

Local Newspaper Coverage of Crime

Newspapers are fascinating contemporary resources for information about crimes, and the historic local newspapers in the Magazines and Newspapers Department cover many notorious crimes that happened in Cincinnati. The department has a complete collection of the Cincinnati Enquirer and Cincinnati Post on microfilm, and local news from these papers is indexed in Newsdex. To find citations, it is easiest to search by the name of the victims or the perpetrator. Some examples of Cincinnati’s most publicized crimes are:

Pearl Bryan (1896)
The victim of the first major, well-publicized homicide in the area, a murder called “Crime of the Century.” (46 articles)
Anna Marie Hahn (1938)
A serial killer before the term was coined. She was the first woman to be put to death in Ohio’s electric chair. (168 articles)
Posteal Laskey (1965–1967)
Known as the “Cincinnati Strangler,” he terrorized Cincinnati for over a year. (63 articles)
Donald Harvey (1987)
Cincinnati’s “Angel of Death” committed “mercy killings” at Drake Hospital. (282 articles)
Della Dante Sutorius (1996)
Accused of shooting her husband in Symmes Township. (86 articles)

*Information for this list was taken from The Cincinnati Crime Book by George Stimson. 364.1523 S859 1998