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July 2003

True Crime—White Collar Crimes

The Art of the Steal by Frank W. Abagnale

The Art of the Steal: How to Protect Yourself and Your Business from Fraud—America’s #1 Crime
Frank W. Abagnale
362.88 A116 2001

Brokerage Fraud: What Wall Street Doesn’t Want You to Know
Tracy Pride Stoneman and Douglas J. Schulz
364.163 S881 2002

A Complete Hacker’s Handbook: Everything You Need to Know About Hacking in the Age of the Web
Dr. K.
364.168 D756 2002

Con Men: Fascinating Profiles of Swindlers and Rogues from the Files of the Most Successful Broadcast in Television History
Ian Jackman, editor
364.163092 S625Zc 2003
Stories from the television show 60 Minutes

Global Pirates: Fraud in the Offshore Insurance Industry
Robert Tillman
364.163 T577g 2002

The Hacking of America: Who’s Doing It, Why, and How
Bernadette H. Schell and John L. Dodge with Steve S. Moutsatsos
364.168 S322 2002

How Companies Lie: Why Enron Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg
A. Larry Elliott and Richard J. Schroth
364.168 E46 2002
”The investor’s guide to corporate smoke & mirrors”

The Number: How the Drive for Quarterly Earnings Corrupted Wall Street and Corporate America
Alex Berenson
364.168 B489 2003

The Pretender: How Martin Frankel Fooled the Financial World and Led the Feds on One of the Most Publicized Manhunts in History
Ellen Joan Pollock
364.162 F829Zp 2002